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this is bbc news. i'm annita mcveigh. the headlines at 6pm. hurricane irma pounds cuba with winds of more than 150 mph. the cuban authorities did try to move large numbers of people out of harm's way, but still many have been left, particularly in the central province, camaguey. we understand there are many thousands ever people there without power at the moment. as the casualty toll mounts, it's confirmed five people have been killed in the british virgin islands. as the storm approaches florida, nearly 6 million people have been told to leave their homes. if you've been ordered to evacuate, you need to leave now. do not wait. evacuate. not tonight, not in an hour, you need to go right now. in other news: the un warns of an unprecedented refugee crisis after nearly 300,000 rohingya muslims flee from myanmar to bangladesh. the manchester arena reopens tonight with a benefit concert, more than three months after the terrorist attack, which killed 22 people.
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and chris froome is on the verge of becoming the first british rider to win the vuelta a espana, as he increases his lead after the penultimate stage. good evening and welcome to bbc news. hurricane irma is continuing to sweep its way across the caribbean, en route to the us coast, leaving a path of devastation. cuba is the latest island to be hit. the storm has been downgraded to category 3 — it was category 5, the highest, but has eased slightly — made landfall off
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the north—eastern coast of cuba overnight bringing strong winds and heavy rain. communities have lost power and communication is becoming increasingly difficult in more remote areas. the bahamas have largely been spared after the storm changed course. this is irma's trajectory. it's expected to make landfall with us coast tomorrow, before heading inland. in florida, more than 6 million people — a quarter of its population — have been told to evacuate. officials have confirmed that six people have been killed in british virgin islands and anguilla. and there's another hurricane approaching the caribbean. jose has strengthened to a category 4, driving winds of 125 miles an hour, and forecasters warn it could strengthen still further. 0ur correspondent aleem maqbool is in miami and sent this report. there's little left for people to do in florida but get
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somewhere safe and wait. this hurricane shelter, like so many more across the city, is packed to capacity. wejust decided we were going to leave. we got up and saw on the tv all the traffic backed up, to atlanta. we said, we have waited too late to leave. so we stayed. i mean, we left everything, you know. 0ur furniture. 0ur appartment. but like i would say, material things, we can build them again. the most important is the family. you know? after days of talking, after all the warnings, it is now starting to feel real for the people of florida. the skies have darkened, the winds have picked up, and in the coming hours, people here expect to be in the firm grip of hurricane irma. the latest place she made an landfall was was the northern coast
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of cuba, causing waves of up to seven metres high. power lines were brought down, and buildings badly damaged. and this type of destruction has been wrought already elsewhere in the caribbean. nasa's recorded this spectacular footage of the eye of irma and its massive cloud mass on a projected course for florida. hurricane irma is beginning to batter the florida keys with dangerous winds and continues to be a catastrophic and life threatening category 4 storm with winds of 1350 miles an hour. this is a deadly storm. the state has never seen anything like it. in spite of the huge destruction of the state, there are many in florida, like vince, who want to stay in their homes with their belongings right through the hurricane. what's out of your hands, out of mother nature's hands, you can't control. what you can control is
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having generators, having gas. making sure there are no big trees right next to your house. you think you're going to be ok? i think so, yes. but thousands don't want to risk gambling with nature. they are anxious, though, about the city they will emerge out into once irma has passed. officials in cuba say hurricane irma has caused "significant damage" along the northern coastline. 0ur correspondent will grant is in the capital, havana. they've been very, very badly hit. for example, a fishing village, a well—known fishing village, called caibarien is largely submerged under water. that whole coastline is very popular with tourists, and we understand several quays are now cut off from the mainland. and water has surged over the sea walls in a number of areas along the northern coast here, in havana, where a lot of tourists
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and a lot of cuban people were brought for protection is also now facing a hurricane warning. i can tell you that the winds are whipping up significantly at this stage. a lot of people are worried about the rain being dumped, that could cause storm surges in what is obviously a coastal city here in havana. let's get more reaction from the state of florida. major richard rand is from the north miami beach police department and hejoins me live via webcam. you have stepped outside your command centre from where you spoke to us last hour. i can see the trees moving a little behind you, but is there any sense of the storm to come there any sense of the storm to come there at the moment? yeah, absolutely. we were able to come out here and film this so your viewers can begin to feel, right now it is calm, but this is the calm before the storm and we are getting ready
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for it out here. that looks like a pretty serious vehicle behind you there. is that something you will use once the hurricane has passed through to go out and check the streets to see what has happened? yes, this is what we use, a military vehicle given to the police department. we will use this vehicle, which is very, very, very aborted to us, because it can get into flooded areas and rescue many people and save many lives. we have been talking today about the warning from the state's governor to people to get out, some people will have decided to stay, but once burma sta rts decided to stay, but once burma starts to hit, the emergency services when be able to help them, will they, until it has passed through? that is correct. as i stated earlier, once the winds sustained a0 mph, emergency services will be delayed, so will we ask that people evacuate, they should have already have done so, and they
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should already be where they feel is safest. it makes it difficult for us to get out and help people if they are not evacuating. tell us what you know about the size of the storm compared to the size of the state of florida. no problem. we have been monitoring the storm from day one. i know the storm is approximately a00 miles wide. from fort lauderdale beach to the west coast of florida, it is 127 miles. so the storm is 3—a times the size of florida. the storm is tremendously large. it is indeed immense, and you have described it well for us, giving people a sense of how much larger the storm is compared to the land mass it is passing over. i wonder if i can ask you about your concerns about security in the aftermath of the storm, looking ahead slightly. a lot of people will have left their homes, their properties. we have
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heard in some of the caribbean islands about looting taking place after the storm has passed through, is that something you are concerned about? i am concerned about it, but iam here about? i am concerned about it, but i am here to tell you that north miami beach department is prepared for the storm. we have all of our officers and pulled our resources, we have got together with agencies around us, even agencies outside our area, and we are working together to keep the residents safe. and on a personal level, it is tough because your officers will have resumed a bleak set to their families, you have to get out, but they have to stay to help. as first responders, oui’ stay to help. as first responders, ourjobis stay to help. as first responders, ourjob is to run in when everyone is running out. that is ourjob every day will put on the badge to uphold the law. a lot of us have brought our families to the station to be here with us. to go through this storm with us in support of the police department. 0k, thank you
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very much again for your time talking to us here on bbc news. tomasz schafernaker from the bbc weather team is in florida. the path is expected to get into naples tomorrow evening. we have been hearing from the emergency services that you have been interviewing that it is the western side of florida... sorry, the eastern side of florida where miami is, they are expecting bad weather, tropical storm force winds, and disruption and damage here. but naples at the moment, as it stands, and that entire gulf coast of florida is in the path of the core of the storm, so those bad, destructive winds, and probably all the way up into tampa as well. we are not quite in naples yet, we are an hour away before we get there. as
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you drive around, is it a ghost town? are there signs of people moving around, or does it look like most people have heeded warnings to hunker down or get out? yes, i think they have. it is quiet at the moment. 0bviously, they have. it is quiet at the moment. obviously, we are seeing typical scenes that you expect before a hurricane hits, lots of boarded up windows and storm shutters. not many people around on the streets at all. we are driving around now and there is hardly anyone here. a bit of a ghost town. we arrived yesterday evening into 0rlando, quite a trek south. what we also saw was, on route down the main highways, a lot of the emergency services have strategically placed all of the vehicles that are going to help, restoring power lines and getting the infrastructure back up and running. they have been placing all of the vehicles that will help
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with that in various spots all along the length of the state. so we were passing lots of vehicles, sometimes a dozen emergency vehicles parked in a dozen emergency vehicles parked in a place. we saw, ithink, army vehicles as well, i think. from us as observers here, it certainly looks like they really are prepared for this storm. tomasz schafernaker. the latest we hear from the british virgin islands and anguilla about the death toll after irma passed through the islands is that five people have died on the british virgin islands. 0ne people have died on the british virgin islands. one in anguilla, and we are told the death toll in the caribbean area is as many as 20, but some reports suggesting it will be more, of course, with aid and rescuers. 0f more, of course, with aid and rescuers. of course, not being able to get a complete picture of what has happened yet. let's get a little more on how
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the british virgin islands has been affected. nick cunha, who is a resident there, told me what people are doing to prepare themselves for the arrival of hurricane jose. really, people are still trying to gather supplies. some of the stores are open, some of the roads are open. 0n are open, some of the roads are open. on account of the community, they are pulling together. open. on account of the community, they are pulling togetherlj open. on account of the community, they are pulling together. i imagine this is a time when people are trying to help each other. we have heard about reports, though, of looting on some islands. are you aware of anything like that happening there? concerns over these acuity situation? yeah, there was in portola in midtown. as far as i know, it is being controlled by the cu rfew know, it is being controlled by the curfew that has been put in place since last night. so, have you received word of any aid yet, anything coming from outside sources? yeah, there are a couple of
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navy ships in the area. there have been helicopters coming in. other than that, i heard there are some evacuee lists for people most critically injured. after that, it's kind of a wait and see. just to clarify, nick, becausei kind of a wait and see. just to clarify, nick, because i haven't asked you yet, are you a visited on the british virgin islands, are you there on holiday? what is your situation? i am from the us, i have been resident for 15 years. i run a company down here called looking glass. my office is a total loss. a lot of my friends have been displaced, a lot of expat communities on the bvis. a lot of people a long way from home right now. but you want to stay, you plan to stay, do you? i plan to evacuate. i lost my house and my cars, and my
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office. the current living situation isiam in office. the current living situation isiamina office. the current living situation isiam ina ppm office. the current living situation isiaminappmg office. the current living situation is i am in a ppm g building downtown. i am with a family of five, 35—month—old triplets, and we are waiting to hear about potential evacuation options. our a lot of people sheltering in business bonuses as far as you are aware?|j bonuses as far as you are aware?” think so. and it would make sense, because a lot of businesses have backed up generators. in the longer term, would you plan to come back to the bvis? absolutely. this is my home. as soon as i can come back, and get my office in order of broad, i will come back and try to do some good. nick, you are obviously talking to us, what is communication like on the islands themselves, in terms of conversations between people on the various islands? what are the communications like adamant? it is very difficult. there is
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limited service. 0ne it is very difficult. there is limited service. one of the carriers has one part of the island, another has one part of the island, another has the others. it is a task to communicate. all of that relevant up—to—date information gets buried very quickly on facebook, which is the primary source of most of our communication. it is 6:16. the headlines on bbc news: hurricane irma pounds cuba with winds of more than 150 miles per hour. as the storm approaches florida, more than 6 million people have been told to leave their homes. the manchester arena reopens tonight with a benefit concert, more than three months after the terrorist attack which killed 22 people. we are going to stay with manchester
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now. manchester arena's doors have opened this evening, for a special benefit concert, nearly four months after the suicide bombing which killed 22 people. the event will be headlined by noel gallagher's high flying birds. danielle hewson is there for us now. people beginning to arrive, i guess. ican people beginning to arrive, i guess. i can see people queueing up behind you to get into that concert. yeah, absolutely. there has been a steady strea m absolutely. there has been a steady stream of people, the doors opened at 5pm and people have been arriving, giving plenty of time, because there are stringent security checks in place. there are armed police officers about, the idea is to make people feel safe and secure. 0bviously, to make people feel safe and secure. obviously, this is going to be an emotional night. it is the first time the venue has been open since the bomb attack in may when 22 people lost their lives, 59 were injured. 0f people lost their lives, 59 were injured. of course, many parents and children, the youngest to lose their
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life was eight years old. noel gallagher headlining, but the man opening the entire show is poet tony walsh, and i caught up with him earlier to ask how he was feeling. notjust my response of validity, there is a fantastic line—up in there. it will be a special evening. i have the responsible as he and privilege of opening the show, forming the poem i recited in albert square the day after. people said nice things for the last three months about it. i think it will be a moment again this evening, as the bridge between that day and this day, and then we can move on with the rest of the show, i think. that is what many people see this event is, a bridge. a way to remember what happened, but then go forward for the venue and then go forward for the venue and the city. absolutely. let's what tonight is about code 22 people lost their lives here on the 22nd of may. many were injured. tonight, we pay our respects, and we are raising money to make a permanent more real for those people that day. and we
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are going to have a good time as will, because that's the spirit of manchester. we have got to bounce back from this and not let this change our livestock. how important was that artists from this area were here tonight, it is about ownership, about proving what manchester can do when faced with adversity? absolutely. we have a world—class roster of artists in manchester. they have all stepped up this evening. it is going to be a special moment when noel takes the stage. blossoms are doing well. it is going to be great. people are apprehensive coming here this evening, even if they weren't here on that evening in may. they are still worried about turning up. i was talking to these ladies over here, sarah, you said that when you came up the hill and saw the venue, it gave you butterflies. yes, i was all right all day, and as soon as we crossed the hill and saw the steps, just the feeling of what has happened and why we have come to day, really. you
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have just got to be wary that it is a sad feeling, really. you are bringing your daughter here later in the year, you bought the ticket is way ahead of time. and you are worried about that. we bought the tickets last year for little mix. i have to bring my little girl. we had to show her. it isjust what it is and we get on with it. solidarity because you are here with your friends and your sister, is you say you could be scared. you can't let them scare you. we are not scared, and that is why we have come today. are you feeling better, because there is a huge amount of security here and there are councillors present? does that make you feel better? seeing the police around gives you the confidence that it will be ok. everything will be fine. of course, it is also about a celebration, are you looking forward to the evening? yes, definitely looking forward to it. peter kay was here, we can't wait to get in.
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remember it for the right reasons, but remember it and have a nice time, rememberthat but remember it and have a nice time, remember that those that lost their lives, be happy for everyone thatis their lives, be happy for everyone that is here, and keep on living your lives for them. all the money raised from this sell—out event tonight is going to go to a memorial which remembered those that lost their lives when the bomb went off backin their lives when the bomb went off back in may. danielle, thanks very much. rescue operations are under way in mexico after its most powerful earthquake in nearly a century killed more than 60 people. three of the poorest states in the country suffered the most, losing hundreds of buildings. president pena nieto has declared a national day of mourning. the united nations is warning of an unprecedented refugee crisis in bangladesh. it says more than a quarter of a million people have fled from neighbouring myanmar in recent days, a dramatic increase on previous estimates. the muslim rohynga minority says that myanmar‘s military has been
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attacking them and burning villages. the un says 270,000 people have crossed into bangladesh in just a fortnight. we have been told that every religion on the other side has been burnt to the ground. the barbed wire fence that separates the two countries, and you can see the bangladesh border police on guard here. they have been saying that over the past few days they have seen over the past few days they have seen increased military activity in this area, they have heard the sound of gunfire at, also explosions, it is believed that side of the border is believed that side of the border is heavily mined. this is where the refugees are coming into bangladesh. translation: this morning, we arrived here and we heard gunfire.
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then we saw 3—400 burmese soldiers walking on that side. most went ahead. but some stayed back. people said they were planting landmines on the ground to prevent them from crossing east. the accusation is they using landmines banned by the international community. but for tens of thousands of refugees already in bangladesh, more coming in every day, this is yet another thing that they had to be concerned about. here, the new leader of the scottish labour party will be announced on november 18th. the contest was triggered by the resignation of kezia dugdale last week. so far, two candidates have put themselves forward for leader, msp's anas sawar and richard leonard. the nhs in england has issued new guidance to terror attack victims, after some were subjected to vile and upsetting abuse online. it warns about the pitfalls of using social media and also
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says people need to be wary of journalists. but it adds that social media can also play a positive role in helping victims and families after attacks. a trust which runs 21 schools across yorkshire has said it can no longer manage them and has asked the government to find a new sponsor. wakefield city academies trust is believed to be the first academy chain to make such a decision. the department for education says it'll work with the trust until a new sponsor can be found. here, thousands of anti—brexit marchers have descended on westminster to demand that britain stays in the european union. the rally, called the people's march for europe, carried the message "unite, rethink and reject brexit". on monday, mps are due to vote on the repeal bill for brexit. archaeologists in egypt say they
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have discovered the tomb of a goldsmith that is more than 3000 yea rs goldsmith that is more than 3000 years old. it was found in a burial site on the west bank of the nile in the area of the city of luxor. alan johnson has more. staring out of the past, remains from the world of ancient egypt. they lay here in the darkness, deep beneath the banks of the river nile for well over 3000 years. now, they are emerging from their grave. every detail of their surroundings is being examined. and slowly, the story of this burial place and it's dead is becoming clearer. it's believed that this was the tomb of a goldsmith, and we even find an image of this man captured in the sculpture. he sits beside his wife, who is closed in traditional headwear, and dress. lower down, between their legs, is the outline of anotherfigure, between their legs, is the outline of another figure, thought to be one of another figure, thought to be one of their sons. the archaeologists
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believe the goldsmith would have dedicated his work to the glorification of the god in. along with the mummies and decorated cottons, the tomb has given up other bridges, including masks, jewellery and figurines. all now on show for the first time. and it's thought this place may have even more to offer, there are plans to keep searching for other burial chambers. allanjohnston, searching for other burial chambers. allan johnston, bbc news. it is time for the weather forecast. we will hear a little bit more about hurricane irma and the trajectory for the storm with ben rich. the weather at home is pretty u nsettled the weather at home is pretty unsettled at the moment, but obviously, nothing like the turbulent and dangerous whether we are seeing on the other side of the caribbean. let's look at the recent satellite picture, because you can see we have two hurricanes on the
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rampage. hurricane hose a has moved to the north of the leeward islands and is moving out into the atlantic. during today, hurricane irma has been moving close to the coast in the north of cuba. that interaction with the land has taken some, a little of the strength out of the hurricane. we had sustained winds of 125 mph in the centre of the storm. however, the storm is likely to continue to strengthen again as it moves continue to strengthen again as it m oves over continue to strengthen again as it moves over them very warm seas and pushes towards the south florida, where we expect it to make landfall during tomorrow. we will see some destructive winds, we suspect, flooding rains and a storm surge that can inundate low—lying coastal areas, so that can inundate low—lying coastal areas, so dangerous, destructive weather on the way for the southwest usa over the next few hours or so. back home, things are relatively much quieter. but there have been showers around today. you can see them on the picture pushing south and eastwood, some heavy, some thundery in the afternoon. in the
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west, showers fading away. that is the story that takes us into this evening, showers easing off, dry overnight with clear skies, and for central and eastern areas, underneath the clear skies, with light wind, the or the fog patch, turning chilly as well. temperatures around ten or 11. in the countryside, one or two spots could get cold enough for grass frost. tomorrow morning, 13 degrees in london with early brightness. however, cloud rolling in from the west across south—west england, wales, northern ireland as well, 12 or13, wales, northern ireland as well, 12 or 13, the odd splash of rain ahead ofa or 13, the odd splash of rain ahead of a band of rain, or 13, the odd splash of rain ahead ofa band of rain, which or 13, the odd splash of rain ahead of a band of rain, which by this stage will move across scotland. light and patchy with heavy bursts, rain clearing through for northern ireland at this stage, but with hefty shower was chasing behind. as we go through the day tomorrow, a story of cloud thickening. brightness in the south—east which
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went last. rain working eastwards, light and patchy, and hefty shower is blowing in from the west on wind strengthening, gales in exposed coastal areas later in the day. tomorrow night, low—pressure lumbering across the british isles. tight isobars, lumbering across the british isles. tight isoba rs, severe lumbering across the british isles. tight isobars, severe gales in coastal parts of wales and the southwest. it stays unsettled into the start of next week, some sunshine, yes, but is showers and longer spells of rain, cooler feel and blustery winds. that is all from me from today. phil avery will keep you updated on the weather in the uk and with hurricane irma over the next few hours. this is bbc news.
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