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this is bbc news. i'm annita mcveigh. the headlines at 3pm — hurricane irma slams into the florida keys with winds up to 130 miles per hour. over six million people have been ordered to leave their homes as the storm inches closer to the mainland. we do have a lot of power lines down, transformers are exploding causing minorfires. torrential rains causing flood warnings, on top of the surgery expected. this is the scene live in miami, described as a ghost town, as the storm approaches. overnight cuba has been battered — there's been significant damage as the recovery process begins. in other news — officials in mexico say at least 90 people are now known to have died in thursday's earthquake. tony blair calls for tougher
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immigration rules as a way to cut numbers, asa immigration rules as a way to cut numbers, as a way to oppose brexit. mo farah wins the great north run. after battering its way through the caribbean, hurricane irma — currently a category 4 storm — has slammed into the lower florida keys, lashing the island chain with winds up to 130 miles per hour. the hurricane made landfall in cuba late on friday. it engulfed villages, causing widespread damage and leaving whole communities homeless. the eye of the storm has now
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reached the florida keys, bringing winds that are expected to last in the next few hours. where water levels are flooding roads and more than 200,000 people have lost power. 0ver six million people — almost a third of the state's population — had been urged to evacuate, with warnings of a huge storm surge that would be "life—threatening" to anyone in its path. hurricane irma is bearing down on the sunshine state, these seems an indication of what is to come. power outage is widespread and roads flooded. for those who haven't been able to leave, time has run out. we're talking about wind gusts over 100 miles an hour. harry kane irma bearing down on the sunshine state. —— hurricane. for those not leaving, time has run out. we're talking about winds of over 100 miles an hour, perhaps 130 miles
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an hour. the wind can do tremendous damage to wood frame homes, trees, power lines, things like that. the other deadly risk is storm surge flooding. most people who die in hurricanes do so drowning in the storm surge. the people of cuba already starting to count the cost of hurricane irma, who battered the island before moving north. now a popular holiday destination, thousands of british tourists are stranded there with the airport closed to all flights. 0perators including thomas cook have been criticised for not doing enough to help. a very unpredictable scenario, some of the airports are closed. yet to ta ke some of the airports are closed. yet to take each day as it comes. the next 2a hours are about looking the welfare of our customers in cuba, making sure customers in florida are prepared for the next 2a hours and what it might bring. the hurricane
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weakened as it passed over cuba, but strengthened once again on its approach to florida. british airways says it is in contact with holiday—makers, sending a plane to the region on stand—by to pick—ups passengers are as it is safe to do so. that may not be for some time. thousands of florida residents up packed into mass shelters. in all, six winning people advised to leave. making this one of the biggest mass evacuations in us history. this is why. these pictures show what is left some of the caribbean islands already hit by the hurricane. its destructive power too clear. let's talk to help bbc weather presenter, in the tampa bay area, expected to feel the full force in the next few hours. the latest we're seeing from the national hurricane centre, it is
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moving with 130 mph winds. that makes it a category for macca hurricane. very powerful storm indeed. we are crossing old tampa bay. we're heading towards our shelter. we have been driving iran florida for the last day or so reporting on how people have been preparing for this storm. now the storm is affecting the west coast of florida, the biggest concern is of course the storm surge, it looks as if in the next few hours, the eye of the storm will approach naples. just about leaving the lower keys. looks like west was just about scraped by the eye. in the most ferocious winds. most of the weather is around the eye. the storm is quite far to
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the eye. the storm is quite far to the south. the weather going downhill, even as we spoke to last time, we are crossing old tampa bay. the wind is certainly picking up. we are still 12 hours away from the worst of the conditions. brought by the storm. compare to the last hour, the storm. compare to the last hour, the visibility looks much worse. from where you were in the last hour. have you seen many people out on the roads. clearly many people told to take self chilly shelter or get out of florida altogether. you don't see an awful lot amount of ca rs. don't see an awful lot amount of cars. there are few. the storm is still half a day away. some people still half a day away. some people still taking their chances. leaving the area towards shelter. the main thing we are seeing is a lot of officers patrolling the area. the
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patrol officers taking shelter underneath different bridges. not sure whether that is where they're going to ride out the storm. 0nce the winds reached tropical storm force, in the next to or three macro hours, they will suspend operations, it is too dangerous to go out. in the build—up to the storm, the arrival of the centre, there are occasionally brief lull. the storm picks up foursquare dies down, the storm, the hurricane creeping in. the lulls becomes shorter. the wind sta rts the lulls becomes shorter. the wind starts roaring at a constant speed. within two, three hours of the eye's arrival, that is when the hurricane blows with constant speed, that is when the damage occurs. a window of
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about five, six hours as the eye moves through for the most voracious and loveless conditions. take care, you and your crew in the car. let's go to miami, our correspondentjane 0'brien is there. compared to the last hour, the conditions really seem to be worsening. they are. we're getting gusts in excess of 80 miles an hour. that is nowhere near the ferocity they are dealing with the ferocity they are dealing with the florida keys. they are experiencing sustained winds of 135 miles an hour. we are starting to get reports that the florida keys are flooding. they are expecting a storm surge of around 15 feet. last tropical style rains. bands of torrential rain curating flood warnings across the region. the
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coastal areas of the florida keys clobbered from both ends. from the sea and the sky. very, very dangerous. we are experiencing a lot of gusts. watching out for debris as we are talking to you. emergency services in miami are now suspended. authorities saying if you need help, you are basically on your own. too dangerous for rescue workers to come out and help. still in the middle of tornado warnings. unlike irma, you cannot predict a tornado, you have no idea where they will touch down. a luck to watch out for, as well as the difficulty a lot of people like experiencing without power. more than half a million people, a luck to the city in miami is without power. we are ok at the moment, but is unlikely to worse. do you stay
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safe, jane 0'brien in miami. rick ramsey is a sheriff in monroe county in the southern tip of the state of florida. he's taking shelter in a school. no power in the building. he spoke to colleagues at cps news, said he was fearful of the damage you will find once the storm has passed. now i'm here in the shelter, there is a camaraderie with the people. at this point of time, not thinking about surviving, more scared about what i will see when i walk outdoors, around town. people's homes, my home, my mother's them. more scared about what will be left at this point in time, then whether i will survive. this building seems pretty solid. it will probably hold. we wa nt pretty solid. it will probably hold. we want to tell people who left, they did the right thing. there will
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bea they did the right thing. there will be a re—entry issue coming back in. we cannot let people back into the cou nty we cannot let people back into the county until we assessed the damage. we don't want people coming to a dangerous area, where limestone began, trees blocking routes. we have to assess, clear the roads. let them know that the goal is to get people to their homes. we don't want them to become the problem, more than the solution. this is a good test. at the end of the day, those who did not think it last time, will probably leave. the hurricane hunters are heading
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out on another 12 hour mission, right into the heart of irma. these air force reservists all have day jobs, but they risk their lives for those down the ground. the more times we pass through the eye will, they can calibrate where the storm was moving. the centre the big space, that does not mean it is the centre of the storm. that zero winsport can be 20, 30 centre of the storm. that zero winsport can be 20,30 miles to one side or another of the eye. this is one of the specialist pieces of kit they used to measure the hurricane. it is called a drop salt from the one that is out of the plane from a parachute step back to the sea from sending data to the national hurricane centre. she is massive, big and strong for a long time. it is horrible, some of the damage we have already seen through the caribbean. the islands she has gone
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over. after some negotiation with the cu ban authorities over. after some negotiation with the cuban authorities about airspace, we get permission for one more pass through the ibe—macro. it will turn out to prove crucial information. we are right in the eye of hurricane irma. doing a final pass through the storm. the storm has definitely pivoted to the north, as everyone predicted. as we turned for home, a sense of a good job well done. more information gathered for people on the ground to help them avoid the worst irma can offer. earlier i spoke to a storm hunter anthony geologist with the weather network, mark robinson. he was in sarasota. —— meteorologist. network, mark robinson. he was in sarasota. -- meteorologist. right now, look at the wind down on the water. tremendous amount of rain
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falling, right now. this outer bands, a taste of what they hurricane ken duke, and what it will do when he gets to sarasota. when you hear the warning from fema, predicting a warning for florida, as it makes its way to the florida, as it makes its way to the florida keys. one of the big problems with the western side of florida, very warm. the storm is coming in quite spectacularly. we may or may see potentially, i do think we will see this scenario, but four metres of storm surge. pretty excessive, but i'm expecting one or two metres in sarasota. take a look at what you are looking at right there. all of those boats, millions of dollars in votes. that will get ripped away from the moorings. potentially deposited back over
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there on the road behind. 0ne potentially deposited back over there on the road behind. one of the worries. those are battering rams, hitting the structures back there. hopefully we don't get too higher surge, that worries me. is it pretty deserted where you are? it is not. 0ne deserted where you are? it is not. one of the things they can be with last night. lots of cars running event. people say we are to withstand this, we're going to shelter. not a bad idea. withstand this, we're going to shelter. nota bad idea. some people, are staying in those buildings. when you get wind over 200 comment is now, those windows. to come out. —— kilometres an hour. where will you be as the hurricane makes its way to where you are right now? one of the things storm chasers do is get into parking to rogers, where the safest structures you can get to document the storm. a couple of stories up, you are above the
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storm and protected from flying debris. i will be in the parking garage, documenting the worst that irma will throw at sarasota. the devastation in the karagounis becoming clearer. aid supplies are being sent to the victims caught up in the destruction. panama was not affected by the hurricane, and is being used as an aid for by agencies. we can speak to bill woodard from panama. this is what you doing right now? a deciding where the aid that you have now in panama, where that is going to have the greatest impact? yes. the team actually has meetings over the last
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36 hours. 0ther actually has meetings over the last 36 hours. other agencies, actually has meetings over the last 36 hours. 0theragencies, including rotary and a trip to determine where the greatest need is, where the gases. that can be filled by both countries that have poor infrastructure. at this point we're looking most seriously at the north—east. the islands of the caribbean first hit. they sustained hurricane forces, a category five hurricane. we are again having meetings to determine how we can physically get out into these islands. we have a underground in panama. we will be distributing. as
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well we have additional aid on the way. which islands are your priority kris welham we are looking at the islands that don't have the strong infrastructure. we're looking at the total reginan in the north—east caribbean sector. —— total regions. i want is all about the logistics of getting on the islands, how you will be able to get around, if the road infrastructure, for example, is badly damaged? first of all, we depend on assessments currently being done by many of the
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agencies to identify what the issues are, in terms of getting out into the islands, we have airports, if they are safe to use, we have the ability to get in via air. we also have the partner to get as in by c. those would be the to primary ways we would address that.|j those would be the to primary ways we would address that. i spoke to your colleague in the uk mark nicholson a couple of days ago. there might be worth reminding people what you do. helping people to recover in the initial days and weeks after an event like this. you bet. shelter box is a shelter and a solution organisation. we have a number of different options. depending on what best meets the needs of the community. providing
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emergency shelter. we are part of the process to permanent shelter. we addressed the emergency needs. there could be tents, lighting, solar power, water purification. thank you for your time. we are seeing on reuters that president trump has spoken to the governors of alabama georgia and south carolina, and tennessee about hurricane irma today. those states suffering to the north of florida. they may suffer in fact. predictions that as it travels across florida, irma will lose some of its strength.
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there may be some impact in those states. president trump speaking to the governors of alabama, georgia, tennessee and south carolina. the plenty more of our website. the tuc general warned against the kamikaze brexit. saying that britain should stay in the single market long term of the government has no strategy. ian watson is at the tuc conference. tell us more about what frances 0'grady has been saying. conference. tell us more about what frances o'grady has been saying. two topics dominating this tuc conference getting under way in just half an hour. 0ne conference getting under way in just half an hour. one is the public sector pay cut. frances 0'grady very
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much against that, the unions threatening strike action. the other is brexit, which the general secretary thinks will threaten jobs. she was talking about britain has their position in the single market. she went beyond the existing policy, supporting labour's policy of staying inside the single market. during a period of transition. he said unless someone has a better idea, the best way to protectjobs in the long term was staying inside the single market or the equivalent ona the single market or the equivalent on a permanent basis. she turned her fire on conservative mps, accusing some of them are trying to undermine not just the long—term some of them are trying to undermine notjust the long—term position in the single market, but the transition of deal that theresa may may somewhat accept. i think the prime minister has to break free from the brexit hardliners, and start listening to the people of the country. if she carries on listening
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to the hardliners we're heading for a kamikaze brexit over a cliff edge. what we needed a transition agreement, and we need to start with jobs, writes and lives in those negotiations. frances o'grady talking about longer single market membership is where the transitional deal. a message for prime minister and conservative mps. the leader of the unite union, len mccluskey, had a message for labour mps and people in the wider labour movement. giving a very robust speech to a fringe meeting before the conference, saying people should be getting behind jeremy corbyn and the labour party, denouncing people in his own party for suggesting jeremy corbyn was unelectable. fortunately for us we have a leader injeremy corbyn and john mcdonnell, fourth the first
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time ina and john mcdonnell, fourth the first time in a the a0 years have actually challenged the economic orthodoxy of neoliberalism. a fantastic job. challenged the economic orthodoxy of neoliberalism. a fantasticjob. all of the right wing media and the traitors within our own mitts he said that the british electorate are not interested in radical policies, how wrong they were. len mccluskey suggesting some people inside the labour movement were wrong about jeremy corbyn, that remains to be seen. they did get a0% of the vote. speaking at that same meeting was john mcdonnell, the other big topic, public sector pay, he said if unions ta ke public sector pay, he said if unions take strike action over public sector pay, as long as that was taken democratically, sector pay, as long as that was ta ken democratically, he sector pay, as long as that was taken democratically, he and the labour leadership would support them. officials in mexico say at least 90 people are now known to have died on thursday's earthquake, the stronger as the country has seen in the century.
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more than 70 people have been killed in a south—west state and hundreds of families have reportedly been camping in the streets, afraid of the dangers of after—shocks. clearing the rubble injuchitan in southern mexico, the town worst hit by thursday's earthquake. rescuers have told the bbc they don't believe there is anyone left under the 7,000 buildings that collapsed here. and while the machines, men and sniffer dogs continue their work, others continue to bury their dead. at least 36 people are reported to have been killed here. among them, this man's son. translation: he didn't have time to get out and the building completely collapsed. it was very old, over 200 years old, and unfortunately out of the seven people who were inside, only four were able to be rescued. the other three unfortunately died. tabasco, chiapas and 0axaca states are among mexico's poorest and least developed.
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the earthquake that hit them was the most powerful anywhere in the world since 2015. 8.1 in magnitude. tremors were felt in mexico city, some 500 miles away. the earthquake was deep so the shaking felt on the surface was less strong than it would have been for a shallower one. that's little comfort for these people picking up the pieces in juchitan. one in three houses are affected and thousands of families have lost their homes. food and water are scarce and parts of the city don't have electricity. the hundreds of after—shocks felt since thursday have left people fearful. translation: a lot of people are sleeping on the streets because they fear another quake, because they fear the after—shocks that have been happening continuously, and it's a very ugly fear that we're experiencing. the authorities say tens of thousands of ration packs, blankets and cleaning kits are arriving to help
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the recovery efforts, but for the homeless and bereaved of southern mexico, it is help that can't come soon enough and will only be the first step in rebuilding their lives. aaron safir, bbc news. up rohingya muslim rebels in myanmar have declared a unilateral one—month ceasefire saying they want to ease the humanitarian crisis the country. rebel attacks on security forces triggered a two—week military campaign during which nearly 300,000 rohingyas fled to neighbouring bangladesh. soldiers have been accused of carrying out killings and burning villages. flooding swept through tuscany this morning, the italian port city laverne took the brunt of the storm.
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a code orange alert has been raised in florence, as the storms sweep down the country. tony blair calling for tougher immigration rules other way to cut numbers without the need for brexit. he is proposing the eu nationals should have a job if they want to live in the uk and that those without work should be barred from renting property or receiving benefits. critics have pointed out that it was his labour government but decided not to impose restrictions on immigration when eight eastern european countries joined the eu in 200a. i am trying to have the look at immigration, which means you don't have to do brexit and then you can concentrate on non—eu immigration which i think is a bigger concern for most people. two the five men arrested in the far
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right group national action have been released without charge. on tuesday, the five — which included four serving soldiers — were detained in a joint operation involving the police and the army. national action was banned after a white supremacist murdered the labour mp, jo cox. sirmo farah has sir mo farah has won the great north run for the fourth year in a row. he vijay robinson of new zealand in a tight race in one hour and six seconds. he said the racejust tight race in one hour and six seconds. he said the race just over 30 miles have been tough. definitely tough. four miles to go i was hanging on, gritting my teeth. two miles i believed in myself, dug deep. i was thinking if i could sit on in, at the end i can sprint. another great achievement for sir mo farah. time for the weather forecast, ben rich as the details.
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relatives of the devastating weather experienced in florida courtesy of hurricane irma, our weather is looking quieter. i would not use the word quiet. some strong wind blame—macro in the forecast. they could touch gale force for western areas. just 15 miles an hour. the latter show was pushing in from the west. tomorrow the strong winds could cruise travel issues for the monday commute. whitaker lee across wales in south—west england. bbc local radio station will keep you update. a blustery day, right across the country. dusty winds a heavy showers containing hail and thunder. spells of sunshine, and a decidedly cool feel to the weather. gusty winds. dry day


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