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this is bbc news. the headlines at two. eight people have died after a crash involving a minibus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. counter—terrorism police investigate after three officers were injured while arresting a man with a four foot sword outside buckingham palace. during the struggle, the individual repeatedly shouted the words are lahore akbar. —— are lahore akbar. hurricane harvey has weakened after battering the coast of texas with winds of 130 miles per hour. thousands of passengers are affected after the weekend is affected by major engineering work. in the countdown to fight night in vegas begins. irishman conor mcgregor prepares to take on the unbeaten floyd mayweather. millions are set to tune in.
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and in half an hour, plenty of colour and comedy, as we head to hull to check out the latest from britain's city of culture. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. eight people have died in a crash involving two lorries and a minibus on the m1 motorway in buckinghamshire. it happened on the southbound carriageway near newport pagnell in the early hours of this morning. four people have been taken to hospital and two men have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. our correspondent jenny kumah reports. the crash happened at around 3:15am on the m1 southbound between junctions 15 and 1a near newport pagnell. one vehicle was a fedex uk lorry, the other from aim logistics. police believe the minibus was travelling from nottingham. eight people have
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been confirmed dead. four, including a child, were taken to hospital and are seriously injured. two men have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. they are in police custody. and jenny kumah joins us from the scene. thames valley police have issued more information about what may have happened? yes, two men are being questioned on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. one of those men is also being questioned ona those men is also being questioned on a count of driving over the alcohol limit. eight people confirmed dead, four seriously injured and in hospital. all of those people were in the minibus. that is believed to be from the nottingham area. this stretch of the
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motorway has just reopened, where the incident happened, but there is a lot of congestion in the area so the advice from the police is to leave enough time for yourjourney. counter—terrorism police have said a man suspected of deliberately driving a car at police officers outside buckingham palace last night also had a four—foot long sword. they say the man repeated shouted the words "allahu akbar". three policemen were injured as they arrested the 26—year—old close to the mall roundabout. chi chi izundu reports. concerned tourists looked on after reports of a terror incident at one of the country's most high—profile destinations. the metropolitan police say at around 8:30pm a blue toyota prius was driven at a marked police car near buckingham palace. the car stopped and when officers went to investigate they were attacked by a suspect with a four foot sword. cs gas was used as part of the arrest, and during the struggle be individual repeatedly shouted the words "allah akhbar".
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he is a 26—year—old male from the luton area and is now in custody at a central london location. police confirmed that our search is going on at an address in the luton area. we now know three police officers were injured in the attack. no members of the royalfamily were present in the palace at the time and an official has confirmed it is business as usual with the summer open tours. two of the officers involved have been treated in hospital and have since been released. there is heightened security across the capital over the bank holiday, particularly for events like notting hill carnival where a ring of steel has been promised to protect people from a barcelona—style attack. police are still appealing for information on last night's incident. the fiercest hurricane to hit the us mainland in more than a decade has
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unleashed powerful winds and driving rain on southern texas. trees and power lines have been brought down by winds of up to 130 miles an hour. hurricane harvey made landfall overnight near the city of corpus christi on the texas coast. rain and rising sea levels are expected to bring flooding in the coming hours — with forecasts of up to a metre of rain. catriona renton reports. powerful, dangerous and terrifying. hurricane henry hit texas overnight, with high winds and heavy rain. —— hurricane harvey hit texas overnight. when it made landfall it was a category four hurricane capable of causing catastrophic damage. this is a hurricane that will come inland, and then is going to hover for a long period of time. it could be days. harvey has been billed as the most powerful storm to hit the us mainland in more than a decade.
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the strongest to hit texas in over 50 years. this is harvey from above. the storm system is ten miles wide, bringing winds of up to 130 mph, and a metre of rain is expected to fall. corpus christi was in the eye of the storm when it hit. the streets are now deserted here after the rush to evacuate. 20 miles inland, in the city of victoria, they are preparing for the worst. what is your worst case scenario? h—a—r—v—e—y, that's about as worst—case scenario for a community the size of victoria. we've never seen a forecast for that kind of localised rain. it's the most dangerous forecast we've ever seen. president trump has signed a disaster proclamation for texas to free up federal aid. harvey is stubborn and isn't planning on leaving any time soon, bringing several days of storm force winds and rain ahead. a lot ofjournalists braved the
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hurricane as well. don champion, a reporter for the cbs network in the us, is in corpus christi, texas and described what it was like there as the storm hit land earlier this morning. certainly, hurricane harvey showing little mercy on this part of the texas gulf coast. the storm already making to land falls. the first one last night around 10pm local time. the second one a few hours after that. the storm is nowjust centred to the north of us and will be stalling out through the weekend. folks here are not expecting rain in inches, but feet. through the next
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three orform, inches, but feet. through the next three or form, maybe even five days in the region. this is a slow—moving disaster that is far from over. more on that on the bbc news website, including live updates and more from oui’ including live updates and more from our correspondent who is out there. two men in a small plane have died after it crashed in dorset this morning. the crash happened close to compton abbas airfield near shaftesburyjust before 9.30. the pilot and passenger in the tiger moth were both in their 60s. the air accidents investigation branch has been informed. millions of travellers on the move this bank holiday this weekend are facing disruption because of major rail the south east of england will be badly affected with station closures at charing cross, euston and liverpool street. there will be limited services at other stations. in the north west of england engineering work will affect stations in manchester, preston, blackpool and bolton. our correspondent spencer stokes is at wigan station.
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it always seems to be a bank holiday weekend that they do this, but they have to do it at some point in the year? yes, that's right. and network rail say they choose bank holidays because there are fewer people travelling, 5 million people less travelling, 5 million people less travelling so it makes sense for them to do the work now. although if you are trying to get away it can seem to be an extremely bad time to do the work. baby summer, there are fewer commuters travelling into the railway stations. —— being the summer. railway stations. —— being the summer. wigan is affected because of what 200 miles away on the other end of the west coast main line at euston station in london where preparatory work for the new hs2 out to birmingham is getting underway. so the west coast mainline trains from the north—west travelling to
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london are stopping at rugby almost keynes and passengers from wigan, wanting to get to london, are being told to travel via manchester and then sheffield to st pancras station. one group of passengers could have been severely affected, the fans of wigan warriors rugby league team who are competing in the challenge cup final at wembley in one hour. many of them were expecting to travel by rail but the message about the destruction got through and instead, they took coaches to the capital instead. there is some engineering upgrade work at other stations around here, bolton station is virtually all closed with trains diverted between manchester and preston as an upgrade ta kes pla ce manchester and preston as an upgrade takes place there. this is putting added pressure on these coast main line from the north—east down to london as passengers are told to go over to the east of the country to head down south towards london. good
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grief! spencer, thanks for that update. much more on the bbc news website if you are thinking of travelling today. north korea has fired three short—range ballistic missiles, according to the american military. two of the missiles failed in flight, the third blew up almost immediately after it was launched. the latest firings come during a joint us—south korea military exercise, which has been strongly criticised by pyongyang. reports from thailand say that the former president has disappeared after she failed to turn up for a court hearing. she has travelled to the gulf where her brother lives in excel. ms shinawatra is facing a charge of ten years in jail if she is found guilty of nets and ——
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negligent charges. president donald trump has pardoned the controversial former arizona sheriff, jo arpaio. he had been convicted of criminal contempt after he defied a court order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected immigrants. mr arpaio said the pardon was a great honour. he isa he is a big supporter of law enforcement. i know it came from his heart. two yea rs enforcement. i know it came from his heart. two years ago, i supported him at the first rally and i always said, regardless of the pardon, i will be with him to the end. and i say that. arizona lawmakers have vowed to fight the president's decision. he made a cowardly and pathetic move andl he made a cowardly and pathetic move and i will say that again, it was cowardly and pathetic by a cowardly and pathetic man to wait a few days whilst we are in the midst of a hurricane, when people's lives are in danger, to slip this pardon in
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under the radar. this is as far under the radar. this is as far under the radar as he can get it and it is so because he is ashamed of it and he should be ashamed. after six days of fighting, iraqi forces seem to be on the brink of retaking tal afar from the so—called islamic state. the city, which is near the syrian border in the north of iraq, is one of the militant group's last remaining strongholds in iraq, after they were driven out of mosul. the attempt to liberate the city has been underway for six days. iraqi soldiers fire rockets at is positions in tal afar. so—called islamic state has held the city in northern iraq since 2014. the battle in alleys, streets, and houses is fierce. iraqi forces say they have now seized about three quarters of the city, breaking through is defences. translation: the units move towards the neighbourhood, which has only about 5% left to retake from islamic state.
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then we will announce the liberation of this area. what remains is one neighbourhood, the citadel known as the old city of tal afar. sitting on a major road between mosul and the syrian border, the city was once a main supply route for is, and is one of its last remaining strongholds in iraq. tens of thousands of civilians have already fled. food and water in tal afar are running out. in one neighbourhood, soldiers found these vehicles, believed to have been prepared as car bombs by is. translation: while inspecting these liberated areas, we found these storage warehouses and these vehicles. we are continuing our search of the whole area. they also discovered a network of tunnels, packed with missiles and mines, which government troops then blew up. explosion. it is estimated up to 2000 militants
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remain in the north—eastern quarter. iraqi commanders, though, say they are certain victory is near. the un warns that around 30,000 civilians are trapped by the fighting. sarah corker, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news... eight people are killed in a crash involving a minibus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. three officers are injured while arresting a man with a four foot sword outside buckingham palace. counterterrorism police are investigating. hurricane harvey wea ke ns investigating. hurricane harvey weakens after battering the coast of texas with winds of 130 mph. extra police are on the streets of manchester this weekend
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as thousands of people attend the city's pride event. following the manchester arena bombing in may, security has been increased, though the police stress there's no evidence of a specific threat. andy gill reports. well before the official start of manchester pride, the party for many was in full swing. gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people from all over europe getting together to celebrate who they are. 50 years ago this would not be allowed so it is a great way to celebrate this. we can celebrate what those people have done for us and it's a great achievement and we still have a long way to go. everyone has different issues through the year. it is one chance to relax a bit. out of this world. it is the only one to talk about. if you want to do pride, it has to be manchester pride. the organiser is promising a four—day feast of fun. it is a fantastic celebration. we still face discrimination and pride events like this are key to show we can all stand together united as one to work towards eradicating discrimination.
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there is a serious side to the pride this year. police say there is no specific intelligence of a terrorist threat to the lgbt community or greater manchester, but after the attack in may and more recent atrocities in europe, they have reviewed security. we will look at a number of security measures around the site. and wider areas in terms of any threats or risks. there are events across the bank holiday weekend, ending in a candlelit vigil on monday night to remember those lost to the hiv virus. andy gill, bbc news, manchester. in the philippines, hundreds of people have attended the funeral of a teenager who died after being arrested during an anti—drugs operation. officials say he was involved in the drugs trade, and died while resisting arrest. but video evidence seems to show him being dragged away by plain clothes police officers — and his supporters are
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demanding an inquiry. howard johnson reports. tears and grieving. raw emotions on display at the funeral of kian loyd delos santos. around 1,000 people packed the small church in the north of manila close to where the high school student grew up. hundreds of others lined the streets on the approach to the church, some holding placards denouncing the president's war on drugs. 17—year—old kian was killed in a police raid last week during an upsurge in anti—drug operations. the official police report at the time of the killing said delos santos resisted arrest with a gun. but this was later contradicted by cctv footage and eyewitness reports. a senate committee hearing into the killing last thursday heard how the police force responsible for the operation only confirmed the boy's alleged drug ties after his death and by using social media.
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the parents of kian loyd delos santos have filed murder charges against the police. three other official enquiries into the killing have also been launched. howard johnson, bbc news, manila. security has been tightened in at least five north indian states after nearly 30 people died in the violence that erupted after the conviction for rape — of a self—proclaimed religious leader. thousands of supporters of gurmeet ram rahim singh went on the rampage after the court gave its verdict in the town of punchkula. police used live rounds to try to stop the violence and 2,500 people have been arrested. the deputy head at eton has left the school after circulating questions from an a level—equivalent economics exam before the test had been taken. mo tanweer who was also head of economics left after an investigation by an exam board. eton has confirmed some pupils received confidential information and their marks were rescinded
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as a result. instead they were awarded marks based on an average of the rest of their work nearly half a million pounds will be given to community projects in england to help develop new technology to tackle littering. it's hoped the money will go towards creating new apps and "smart bins" which will alert rubbish collectors when they're full. the government claims this new approach to litter could save taxpayers money. what we are hoping to do with this innovation fund is seed fund new ideas that are coming through and test them out. whether it is bins overflowing, is there some smart at way that people can report that? or perhaps the bins themselves can report it and say, come and collect me. the national trust has accused some visitors to the lake district of treating the landscape like a pop festival site. the organisation says the increasing popularity of wild camping, where people pitch a tent away from organised areas, is threatening the beauty of the region.
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dave guest reports. wild camping is about getting closer to nature and getting away from civilisation. it's about spending a night high upon the hills, away from civilisation, often away from other people. and spending that night with nature under the stars in a self—sufficient, low—key manner. responsible wild campers like these make sure they are discreet, do not cause damage, and take everything home with them when they leave. it is traditionally something done on the high hills. what is the change you've noticed? new audiences have come aware of wild camping and are treating it in a different manner. perceive to be wild camping. that is now coming within 500 metres of car parks and carrying in as much as they need. and as for taking everything home, this is what national trust rangers are finding. ranger simon hill is spending more
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and more of his time chasing off and cleaning up after clueless campers. we have pulled out countless tents and inflatable mattresses, batteries... so, this is evidence of the remains of a fire site. it is quite often the sort of remnants that we will come across. we have had experiences where we have taken trailer loads of rubbish out. it has become commonplace for festival—goers to abandon tents and camping clutter at the end knowing someone would clean it up. but this is not a festival site. the national trust say they are not trying to stop all wild camping in its traditionalform. they want people to be responsible.
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if you want to find out how, go to the national trust website. a unique fitness trend has appeared in the uk after being popular in the us. this is all about broadening your horizons. there are so many new ways to practise yoga these days, for example on a paddle board in devon. but the class here have also been introduced to an even stranger form down on the farm. we all know how good yoga is for you, spiritually and also for the body. in devon, they now like to do things differently. hence we're in a barn of straw. they want to bring out the animal in us. i don't know if they're...kidding?! connecting with the earth...
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teacher donna has over 70 animal names for her class's yoga positions, but this summer she has been combining animal bonding with yoga moves by introducing pygmy goats to her classes. we're combining all of the amazing benefits of a standard yoga practice along with the benefits of animal therapy. there's research to prove that animal therapy, when you are with animals and stroking animal, it helps to reduce the cortisol in the body, so the stress response within the body, and it also helps to increase the oxytocin and dopamine chemicals, happy hormones. this does focus the mind on other things, so you're still trying to do the yoga poses but you're concentrating on bonding with our furry friends here. they seem to love it! there is no evidence and it's not being suggested that the goats enhance the physical benefits of yoga in any way when they're treading on your back, they're certainly not trained masseurs, but they do bring laughter to a session.
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they like to nibble on my hair. i think it's the blonde hair, maybe it looks like straw! i'm not sure it helps a great deal, but it's good for the concentration because you have to work really hard not to fall over while they're doing it. strangely very relaxing. when the hooves go into you it's therapeutic, like a massage ball. it's funny and funny makes you happy. i've done laughing yoga before but you have to sort of force yourself to laugh. here, it'sjust hysterical. goat yoga was first started in america by a farmer who claimed the goats were making her feel better from an autoimmune illness, and the consensus here was that the goats were beneficial and will be invited back every week. brilliant. because goats love people. slight wacky, it's great fun. you could be doing pilates or press ups, whatever. we end up in the sleeping dog pose, when the goats are naturally attracted to us, to come and sleep on us as well, maybe.
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gorgeous! i've never known a yoga class to be so interactive! normally you zone out and go into your own world, but this has been very interactive! i wish i didn't take life as seriously! the final countdown has begun in what is expected to be the most watched pay—per—view boxing match ever. at the pre—fight weigh—in for the much—hyped contest, mixed martial arts star conor mcgregor vowed to knock out the unbeaten floyd mayweather. from las vegas, here's our sports news correspondent, richard conway. the hype has been unrelenting and while the final face—off for this mega—fight was another spectacle, it's clear conor mcgregor and floyd mayweatherjr have captured the imagination, and the wallets, of many boxing fans. now, with the formalities over, mcgregor is focused
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on the task ahead. let's go, let's see who can take it. he's over there twiddling his thumbs, twitching away. i see a man afraid, that's it. the buildup has been controversial and there are questions over a contest staged primarily for financial reasons. the man who describes himself as tbe, the best ever, is expecting his payday to be swift. it won't go the distance, mark my words. irish fans have flocked to las vegas in recent days and the celebrations will likely continue for several more nights if mcgregor can pull off a shock win. the world is going to explode if he does. it will be mad if he wins. if he does it, what's the party going to be like? insane. we'll be asleep somewhere outside at the front! but mayweather‘s father, who taught him how to box, says mcgregor‘s lack of experience will see him fail. he'll throw a lot of punches, miss a lot,
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and if he gets tired then, whack! when conor mcgregor returns to this arena, it will be to face floyd mayweather. one of the greatest boxers of his generation. the time for talking is over. richard conway, bbc news, las vegas. let's find out what the bank holiday weather has got in store for us. strangely for the bank holiday, a lot of dry weather around. some exceptions in scotland and northern england. that will fade through the afternoon. temperatures ranging up to 24 afternoon. temperatures ranging up to 2a degrees in south—east england. showers will fade over the evening
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and the knights becomes dry. increasingly clear skies which could lead to patchy mist and fog. it will not be a cold night. any mist and fog patches quickly fade tomorrow to leave most places with a dry day. lots of sunshine and a much improved day across northern ireland and scotland. front could bring patchy rain. back to hurricane harvey, it has been downgraded to a category one hurricane as the wind disease m, one hurricane as the wind disease in, but the rain is what we will need to keep an eye on. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines at 2:30pm. eight people have died and four others injured in a crash involving a minibus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. three officers have been injured while arresting a man with a four foot sword outside buckingham palace. police say he repeatedly shouted "allahu akbar"
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during the incident last night. hurricane harvey weakens after battering the coast of texas with winds of 130 miles per hour. thousands of rail passengers face disruption as major train stations are affected by bank holiday engineering work. now on bbc news we're going behind the scenes of britain's city of culture with our latest special programme on hull's year long festival of arts and culture. welcome to summer in the uk city of culture. and summer means festivals.


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