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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 26, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm BST

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two people have been arrested in connection with the incident. three officers were injured when arresting a man brandishing a four foot sword outside buckingham palace. police say he repeatedly shouted "allahu akbar". hurricane harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm after battering the coast of texas. heavy flooding is expected as the storm inches its way in land. thousands of rail passengers face disruption as major train stations are affected by bank holiday engineering work. now on bbc news — sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, john watson, and leah boleto. the headlines this evening: three matches, three wins — as rashford and fellani maintain manchester united's100% start to the season. sterling scores but sees red
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as the blues beat bournemouth in the premier league. and hull fc beat wigan at wembley to retain rugby league's challenge cup. also coming up in the programme — sarah hunter says their best is yet to come, but will england's best be enough to beat the world's best in the women's rugby world cup final? and lewis hamilton equals michael schumacher‘s record of pole positions ahead of the belgian grand prix. good evening. we'll start with the day's football. manchester united versus
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leicester city in the late kick off at old trafford. it was a 2—0 win over leicester city. that maintained their 100% start the season. jose mourinho will be delighted. yes, you don't want to get carried away after three games. i picked them as my favourites for the premier league title. ten goals in three games. none conceded. they we re in three games. none conceded. they were dominant today against leicester city. let's see the goals. a missed penalty as well. manchester united are looking particularly united are looking particularly united this season. jose mourinho's side have been quick to find their form. perhaps inspired by their fastest fa n. form. perhaps inspired by their fastest fan. one matter bolted a little too quickly here. just offside. the pressure on leicester was building. one matter denied. paul pogba joint in, but to no
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avail. goalless at half time. after the break, handball from a fox in the break, handball from a fox in the box. a penalty. if the decision seemed harsh on danny simpson, the debate was over quickly. romelu lukaku debate was over quickly. romelu lu ka ku couldn't take debate was over quickly. romelu lukaku couldn't take advantage. leicester pa rs lukaku couldn't take advantage. leicester pars macro depends remained resolute until the broken by marcus rashford. the substitute baking a crucial contribution. fellini sealed all three points. naughty picture perfect goal, but it means united's started the season remains perfect. won't jose means united's started the season remains perfect. won'tjose mourinho enjoy that? books like he has got the signings in that he wanted and they are looking settled. the strength of the squad. the two goal—scorers came off the bench. rashford had only been on a few minutes when he came on. that back when he's caught. they do looks. i
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do feel thatjose mourinho will be happy with his squad now and delighted with the site. this was their biggest test of the season so far. leicester finished their biggest test of the season so far. leicesterfinished very their biggest test of the season so far. leicester finished very well. they have had a decent site as well. —— start as well. city rivals manchester city were in action in the late kick off as they beat bournemouth 2—1. a late goal from raheem sterling earned them all three points, although the england forward was alter sent off for celebrating in the crowd. so much drama in this game. manchester city equalised the early goalfrom manchester city equalised the early goal from bournemouth. manchester city equalised the early goalfrom bournemouth. we had a goal and a sending off in the 97th minute. let's see what happened. joe lynskey reports. on this account when sporting styles collide, city and bournemouth take the same approach. when two teams pit attack a defence, often it produces the spectacular. charlie daniels bunny wheel and struck gold. a strictly often it produces the
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spectacular. charlie daniels bunny wheel and struck gold. he strikes the full—back won't forget. wonder season, but city found a similar response. silver through to jesus 1-1. a response. silver through to jesus 1—1. a game so finely poised would be settled by the finest margins. joshua king this close to another bournemouth weed. the city's manager so bournemouth weed. the city's manager so close to a read, situation not ideal. 96 minutes on the clock, the ball with raheem sterling. the bullocks is produces joy ball with raheem sterling. the bullocks is producesjoy and despair. somewhere in the crowd, raheem sterling was still celebrating. a move which got him a second yellow card. for a city, three points which will feel like so much more. drama in the premier league still takes some beating. they play long balls, the cheque into the channel, they beat us. they started well. better than us, after
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that we played really good except five minutes of the second half after our early mistake. they created an opening. we tried. our finishing was not really good. that's ok. we either. we started really well. very positive. try lee scored a great goal. jermain defoe at the chance to make a two. yet the post later on. joshua had his chance later on. we created more chances today than we did in our first two games against arguably the best team in the division. there are a lot more chances to take, but we need to start making more chances. the bbc understands that a steward from bournemouth has made a complaint to the police that he was struck by sergio aguero in the celebrations that followed the winning goal — officials at manchester city say they have reviewed the footage and believe there is no case to answer. raheem sterling will feel a little
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ha rd raheem sterling will feel a little hard done by that he was sent off in light of those celebrations. but why exactly was he sent off, because was some criticism of the referee's decision to do so? to back his good me 97th minute and when to so do with the fans. that seems like a natural reaction. a lot of ex—pros have been tweeting. alan shearer, he will be on match of the day later giving his reaction, he seems pretty furious. mike dean was sticking with the rules, but many beeb will feel the rules, but many beeb will feel the rules, but many beeb will feel the rule is too harsh. as for the actual game, a massive win for manchester city. interesting team changes. silver and mendes starting. we talk about teams in the lead up to this season, rafa benitez seems frustrated with the players he hasn't been able to bring in. but it was a big win for them today against west ham who have struggled at the side of the season. the result. 3—0
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win against west ham. not many signings, but when he has made scored the crucial goal, breaking the deadlock. after that, newcastle took control. ciaran clark on the scoresheet as well. the story here for me is west ham. three games, three defeats, ten conceded. slaven village going into the international break is under real pressure. but year from now. they were simply the better side. of course the goals helped them. they deserved those goals, because they pressed us high on the pitch and they forced, even those mistakes, is not there we gave the ball away easily, but they were on top of us and they they kept those couple of balls in a good area and it was a good transition. two goals. when you're losing, is different. when you're winning, everybody is happy. the way that we
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woi'i everybody is happy. the way that we won with the team working so hard in the fans enjoying every single pass is even better. getting the newcastle united fans will be pleased to see him smiling, because they will be desperate to keep him happy. but it bliss was rocking today. let's focus our palace. goals for tammy abraham and jordan ayew sealed a first win of the season for swansea city. they beat crystal palace 2—0 at selhurst park. palace have lost all three of their opening league games under new manager fran de boer. there he absolutely delighted. crystal palace have real problems. five conceded in the last two home games. is frank de boer trying to change their is still too quickly from sam alla rdyce change their is still too quickly from sam allardyce sale to the sale he is used to? we'll hear from from sam allardyce sale to the sale he is used to? we'll hearfrom him any moment. the first when of the season any moment. the first when of the season from paul clement. we were put under a lot of pressure from their direct sale. they were very
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direct in the second half and we had to stand up to that. there were some near misses. at the same time, arrow offensive play in the second have needed to be much better. those are things work on. although i am pleased with the performance, we can get carried away. we need to get better and improve. the first-half and both sides was very per. it was and both sides was very per. it was a game that will decide at the first—half who's going to make the most mistakes. who's going to lose. we made two mistakes. there were 2.5 chances and they scored two times. that's the story of the game and it's a hard lesson for us. a tough introduction to english football so far. the city look at the other results in the premier league. a real talking point in watford's match against brighton. in asti red card. an awful challenge. you will
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not believe it when you tune into match of the day. the lucky not to be entered. brydon carse macro first—ever premier league point. perhaps a missed opportunity. —— brighton's first ever premier league point. they had the best of the chances but there was a shot saved off the line rated the end. southhampton unbeaten start to them. new manager pellegrino. the decent point for them. new manager pellegrino. the decent point forthem. huddersfield new manager pellegrino. the decent point for them. huddersfield town what is heard. started the season so well. i know we don't show the table is early on in the season. but this is early on in the season. but this is what it means. the fans will be pleased. many thanks indeed. that wraps up the football. it was back to back challenge cup wins for hull earlier — a thrilling match at wembley, beating wigan 18 points to 14. there was little to separate the sides with both running in three tries each, but it was the goal kicking of mark sneed that proved the difference. adam wild reports. in the wembley sun, there's is rugby
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league chance to shine. england's red roses have flourished at this tournament, but now comes the true of their progress. the defending champions will face a formidable and familiar he was leaving his legacy. the narrowest gap was all he needed. the gap on the starboard growing just a little wider. still wigan are a proud club with the proud wembley heritage. joe burgess' try of the late try. hull city are a club that have learned to hang on. on rugby
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league's biggest stage, once again it was the black and white patch on the brightest. the women's rugby world cup final in belfast is just moments away. england the reigning champions up against the number one ranked team in the world, new zealand. the black ferns have won the world cup four times and have a habit of beating england in finals. here's our sports correspondent katy gornall. we are here in belfast with what promises to be a great world cup final. iam promises to be a great world cup final. i am joined promises to be a great world cup final. iamjoined by promises to be a great world cup final. i am joined by two people who really ca nt final. i am joined by two people who really cant wait for all to get started. former british and irish lion and england winger. and cat merge into one the world cup with england back in 2014 and is very well placed to give us an insight into that dressing room. what is going through their minds at this point? wilber the nerve holes busted back definitely if you nervous. you
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learn to except that nerves are a good thing and you can fuel yourself the. it is only when people get nervous that it goes into negativity, but they will not be. they will be calm, ready and confident. why is that rivalry so intense? it is a huge rivalry because they have been the two top teams in the world. new zealand can be on the arrogant side. they might think that about ours. there is no love lost there. am not taking them on myself. —— i'm quitejealous i am not out there taking on myself.“ we're going to routinely to be this time, they will have to do it the ha rd time, they will have to do it the hard way against the drop side? they wa nt hard way against the drop side? they want to prove themselves, you're right. the red rose has taken a huge amount of confidence. the game has moved on. both teams have moved on.
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80 minutes isn't all that far away. widdy think this game will be won and lost. how much of a party thing that will play later? massively. i think this is going to be the fitness levels. i really witnessed that at the semifinals. to be able to endure the defence that they had to endure the defence that they had to go through in that first have to come back, at the temple, and have the execution to win the game. i think england are the fittest team in this turn it. this could be the deciding factor going into this. they will have to be at their best to defeat new zealand. we talked about the semifinal with brands. it was a bruising encounter. the black friends on the other hand breezed through against the usa. the tight turnaround, as much as england are very fit, do think that will take anything out of them? askin commented the 80 minute and then the same again if you did that is a big
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ask. that goes out the window when it's the final. you don't care if you are sore and have heavy legs, you are sore and have heavy legs, you just go out there and do your job. new zealand haven't been tested that much yet and hopefully from an england perspective they will be cot ata england perspective they will be cot at a little bit. just one change for england with emily scarratt getting shifted across to full—back. megan jones coming in. she isjust 20 yea rs jones coming in. she isjust 20 years old. is that a gamble?” jones coming in. she isjust 20 years old. is that a gamble? i don't think so. in many ways, disappointed for what are not to be playing. when you look at the new zealand back three, scoring eight tries in one game. hopefully they can use that dominance that england have upfront and it could work. word easy the danger coming from the back firms? —— where do you see the danger coming for the black firms? the back three are really dangerous. it is
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their backs that will win it for them if they win it. that your money on the line, he will do it? the red roses, 100%. they have been building really nicely. they showed enough in the semifinal. red roses to win it by ten. what do you think? yes, red roses. they deserve it. i got goose bumps when you said that. it would be so amazing. not long to wait. it kicks off at 7:45pm. more on bbc radio five live. we keep you on bbc news. england have been made to toil today on the second day of the second test with west indies at headingly. apart from a couple of james anderson wickets at the start of the day. they've had very little to show for their efforts as west indies moved past england's first innings
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total to close the day 71 runs ahead. yes, that's after two centuries from kraigg braithwaite and shay hope put the visitors in control — perhaps not what we were expecting following their heavy defeat in the opening test. patrick gearey has been following the action today. to prepare for test cricket comedy pitch must be rolled, the beer must be stopped, the mind must be white. particularly when you lost 19 wickets in a day in the last test, as the west indies did. two went in 40 minutes this morning. jenny anderson striding towards his 500. the west indies and brathwaite in particular showed me resolve in knowing when to leave and when to challenge. he reviewed twice, yours right twice. he had earned some escapism. next ball, six, 50, far better. with him, the west indies other hope, hope. england's patients dwindled with their elite. west indies cleared their heads and
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battled on. brathwaite went to a century. finished with the violins created by patients. 100 free him pa rent created by patients. 100 free him parent a round of applause from a ground in surprise. braithwaite gold, stuart broad. the fourth wicket to come nearly six hours after the third. england didn't have to wait have an error for. ben stokes removed. by the close, that figure was 71. and they still had hope. what a turnaround. west indies day, west indies test match. it is england to do need to take quick gets to stay in this game. who would have thought we would be saying that on saturday evening. it's time for the talking to stop
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and there's certainly been plenty of it, not least between the two protagonists involved in tomorrow's mornings bout in las vegas yes not yes, not long to go to discover if the mixed martial artist superstar conor mcgregor has what it takes to to beat the greatest boxer of his generation, floyd mayweather. richard conway is in las vegas. and, richard, the stage is set. what if the atmosphere like? the atmosphere has really built up yours here in las vegas. a lot of fans from ireland commie into the city. they have made it a party atmosphere. they are very clear that they want to see conor mcgregor beat floyd made weather. it is a very tasker of course. —— floyd mayweather. tickets for the event are very expensive. the weigh in with a free ticketed events. a lot of violent fans. that is the most opportunity they will have to see conor mcgregor in the flesh. lots of them will be packing the buyers on
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them will be packing the buyers on the strip. the bars are all selling tickets to watch on television. the big party atmosphere. irish fans wa nt to big party atmosphere. irish fans want to see conor mcgregor do what he thinks is a formality. that is the level of hype that we have got to do. critics will say this isn't a sporting event, it's entertainment. is there a sporting integrity here? we are talking about but guys will wa nt to we are talking about but guys will want to win, but if floyd mayweather is controlling the fight and dictating it and almost toying with mcgregor, does it lose that integrity? i think that is one of the concerns that what is a boxing insiders have had. if you listen to the likes of ricky hatton nude knows all about facing floyd mayweather. he said it is a forest. he said it's not a good thing for boxing or mixed martial arts. chris eubankjr said to me this week he wouldn't be easier if he thought it was a farce. he isa easier if he thought it was a farce. he is a seasoned pro. he follows the
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sport intensely and says it's an intriguing match of different styles. at the end of the day, you pay your money and you take your choice. lots of people think it lacks integrity. conor mcgregor and floyd made mayweather will make a lot of money. they are energetic about that and that has put people off. when they get in there, the butt of money will be at the back of their minds, but both men desperately want to win. not want to go. will you be staying at?|j desperately want to win. not want to go. will you be staying at? i will be. many thanks indeed. lewis hamilton has equalled michael schumacher‘s record of pole positions. his 68th came in qualifying ahead of the belgian grand prix the british mercedes driver is starting ahead of championship leader sebastien vettel, with team mate vallteri bottas starting from third. ben croucher has more. it's pure wafer in wales of the
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belgian drivers give a friendly reminder of how it all works. everyone aiming for pole position. it has been just about two men, lewis hamilton and sebastian vettel. you could barely get a cigarette paper between them. before the happy times in the pole position shoot out, britain bars makro palmer went up out, britain bars makro palmer went up in smoke. hamilton scored in his way to his fastest ever. and effort he described as a dream. only one driver could dent that dream. sebastian vettel wrung all he could from his ferrari, still nearly a quarter of a second try of his main rival. that is pole position. nice job. the may only be one in belgium today, but tomorrow there will be plenty time to wrestle that spot from hamilton. there'll be a briton on the front row for tomorrow's british motogp as well, after cal crutchlow qualified third at silverstone championship leader marc marques was the only rider to dip under the two minute mark, narrowly ahead of valentino rossi and crutchlow.
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he'll be aiming to go one better than the second place he managed on his home track last year. and after all the build up, we await the big show. jonny brownlee has claimed his maiden victory this season on the world triathlon series, with a clinical performance in stockholm. the 2012 world champion was in the lead group after the bike leg but promptly pulled clear at the start of the run and couldn't be caught in the hot conditions in the swedish capital. it's his 12th world series win and follows his brother's triumph in leeds back injunejess learmonth earned her best result at the elite level with a silver medal in the women's race. she was well beaten by the bahamas‘ flory duffy but ahead of australia's ashleigh gentle — who learmonth said was finishing like a gazelle! chris froome has extended his lead on the eighth stage of the vuelta
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a espana. it was a 200 kilometre stage today but the final five was where froome separated his main rivals for victory — attacking on the final climb of the day. out front, belgian julian alaphillipe — part of the day's breakaway — sprinted clear to take the stage win — but behind froome added more time to his overall lead. he now heads the field by 28 seconds. great britain pa ra—canoeist jeanette chippington has become the second gb paddler to complete the grand slam of majors after she added world gold to her paralympic and european titles. chippington was competing in the kl1 class in the czech republic. she follows emma wiggs who also completed the set on friday in the kl2 event.
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chippington has won paralympic medals in swimming, before turning her attention to para canoeing. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. but from us for now, goodbye. as summer saturdays go, i'm sure today kicked many boxes. not particularly hot, but pleasantly warm in the sunshine. good spells of sunshine around. swansea as you can see and what is coming up for part two the weekend, more at the same. the odd shower today. still one or two out there. much of scotland in the east. fading away. clear weather, too. a few missed and fog patches developing. cooler in rural spots. mist and fog won't last too
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wrong. finger of fog protecting our weather for most of us tomorrow. some cloud around, some sunshine, warm in the sunshine, light winds and dry. but here is the fly in the ointment. in the far north of scotland, the cloud and breeze with patchy rain. 17 celsius at stornoway. 22 celsius in manchester and cardiff. on sunday evening, saying fine for the clouding stages of the next day's play at headingley and into monday as well. some sunny spells coming through that cloud. for notting hail carnival and continuing into monday, bags of sunshine on the way and even warmer by monday. sunday evenings barbecues, so the risk of rain in the western isles and the north of
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scotland. by the time we get to monday, a bank holiday for some of us, and the weather changing comes in from the atlantic. that brings outbreaks of rain to scotland and northern ireland and the wind will pick up as well. monday may start dry, but turning wetted through the day across scotland and northern ireland. strengthening winds. some of that may reach into parts of england and northern wales. warm sunny spells once again ahead of that. a range of weather and capture on monday. 17 celsius in glasgow. 28 degrees as he is in london. you may have heard that hurricane harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm. that is just a difference of wind speed. in terms of prolific rain production capacities, that continues over the next two days. it will be further and significant flooding. as ever, we will keep you updated. this is bbc news.
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the headlines at eight. six men and two women have been killed in a crash involving a minibus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. the scene facing officers who attended was complex and recovery operations particularly challenging. tragically, eight people have lost their lives and it is our duty to discover what happened. counterterrorism police are questioning a man who drove at officers outside buckingham palace before reaching for a four—foot sword. warnings of "catastrophic" flooding for parts of texas as tropical storm harvey moves inland. the king of spain joins thousands in barcelona on a march of defiance against the recent deadly attacks in the country.
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also in the next hour, england's captain says the best is yet to come, as her side bid to retain


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