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this is bbc news. the headlines at 4.00: two lorry drivers are charged with dangerous driving offences after the m1 crash in which eight people were killed. a minute's silence has been held at the notting hill carnival in west london to remember the victims of the grenfell tower fire. a shift in brexit policy — labour says britain should stay in the single market and customs union for a period after the leaving the eu. lewis hamilton celebrates his 200th formula one race with victory at the belgian grand prix, halving sebastian vettel‘s championship lead to seven points. and in half an hour on bbc news, join us for weather world. uncovering the secrets of urban weather and white heat waves hit cities the hardest. —— why heat waves hit cities the hardest. good afternoon and
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welcome to bbc news. the drivers of two lorries involved in a collision on the m1 motorway that killed eight people have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving. four other passengers in the minibus that was crushed remain in hospital. andy moore reports. the minibus involved in yesterday's crash was carrying 12 people from the nottingham area down towards london. police said some of its passengers were visiting from india. one of those who died has been identified as cyriacjoseph, who was also known as benny. he was the owner of the minibus company, abc travels. he is understood to be a father of two from nottingham. on facebook, one friend paid tribute, saying... today, police gave an update on the four people hurt in the crash. they're still in hospital
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with serious injuries. yesterday, police said three of them were in a life—threatening condition. one of them is a five—year—old girl. both lorry drivers were arrested at the scene yesterday, and this morning they were charged, each of them with eight counts of causing death by dangerous driving, and four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. one of them, ryszard masierak, who's 31 and from evesham, has also been charged with drink driving. he's been remanded in custody to appear in court tomorrow. the other driver, david wagstaff, who's 53 and from stoke—on—trent, has been bailed to appear before magistrates next month. andy moore, bbc news. we have just received some very sad details about the identities of the victims of that crash that have come from those who employed them. they
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have been named as well. it is with deep regret and sadness we confirm the passing away of three of our colleagues... all killed in that tragic road accident on the m1. also another colleague was critically injured in the accident, one of four that remains in hospital. obviously people that know them and work with them are saying that there are thoughts and prayers are with all of the families who have lost their lives in this tragedy. so the employers of those victims announcing their names and obviously their thoughts and prayers are with their thoughts and prayers are with theirfamilies as their thoughts and prayers are with their families as well. and of course any more developments regarding that crash, we will bring it to you here on bbc news. for the first time labour has
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committed to keeping the uk in the single market and customs union during a transition period after leaving the eu. writing in the observer, the shadow brexit secretary, sir keir starmer, said leaving both at once would be too risky. the shift in policy would mean continuing to accept the free movement of people after brexit. our political correspondent jonathan blake reports. labour campaigned to remain. but since the result of the eu referendum in favour of leaving, the party has faced criticism that its policy on brexit was unclear. nowjeremy corbyn and his shadow brexit secretary, keir starmer, have agreed on their version of the way forward. a transitional period is, they say, essential. writing in the observer, keir starmer criticises the government's approach of constructive ambiguity and says there should be no mixed messages. a credible solution is needed to one of the most important issues facing britain's exit from the eu. that means, he says,
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we would seek to remain in a customs union with the eu and within the single market. it would mean we would abide by the common rules of both. labour hasn't said how long the proposed transitional period should last after the uk leaves the eu, only that it should be as short as possible but as long as necessary. when many labour mps return here to westminster in the next week or so, they may find themselves torn between supporting what many will see as a soft brexit policy and representing their constituents, a lot of whom voted overwhelmingly to leave the eu. long—term, keir starmer has suggested keeping the benefits of the single market with what he called more effective management of migration. some pro—europe labour mps want the party to go further. what people would now like to see, building on this important step forward, is for the labour party to commit to single market membership and the customs union after the transition period, after the uk has left the european union. the government has dismissed labour's policy, saying
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the party has no vision for britain post—brexit. their plan for a transitional period is now set, but the endgame for britain outside the eu under labour is still far from clear. jonathan blake, bbc news. and i spoke tojonathan to get more details on the different transitional plans from labour and the government. there's some clear distance between the government's policy of taking the uk out of the customs union and out of the single market on day one, at the end of march 2019 when we formally leave the eu, and what labour are putting forward today, which is staying in the customs union and in the single market, with, as they would see it, all the benefits, and also perhaps, as some would see it, the negative aspects associated with that, so we keep having to pay our bill for membership of the eu and we have to abide by the european court ofjustice and we have to accept freedom of movement, immigration into the uk and vice versa. so, there is now a clarity from labour, which perhaps some say there was not before.
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a bit of a confused picture was how some saw their brexit policy after the referendum result until now. but the government criticising labour's plan today, saying it's yet another change in policy, and what it demonstrates is that they have no vision for brexit and it's an attempt to kick the can down the road. also criticism from ukip, saying that labour has betrayed its voters and jeremy corbyn has abandoned his principles. chuka umunna, here on the news channel, was arguing that that's not the case, they're not letting down people who voted for brexit, particularly when it comes to freedom of movement. has he got a point there? because he said the freedom of movement can be interpreted in different ways in different countries. it can, but the eu has been clear at all stages that you cannot cherry—pick the benefits of membership. so if you're part of single market, then you're signed up to freedom of movement. now, who knows? brussels may well decide to agree to a special case for the uk, with perhaps extra controls
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on immigration, whilst maintaining the other benefits of staying within the single market. but certainly they've given no indication they will be prepared to do that early on in this negotiation process. so there may well be many labour voters who voted leave scratching their heads are looking at this and thinking, well, it sounds a lot like staying in the eu indefinitely, perhaps staying in by the back door, and it's not really what we voted for. obviously, the labour leadership and sir keir starmer, setting out in the observer, that eventually britain could stay a member of the customs union and perhaps retain some of the benefits of the single market. but whilst there's clarity from labour on the transition, the endgame of life outside the eu is far less clear. meanwhile the labour leaderjeremy corbyn is in edinburgh and has explained why he believes these
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proposals are the sensible approach. this is a transitional arrangement suggested that the government is confused with its restarting negotiations tomorrow, and they are in danger of wandering into a cliff edge brexit. we want to protectjobs and protect working conditions in a transition. do you accept that payments to the eu will continue beyond brexit? we must work out what the arrangements are during the transition period, and make sure we reach a gym and on that that quite clearly —— reach agreement that we wa nt to clearly —— reach agreement that we want to be protecting jobs, and understanding with the needs of eu nationals already living here, that a labour government would guarantee rights to remain for them. i also recognise that many companies won't be able to operate without eu nationals working in them. how long do you think the transitional arrangement will go on for? i don't know how long, i think we will say as long as is necessary and
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not make it time—limited. i hear the government is thinking in terms of two years but we're not putting a time limit on it. i would say we need to reach an arrangement which protects the long—term trading arrangement between britain and europe and jobs in this country, because all manufacturing industries in britain rely on trade across europe. finally, could that mean staying in the customs union? element we need an effective tariff free arrangement with europe and we have to look at trade arrangements by the rest of the world, but priority has to be half of our trade with europe, so we must protect those jobs. a second man has been arrested by police investigating friday's attack outside buckingham palace. detectives say they have detained a 30—year—old man in west london on suspicion of being involved in the alleged terror incident. three police officers were injured on friday as they arrested a 26—year—old man brandishing a four foot sword who repeatedly shouted "allahu akbar". a 51—year—old german woman has died from injuries she suffered in the van attack in barcelona.
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her death brings the number of people killed in the terror attacks to 16. 2a others are still being treated for injuries. president trump says he will travel to texas in the coming days to see the damage caused by tropical storm harvey. severe flooding is now the main concern in the state. in the houston area the floods have been described as "catastrophic" by the national weather service. buildings have been badly damaged and people have been forced from their homes. sarah corker reports. first came the 130mph winds. now torrential rains are expected to inundate south texas for days. the national hurricane centre has warned people to prepare for life—threatening flooding. parts of the city of galveston are already underwater and the flooding could get much worse, with 30 inches of rain forecast. all the streets going down that side are completely flooded. we saw somebody‘s car
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floating earlier. it's bad out here, guys. we moved our water and food and vehicles inside and the generator. hurricane harvey made landfall on friday as a category four hurricane. it's now been downgraded, but left behind a trail of destruction. this is rockport — homes have been flattened and some people are feared to be trapped. tens of thousands have now fled the area. now that the hurricane has come onshore our primary concern remains dramatic flooding. one of the top focal points we are concerned about is ongoing rescue and recovery. we want to do everything we possibly can to keep people out of rising water. but those rescue efforts are being hampered by strong winds and severed power lines. more than a quarter of a million people are without electricity. at this point of time,
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we don't have electricity, we don't have water, we don't have a sewer, and a lot of our resources are tied up to find out what's going on. several of the main thoroughfares that come through here are flooded. meanwhile, the coast guard has rescued 18 people from stricken vessels. this footage shows for people being pulled to safety from a sinking tugboat. while harvey may have lost strength as it moved inland, it's forecast to linger over south texas, and more damage is expected from heavy rain still to come. sarah corker, bbc news. we heard earlierfrom cbs correspondent don champion in corpus christi. to the north, we are seeing harvey continue to lash parts of texas. at this hour, there are reports of hundreds of water rescues taking place in and around the houston area, after as much as 14 inches of rain fell there overnight in the span of three hours. now, that area, that region is still going to be pounded
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by torrential rains, not only today, but over the course of the next two days. at this hour, the flooding that is taking place there is being called a 500—year flood, historic. and what support is being given to people who have already been affected or who have had to leave their homes? yeah, a number of shelters have been opened across this part of texas. also, the national guard has been deployed here. before the storm, the governor and federal officials did pre—position aircraft and supplies up and down the gulf coast here in texas, so that crews were ready to move into hard—hit areas the moment conditions improved. the headlines on bbc news: two lorry drivers have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving after eight people were killed in a crash on the mi
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near newport pagnell. a minute's silence is held at the notting hill carnival to pay tribute to the victims of the nearby g re nfell tower. shadow brexit secretary keir starmer says britain should remain in the single market for as long as necessary after leaving the eu to avoid the economy falling off a cliff edge. now let's get a round up from the bbc sport centre. everything to do with lewis hamilton. talking formula i in a moment, but we stuck with the day ‘s football. the champions chelsea were 2—0 winners over everton in the premier league today. it makes it two wins from three matches after their surprise opening day defeat to burnely. they had cesc fabrgeas to thank for theirfirst goal, as he poked home an alvaro morato knock down. the spanish forward then scored one himself, to take his tally to two
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league goals this season, against a below par everton. i think the only negative aspect could be that we have to be more clinical in the second half and try to score and close the game, definitely. but we must be pleased because the players performed very well with great concentration, and finished the game with a clean sheet. yes, ithink finished the game with a clean sheet. yes, i think we saw a lot of positive things. it finished i—i between west brom and stoke, strikerjay rodriguez scoring on his home debut. it was his first goal since his move from southampton, and looked to have put west brom on course for their third win of the season. their hopes though ofjoining manchester uniteed at the top of the table were dashed, when a defensive mix up allowed peter crouch to head home. in the four o'clock matches,
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liverpool are one — zero against arsenal, roberto with the goal. totte n ha m arsenal, roberto with the goal. tottenham are 0—0 with burnley, in confirmation of those results today. in the scottish premiership dundee secured their first league point of the season, ending a run of five scottish premiership defeats with a draw against hibernian at dens park. rangers are 2—0 —— 2—1 up against ross county, two goals from alfredo morella splitting them up front. england are batting in their second innings on day three of the second test against west indies. the touring side resumed this morning on 329—5 and althouthames anderson took two wickets with the first two balls of the day, the windies added another 98 runs for the last three wickets withjermaine blackwood scoring 49 and captain jason holder a useful a3. in reply, england are 79—1. —— england are 81—2. alastair cook out for 23. there's commentary on five live sports extra right now.
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lewis hamilton has trimmed sebastien vettel‘s championship lead to seven points after victory in the belgian grand prix. having equalled michael schumacher‘s record of pole positions to start from the front of the grid, he went on to finish ahead of his title rival, as ben croucher reports. the bank holiday weekend here, but this was no time to relax. championship rivals lewis hamilton and sebastian vettel started first and sebastian vettel started first and second, and that continued for much of the race as they kept it clea n, much of the race as they kept it clean, others would not, but somehow force india avoided a major shunt. hamilton and sebastian vettel made ita hamilton and sebastian vettel made it a class of their own but others behind them... one was forced against the wall, almost. as was punctured and the safety car close everything back up. at restart, sebastian vettel at his best opportunity to pass a championship rival and have the best tyres and slipstream, but he had not quite
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enough power to make it stick. this was hamilton's 200 race and he knows how to win them by now. his 58 closes the gap for sebastian vettel at the top of the standings to seven points, and with the race is now coming thick and fast, a chance to relax from here on in. boxer floyd mayweather stands alone on 50 undefeated fights and he told the world his victory over conor mcgregor will be his last ever fight following thereabout stopped on the tenth round last night. conor mcgregor clearly fatigued. the irishman has not ruled out a return to boxing, having switched sports from mixed martial arts to take on mayweather in what could be the most lucrative boxing match in history. and valentino rossi has won the british moto gp at silverstone. britain's cal critchlow was that despite starting third on the grid. you can keep up—to—date on bbc sport website this afternoon, the usual address. we will have plenty more
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for you as well here on bbc news in the next hour. a 31—year—old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a young boy in wythenshawe in greater manchester. police were called to a report of a incidentjust after midnight, and discovered the body of the youngster when they entered the property. officers also learned that a man and a woman had left the house to go to hospital. the woman is being treated for serious injuries in hospital while the man is being questioned in custody. police were called to a previous domestic incident at the home two days ago. that is the only information we have so that is the only information we have so far. police have arrested a man on suspicion of aggravated burglary after an elderly woman was badly beaten in lancashire. the 88—year—old was asleep at her home in chorley in the early hours of saturday morning when she was woken by a man who attacked her and demanded money. swiss officials have called off a search for eight people missing since a huge landslide struck near the border with italy on wednesday, acknowledging they were likely to be buried under millions of tonnes of rock.
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police have warned they are expecting more landslides in the remote valley. tim neilson reports. high in the swiss alps, this is what remains of the small village of bondo. two landslides in the space of three days have buried homes, vehicles and people. this dramatic footage shows an entire mountainside collapsing on wednesday, sending a torrent of mud and rocks for 5km down the valley. 100 residents were taken to safety, but eight hikers from germany, austria and switzerland are still missing. the search for them has been abandoned. translation: it became clear that the eight missing people were caught in the back path of the val bondasca, hit by a landslide. to be clear, a landslide like this travels
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at a speed of around 250 kilometres an hour. bondo is close to the italian border in the graubunden region of switzerland. it is known to be at risk of landslides when water overflows from the high alpine lakes. and on friday, as had been feared, a second smaller landslide, a river of boulders. diggers brought in for the initial clean—up were swept away. and this was once one of the area's main roads. swiss police say in places the mud and rock is tens of metres deep and geologists warn the mountain still possesses a threat to the communities living below. tim neilson, bbc news. five climbers have died and a sixth has been injured in an accident near krimml in the austrian alps. the accident happened at a height of more than 6,000 feet. authorities have said
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that the exact cause is unclear, but it appears that the six climbers were roped together when they fell. iraq's military says it has retaken almost all of the last of so—called islamic state's stronghold inside the country. the city, which is close to the syrian border, was captured by the militants three years ago. it became the final major objective for iraqi—led forces after is fighters were driven out of mosul earlier this year. our correspondent hanan razek has been to the liberated centre of tal afar, and sent this report. it is a ghost town. one week after the battle to retake tal afar, all you can see is destruction, empty houses, and the remains left behind by the so—called islamic state. here at the heart of tal afar city, you can see the iraqi flag is now on top of the castle, which was bombed by is back in 2014. seeing the flag here means that this
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part of town has been recaptured by security forces. a victory, to many, has come earlier than expected. fighting is here has been easier than expected. many of the fighters fled before the military operation started. as for civilians, there is no trace of them. translation: most of the civilians have fled. the local terrorists have fled as well. foreign fighters managed to send their families out towards the mountains but they stayed inside to fight. most of the fighters here were foreigners from former soviet union countries and from south—east asia. after the smooth advancing for the iraqi forces so far, the military operation may be over soon, but there is another controversial
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battle ahead for this town that was once home for minority ethnic groups like turkmens. it is not clear yet what the future holds here, where sectarian disputes are very possible. hanan razek, bbc news. the lebanese army has announced a ceasefire in its fight against islamic state militants around the town of ras baalbek near the border with syria. it's part of lebanon's attempt to try and open negotiations over nine of its soldiers held captive by the group. shortly after lebanon retreated from the town, the lebanese militant group hezbollah and the syrian army also halted their battle against islamic state on the syrian side of the border. our correspondent in beirut rami ruhayem told us more about the hostages. they were captured in 2014, so that's about four years now... sorry, three years now that this has been going on, and this battle that the lebanese army launched about a week ago was long—awaited,
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and precisely because of this very sensitive issue of nine lebanese soldiers missing, presumed to be still somewhere in lebanon, but also we haven't really heard much detail about them during the past three years. now the lebanese army, the lebanese government says its priority is to find out what has happened to these soldiers, and this is why they stopped the battle, the ground offensive, perhaps, you know, just one day before it could have been concluded. the islamic state group of militants are now surrounded in a very small area on both sides of the border. they are surrounded by the lebanese army, the syrian army and the fighters from hezbollah. they have nowhere left to go, but the lebanese army decided to stop the battle to see whether they can find out what happened to these nine soldiers three years ago. the notting hill carnival is in full
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swing in west london. it's the 51st time the event has been held, although this year it has been overshadowed by the grenfell tower tragedy. at 3pm a minute's silence was observed in memory for those killed in the fire which broke out in june. some of those who marked the silence were local firefighters. the route of the carnival passes the site, in west london. more than1 million people are expected to attend the carnival today and tomorrow. our correspondent greg mckenzie is in westbourne park in west london. iam sure i am sure you are having fun yourself there are as well. although the grenfell tower fire overshadows the grenfell tower fire overshadows the celebrations, am i correct that this is a carnival that brings together the community at this tragic time? it does indeed. now, the idea of
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this year is about showing off london's diverse communities and coming together to honour and celebrate the lives of those lost in the grenfell tower fire two months ago. there was a minute of silence held here at 3pm, when the entire carnival route, if you miles long, became silent to mark that happening at three o'clock. earlier this morning, the mayor of london sadiq khan led tributes with multi faith leaders from across the community to honour those, the survivors of rand fell and the 80 or so people who lost their lives. i spoke with the local mp for kensington and chelsea, who was emotional this morning as they released about 30 or so doubt this. —— they released doves. yes, it symbolises the people we have lost and the survivors and theirfamilies, releasing the doves. it was very, very emotional for quite a few people. i can see you are quite upset yourself — it is obviously quite poignant. it is a time to enjoy ourselves and for the rest of the day, i think that is appropriate.
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in terms of the tone of this, i know that members of the community were consulted about the tone and getting it right, green for grenfell. it is exactly what they asked for, and what we are doing is exactly what they asked for. being respectful... ijust hope all the visitors will do that and i think they will. i expect they will. there has been a visible police presence as with all years of carnival, 8000 police officers patrol the event over two days and there have been some events means —— there have been some events means —— there have been some events means —— there have been some arrests for drug and disorderly and search offences. but today it originally known as children stay, with families out. carnival will wrap up at 7pm this evening and then begin again tomorrow from about 11am. if you're planning to come to the carnival, the best advice is to check your brood before you get
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here, because many of the local train stations are closed, as are some of the roads around the carnival. thank you for that. i am wondering how much longer your voice will last. but you're doing well. not the easiest ofjobs, reporting from the notting hill carnival because you just want to join in on the fun. wearing his shirt and tie, of course, it's hot! two faces to the weather today. for many, blue skies and sunshine, this was bedfordshire earlier this afternoon. for others more cloud, across scotland and northern ireland and north—west england and parts of wales. with the sunshine, clearer skies through the evening and overnight, but further cloud of northern ireland and scotland with heavy rain across scotland overnight with strengthening wind, rain into northern ireland to early hours.


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