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tv   Click  BBC News  September 9, 2017 3:30am-3:46am BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines: hurricane irma is continuing to cause devastation across the caribbean, with some islands bracing themselves for another powerful storm, hurricane jose. irma is now heading towards florida where the state's governor has warned that all 20 million inhabitants should be prepared to evacuate. at least 58 people have died after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck off the pacific coast of mexico. the tremor was felt hundreds of miles away in mexico city. president pena nieto said a little under half of the country's population had felt the quake. the united nations is warning of an "unprecedented" refugee crisis in myanmar. it now says more than a quarter of a million rohingya muslims have fled the country over the last fortnight. coming up in about ten minutes on bbc news will be newswatch, but for now, it's click. this week, we've been to ifa,
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the massive tech show in berlin. we'll be looking at the big launches and the cool new devices from the fair in a few minutes, and we'll also hear from the people behind them, who, we've noticed are once again mostly men. the lack of women in tech has been well documented and it's something we run up against every single day working on click, and it's so frustrating, it's extremely rare for us to turn up at a tech company and for any of the available spokespeople to be female. it's been suggested that the lack of women in tech starts developing early on.
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kids are going back to school this week on the heels of stats from the latest exam results here in the uk showing that girls are turning away from stem subjects — that's science, technology, engineering and maths. only 20% of those who sat the computer sciences gcse exam this year were girls. for gcse engineering it was 10%. someone who is fighting gender stereotypes is anne—marie imafidon. at 11 years old she took an a—level in computing and by 20 had graduated from oxford in maths and science. so the biggest thing is the social norm and it's that awareness of the options that you have, but also the role models and the people that have gone before you. and so you think that maybe it is just for dead white guys to do, and of course there are loads of living guys that are working in science and technology, but also loads of dead women that have created things like wi—fi and bluetooth, of course famously hedy lamarr.
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the first programme was written by ada lovelace. but there are countless women whose stories we don't here and who we haven't been told. and so that definitely plays on that social norm. anne—marie co—founded stemettes, an organisation on a mission to inspire and help more women into stem careers. she's also filled a house with teenage girls from across europe and turned it into an incubator to foster new stem ideas. my advice for young girls is to look for your tribe and look for groups you can plug into and get involved in. technology is such a social thing to do, you rarely work on your own. i'd love to see a technical female character in eastenders or something like that to move the social norm just a little bit so that for the rest of us that whole notion of there being a technical female is something that's notjust that one character in the matrix or whoever it is in that bond movie, but it's something a little bit more mainstream for all of us. of course since i met anne—marie there has at least been one big change on screen that may hopefully influence a whole generation...
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..maybe that should be regeneration of geeks. ok, now, as promised, to berlin, to europe's largest tech fair, ifa, where dan simmons has taken cover from the autumnal weather. tunnels of curved tvs lead you from hall 70 to 80. there are 26 here at ifa, some larger than a football pitch, packed with the latest gadgets, gizmos and gardening baskets? this one also uses leds but to grow plants. the basket monitors and provides water and nutrients to promote growth, and it's out in november. this year, robots seem to be everywhere. cute ones... this one's got eyes in the back of its head. it's got an hd projector.
3:35 am ones that will help you clean the floor. it's supposed to stop if someone walks in front of it but if it doesn't, at least you get a nice shoeshine. and this multilingual one helps you get to your gate, among other things, when you feed it your boarding card. both started work at seoul airport this summer hoping to impress visitors and raise lg's profile ahead of february's winter olympics. smart watches haven't quite been the hit that was promised, so what about an old school watch with hands, with the smart screen there when you need it? the hands even get out of the way when you get a message. the idea has already raised $6 million in crowd fundraising. and sandisk has another big number on a microscale. now, this is remarkable, aoogb sd card. only last year this would have looked like this. we've seen vayyar‘s gadget for diy home improvements that can see
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through walls earlier this year using radio—frequency signals like radar it can also detect family people are in the room and whether they're sitting or lying down. useful for carers to detect falls. and the kit can also see through internal walls, so multiple rooms can be monitored without the need for an invasive camera. this sort of anonymous tracking could be used to smarten up our gadgets too. you can have your tv follow you around, you can have the tv turn off when you get up and get a coffee and you can have the coffee machine start making coffee when you leave your room in the morning or even direct the air conditioning or the heating to follow you around or to change in accordance to how many people are inside the room. two new upgrades to consumer 360 cameras. kodak's 4k offering is now an all—in—one unit. postproduction has been simplified with an easy—to—use slider to stick the two images together if you don't like the automatic on—board result. and insta360‘s one can now stream
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live to facebook or youtube if you down—res from its native 4k quality. it also let's you do a sort of director's cut of what you've shot to share with friends, and the clever bullet shot feature let's you go a little bit matrix. and chinese newcomer detu showcased its new low—cost 8k 360 cam, due out in november. twobig phone launches here, lg's v30, which supports super high—res sound files at a stunning 2—to—1 ratio oled display and sony's latest xperia model, which uses the camera's autofocus function to create a 3—d model of anything. normally to do 3—d you would have to go to a professional studio and use lots of cameras but we've brought that into one camera on a smart phone. take that standard obj file and basically the possibilities are endless.
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hmm, with some messaging apps out there already able to make use of these 3—d scans, perhaps they are. there's one over there. where are they? i thought we were in a safe place! oh, no! the release of both apple and google‘s ar developer kits are creating a bit of a buzz... a time when augmented reality has been upping its game. well, we started out with augmented reality in books seven years ago and at the time we were using webcams and computers. now the characters that we generate with the digital ar are much richer, they‘ re more complicated, they're more sophisticated.
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the interactivity we can do with those features is much greater so as arkit and arcore from apple and google come into play later this year, we'll be able to be even more, it's going to be a very exciting journey. if you happen to find yourself on a roof and want to be joined by a dinosaur, then this could come in handy. the best ar experiences are when the virtual object is well placed in a 3—d space and its proportions change as you move around it. here, its face is here. the arkit is going to give the cameras on our everyday phones and tablets the capability to perceive depth better. it will do so by tracking objects in a scene through the frame using computer vision and analysis and combining it with data from its motion—sensing hardware. according to google its arkit
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will also estimate the light coming into a room so that virtual things are placed in the scene and dynamically lit. and if rumours are to be believed, the upcoming iphone will feature a laser sensor to improve its spatial awareness. and oualcomm two weeks ago released this video which shows its new depth sensing chip, showing android devices won't be far behind. right now, the pricing microsoft hololens might provide this experience for the elite few but augmented and mixed reality could be heading to the masses. that's certainly what the aim is with this, the $30 zapper zapbox.
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so, the kit consists of this google cardboard inspired headset, which of course you place your phone inside, and to increase yourfield of view while doing that there is a fisheye lens to attach. now you also got a head strap which means once that's attached you freed up your hands, once your hands are free you're going to be able to hold onto the two controllers so you can interact a bit more with your content and make sure you place things in a suitable environment in the real world, well, here are the markers. they'll ensure the area is accurately mapped so virtual objects can be anchored appropriately. there you go. oh, there's a rabbit. hello, a rabbit has appeared. right, must get these in my hands. just a shame i found the headset rather uncomfortable to wear. it left me with a bit of a sore nose. but if a game of golf isn't for you then maybe this is. thank you. city social‘s foray into the world augmented reality uses the medium to bring their cocktail menu to life. thank you. you have a choice of what genre of art you would like in relation to what cocktail you choose so every
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cocktail tells a story. before seeing this in the flesh i did struggle to see the point but the detail was beautifully executed. it was creative and i think i personally could have appreciated it more on a food menu. now, the easierfor the now, the easier for the cut off click this week. the full version is online to you at any time you please. and you can follow us on twitter and facebook, too. thanks for watching and we will see you soon. hello, and welcome to newswatch with me, samira ahmed. coming up... after recent nuclear missile tests, is this a good time for the bbc to launch a new language service
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targeted at north korea? should bbc news be covering a story about an unfortunate incident in a toilet? first, many of those interviewed on news and current affairs programmes now have been advised by public relations professionals on what to say and how to behave. if you are appearing on tv as a pr person yourself, what could possibly go wrong? on monday's newsnight, the co—founder of bell pottinger, which had been expelled by the pr trade body for unethical behaviour in south africa, demonstrated the answer to that question. you were the man who went out to south africa to secure this deal... yes. phone rings sorry about that. don't worry. you went out to secure the deal.
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it must be something you were very excited about. no, the company submitted a proposal to the guptas, or the people who represented the guptas. he knew of all the conversations, what was involved in it. phone rings for god's sake. you are a very popular man tonight. one of the key things that seems to have been said about this, the problem with the account...
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