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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  September 6, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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hello, i'm karin giannone. this is outside source. hurricane irma has made landfall. the category 5 storm has already passed across the leeward island and the eye of the storm is now over puerto rico. myanmar‘s de facto leader — aung san suu kyi — has spoken for the first time about the mass exodus of rohingya muslims from myanmar to bangladesh. two former brazilian presidents have been charged with forming a criminal organisation to divert funds from the country's state oil company. russian president vladimir putin has called for diplomacy to resolve tensions with north korea — saying that sanctions and pressure cannot do the job alone. every day outside source features bbc journalists working in over 30 languages. your questions are always welcome. #bbcos is the hashtag. two former presidents in brazil have been formally charged with forming
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a criminal organisation that filtered hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes from the state—owned oil firm petrobras. brazil's top prosecutor said luis inacio lula da silva and dilma rousseff along with fellow workers party members had committed a series of crimes — the latest accusations in brazil's sprawling corruption scandal. the ex—presidents deny the accusations. the charges against them point to almost half a billion dollars in bribery from public bodies via the criminal front allegedly set up by the ex—presidents. the lead prosecutor earlier this year told cbs that the overall corruption scandal was "bigger than watergate". he said that so far more than "200 people had already been charged with hundreds of crimes" and the total amount of money paid in bribes, as far as they can tell so far, is "up to two billion dollars".
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camilla costa is in sao paulo. tell us what dilma and lula barbecue stuff, exactly. the former presidents have been accused with racketeering, plotting to scheme funds from brazil's oil company and they have been accused along with six other members, former ministers and senators from the workers party, of committing a series of crimes using a number of public entities, including petrobras and some of brazil's banks to actually sent money for themselves and for the election campaigns of their own candidates. the prosecutor has said
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that they have been committing crimes from 2002 until 2016, which is the amount of time they served as presidents of brazil and they deserve —— denied the charges, they say these charges are baseless and at the attorney general has not shown any proof of his alleged crimes. former president lula was planning to run again next year. will he still be able to? lula faces four other charges and he has been condemned by one judge four other charges and he has been condemned by onejudge in one of them but he can still run for president because in brazil a politician has to be considered guilty by more than one judge which means guilty by more than one judge which m ea ns after guilty by more than one judge which means after going through a second level of the appeals court in order to be forbidden to run and lula has been campaigning, he hasjust
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finished that were in the north—east and even prevented from running, he said his presence will be felt in the election. he is very popular. thank you very much. analysts studying satellite images from north korea's nuclear testing site have identified multiple landslides resulting from last sunday's nuclear blast. the tests were carried out at the punggye—ri test site in the north of the country, with the underground blast causing a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. but these images — published by the respected 38 north website — show small landslides of the sides of hills in the surrounding area. tensions remain high as leaders from the region met at an economic summit in the eastern russian city of vladivostok. the positions of russia and south korea are said to have moved closer after the russian president that his south korean counterpart amid fears
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that north korea is planning further tests a nd that north korea is planning further tests and possibly a long—range missile launch. vladimir putin made his position very clear. translation: of course, during the talks considerable attention was made to the affairs on the korean peninsula and we discussed the sharp aggravation of the situation, starting because of the new nuclear test and we confirmed our position that we do not recognise the nuclear status of north korea. pyongyang's nuclear programme grossly violates the security council resolution, it undermines the nonproliferation regime and poses a security threat to north—east asia. for more on this i spoke with olga ivshina from bbc russian. the negotiations were quite warm and it was interesting south korea suggested an oil embargo and after the press conference, represented as
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a south korea underlined that flood putin refused but then his spokesperson said that russia is supplying a tiny amount of north korean oil and it makes no sense to put in the embargo but esther putin insists that sanctions do not work and it is counter—productive to corner north korea and this echoes his position on sanctions against russia because he says that sanctions generally do not work. here they condemn nuclear tests made by north korea but they realise diplomacy is the only way out. how concerned is russia but these tests considering they share a border? the border is relatively short, under a0 kilometres and all of that is pricey or rivers by people living in the far east of russia, where this meeting took place, felt a tremor
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following recent tests in north korea so people are concerned and russian officials had to issue state m e nts russian officials had to issue statements concerning russian security, there are missile shield is working and is no threat and no radiation was coming russia. overall, russia tries to use this as another diplomatic instrument, to show it can be a broker in these negotiations and this is important for putin, he tries to show himself asa for putin, he tries to show himself as a very influential player on the international arena and he uses north korea as another card in this huge gamble to try to find his place and negotiate other issues, including syria and ukraine. through this crisis, very much in the russian mind is their relationship with the united states? absolutely, mr putin ties the north korean question with other questions, they underline that they are ready to put
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pressure on north korea but in exchange, south korea and the united states must stop escalating the military presence on the border and shop —— stop military exercises so putin tries to tie all of this together. thank you. let's get the sport. let's begin with tennis because the us open is reaching the point end of the tournament. tulsen tollett is at the bbc sport centre. rafael nadal and roger federer were on court today in the quarterfinals. a win for each could mean they set up their first ever meeting at the event. they could and rafa nadal has cruised through, a straight sets victory. dropping just five games in 96 minutes on the arthur ashe stadium so he will be fresh for that semifinal. there was a chance federer could return to world number one if rafa nadal lost but the spaniard was ruthless, but high that
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eve ryo ne spaniard was ruthless, but high that everyone wants is still on the cards but it could be a first ever meeting between rafa nadal and roger federer at this particular grand slam, and considering they have been around for such a long time that beggars belief. with the women we could have an all—american semifinal? belief. with the women we could have an all-american semifinal? yes. looking all the way back 36 years ago when the eventual champion, tracy austin, martina navratilova and barbara potter made it through. here we have sloane stephens and venus williams. and the oldest ever semifinalist at 37, coco vandersay, making it three in the semifinals, knocking out the world number one, discover. madison keys also qualified. the world number 15 has
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been struggling and this means with discover loctite, garbine muguruza, not died earlier, will become the women's world number one when the rankings are released next week. thank you very much. let's chat about the boston red sox now — one of baseball's most famous teams. they've been caught out using an apple watch to cheat. in short, they were using the watch to alert the batter as to what kind of pitch was about to be thrown. let's speak to gabe lacques now, the baseball editor with usa today sports. welcome. it is slightly more constipated than that. explain what happened. just a little background, this has gone on from within a in baseball through legal fashions and
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illegal. it is not against the rules to steal signs and pass them to the batter, you just cannot use any outside means to help your cause. and what the red sox were doing was using camera angles available to them in the clubhouse, thanks to the insta nt them in the clubhouse, thanks to the instant replay setup, and relaying the pitch selection to the trainer in the dugout, equipped with the apple watch, he was getting messages on his watch from the clubhouse telling him what pitch was coming at hebert passat to another player in the dugout who would relay that to be run on second base who then would relay that to the batter. it sounds like a lot of activity for a couple of seconds between pitches but clearly the red sox had this down to a pretty finely tuned craft. and the header would have an idea of what pitch was coming, which typically
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helps in their ability to head the ball. it sounds amazingly, located. you would normally use a sign that your hand to alert what kind of pitch was coming? exactly. usually the runner on second base or the base coach might provide the information but typically you would look in from second base and give a nod to the left for the fastball or to the right for the curveball and that has generally been accepted practice, if you're not savvy enough to protect your signs you deserve what is coming to you. that was the conventional wisdom. but when you bring in binoculars, telescopes or any number of things and nowadays it is the apple watch, that is frowned upon and against the rules of major league baseball. what is likely to come out of this? will they be punished? what is the reaction? the
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expectation is probably a fine from major league baseball and the public reprimand. it is not an accident this became public. they wanted the tea m this became public. they wanted the team is on alert that this is not cool team is on alert that this is not cool, you need to do this the tried and true way. expect a fine and a public reprimand and i do not think they will be punished at the draft pick or docked any victories. that isa pick or docked any victories. that is a bridge too far. but expect a public show of touching from major league baseball and around of around 100,000 dollars. thank you for your time. they should use of the colourful language used by a spanish premier league president. talking about the record transfer of neymar from paris saint—germain to barcelona. his very strong view is
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the french club breached financial fair play rows. this is he described it. we have caught them, peeing in the swimming pool, neymar peeing from the diving board, we cannot accept this. that has provoked quite accept this. that has provoked quite a strong reaction. stay with us on outside source — still to come. egypt's government denies allegations of abuse in a new report by human rights watch. jennifer lawrence was the highest paid actress in the world last year. she's made her name and herfortune playing gritty roles and her new part in the dark, psychological thriller "mother" is no exception. our arts editor, will gompertz, has been to meet the 27—year—old oscar winner ahead of the film's uk premiere. we spend all our time here. i want to make a paradise. jennifer lawrence is the eponymous mother, house proud and devoted to her husband. a much older literary man played by javier ba rdem.
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what do they want? their domestic bliss turns into a living nightmare in a metaphor—rich, effects—laden horror movie which the critics are slamming and lauding in equal measure. i'm so sorry. get out of my house! there will be no "meh" with anybody who sees the movie. it's not enjoyable while you are watching it. it's hard to watch. it's an assault. if i was writing a review while i was watching it, i would be like, "agh — don't go!" if you sit with it a little bit and give yourself 30—a5 minutes when you get home, sit with it, then you realise how important it is. he's a stranger, we're just gone to let him sleep in our house? hello. did you know he had a wife? what was in it that was important? what's great about it is everyone will walk away with something that resonates with them. for me, it was what would happen if we treated our planet
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with care, with humanity. pulling out of the paris climate deal was not a good step. that's what keeps a marriage going. this is alljust... setting. oh, you do want them. what about gender in hollywood, something you have talked a lot about? how hollywood treats women. do you think it's still deeply unfair, the game is rigged in hollywood? ido, yeah. i think there's still a lot of unfairness. we are making changes. the gap is very slowly closing, but there is still work to be done. did you make sure, for instance, that you got paid the same amount, or even more thanjavier bardem on this movie? i didn't, i didn't look at what javier was getting. ijust knew what i deserved and i fought for that. and if you found out he was being paid more? there would be a phone call.
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you would have a word! this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is... hurricane irma hits the caribbean. the category 5 storm is currently over puerto rico and heading north towards florida. the egyptian president abdul fattah al—sisi has given a "green light" to security forces to routinely torture political detainees — that's according to a new report by human rights watch. grim details in the report came from interviews with 20 former detainees. human rights watch said it amounted to "an assembly line of abuse aimed at preparing fabricated cases against suspected dissidents". many details are too graphic for us to share but among torture methods were "stress positions to inflict severe pain, rape, electrocution, beatings and lacerations". the government has denied the allegations. for more on this i've been speaking to our middle east
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editor, sebastian usher. it is shocking, not surprising that for decades this abuse has been going on in egypt, one of the main motivations of the 20 11th going on in egypt, one of the main motivations of the 2011th uprising. hosni mubarak try to end this culture of abuse so the dispiriting thing for egyptians involved in the protests a nd thing for egyptians involved in the protests and we felt emboldened and perhaps felt that fear of torture was not going to keep them indoors, they went on the streets but under they went on the streets but under the president it has returned. he has an emergency law in place after a range of terror attacks, very similarto a range of terror attacks, very similar to the case under president mubarak. there was a law that allows this time of abuse to go on. and the public, who tired of the huge unrest following 2011, having made a big
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fuss about this but the people who have suffered by the dissidents and members of the muslim brotherhood, journalists, other members of the opposition. this testimony came from 20 former detainees and the egyptian government has basically said this is not true. the egyptian government, in the constitution there are rules about torture and it is outlawed but in the past, when the president was questioned about this he said torture does not take place in prison but that is a get out, be tortured documented is in police stations and in buildings of the security services. you are talking about somebody being picked up talking about somebody being picked up outside their house at dawn or we re up outside their house at dawn or were they work and this process of trying to elicit confessions starts and it is very organised. it has beenin and it is very organised. it has been in place for years and years in egypt, it has not changed, even the style of torture has not changed.
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there is one particularly high—profile case of an italian phd student who was found dead in 2013? yes, but that did was shine the international spotlight on this abuse but there has been nobody brought to justice over that, another sign of the impunity but egyptians live with. these people who were interviewed by human rights watch, all of them said that after the process was over, they did not pursue it because they felt there was no point. this is a government with international support. yes, just like with president mubarak and many of the strong men in the arab world because they kept a lid on what the international community believed was likely a worse situation. with the all the unrest in egypt, there is a feeling that president sisi has restored only surfaced a kind of stability so people keep quiet about it and other countries keep quiet. and we in
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britain and other countries supply a great deal of funding to the military in egypt and don't ask the questions that maybe need to be asked. sebastian usher. the complex fighting in afghanistan has a new front in the northern regions — the islamic state group is making inroads there. is, the taliban and government forces are battling among each other. and the violence is taking its toll on thousands of civilians. bbc uzbek‘s firuz rahimi has gained access to the remote district of darzab and sent this report. these are rare pictures from one of the most dangerous places in afghanistan. the government and the taliban have been fighting each other here for years. but now militants from so—called islamic state have entered the fray. in recent months they have captured large parts of darzab district. thousands of people have been displaced by the fighting. it is too risky to go to the front line, and this is as far as we can get. this place just outside the town is home to nearly 90% of people who have fled darzab
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and left everything behind. one room can shelter two to three families. the majority are women and children. humaria and her sister—in—law are among them. her husband was one of the local leaders fighting against the two militant groups. just a few weeks ago he was caught. translation: my husband was ambushed by is. they poured petrol over his body and set him on fire. translation: when is came to our house, they set it on fire. everything was destroyed. we ran away with our children until we arrived to a place where we felt safe. and adding to the volatile mix here are powerful local warlords who frequently switch allegiances. shir mohammed's militia are fighting both the taliban and is.
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he lost a hand in the fighting and almost lost his life. translation: injust three months we lost more than 60 men from our village. our commanders asked for help from the government. we asked them to send helicopters to evacuate our injured people. but the local government needs help. most officials have fled darzab, including the governor. translation: there is no functional government in darzab. everything is paralysed. the only safe access to the district now is by air. isis and taliban have checkpoints in about 50 different locations. the road leading to darzab used to be packed with cars taking passengers in both directions. now is and the taliban control key parts, and no one travels unless they absolutely have to. the grim reality of darzab extends beyond its borders.
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if is militants seize all of the district, they will also control access to three key northern provinces, and more people could pay the price of this increasingly complex war. we started with hurricane irma, battering the caribbean, a category 5 storm and one of his strongest in the atlantic. an update on one following close behind. an update from the national hurricane centre saying that another tropical storm, jose,is saying that another tropical storm, jose, is also heading for the caribbean. harvey, burma and now jose. we will keep you posted. keep watching outside source. sometimes on weather there are
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moments to take your breath away, they came a plenty with hurricane harvey in texas and again with hurricane irma in the caribbean. this is breathtaking. this is a satellite picture from wednesday the eye of the storm passing directly over barbuda. it went from catastrophic winds one moment to bury a breath of wind and then catastrophic winds again and barbuda is feeling full force of hurricane irma, saint martin had landfall and it is barrelling towards puerto rico for thursday, the dominican republic, haiti and turks & caicos islands eventually florida. whilst hurricane irma is having —— not having a direct impact on our weather, what happens after florida does bring uncertainty in the longer range forecast. back to our own weather and how that is developing for thursday. a much quieter affair
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and other is a weather system coming in from the atlantic, initially bringing rainfor in from the atlantic, initially bringing rain for the start of the day to north—west scotland. quite heavy and windy but the rain will move south east for the day, across northern ireland, wales and eastern in england, with outbreaks of rain even here by the evening. eventually, we see outbreaks of rain towards the south—east through thursday night and into friday but then this weather front becomes a player in the weather across south wales and southern england on friday. sunspots could have quite a bit of rain all day long here. elsewhere, sunny spells, sunny showers, they could be thundery with ha ilstones showers, they could be thundery with hailstones and that those clear away but still low pressure is close by. saturday, strong winds to the south and west and lighter further east
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and west and lighter further east and then showers breaking out again. try, sunny moments but heavier showers and still on the cooler side. if you find yourself in the sunshine it might not feel too bad. cool on saturday night into sunday but that rage is not very big because here is another on sunday, spreading rain south eastwards across the uk and the wind picking up, particularfor the across the uk and the wind picking up, particular for the south and south west into monday. and the steep area of low pressure, this could be a troublemaker into monday and with those isobars close together across the south—west, the risk of gales and perhaps severe gales in places. lighter winds for the north—east, showers again and heavy ones to be had. into tuesday, that low pressure trying to move away, still breezy but in high—pressure dries to come in but there are more weather system is to come. the bulk of next week is
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changeable and unsettled but by the end of the week, into the following weekend, high pressure will try to establish itself in the atlantic and that will disrupt the flow of weather and give us longer, settled spells in between but a word of caution... the computer forecast and not yet taking into account what is left of irma and jose, how that will feed into the weather across the atla ntic feed into the weather across the atlantic so it is a very big watch this space... tonight at ten, business leaders voice deep concern at plans to restrict eu migration after brexit. the plans, still in draft form, would apply to low—skilled eu workers, with firms told to give preference to british people. overall, immigration has been good for the uk, but what people want to see is control of that immigration. but the response to the leaked home office document in the business
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world has been mainly negative, with warnings of economic damage. nationally, you know, coastal resorts struggle to recruit. so recruiting from the european market is really important to us. and tonight, further signs of business concern about the government's brexit approach. we'll have more details. also on the programme. one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded is destroying houses and flooding islands in the caribbean.
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