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this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines at 11:00: the united states and china have failed to agree on how to confront the growing nuclear threat posed by north korea. after 10 staff are suspended at an immigration detention centre, a former manager says gas were warned about such problems three years ago. kensington palace has announced that the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their third child. and on newsnight we'll examine what drives kim jong—un, speak to two leading contenders to take over ukip, and hear from the pr guru whose former firm was censured for engaging in a racially divisive campaign in south africa. good evening and welcome to bbc news.
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the united states and china have failed to agree on how to resolve the growing nuclear threat posed by north korea. the american ambassador, nikki haley, urged the un security council to take the strongest possible measures against north korea, in response to its most powerful nuclear test. but china reiterated its call for dialogue. meanwhile, south korea has been strengthening its missile defences as it warned the north was preparing to carry out further tests. 0ur correspondent, yogita limaye, reports from the capital of south korea, seoul. a day after north korea's most powerful nuclear test, the south displayed its might. missiles were launched from the ground and the air. it was a test drill. south korea showing off how it could attack pyongyang's nuclear site. this is a strong reaction
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from a country that for months now has been desperately trying to avoid conflict in the korean peninsular. but in new york, at an emergency un security council meeting, south korea's closest ally said pyongyang seemed to be heading the other way. nuclear powers understand their responsibilities. kim jong—un shows no such understanding. his abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. across the room though was an opposing view from a country often seen as north korea's friend. china urged a diplomatic solution. translation: china will never allow chaos and war on the peninsular. the parties concerned must strengthen their sense of urgency, take due responsibilities, play their due rolls. earlier in the day the japanese
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government gave details about north korea's latest nuclear test. translation: the evidence suggests that the north conducted a hydrogen bomb test. the government had to conclude the test was a success. pyongyang has successfully tested a weapon that poses a grave threat to japan's security. a hydrogen bomb is vastly more powerful than the bomb that destroyed hiroshima. north korea says that is what its leader is looking at here. the country has conducted six nuclear tests so far but the pace has really accelerated since kimjong un came to power. has really accelerated since kimjong—un came to power. the people here in south korea have dealt with the threat from the north for a long time now but perhaps never before has a nuclear test and multiple missile tests come in such quick succession — really ratcheting up the pressure of the government here in seoul and its allies.
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and that means defences have to be strengthened. this is america's latest anti—missile system, designed to shoot down enemy rockets. it's now being deployed in south korea, a country that continues to build up its arsenal, even as it hopes to not have to use it. the latest from the us on a new bari came “— the latest from the us on a new bari came —— hurricane matthew is the governor of florida has declared a state of emergency ahead of hurricane matthew of three which is
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110w hurricane matthew of three which is now a category four storm and heading towards the leeward islands. winds of 100 and 30 miles an hour are being recorded and it is strengthening over the next 48—hour is. those wins are going to strengthen. the governor of the florida declaring a state of emergency. a all those problems we have seen and all the debts in texas and the houston area. now a new surging towards florida. it is a dangerous category four storm. harry kane advisers around the west indies have been issued. —— hurricane in.
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the private security firm, gas, was warned three years ago about the problem of violent and abusive behaviour by some of its staff at an immigration detention centre, near gatwick airport. tonight's bbc panorama programme included secret filming of staff mocking and abusing detainees and in one case a detainee allegedly being choked. it happened at brook house, one of two centres run by gas. the company has suspended several staff pending an internal investigation, as our social affairs correspondent, alison holt, reports. detainee custody officer callum tulley — wearing a hidden camera — captures life inside brook house immigration removal centre, near gatwick airport. it's a volatile mix of hardened former prisoners, alongside asylum—seekers, visa over—stayers and others. the undercover filming for panorama shows drugs are rife. self—harm is common,
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and officers struggle to cope, many doing their best with detainees in real mental distress. but others reacting with abuse, bullying and threats. 21—year—old callum has worked at the centre for two years. he became so worried by what he was seeing, he decided to whistle—blow. when you feel like you've been a cog in that machine, you need to have some level of closure. i mean, i don't think i could havejust walked away from it and just left. don't do it, mate! stop! and on one day, while wearing a hidden camera, he called other offices in to help him restrain a detainee who was trying to harm himself. the situation quickly escalated. and this officer comes in and just chokes him, basically.
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and he just exerts all his pressure from his hands and arms onto this guy's neck. and you see his eyes roll back. i had to try and look as if i wasn't disturbed by what i'd just seen. it was just immediately, it was messing me up. he sobs. afterwards, the same officer told into tough enough. ——— up. the officer involved has told panorama he can't think of anything he's done which would get him into trouble. gas says it's investigating all the allegations at brook house and will take appropriate action once it's seen the evidence.
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the body of christ... but three years ago, nathan ward says he warned gas bosses about the attitude of some brook house staff. he's now a priest, but used to be a senior gas manager. so, for example, there's this one — "poor culture amongst brook house residential staff. and it's as though they're protected and that their behaviour goes unchallenged." these are the notes he read out at his resignation meeting. there is a group that actually concerned me on their relationships with detainees. it was around language that they used. a sense of roughness and use of force. gas says it investigates all complaints and has whistle—blowing procedures. the home office decides who spends time in immigration detention centres like brook house. people were only meant to be held for a few days before deportation, but some spend months, even years, in such places. the detention is worse than prison.
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mustapha zitouni was in brook house for nearly a year after finishing a prison sentence. this is him protesting on the suicide—prevention netting, razor blades in his hands. his flight home has been cancelled because his papers weren't correct and he's upset. now back in algeria, he says the uncertainty over how long detainees will be held made him and others desperate. it's a waiting game, man. in the detention centre, you never know how long you're gonna be. one day, one year, or three orfour years. the home office says it's increasing the number of former prisoners it's removing from the country, and that the dignity and safety of those in its care is of the utmost importance. alison holt, bbc news. a search for a fisherman, who was swept off rocks in north cornwall, has been called off for the evening. a second man was rescued and taken to hospital by air ambulance.
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the men had been fishing by tree—yarnon bay, near padstow. the search will resume tomorrow morning. i wasn't with the coastguard team in the last hour or so. quite a large team. it was at that point it was decided the search should be abandoned. it is a very popular, this bay. people walking their dogs, enjoying the end of the summer season. enjoying the end of the summer season. it was at around 2:30am at the two men were swept off rocks and into the sea and at that point one of them was recovered but a huge land, airand sea of them was recovered but a huge land, air and sea search was launched for the other. we have conducted a large—scale search, rescue helicopter. a lifeboat. and
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rescue helicopter. a lifeboat. and rescue teams. the search is stood down? because of fading light we have stood down of the search. conditions at saint it deteriorating during the afternoon. what local lifeguard told me it was extraordinary testing for those sent out to help. the search has been stood down but it will begin again at first light. the duke and duchess of cambridge have announced that they're expecting their third child. the duchess is again suffering from a severe form of morning sickness — as she has done with her previous pregnancies — which meant she had to cancel an engagement today. 0ur royal correpsondent nicholas witchell reports. the duchess of cambridge last week, with her husband and prince harry. no hint then of the announcement of a third baby for william and catherine.
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kensington palace was forced to disclose the pregnancy this morning because the duchess had had to pull out of a public engagement because of acute morning sickness, the condition she experienced for both her previous pregnancies. she's now resting at kensington palace. according to the statement, the queen — opening the queensferry crossing near edinburgh this morning — and other members of the royal family are delighted with the news. the baby will be the queen's sixth great—grandchild and will be fifth in line of succession to the throne. it's more than four years now since the birth of prince george, injuly 2013. this is an important week for him — he is due to start at his new school in london, something his mother certainly won't want to miss. the couple's second child, princess charlotte, was born in may 2015. she's fourth in the line of succession and she will retain that position even if the new baby is a boy. on a visit by the cambridges to poland a few weeks ago, catherine joked about having another baby when she was presented with a gift intended for a baby.
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it didn't seem significant at the time. today, prince harry said he was delighted at the prospect of being an uncle again. fantastic, great. very, very happy for them. and how's your sister—in—law doing? er... i haven't seen herfor a while, but i think she's 0k. the news that there's to be a third child for the cambridges comes just as william is beginning full—time royal duties. soon, the team of four will become five. kensington palace hasn't said when the new baby is due, but it must be assumed that it will be around march of next year. nicholas witchell, bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for newsnight with kirsty wark. out of the slaughter of the korean war the first supreme leader turned a nation into a personality cult like no other. the face may have changed but the cult remains the same. except this supreme leader
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is thought to have a bomb, said to be 10 times larger than those used onjapan in 19a5. the us has accused kimjong un of ‘begging for war‘ but how much do we know about swiss—educated lover of pizza and basketball? the chief executive of pr firm bell pottinger resigns amid accusations the firm stirred up racial tensions in south africa. we speak to the company's founder lord bell. and they may have had a leaders in the last year but it's been a few months since the uk independence party last elected a new leader. we'll meet the candidates the bookies think are likeliest to land the gig this time. good evening. in a crisis where language is critical the us ambassador to the un


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