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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 11: six men and two women have been killed in a crash involving a mini—bus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. two lorry drivers have been arrested. hurricane harvey leaves a trail of devastation with warnings that the worst is yet to come with the risk of catastrophic flooding. all the streets down that side are com pletely all the streets down that side are completely flooded. we saw somebody‘s car going down here. it is really bad, guys. the king of spain joins thousands in barcelona on a march of defiance against the recent deadly attacks in the country. counter—terrorism police say a man who drove at officers outside buckingham palace last night also had a 4—foot sword. also in the next hour, england's reign as women's rugby world champions comes to an end.
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crossfield ball, together! this will be the world cup. new zealand run seven tries to claim the trophy in a thrilling final in belfast. and coming up at11:1i5, jonathan freedland talks about his latest book ‘to kill a president‘ in this week's meet the author. good evening and welcome to bbc news. eight people have died and four others have been seriously injured after the minibus they were travelling in was involved in a crash with two lorries on the m1 motorway. it happened on the southbound carriageway near newport pagnell this morning.
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a five year old girl is among those who have been taken to hospital — police say she has life threatening injuries. the two lorry drivers have been arrested, one of them on suspicion of driving while over the alcohol limit. ben ando reports crushed almost beyond recognition. the minibus carrying around a dozen people, many believed to be from the same family, was travelling from nottingham towards london. also involved in the accident, two large trucks. images suggest the minibus was crushed between the two huge lorries and broken up into at least two pieces. it happened in the early hours on the m1 motorway southbound carriageway between junction 15 for northampton and junction 1a for milton keynes, and caused huge delays for drivers heading south. fresh marks on the road reveal the desperate attempt to avoid the collision. the six men and two women who were killed were all travelling in the minibus, as were four others who were seriously hurt, one of them a five—year—old girl. all but one have life—threatening injuries.
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both lorry drivers have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. one is a 53—year—old man from stoke—on—trent, and the other is a 31—year—old man from worcestershire, who is also being held on suspicion of drink—driving. police say some of the victims may not have been from the uk. some of those involved were visiting the uk from india. we're working to keep the families abroad informed. the scene facing officers who attended was complex and the recovery operation was particularly challenging. tragically, eight people have lost their lives. it's our duty to establish what happened. the m1 motorway, one of britain's busiest sections of road, was closed here for ten hours on a bank holiday weekend that was always going to see high levels of traffic with people visiting friends or family or major events like the notting hill carnival or the british motogp at nearby silverstone racing circuit. both lorry drivers remain in custody. it is not known if the driver of the minibus is among the dead.
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exactly what caused this devastating crash remains under investigation. hurricane harvey has hit the texas coastline but it has been downgraded toa coastline but it has been downgraded to a tropical storm warning. there are warnings that the worst is yet to come. the state's governor says the military has been drafted in to help. our correspondent reports from corpus christi. are you in there? this is what a category four hurricane means in reality. searching in the wreckage to find out if your neighbour is dead or alive. it seems that dan got out in time, luckily. others like judy had
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nowhere else to go. ijust stayed and rode out the storm. did you get any sleep? no, i stayed in my shaking bed, waiting for the roof to come off. and then later quietened down and there was a tree in my yard and becky's house is completely gone. on the shore front of rockport, in the eye of the storm, these men who live in their boat are lucky to be alive. these men who lived in their boats battened down the hatches and are lucky to be alive. were you in your boat last night? yes, he was, too. how was that? no brains! the power of the horror came is all too clear when you look at these homes. —— hurricane.
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this is a really poor neighbourhood and a lot of people say they do not know how they will rebuild their lives. this is what they endured through the night. 130 mph winds which left nearly 250,000 homes and businesses without power. it is still too early for a comprehensive assessment of the damage, but it will be costly. the danger is not over yet. the storm is inching inland, bringing huge amounts of rain. our primary concern remains dramatic flooding. the state and various agencies remained very act is in the search and rescue process, and that will be one of the for most tasks that we undertake in the coming days. the flooding has begun and the information is that it will get a lot worse. this disaster is still unfolding. king felipe of spain hasjoined hundreds of thousands of people on a march through barcelona
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in defiance of extremism. last week 15 people died in two attacks oin the city. it's the first time a spanish king has taken part in a demonstration since the monarchy was restored in 1975. from barcelona, tom burridge sent this report. this was barcelona's response to terror on its streets. tonight, half a million. their message, iam not afraid. we are going to continue to bea afraid. we are going to continue to be a city of peace and be open to the rest of the world. it doesn't really matter where they come from, what their faces, united we stand. up what their faces, united we stand. up the front, those who rescued and protected people on that night. standing tall in the middle, the spanish king. a main avenue in the city centre was, for hours, like las
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ramblas, the car is replaced by a never—ending crowd. it is upbeat, but sombre. it is about remembrance and defiance. it is still raw on las ramblas, but life and holidays go on. i find it very moving, my daughter sends peace from the uk and we all stand together. a separate protest in this small town where all of the known terrorists grew up. one of the known terrorists grew up. one of their sisters gave this emotional address. translation: we must work together so translation: we must work together so this never happens again. at the barcelona march, plenty of pro— independence flags. the politics is divided, but today was about being united. scotland yard says a man who attacked police officers close
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to buckingham palace last night drove directly at a police car before reaching for a four—foot sword. the 26—year—old man from luton is said to have shouted "god is great" in arabic as he launched his assault, which left three officers injured. chi chi izundu has the details concerned tourists looked on after reports of a terror incident at one of the country's most high—profile destinations. london's metropolitan police say that around 8:30pm last night a blue toyota prius was deliberately driven into a marked police car in a restricted area near buckingham palace. the car stopped and when officers went to investigate they were attacked by a suspect with a four foot sword. cs gas was used as part of the arrest. and during the struggle the individual repeatedly shouted the words "allahu akbar". the individual was quickly brought under control. he's a 26—year—old male from the luton area. i'm glad to say he is now in custody at a central london police station. detectives believe this
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was an isolated incident, but confirmed there are searches going on at an address in the luton area. we now know that three police officers were injured in the attack here last night. no members of the royal family were present in the palace at the time, and an official has confirmed it is business as usual with the summer open tours. two of the officers involved have been treated in hospital and have since been discharged. there is heightened security across the capital over the bank holiday weekend, particularly for events like the notting hill carnival, where a ring of steel has been promised to protect people from a barcelona style attack. meanwhile, police are still appealing for information on last night's incident. chi chi izundu, bbc news. in a significant policy shift, labour announce they will back remaining in the european union single market and customs union for a fixed period after the uk leaves. writing for the observer, shadow brexit spokesman
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sir keir starmer says remaining within the single market, which would mean accepting free movement, would be ‘hugely adva ntageous' for british business while our trading relationship with europe was still being finalised. the government is currently committed to leaving the single market and the customs union in march 2019, when we formally leave the eu. two men have died after their tiger moth biplane crashed near an airfield in dorset. the historic plane came down near compton abbas airfield near shaftesbu ry. police said the pilot and his passenger were both in their sixties. the air accident investigation branch has been informed. the head of economics at eton college has left the school after an investigation into claims he had circulated questions from an upcoming exam to other teachers. the public school said it deeply regrets the incident involving mo tanweer — who was also deputy headmaster of academics.
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it says the pupils who took the a level—equivalent exam have had their results amended accordingly. at half past 11, we will have alp a review, but first, a quick look at the front pages. theresa may plans to crack down on excessive losses pat’- to crack down on excessive losses pay. the observer says the uk want to remain in a single market for several years after brexit —— our paper review. the sunday express front page is dedicated to that fatal crash on the m1 where eight people lost their lives. the sunday telegraph reports on the floors in government security that have been
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exposed by security tests. after victory in mosul, iraqi forces have been trying to re— take the city of tal afar — one of islamic state's last strongholds in the country. and it seems that victory could be in sight. tal afar is in the north of iraq, near the syrian border. elite forces are believed to have raised the iraqi flag in the centre of the city. rylee carlson reports. after six days of fierce battle in the is holdout of tal afar, the iraqi army has raised its flag from the top of the citadel. commanders here say they have cleared 70% of the city from militants, forcing them to leave behind weapons and evidence of how they tried to escape. translation: the resistance of snipers, mortars. they have been defeated. tal afar lies in a strategic position, sitting on a supply route
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from the former is stronghold of mosul to syria. us and iraqi military say as many as 2000 militants are still in the city. the iraqi army is fighting neighbourhood by neighbourhood to clear the final pockets of resistance. reminders of the terror the group left behind in graffiti, but troops try to erase the symbols where they can. the offensive here follows weeks of coalition air strikes. while visiting soldiers in the area, the iraqi defence ministry said victory is close. translation: the enemy is no longer able to face up to our troops. the enemy has completely collapsed. our troops are advancing steadily. god willing, the liberation of tal afar shall be announced soon. between ten and 20,000 civilians are still thought to be in tal afar. even if this battle is swift, it won't be the last. there are still more cities near the syrian border where is is holding out. the headlines on bbc news:
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6 men and 2 women have been killed in a crash involving a mini—bus and 2 lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. 2 lorry drivers have been arrested. warnings of ‘catastrophic and life—threatening flooding' for parts of texas as tropical storm harvey moves inland. the king of spainjoins hundreds of thousands in barcelona on a march of defiance against the recent deadly attacks in the country. sport now, and a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. england‘s women were beaten by new zealand in the final of the rugby world cup. england — who were the holders — lost 41 points to 32, in belfast, as katie gornall reports. when it comes to the biggest games on the biggest stage, most england and new zealand fans have been here before. when the world‘s best
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go head—to—head, there is no margin for error. here in belfast, england faced a fearsome machine. three times they have played new zealand in a world cup final and the kiwis have always won. it took just seven minutes for the black ferns to click into gear. an early shock, but england refused to shuffle aside. a penalty try in their favour was followed by their own brand of expansive rugby. butjust as england sensed the momentum was theirs, new zealand hit back. this outstretched arm a reminder that danger was always lurking. in a match that swung one way and the next, england tried to wrest control. england tried to wrestle control. thomson managed this, new zealand could only sit and watch. but something had to give. the black ferns were ruthless, relentless. england struggled to stem the tide. new zealand has hit their stride and once on top, nothing will stop them.
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two more tries and they wrestled the trophy from england‘s grasp. yet again, the red roses have finished second best to new zealand. a painful repeat. so new zealand has finished england‘s run in devastating style. but these players did contribute to a thrilling final that would have done a lot to boost the game. elsewhere today hull managed to keep hold of rugby league‘s challenge cup after a thrilling match at wembley, beating wigan by 18 points to 1a. there was little to separate the sides with both running in three tries each, but it was the goal kicking of mark sneed that proved the difference. adam wild reports. in the wembley sun, this is rugby league‘s date to shine. no club has w011 league‘s date to shine. no club has won more cups league‘s date to shine. no club has won more cups but this is whole‘s
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day. an intriguing contest. a game that could turn on something as small as the bounds of the ball. the lesson then, don‘t let it bounce and they didn‘t and hull were back in they didn‘t and hull were back in the game. they try their luck again and their luck was seen. a 2—point lead at the break. the narrow scope was all that was needed and the scoreboard gap growing. joe burgess‘s try added to the late drama. but they hung on and on rugby league is biggest stage once again it was the black and white that sean the brightest. —— shown. now for a round up of today‘s premier league fixtures — in the late kick—off manchester united managed to keep a one hundred percent start to their season.
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that‘s after a 2—nil win over leicester at old trafford. goals from marcus rashford and marouane fellaini kept the run going forjose mourinho‘s side. in the day‘s other matches a 97th minute goalfrom raheem sterling earned manchester city a 2—1win at bournemouth. crystal palace are still without a win this season — they were beaten 2—0 at home to swansea. it was goalless between huddersfield and southampton. newcastle secured their first win of the season over west ham — 3—0 the score at st james‘s park. miguel britos was sent off for a terrible tackle in the goalless draw between watford and brighton. in the scottish premiership celtic were held to a surprising one—all draw at home to saintjohnstone. kilmarnock and hamilton shared four goals whilst there were wins for motherwell and aberdeen. injury has forced andy murray to pull out of the us open. the world number two had been struggling with a hip injury since wimbledon.
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we understand murray travelled to new york last weekend and after a week of practice he decided he wasn‘t fit enough to do himselfjustice saying his hip was too sore to win the tournament. took a number of weeks off after wimbledon. i spoke to hit specialists and tried resting, we have been, to try and get myself ready here. it was ok the last few days but it is too small for me to win the tournament and ultimately thatis win the tournament and ultimately that is what i was here to try and do. west indies are in control of the second test after an impressive day with the bat against england. centuries for kraigg brathwaite and shai hope ensured that the windies reached 329 for 5 at the close of play at headingley, a lead of 71. the pair put on 246 for the fourth wicket until stuart broad bowled brathwaite late in the day.
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lewis hamilton will start from pole for tomorrow‘s belgian grand prix after smashing the lap record at spa. it‘s the first race back from the summer break, but the three time world champion was quickly into his groove, pipping championship leader sebastian vettel who‘ll start from second. it‘s the 68th pole of hamilton‘s career, equalling the great michael schumacher. we‘re just hours away from the multi—million dollar superfight between conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather. it‘s taking place in las vegas in the early hours of tomorrow morning. here‘s our sports reporter ade adedoyin here in las vegas as the hours and the minutes counting down ahead of what will be one of the richest fight in boxing history. in the region of $70 million for mcgregor and for mayweather at 100 million.
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the hype has been off the scale. some have criticised it as a bit of a circle because of mcgregor‘s lack of boxing. the majority of the bats have gone on mcgregor but the big money have gone on mayweather. could this be the biggest upset in boxing and sports history? we will find out and sports history? we will find out a couple of hours. you can listen to mcgregor v mayweather tomorrow morning from 4am on bbc radio 5 live and the bbc sport website england‘s women have won the bronze medal at the euro hockey championships in amsterdam. they beat germany two—nil in amsterdam. alex danson‘s strike with just under six minutes remaining in the game sealed third place after hannah martin had opened the scoring in the second quarter. the netherlands and belgium are facing each other in the final right now. that‘s all the sport for now.
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security has been tightened in at least 5 north indian states where nearly 30 people died in the violence that erupted after the conviction for rape of a self—proclaimed religious leader. thousands of supporters of gurmeet ram rahim singh went on the rampage in reaction to the courts verdict in the town of punchkula. police used live rounds to try to stop the violence and 2,500 people have been arrested. our correspondent justin rowlatt is there. what we are seeing is the front line. a convoy of indian army soldiers ensuring the security of the compound, the spiritual headquarters. that is two kilometres away from where we are standing. it isa
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away from where we are standing. it is a fast complex, 900 acres. a journalist who spent four hours inside described it as a kind of palace, at the headquarters of the guru and he said there is a hotel, a resort, leaving accommodation, a huge auditorium where the guru‘s follows could gather to hear in speed. he said that there are thousands of people inside. the estimate is that the army reckoned there are at least 40,000 followers inside. they are armed with sticks and other weapons. we understand there are layers of security to protect the core of the compound. it isn‘t so organise, they use of this virtual currency as a means of exchange inside the compound. what we have at the moment is in the army containing the people within the
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compound. they want to stop them getting out and causing the kind of trouble we saw yesterday. a lot of tension here. the guru will be sentenced on monday and they do not wa nt sentenced on monday and they do not want any more violence. that is why you see what is a fact heavily a great show of strength of the indian army, here in this town, in northern india. the national trust has accused some visitors of treating the site is a music festival. they say it is threatening the beauty of the region. wild camping is about getting closer to nature and getting away from civilisation. it is about gaelic and spending the
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night away from civilisation and all the people and spending the night with nature, under the stars, it in a self—sufficient, low—key manner. responsible wild campers like these make sure they are discreet, do not cause damage, and take everything home with them when they leave. it is traditionally something done on the high hills. new audiences have come aware of wild camping and are treating it in a different manner. there seems to be a more disposable culture coming into what people perceive to be wild camping. that is now coming within 500 metres of car parks and carrying in as much as they need. and as for taking everything home, this is what national trust rangers are finding. this ranger is spending more and more of his time chasing off and cleaning up after clueless campers. we have pulled out countless tents and inflatable mattresses, batteries...
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so, this is evidence of the remains of a fire site. it is quite often the soot of remnants that we will come across. we have had experiences where we have taken trailer loads of rubbish out. it has become a place for festival—goers to abandon tents and camping clutter at the end knowing someone would clean it up. but this is not a festival site. the national trust say they are not trying to stop all camping in its traditional forms. they are just trying to be responsible. if you want to find out how, go to the website. time for the weather. it is the bank holiday and there is sunshine! what
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is happening! i want the old summer back. something has gone wrong here. a lot of fine weather and it is looking pretty good for cloud a bit of blue in there as well so cloud a bit of blue in there as well so it is not clear blue skies, not the warmest day but it has been pleasa nt the warmest day but it has been pleasant when the sun made an appearance. the odd light shower and patchy mist and fog possible. very first thing in the morning, it could be on the cool side. some spots in single figures. this little finger of high—pressure amazingly coinciding with the weekend and that will keep most of us find and try again. tomorrow, again, not clear blue skies but sunny spells, warm sunny spells as well. far north—west
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of scotland, a bit of a change, cloudy and breezy and patchy rain. mostly light. some may see 27 in south—east england. the wind will start to pick up on monday for the second test. it will be cooler for tuesday. the notting hill carnival, even hotter by the time we get to monday. through sunday evening, barbecue evening, broken cloud, sunny spells, pleasantly warm. a bit ofa sunny spells, pleasantly warm. a bit of a change for monday. it will not be spent that killer because of a frontal system coming in from the atla ntic frontal system coming in from the atlantic with the winter picking up. that will bring a change for scotla nd that will bring a change for scotland and northern ireland. a windy day. it may start dry but there will be a band of rain and by late monday, into the evening, parts
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of northern england will start to see some of that as well. to the south, it will stay dry. lots of sunshine stop on monday, a range of whether and temperatures as a result. cool, wind and rain to warm and clear blue skies. hurricane harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm but look at the heavy rain set to come for several more days so flooding becomes a very serious issue in texas. you can get a forecast and an update on hurricane harvey online.


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