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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  September 3, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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european countries, they have really strict rules. they are much more regimented societies than britain has been up until now. obviously things might be... a criminal conviction, caroline. i don't want to be too old lady, but some things could be considered criminal, dropping a piece of litter, you see people leaving sofas, at what point do you realise you lived in a nice community and it no longer is nice? are not suggesting we go all the way to singapore, and fine people for dropping a sweet wrapper, but make a point. and fly tipping needs a lot of resources and is a much bigger problem. i would think they would wa nt to problem. i would think they would want to put these two things together. and you are both excited about this. you like a bit of bling, do you, tony? i think it is nice to
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see people who we might have assumed we re see people who we might have assumed were no longer with us, but donald sutherland certainly lived on the wild side. i didn't know who that was until you said that. it is good to see him still mobile. i find was until you said that. it is good to see him still mobile. ifind it interesting, because this film festival is a brilliant showcase, including for some british films. it has a real boost to its profile because it won an award. this is pa rt because it won an award. this is part of the momentum building for awards season, which will come early 2018. what i am enjoying about the film festival this year, we have dame helen as a brilliant and radiant as ever, a couple of days ago we had robert redford and jane fonda, and it is great to see a real vetera n, fonda, and it is great to see a real veteran, top hollywood stars on the red carpet, and there is a hunger for them. forget what you say about the youth market, they can have their super heroes, this is the
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quality stuff. we have run out of time. that is it for the papers tonight. thank you, tony grew and caroline frost. coming up next, it is the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is james king. welcome back james, what do we have this week? murder in the east end in the victorian thriller the limehouse golem. a newjersey girl thinks she is the unlikely saviour of hip—hop in patti cake$. he said i'll be back, and now he is. arnold schwarzenegger returns
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in the 3—d release of terminator 2. we'll start with the limehouse golem. what did you make of it? it's set in victorian london, in the music halls of the east end. this is a thriller about a murderer on the loose. bill nighy is trying to track down the murderer. he is here with the brilliant daniel mays. let's have a look at bill in action. what are you looking for? i'm just looking, trying to understand. what else is there to be understood? in terms of logic there is none. at ratcliffe highway he's murdered a household.
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prior to that, a prostitute. before that, an old man, a scholar. oh, my god. yes. laid upon the open pages of a book on jewish folklore. like a book mark. the legend of the golem. is that how the press got the name? our murderer obviously approved. i remember reading that one. old sooty. her name wasjane quigg. i am a big fan of daniel mays as well. is it over the top? i have read many things that say it is, but that can sometimes a good thing. gothic horror, isn't it? ifind it gripping. it is gory in parts but not overly so. it is a thriller rather than a horror film. for me it was all about the cast. we saw daniel mays and bill nighy. eddie marsan is also in it. i would watch them in anything, three of my favourites. olivia cooke and douglas
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booth, a strong cast. what is going on in this film is an undercurrent to that murder story, to that thrill element it is a film about performance and about how performance was so important at this time in music halls but also just to people in their everyday life. there are people in this movie who put on a mask every day and play a role. and then there is the golem himself, a warped performer who wants recognition. when you have that undercurrent running through the movie, that obviously gives the cast something juicy to sink their teeth into. and the music hall as well. it is a seductive world. reminded me of tipping the velvet. very rich and seductive. that is a great thing to watch at the movies as well. jane goldman adapted the book that this was originally and she has done a good job. there is a lot of plot going on and she has done a good job of streamlining it,
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drip feeding information, pennies drop atjust the right moment. i'm a big fan. how about patti cake$? was it a hit at sundance? the film festival in january, and you get independent films from there crossing over into the mainstream. fox would love this to be a crossover hit. it is about a girl from newjersey, patti, who leads a downbeat life. she dreams of making it big in hip—hop. danielle macdonald, there she is, an australian actress, a relative newcomer. the problem is that it is very funny and charming but it does not quite know what it wants to be. sometimes it is quite kitsch and camp, reminding me of hairspray. a great film. quite over the top. sometimes this film then gets serious and wants to make
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a political and social point and it goes sort of eight mile with eminem. the problem is that it is six of one and half a dozen of the other. having said that, the music is great and it is subversive, an overweight white girl in the world of hip—hop which is traditionally far more glamorous and macho. i'm just not certain whether or not it knows if it is a full on comedy orfull on seriousness. it is an unsettled mix of the two. but she is one to watch? so she is a good performer, quite charismatic. look out for her. i said we were going to save the best till last. terminator 2, so good they have brought it back decades later. 26 years later in 3—d. some would say that arnold schwarzenegger's acting was barely in 2 dimensions, let alone three, and now james cameron, who had 3—d
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success with titanic, has gotten the same team to do the same thing with terminator 2. let's have a look at a classic scene. keep it under 65. we do not want to be pulled over. affirmative. no, no, no. you've gotta listen to the way people talk. you don't say affirmative. you say no problemo. and if someone comes up to you with an attitude, you say eat me. and if you want to tell them to go away, it's hasta la vista, baby. hasta la vista, baby. and if someone is upset you could say chill out. or do combinations. chill out. i had almost forgotten that phrase but now it is back to haunt us all.
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is a point to this? i appreciate you say that it has been reworked and in 3—d. the 3—d is fine. a good job. i'd only seen it when it came out on the big screen and i'd waited a long time to see it on the big screen again. awesome set pieces and action scenes. there are some there. sarah connor, the linda hamilton character, is one of the great action heroes of all—time. it is wonderful seeing her on the big screen. seeing it as big as you can, perhaps you have never seen it on the big screen, this is a great opportunity to catch up. it is old but it still works. some special effects do look creepy, james cameron admits that, but it is so gutsy with such power and bravado that it still packs a punch.
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and you may be very young and not even born when this was first released. maybe there is a whole new audience. or will they look and think it is all a bit dated? in 1991 this was the most expensive film of all time. even though it is old now it still holds up because they put so much into it when it first came out. it is worth looking up if you have never seen it before. yes. you do forget how much it cost at the time. the best out? detroit. a difficult movie to watch, based on true events in detroit 50 years ago, the fateful events of one night in the city. it is doing ok business in the uk at the moment but i would like to see it do better. perhaps we have had ourfill of intensity with dunkirk and people can not handle another intense story. it is worth seeing. look out for the great actors and the director,
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kathryn bigelow, she was married to james cameron when he made terminator, so there's a connection there. i hope it does better at the cinema, it deserves to. and dvd, something to lift us? if you do not want something dark and bleak, something funny and silly? this is mindhorn. an out—of—work actor who was big in the 1980s in a tv detective show called mindhorn, but has been down on his luck ever since. then he gets a call from the police saying that there is a criminal on the loose obsessed with the old tv show and they need him to get back into character to help them solve the crime. that is what he does.
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some funny gags in this about acting and tv detectives, plenty of jokes about the isle of man. done with affection. julian barrett stars, as does steve coogan. elements of alan partridge, really. even though you laugh, it is done with affection and respect for the genres it is making fun of. i know some people felt it was almost a series of tv sketches sewn together. and stay for the end titles. the end credits are a joy. that is a good tip. excellent. thank you very much, lovely to see you again. james king there with all of your pointers as to what you might like to see this week. that is it for this week. thank you for being with us and enjoy whatever you may see over the next few days.
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are the places wet to go and muggy night and by the end of the night any rain will be quite light and patchy. a misty murky start to monday as well with postal hill fog particularly in the south and west. parts of england and wales will chirrup through midday with sunny spells coming through. quite warm, still humid. a band of rain moving through ireland. outbreaks of rain spread east through scotland. the far north—west could chirrup towards the end of the day. windy in shetland with gales that time. another pulse of rain as we go through monday night, pushing back into parts of northern ireland, perhaps scotland, northern england and wales. that clears the way south eastwards during tuesday and then we start to see sony spells coming back on tuesday it with a few showers around. calling fresh by then write to the end of the week. wet and
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windy. i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: the us stands ready for a massive military response to any threat to america or its allies, after north korea carried out its most powerful nuclear test. we're not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely north korea. but, as i said, we have many options to do so. as the authorities struggle to get aid to millions in need, we meet the survivors of south asia's worst flooding in decades. i'm babita sharma in london. also in the programme: an exodus of myanmar‘s rohingya muslims. we report from bangladesh, where thousands have fled persecution and violence. this is the main land route through which the rohingyas are now entering bangladesh.
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