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this is bbc news. i'm julian worricker. the headlines at 8pm: two lorry drivers are charged with causing death by dangerous driving after 8 people were killed in the m1 crash. beyond anything experienced — the assessment of the us national weather service as thousands of people are rescued from rising floodwaters in texas. a warning to stay away from east sussex beaches and to keep doors and windows closed after a suspected chemical leak led to 50 people reporting eye and throat irritation. a change in policy on brexit — labour says britain should stay in the single market and customs union for a period after the leaving the eu. victims of the grenfell tower fire are remembered in a minute ‘s silence at the notting hail festival. some attending the carnival thanked the firefighters
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who attended the fire injune in which 80 people died. and mo salah helped liverpool produce a devastating display of attacking football to thrash arsenal 4—0 anfield. good evening and welcome to bbc news. two lorry drivers have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, after 8 people in a minibus were killed in a crash on the m1 near newport pagnell yesterday. four others, including a 5 year old girl are still in hospital. the driver of the minibus who's among the dead, has been named as cyriacjoseph. he was 52. his family and friends attended a church service today in nottingham. spencer stokes reports. a church service held this morning to remember cyriacjoseph.
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the minibus driver lost his life yesterday morning in a crash on the m1 that left six men and two women dead. today, his wife and two children were at the church where tributes were paid. he was such a family orientated man. a genuine and friendly person. he was a good friend of mine, just like a brother to me. friends wanted to share memories of this well—known churchgoer. as a community we stand firm. this is the concern we have, we have actually lost a very good friend. cyriacjoseph lived on this quiet cul—de—sac on the edge of nottingham. today, local people have discovered their neighbour lost his life while at work. 0ne described him as a lovely man. another neighbour said he occasionally saw mrjoseph in the front garden playing cricket with his children. he was driving a minibus from his company abc travel when the collision happened near newport pagnell on saturday morning.
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two lorries, one from fedex and another from aim logistics were involved in the accident. both companies have expressed sympathy for those who lost loved ones and to the four people, including a five—year—old girl, who were taken to hospital. today, an it company confirmed three of its employees died in the crash and another member of staff is seriously ill. both lorry drivers have been charged with eight counts of causing death by dangerous driving and four counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. one of them, ryszard masierak, who is 31 and from evesham, has also been charged with drink—driving. he has been remanded in custody to appear in court tomorrow. the other driver, david wagstaff, who is 53 and from stoke—on—trent has been bailed to appear before magistrates next month.
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in america, more than a thousand people have been rescued from rising floodwaters in houston in texas. the heavy rain has been described as "catastrophic" and a major emergency has been declared, with hundreds still stranded. 0ur correspondentjames cook is in houston. 3000 members of the national guard will be deployed to help with the emergency. injust21i will be deployed to help with the emergency. in just 2a hours will be deployed to help with the emergency. injust21i hours more than two feet of rain fell on the fourth largest city in the united states. the results are devastating. this appears to be one of the worst floods histon has ever had. we are measuring not in inches, but in feet. houston has grown to a halt and with the rain still teeming
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down, the waters keep on rising. police are urging people not to venture out, not to risk their lives. this is why. this mantle darcy was nearly swept away. -- this man. i was helping somebody else. there are rescues happening up there? yes. the storm has crippled transport and left people struggling. right now, it is hardest to believe this is the richest nation on life. the get the sense how quickly this situation is unfolding. the flooding court these drivers by survive and the rain is coming down with no sign of it stopping. the authorities are struggling to cope. they are calling for more books to be sent in. the mayor is trying to stem a sense of panic. we are coming to you. we want
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people to know. if you are there and there is a need, we will get to you. isimply there is a need, we will get to you. i simply ask that you remain calm and remain patient. we will get to you. 16 years ago, the city was devastated by the most serious flooding in its history. already this is looking worse. the governor of texas has been getting an update on the tropical storm harvey. first with the national guard and the state guard combined, we have now activated 3000 national guard and state guard service members. they are serving all the way from houston to victoria over to corpus christie and part in the team. they have activated 500 vehicles, six shelters
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and 1a aircraft. the texas department of transportation has deployed 400 people. they are involved in recovery, missions and corpus christie and victoria primarily right now. in those areas, they are involved in removing debris as well as repairing signs and stop one positive about where we are right now is that agencies and the city and local folks in the corpus christi region are in the early stages of the rebuilding process. that was greg abbott speaking in the last little while. he is the state governor of texas. i am joined by the owner of the helper in arms, a
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scottish pub in the city. tell us what the last two days have been like for you. fortunately for me i did not get as much water as other people in the city did. i did get about three inches inside my house but at away. business wise, we had a good time on friday night but last night when the rain started heading, the work only a handful of us in here and we are still here. we are still having a good time in our neighbourhood pub. what sense are you getting about the problems in the other parts of the city? it is devastating. flooding like houston has not seen in many, many years. there are homes underwater and people are stranded on the rooftops. people with boats are going to rescue them. there are a lot of catastrophe here in houston. that is despite warnings, to an extent,
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which gives the impression of how bad this has been. yes, certain neighbourhoods that normally would not flood, did flood. that is why people get complacent sometimes. it won't happen to me. this time it did. even to myself, i never expected my house was going to flood but i had three inches of water which is better than most people have had. what are the weather conditions now? currently we are in a lull. it is almost pleasant outside. the temperature has dropped considerably. it is very nice. he can almost see the sun. we know that is another with coming. do you? that is another with coming. do you? that is forecast, is it? yes. what about wider health? we have heard about the state and city authorities, is much talk about what the federal government might be required to do here? that i could not and serve with surety. i know that president
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trump has could have declared it a disaster area and federal government will do something. they will come down and things will be done properly, hopefully this time. katrina was a mistake. i think we have learned something from that.|j hope have learned something from that.” hope you manage to maintain the spirit that you have demonstrated in your pub at least over the last couple of days and thank you for joining us. sussex police are investigating reports of a suspected chemical incident at beachy head in east sussex. they are trying to identify the cause — but say it is hazardous and some people are suffering sore throats and eyes. footage shared on social media shows people on the crowded beach affected by the cloud. with me now is our correspondent, adina campbell. what is known at this stage? police say they are not quite sure what has
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caused this but they do know they are investigating this suspected chemical incident in east sussex. are investigating this suspected chemical incident in east sussexm is thought to be coming from the sea at the not sure what because of the problem is at this stage. we do know at the moment that 50 people have reported problems with their eyes, throat and chest. they are being treated the scene. police were first made aware of this just before five o'clock this evening. have sent us a statement. we are investigating a haze which is causing discomfort for people along the coast from the sporran to burn the gap. emergency services are at the scene. they are a married doing to the mag as can people to stay away from the area and are asking people to keep their doors and windows shut. —— the art asking people to stay away. the problem in their words is affecting
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the whole area. as i say, people are being advised to keep doors and windows closed and stay away if possible. emergency services are treating people at the scene. the area is being evacuated. details are coming in but it is hazardous and the advice is to stay away. let's speak to kyle who was on the beach this afternoon. we are where were you and what happened?” this afternoon. we are where were you and what happened? i was down at the beach and i went for a swim with my little boy. i went to the beach to dry off and might i started singing. iwas to dry off and might i started singing. i was walking about and got some water, it might be solved in my eyes but it started to hurt again. i turned around and everyone on the beach were rubbing their eyes and coughing, all sorts of strange behaviour. looking out towards the
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water, there wasjust behaviour. looking out towards the water, there was just this crazy foggy haze just rolling in all of the sea out of nowhere. which is very easily, i should think it? yes, it is definitely out of the ordinary. it was a bright and sunny day before hand. ordinary. it was a bright and sunny day beforehand. what did you do once you realised you were suffering these symptoms and others were as well? we started to pack up our stuff and along with pretty much everybody else on the beach, made our way to the top of the cliffs. how busy was the beach at this point? it was very busy. it was a boiling hot day. i could not even estimate the amount of people on the beach. it emptied in about ten minutes, which was quite staggering considering the amount of people who we re considering the amount of people who were there. where did you go at this point? those people who know the
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area, they went to the clifftop and when we got up there, there were emergency services up there. people we re emergency services up there. people were trying to get to the cars. it was manic. a two lane rd in and outside of thing. it was a bit crazy. presumably you are still suffering from the symptoms at this point? yes, it was horrible, my eyes we re point? yes, it was horrible, my eyes were streaming, coughing. it was not pleasant at all. my fiance was complaining about being dizzy. my little boy, his eyes were watering a bit but it didn't seem to bother him as much. i was more worried about my partner. how are you and how is she now? we are ok now. it took us about 25 minutes to get away from the area and about half an hour after, it was not so bad. delhi bit of a cough but
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that might have just been from coughing so hard. —— still a bit of a cough. i am glad you are better and thank you for coming on and telling us what has happened. you will be keeping an eye on the news to find out what the cause was which as of yet has not been established. thank you very much. the headlines on bbc news: two lorry drivers have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving in connection with a collision on the m1 near milton keynes in which eight people were killed. the american national weather service says flooding from tropical storm harvey is "beyond anything experienced" as thousands of people are rescued from rising waters. a suspected chemical leak affected 50 people in the eastbourne area. police have asked people to avoid the area and stay indoors. sport now and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre. thank you. a brilliant win for
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liverpool as they thrashed arsenal 4- liverpool as they thrashed arsenal 4— now. they had already had the lead before a second with this fantastic effort. the red were a lwa ys fantastic effort. the red were always in control and added two more goals in the second half. it rounded offa goals in the second half. it rounded off a comprehensive victory. we were very well organised. if you give arsenal space and time, they will do what they want to do. also you are a lost before the game starts. so, i do not think that arsenal could do a lot of times what they wanted and thatis lot of times what they wanted and that is all credit to the boys because they worked really hard. that is all credit to the boys because they worked really hardm was a different performance. it was back to forward and not at the level
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and we took advantage of it. it raises many questions but i still believe that you have not to think those displays are not good. it is sure that today we were not there. also today premier league champions chelsea beat everton two—nil. it makes it two wins from three matches for antonio conte after their surprise opening day defeat to burnley. spanish striker alvaro morato set up cesc fabregas for chelsea's first goal, and scored the second himself, against a below par everton. elsewhere, burnley drew one—all at spurs thanks to an injury time equaliser from striker chris wood on his debut, and west brom also drew one—all, with stoke. in the scottish premiership, dundee secured their first league point of the season to lift themselves off the bottom of the table. a one—all a draw against hibernian at dens park ended a run of five scottish premiership defeats in a row. and rangers won three—one at ross county. england have sneaked ahead
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of west indies in their second innings at headingley but it's still a finely balanced second test match west indies added 98 runs for their final three wickets this morning for a lead of 169. in reply, england lost alastair cook for 23 but mark stoneman hit a maiden test half century before shannon gabriel bowled him for 52. joe root was dropped on 10 and helped push england to 171 for 3 at stumps with dawid malan unbeaten on 21. we knew that we had to keep asking them to come back for more spells and if they were able to ball to whether that storm. it is a quick scoring round if you get a bad ball. it is whether they are good spells and try and make sure we had enough wickets in hand to try and capitalise women came back for the third and fourth spells. ——
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capitalise when they came back. lewis hamilton's closed sebastian vettel lead at the top of the formula one drivers standings to just seven points after winning the belgian grand prix. the two were closely matched throughout the race in spa this afternoon, but hamilton was always in front as he celebrated his 200th grand prix with his 58th win. red bull's daniel ricciardo completed the podium. chris froome has taken another big step towards adding the vuelta a espana to his tour de france title. the briton won stage nine to extend his lead over his nearest rival colombian esteban chaves to 36 seconds. the team sky rider made his break for victory with a few hundred yards to go at the end of the 108 mile stage. andrea dovizioso now leads the moto gp championship after winning the british moto gp at silverstone. marc marquez lost his place at the top of the standings when his honda broke down with seven laps to go. the italian took the lead from valentino rossi with just three
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laps left and held on to take the chequered flag. britain's cal crutch—low was fourth, while scott redding was eighth. i will have more for you later on. thank you very much indeed. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn has said the government is in danger of "wandering into a cliff—edge brexit". he was speaking after the labour party committed to keeping the uk in the single market and customs union, during any transitional period, after britain leaves the eu. the shift in policy would mean the uk continuing to accept the free movement of people. 0ur political correspondent iain watson reports. labour's leadership have always been clear. they respect the result of the eu referendum, but they have been less clear about what sort of brexit they want. now the shadow brexit secretary and the labour leader have agreed on a direction of travel in the transitional period
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immediately after we leave the eu, our current relationship will basically stay in place. writing in the observer, keir starmer says... never mind talks between britain and brussels, as i understand it there has been intense negotiations with the labour's ranks to clarify their position. what does abiding by eu rules mean? it would mean the continuation of free movement of labour, making it difficult to control eu migration. how long would labour's transitional period actually last? here the government is thinking in terms of two years, but we would not put a time limit on it. we need to reach an arrangement which protects the long—term trading relationship between britain and europe and jobs in this country. we have to look at trading arrangements with the rest of the world. jeremy corbyn, speaking at the edinburgh festival, but behind—the—scenes in labour there has been pressure on him to go further and commit to permanent
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single market membership. what people would now like to see, building on this important step forward, is for the labour party to commit to sink all union membership after the uk has left the european union. but some labour mps who voted to leave, disagree. jeremy is on a journey. where did he start and what is he saying today? i have not been on a journey, i campaigned to come out. people can keep the faith with those of us labour mps who campaigned to come out and to know that we're not doing any ratting or u—turning or anything else. at the last election, jeremy corbyn managed to pull off a delicate balancing act, appealing to both remain and leave voters. this might be more difficult for him to repeat as he clarifies his position on brexit.
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and we'll find out how this story and many others are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30pm and 11:30pm this evening in the papers — our guests joining me tonight are the political commentator and journalist, daisy mcandrew and tim stanley, lead writer at the daily telegraph. police responding to reports of a domestic disturbance have discovered the body of a toddler in a house in manchester. police say a man is now being questioned on suspicion of murder and a woman is being treated in hospital for serious injuries. naomi cornwell reports. it was here the body of a toddler was found alone in an empty house. police were called just after midnight following reports of a domestic incident. when officers arrived, they were told a man and woman had left the house and gone to hospital. but when they went in, they discovered the body of a young boy. it is a harrowing case. there is a clear impact on the local community and sympathies are with the friends and family and the community.
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we are working hard with the family and the community to provide reassurance and support. neighbours said they are devastated. sick to find out it was a child. i have onlyjust found out through the press on the internet it was a child. it is horrible, horrible feeling. i am sure everybody shares the same views. shock more than anything else. it's not known how the boy died. the woman is being treated in hospitalfor serious injuries. a 31—year—old man is being questioned on suspicion of murder. this afternoon, greater manchester police said they had been called to a domestic incident at the same house on friday. the force is expected to refer itself to the independent police complaints commission because of the earlier contact with the household. a second man has been arrested
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by police, investigating friday's attack outside buckingham palace, when three police officers were injured. detectives say they've now detained a 30—year—old man in west london, on suspicion of being involved in the alleged terror incident, five climbers have died and a sixth has been injured in an accident in the austrian alps. the accident happened at a height of more than sixth thousand feet. authorities have said that the exact cause is unclear but it appears that the six climbers were roped together when they fell. police have arrested a man on suspicion of aggravated burglary after an elderly woman was badly beaten in lancashire. the 88—year—old was asleep at her home in chorley in the early hours of saturday morning when she was woken by a man who attacked her and demanded money.
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the 51st notting hill carnival has opened in west london, with the release of doves, and a minute's silence observed, in memory of those who died in the grenfell fire injune. firefighters and paramedics were among those who bowed their heads in tribute. carnival—goers have been asked to wear something green, to remember those affected by the tragedy. elaine dunkley is there. # when you are down and out. it started with a song to mend a broken hearts. a promise of strength. grenfell, be united. and then with the joyous sounds and vibrant colours of carnival they celebrated the lives. many wore green for grenfell, a colour celebrating life and renewal. i am doing this for the
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victims. i had my own relatives who died. we love the carnival. she loved the carnival. we participated every year, loved the carnival. we participated every yea r, we loved the carnival. we participated every year, we went to her house, people came from europe. her house would be filled. we're bringing back colour, life. at times, those watching the procession were overwhelmed. for who once had a front row seat for the biggest carnival in europe. carnival paid respect in the way it knows how. to bring us all together as a sharing community that we are one love and one community and together we are more successful and together we celebrate the best of britain. they have been moments of reflection, stillness and solitude, as well as gratitude for those who saved lives. carnival has always had its roots firmly within this community. it was
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started in the 1960s by west indian immigrants who were facing inequality and poor housing. some of the still resonates today. it is very important we have the sense of community right now because of g re nfell tower. community right now because of grenfell tower. we have had a minutes silence for them. in the moment of madness, everybody heard that minute. there are good spirits right now, good vibes. notting hill carnival will always celebrate freedom but in the shadow of g re nfell freedom but in the shadow of grenfell it has a new purpose, a voice for a community trying to heal. now time for the weather forecast. there has been light rain in north—west scotland. mostly across northern scotland will see some outbreaks of rain and the wind continues to freshen. like wings in
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england and wales. the odd fog patch and temperatures lower in rural spots. monday, scotland and northern ireland, a windy day and a band of rain spreading southwards. writer into the evening. some of that cloud into the evening. some of that cloud into north—west england and wales. for the rest of england and wales, plenty of sunshine. a range of temperatures. 17 in glasgow but maybe 29 in south—east england. monday evening, more cloud and outbreaks of rain into northern england and north wales. it is a slow process. find out more online. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines at 8.30pm: two lorry drivers have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving in connection with a collision on the m1 near milton keynes in which eight people were killed. the american national weather service has described the flooding
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from tropical storm harvey as being "beyond anything experienced". the dire warnings come as thousands of people are rescued from rising floodwaters. a suspected chemical leak affects at least 50 people in the eastbourne area — police warn residents and visitors to avoid the beaches and stay indoors. labour has committed, for the first time, to keeping the uk in the single market and customs union during a transition period after leaving the eu. it says it's to avoid the economy falling off a "cliff edge". now on bbc news, we're going behind the scenes of britain's city of culture with our latest special programme on hull's year long festival of arts and culture.


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