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go in. don't hit to myself, please go in. don't hit the post! because of that had not gonein the post! because of that had not gone in the newcastle net i would not be here now. john motson there talking about one of his most memorable moments in the commentary box, we'll leave you with some of his other most defining career moments. bye for now. and they key is! the crazy gang have beaten the culture club, wimbledon have destroyed liverpool's dreams of a double, her royal highness applauds one of the great cup shots of all time. through the middle. again! platini, for france, with one minutes to go, it's 3—2! i haven't seen anything like it for years. he won't be shaken off. the german
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bench get up and contest paul gascoigne's last challenge. he's already had a yellow card. 0h gascoigne's last challenge. he's already had a yellow card. oh dear me. he's going to be out of the final if england get there, for bad tackle on the number iii, paul gascoigne has had his second yellow ca rd of gascoigne has had his second yellow card of the competition and this is a moment that almost brings tears to his eyes. a free kick has been given. his arms are up. is it over? it is! it is dramatic. it is delightful. it is denmark who are the european champions! you are watching bbc news. one of the most powerful storms ever recorded sweeping across the eastern caribbean, hurricane irma which made la ndfall caribbean, hurricane irma which made landfall in barbuda has brought
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winds sophie as they destroyed the meteorological equipment is supposed to measure them. these are live pictures of the capital of the island of puerto rico, sanjuan. the wind is beginning to blow. the eye of the harry kane hasn't reached puerto ricojust yet, these of the harry kane hasn't reached puerto rico just yet, these are just the outer edges of it. but you can see how the rain has built up and the wind is blowing in the palm trees so when it does hit it could be pretty devastating. that's expected in the next 2a hours or so. we will bring you more about that when we can. earlier, my colleague huw edwards spoke to the prime minister of the region and he talked about how the islands are being affected. absolutely. we have weathered what would have been one of the most powerful hurricanes to have affected the caribbean. i have
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to say that we have done so with stunning results. we have projected serious devastation. yet so far there have been no reports of any fatalities arriving from the passage of hurricane irma. i think it's an impressive story of readiness and resilience. the people of antigua and barbuda have heeded the warnings and barbuda have heeded the warnings and would have treated the storm with the respect that it deserves. in that sense, we have been spared the projected horrendous damage that was predicted, and within a matter of hours and tigger and bobby dish and be open for business. we believe that within the next 12 hours —— antiqua and barbuda. what we have done as well, we have made sure that we cleaned up most of the streets of all the broken trees and debris. we
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still have a few power lines down that must be restored, so in essence, we have been spared the wrath of the hurricane, and i think that through the preparedness of our people, which was exemplary, it will bea people, which was exemplary, it will be a model for other countries to follow. you book about readiness, could you give us some examples of the kind of measures that you took which you think have been really important in the outcome that you have described. over the years we've been paying attention and we have made sure that most of them, certainly built in the last two decades have been built to withstand storms of about 200 mph. in addition public facilities have been restored and strengthened to withstand that type of storm. but within the last
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72 hours we have spent an enormous amount of resources to clear all the trees that have fallen, we have made sure water can flow freely and as a result we didn't have any serious flooding. we would say that the preparedness in terms of people securing themselves, their families, their properties and themselves and their properties and themselves and their valuables would have been exemplary and as a result of the damage has been a minimal compared to what could have happened if you we re to what could have happened if you were not ready. what are your thoughts, prime minister, on the path of this harry kane and what it could yet bring in terms of damage when you think of other islands and other countries and nations that light in its path? —— the path of this hurricane. i understand that san martin has experienced significant damage so we have been lucky. we are not totally clear as to what the position is, the last
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time we had a report from the region was about 3am and we were told there was about 3am and we were told there was some property damage but not extensively and we hope that is still the case. we are arranging to fly to barbuda shortly to check it is clear so we can have a more accurate picture of the extent of the damage. but in any event, i believe because we are accustomed to these harry kane is, i believe that these harry kane is, i believe that the island in the caribbean over the last couple of decades in particular would have improved everything, i would have improved everything, i would say we ranked before any other area in the caribbean. the prime minister of antigua and barbuda on recent developments, stay with us for the rest of the news, now the weather.
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after hurricane made its direct hit on barbuda, now the british virgin islands, and then it looks as if it's going to head to the north of the dominican republic, and then it's cuba and florida towards the weekend, we'll keep monitoring the hurricane. we have a benign weather pattern across the uk tonight, a bit of high pressure, it is given the uk one of it's better days of the week, cloud increasing to the west, some showers developing here, to the east we will continue with clear spells and it will turn out to be chilly, rural spots especially in eastern scotland, for most of us io—isdc, things are looking better, it's a case of waiting for the rain to arrive, there will be showers to wales and western england, also some sunny spells, it could be a bright
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and sunny start the many across east anglia and to the east of the pennines, could be dry, could be catching a shower. rain was poised to move through northern ireland, it's already looking wet and windy across north—western parts of scotland, to the east there could be early brightness. this weather system will push things across, expect a cloudy and at times wet afternoon, initially, in cumbria and the north—west wet in the afternoon, patchy rain with the odd shower p°ppin9 patchy rain with the odd shower p°pping up patchy rain with the odd shower popping up in east anglia and the south—east, many places still try by afternoon, a greater chance of seeing some outbreaks of rain and the winds will pick up. it looks like parts of south wales and southern england could see a spell
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of persistent rain slowly pushing away south, sunny spells, a scattering of showers, it could be heavy, possibly thundery, a blustery theme going into the weekend, especially in the wind, it will be on the cool side. this is bbc news. i'm clive myrie. the headlines at 7:00pm. hurricane irma, the most powerful atlantic storm in nearly a century, is leaving a trail of destruction across the caribbean. there are reports of widespread damage to buildings, fires and power cuts. thousands of homes have been evacuated. the category 5 storm — with winds of up to 225 miles per hour — is now heading towards the british virgin islands. we'll get all the very latest from the caribbean later on the news channel.
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business leaders warn government proposals to cut the number of low skilled eu migrants after brexit could be catastrophic. but theresa may says things have to change. overall, immigration has been good for the uk, but what people want to see is control of that immigration. as tens of thousands of rohingya moslems flee myanmar


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