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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm annita mcveigh. the headlines at 5pm. hurricane irma slams into florida with winds of up to 130 miles per hour. more than a million homes and businesses are without power. we have torrential rain causing flood warnings across the region, on top of the deadly storm surge that is almost certainly going to happen. it has been very strong for a very long time. it is horrible, some of the damage that we have already seen throughout the caribbean. fort lauderdale in florida, as the storm approaches. cuba was battered overnight — there's been ‘significant damage' and the recovery process is now beginning. in other news: officials in mexico say at least 90 people are now known to have died in thursday's earthquake.
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tony blair calls for tougher immigration rules as a way to cut numbers, without the need for brexit. sir mo farah becomes the first athlete to win the great north run four times in a row. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. after battering its way through the caribbean, hurricane irma — currently a category four storm — has slammed into the lower florida keys, lashing the island chain with winds of up to 130 miles per hour. the hurricane made landfall in cuba late on friday. it engulfed villages, causing widespread damage and leaving whole communities homeless. the eye of the storm has now
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reached florida keys, bringing extreme winds that are expected to last for the next few hours. all residents had been ordered to leave amid fears that a storm surge reaching 15 feet could hit the islands, most of which are only a few feet above sea level. one person has been confirmed dead in the florida keys. as the storm is expected to move north to mainland florida, more than a million homes and businesses are without power and some 50,000 people have taken refuge in shelters. this report from sarah campbell. hurricane irma is bearing down on the sunshine state. these scenes, a mere indication of what is to come. power outages are already widespread and roads flooded. for those who haven't been able to leave, time has run out. we are talking of wind gusts over 100 miles an hour, perhaps up to 130 miles an hour. this kind of wind can do
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tremendous amounts of damage to wood frame homes, trees, power lines and things. the other very deadly risk we have is storm surge flooding. most people who die in hurricanes do so from drowning in a storm surge. the people of cuba are already starting to count the cost of hurricane irma, which battered the island for hours before finally moving north. now a popular holiday destination, thousands of british tourists were stranded there. the airport is closed to all flights. 0perators including thomas cook have been criticised for not doing enough to help. it's a very unpredictable scenario. some of the airports are still closed, so we are taking each day as it comes. the next 2a hours is about looking after the welfare of our customers in cuba, and making sure our customers in florida are well—prepared. the hurricane weakened slightly as it passed over cuba,
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but has strengthened once again on its approach to florida. british airways said it is in contact with its holiday—makers, and will send a plane to the region to pick up passengers as soon is it safe to do so. that may not be for some time. thousands of florida residents are packed into mass shelters. in all, 6 million people were advised to leave, making this one of the biggest evacuations in us history. and this is why. these pictures show what is left of some of the caribbean islands already hit by the hurricane. its destructive power is very clear. earlier we spoke to our correspondent jane 0'brien in earlier we spoke to our correspondentjane 0'brien in miami. it is too difficult for her to
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broadcast live at the moment but this is the latest report we had from her in miami. we've had gusts of 80 miles an hour, but that is nowhere near the porosity they are dealing with on the florida keys. they are experiencing sustained winds of 135 miles an hour. we're starting to get reports that the florida keys are flooding, the middle keys are flooding, we expect the storm surge... they expect the storms sturge of 15 feet and tropical style rain, these bands of torrential rain which are creating flood warnings across this region. the coastal areas, the florida keys, are being clobbered from both ends, from the sea and from the sky, and it is very dangerous. we are experiencing a lot of gusts and we're watching out for debris while talking to you. emergency services in miami are now suspended. authorities say that if you need help at this point you are basically
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on your own. it is too dangerous for rescue workers to come out and help. we are still in the middle of tornado warnings. very dangerous because unlike hurricane irma you cannot predict a tornado. you have no idea when it is going to touch down, and these are tornadic conditions. and a lot of people are experiencing difficulty because they are without power. more than half a million people and much of the city of miami is without power. we are ok at the moment but things are likely to get worse. let'sjust show you live pictures from fort lauderdale, elsewhere and florida. you can see those trees being whipped by increasingly strong winds, and you can see the water on the roads and objects being blown around in the wind, as irma approaches. it is only going to get worse in terms of the
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weather conditions. 0ver going to get worse in terms of the weather conditions. over to tallahassee in florida, we're waiting on the state governor rick scott to provide an update on the situation. he delivered an uncompromising message yesterday telling people to get out of the state, because if they did not, emergency services could not protect them while the hurricane was passing through. we are waiting on that news conference from the governor of florida. bbc weather presenter tomasz shafernaker is in the tampa bay area in florida which is expected to feel the full force in the next few hours. the biggest concern now that the
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west coast of florida is being affected is a storm surge. it looks like the eye of the storm will be approaching naples. it isjust about leaving the lower florida keys. it looks like key west was just about scraped by the eye of the storm, which means it saw the most ferocious winds because the worst of the weather is around the eye. the storm, where i am currently, is still quite far to the south. the weather has gone downhill even since i spoke to you last time. we are crossing old tampa bay over one of the causeways, and the wind certainly picking up. but still we are some 12 hours away from the worst of the conditions, which are going to be brought by the storm. compared to the last hour, the visibility looks much worse. from where you were and the last hour. have you seen many people out on the roads? clearly people have been told
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to stay in shelter or to get out of florida altogether. yes, you don't really see many cars going past, there are few. the storm is still half a day away, so i think some people are still taking their chances and leaving the area towards shelter. but the main thing that we are seeing is a lot of officers patrolling the area. they are taking shelter, the patrol officers, underneath bridges. i'm not quite sure whether that is where they are going to ride out the storm, but we understand that once the winds reach tropical strength... we will leave you that and we can take you to tallahassee, were the florida state governor is making a statement. irma has exited the florida keys and is heading towards the florida peninsula. it will continue to make its way up the west coast impacting
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highly populated communities and leaving destruction in its wake. 0n the east coast we are experiencing hurricane force winds, close to flooding —— coastal flooding hurricane force winds, close to flooding —— coastalflooding and dangerous seas. it will impact the rest of the stately tonight and early monday. areas of south florida and the keys have had up to 12 inches of rain. across the state we are seeing an additional 8—15 inches of rain. the vast majority of florida is under hurricane warnings with millions being impacted by the storm. this is a serious storm with a serious threat of storm surge flooding along the entire west coast, and this has increased to 15 feet of impact above ground level in southwest florida. tampa will see a surge of 5—8 feet. will soon increasing flooding in rivers throughout peninsular. we have seen tornadoes and the threat will
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continue today and tonight. this is a life—threatening situation. remember, in southwest florida, the storm surge comes after the strongest winds. do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down. local officials will let you know when it is safe to go out. the storm surge will rush in and could kill you. we have thousands of national guard members on stand—by to help with search and rescue as soon to help with search and rescue as soon as to help with search and rescue as soon as it is safe. but they cannot help you until the storm has passed. you need to stay in a safe place. with the storm but my latest track families in the panhandle need to be on alert for severe weather and hurricane force winds. here in tallahassee, it is likely will experience hurricane force winds, and families must prepare. we are doing all we can to be prepared to respond to the storm. today i
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requested a major disaster declaration from president trump to bring important federal resources and 80 florida. i have spoken with the president nearly every day as well as today as well as other federal partners and we are working closely with the federal government to make sure that people florida have the resources they need for the storm. this has been a challenging week for our state. all week i travelled florida to spread the message. take this deadly storm seriously. stay safe. be prepared. listen to local evacuation advice. my listen to local evacuation advice. my first duty as governor is to protect the people of florida. the storm is here, now. everyone's family matters, every life matters. please note that we will do anything and everything to protect and rescue every person and we will spare no expense in doing it. this week has
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demonstrated that everyone around the world, that floridians care about each other. we have each other‘s backs, we are proud to call florida home and nothing will change that. i know that we have done everything we could to prepare for the storm, but we can never do enough. i have heard from other governors and from people all over the world about the ways they can help the state make it through this destruction. we have received direct support from 16 states. we have received national guard from texas. wildlife members from the ohio incident management team, operational support teams from colorado, we have taken all help and resources that have been offered. florida is known for beaches, theme parks and college teams but the most important asset is our people. many people all over the country and the world have asked what they can do. if you would like to give, text
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"disaster" if you would like to give, text " disaster" to if you would like to give, text "disaster" to 202 to two to make a one—time $10 donation. if you would like to volunteer, volunteer. florida. all. —— .org. we will continue to give the updates as we go through the storm but let me make this very clear. we will make it through this together. hurricane irma... he speaks spanish. so the florida governor rick scott listing a series of impacts from
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hurricane irma, of course hurricane force winds, dangerous seas, flooding, storm surges, poor nations —— tornadoes and making it clear this is a life—threatening situation thatis this is a life—threatening situation that is facing florida, he says. the storm surge comes after the strongest winds. don't think it is safe to go out after the winds died down, but wait until officials tell you that it is safe to come out. these live pictures coming in from miami. and the governor repeating his message of yesterday that the emergency services cannot help people while hurricane irma is passing through. he was warning over the past few days for people to get out of florida or to get into a proper shelter and stay there but we now know that the hurricane, the eye of the hurricane, has left the florida keys and is heading up the
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florida keys and is heading up the florida peninsula with perhaps a winds as strong as 130 miles an hour. and then although the hurricane is forecast to weaken eventually, it is expected to remain a powerful hurricane as it moves near or along the west coast of florida. those are the latest images, lied from miami. while hurricane irma causes destruction on the ground below, one team is in the skies, flying right through the heart of the storm, providing valuable information which helps forecasters predict where it might go next. bory go to that report were going to go back into this news from tallahassee. the national guard has been speaking, of course, ready to step in, to help in the aftermath. let's listen to some of these other
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official speaking about their role. each of these teams has trucks, patrol boats and atvs on stand—by to assist with these life—saving missions. we have more than 500 law—enforcement vessels standing ready and we are prepared to sustain these resources as long as necessary. we are swearing in more than 200 officers that are being deployed from mississippi, south carolina, arkansas, texas. by the end of the day we will have 50 additional officers from louisiana, 20, arkansas, and 26 from mississippi. i appreciate these brave men and women forjoining our offices in these missions and all of these states that are sending resources to support florida. we will continue to work together to keep florida family safe. thank you. do you have cause for concern but
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you're doing up there to situations that might not be as bad... 7 you're doing up there to situations that might not be as bad... ? we need to understand the storm is coming up the state. and it can still change the direction it is going. we have got teams watching the storm. we will get the storm surge on both coasts, more on the west and east it looks right now, but the storm surge can depend on how the winds are coming, it can be before and after the storm depending on where you are in the state, so everybody should be cautious and listen to local law enforcement and local officials and when evacuation orders are up, everybody needs to be cautious. i want everybody to survive this storm. i want everybody to be safe during the storm. we
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cannot send out first responder to save you during the storm, so everybody needs to be cautious. what shape is naples and fort myers in right now? those seemed like the most likely places to get hit. where are we now? the storm isjust most likely places to get hit. where are we now? the storm is just south of the naples area, about 80 miles south. it is going to have an unbelievable impact. 10—15 storm surges at ground level, it looks like a little bit less but up the coast at fort myers we have added a lot of shelters. we have done everything began to open shelters, we have worked to make sure that people can get food. we have spent hours trying to move people out of assisted living locations, making sure that they have the support they need. we still more nurses, for special needs patience. right now, you cannot get out and many parts of the state, because of the weather,
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but after the storm passes, we will need more volunteers and people continue to volunteer, because this is going to be, hopefully everybody survives the storm then we need to make sure that anyone that is in tough shape afterwards, we rescue them then restart the process of restoring the state. i can tell you that i am proud of everybody here amongst the management team, what the counties are trying to do. i'm thankfulfor the counties are trying to do. i'm thankful for what the federal government and other states are doing, offering resources. i know lots of people were water, and help andi lots of people were water, and help and i appreciate every one of them. the request that went to the president today will have three companies, public assistance which will assist governments at all different levels, state, local, charitable organisations, that
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there's going to be more, some of them will have immediate assistance in terms of debris removal and emergency action, some will be the longer term rebuilding of infrastructure. there is an mitigation component but the bond that will have their biggest immediate impact as the individual assistance component that will go to individual floridians to help them re cover individual floridians to help them recover from the storm. that is the one that will have the most impact right away. it'll take some days for the declaration to come through and for people to register. it will take a few days, but it'll be quick. there was an 1115 call to see what kind of damage that might have been in miami dade county. any reports there of the damage left after the storm? when we were on the call, clearly everyone needs a lot of support. they are not yet able to get out and assess exactly what they
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need but if you think about what we have to do down now, we've got to make sure that we get usi open, make sure that all of those bridges survive this, because one bridge of the bridge is stranded and we have to find out what the airports are like, so the storm is still passing. the storm surge, we will see how bad thatis the storm surge, we will see how bad that is down there. but you can watch, what you see on tv and what you're hearing from miami, if there isa you're hearing from miami, if there is a lot of wind, they will get that stain storm surge as the storm moves north. the storm has kind of taking people by surprise. what preparations are being done as of right now, especially with gas which we are kind of short of? we have been working on getting gas into the
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state for the entire week. unfortunately now airports are closed, the main ports for gas art in tampa and the everglades. 0n the coast we are looking with them to make sure that as soon as the storm passes we can get those ports open. we will provide escorts again. law enforcement escorts to get them to the gas stations. we will see if we can get more gas into the state. we have done everything we can to get as much fuel near as possible. we know that there have been some outages but we will work every day. it will be important to get back open. the ports have already spoken to the army courts to identify processes as quickly as they can. how long can people expect to be in a safe place and then here that it
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is ok to at least check out? it will be different, what happens in some counties. in some places it will be mostly wind and rain without the storm surge. in every town will try to let people know what happened. but the issue is, do you have power back and if you don't, do you want to stay in a shelter, the other issue is, we've got to make sure that we have got fuel for everybody, water and food for everybody. we have repositioned assets. we have got to get those things as fast as we can to certain parts of the state. but it has slowed down the fa ct state. but it has slowed down the fact that this has covered the whole state. as you try to move the assets down through the southern part of the state, we have got to let the storm passed. so that it is safe to
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drive on our roads and things like that. everyone is going to have to be very patient. what type of guidance is being issued to first responders if you are on the road right now? in every county, if you talk to the sheriffs department, they have plans for when people are supposed to be on the road. in the middle of the storm you cannot write certain vehicles because of the wind. whether it is the wind or the rain. in every county, they make those decisions. governor it has been almost five days at least we have been waiting for the storm and now it is here. i know that you have been all over the state. what kind ofa been all over the state. what kind of a poll is it taking on you and what have you learned about the state and the people? when you get through this what you learn is that
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we have a good state of emergency management team. they do a really good job. if you go round the state, everyone you're talking to, emergency management officials locally and the law—enforcement, they are absolutely committed. you have to be impressed with the national guard. these are individuals that are showing up. they don't know what is going to happen to their own family. i want to thank president trump. i have spoken them pretty much every day. i've spoken to administrators from fema everyday. people are working hard. there are a lot of unknowns and that is what you worry about. so i hope everybody survives and i am praying that they will. i do know that one thing to feel good about is
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that one thing to feel good about is that people want to help. i have heard that all over the state. i have had calls from outside the country, from all over the country, people want to come in and help, and i believe they will. what are your plans for the next 36 hours, and the storm surge was mike roe i will make a decision based on howl storm surge was mike roe i will make a decision based on how i can be helpful to the state. my daughter and herfamily, helpful to the state. my daughter and her family, they helpful to the state. my daughter and herfamily, they are helpful to the state. my daughter and her family, they are going to go to dc. she hasjust had two little babies and they have five little boys. it is going to be tough for them. how do you assess the evacuation effort so far, the availability of shelters? you have to be impressed with the number of people that volunteered, the number of shelters that got open. you have to be impressed. there was a lot of
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work left to do. we had to open up shelters very fast. lots of them got openin shelters very fast. lots of them got open in the last few days. you cannot tell exactly the numbers, but if you look at all the cameras this morning, there was nobody on the roads. everybody is pretty much hunkering down. if you look at, for the highway patrol, they did a good job, keeping evacuation routes open, we use the shoulders. 0ne job, keeping evacuation routes open, we use the shoulders. one of my big concerns was, we are still having these problems immediately, and i think everybody, oil company, support, carriers, gas stations, they work as well as they could to get as much fuel downey as possible. soiam get as much fuel downey as possible. so i am hopeful and i am praying that people got out. you look at where i live, 10—15 feet of a storm surge, i don't know how anybody survives that. i don't know how far inland it is going to go. i know
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that the counties involved, i was in both those places this week and they we re very both those places this week and they were very focused, they were tracking and trying to get information out as fast as possible. you worry about, i hope everybody listened. obviously some shipments have been cut off. when will they be open? the big fuel place is tampa. there are others in the everglades, those two. the storm has got to pass, then they have to get out and make sure that it is clear. what we have been told is that once that happens, tankers will come in. that is the lion's share of the fuel. 0n top of that we have fuel trucks coming down from the north, and that is why i waited for five days —— i
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waived the fuel tax for five days. we will have a run on fuel as people wa nt to we will have a run on fuel as people want to go back home so we will work ha rd to want to go back home so we will work hard to get it. we are worried about the port being closed down again which would really slow us down, but i think we're going to make good progress. people have worked very ha rd to progress. people have worked very hard to get more fuel here. the storm did switch track and north—west florida is expecting stronger wind conditions, worse conditions. are you confident that we're prepared up in this part of the state? i've been really impressed with the response state—wide from everybody, whether it's fima or anybody else. what happens is, things change, something changes, you know, the storm changes, moves path, it's more severe than you might have thought
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maybe, but i tell you, people are going to be prepared. i've had calls every day with the utilities about their power. my understanding is they have 23,000 people coming down to the state to help with restoring power. some have been able to get preposition and some have not so it was an east or west storm, that would make it easier, but i know people are going to work hard. we'll open up the shelters. it is hard and pressure on the entire state. governor, can you speak to the type of preparations taking place at the mansion? i've hardly been there, so you would have to ask somebody else. i wouldn't know. i get to go there late at night, sleep and leave. are
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you going to be here throughout the storm? i'll figure out my schedule throughout the day but i'm going to be here throughout the day today and i'll figure it out later today. thanks, everybody. studio: that is the governor of florida, rick scott, giving a comprehensive briefing there to the media on the situation, as he understands it, talking about what will be happening after the storm, talking about getting fuel so that people can get back to their homes, opening ports and so on. however, before florida gets to that point, the governor was saying there are still a lot of unknowns. this is still a lot of unknowns. this is still very much a life—threatening situation that the state is facing with sustained storm force winds, dangerous seas, flooding, storm surges and tornadoes. this is miami
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that we are looking at now. of course, the centre of irma has yet to reach this part of florida but it is steadily making its progress through the state. meanwhile, irma of course has already left a trail of course has already left a trail of destruction across the caribbean. we know that overnight it was battering cuba, the north coast of cuba and a little earlier, we got these pictures of the rescue services in havana bringing people to safety in the lower lying parts of the cu ban to safety in the lower lying parts of the cuban capital where storm surges caused by irma had caused flooding off these lower lying parts of havana. pictures of the red cross, a baby being rescued there from the flooding. we believe there's been no loss of life
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tha nkfully there's been no loss of life thankfully in cube, according to latest reports —— cuba. clearly a significant amount of damage has been caused to the parts of the island that have been hit by irma. joining me in the studio is the director of health at save the children. doctor, thank you for joining us. we normally think of save the children working in more deprived parts of the world but not only will you be doing that, you will be working in florida as well, just tell us about your plans? firstly, our talks are with the people of florida, especially the children of florida, going through one of the worst nightmares in recent memory. there are more than four million children at risk in this present hurricane and they'll be our priority. children are, some of them are in relief centres, many separated from their own parents. most of them are separated from
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their friends most of them are separated from theirfriends and most of them are separated from their friends and other belongings. so they'll need a range of support starting with health care, water and other relief supplies. we also know, when they come into contact with unclean water and other sources, it can trigger public health consequences. most important in the case of children, it's notjust a physical need such as food, water and shelterer, they need emotional ca re and shelterer, they need emotional care and support. yes, it's fighting three battles you said, the storm and its impact, secondly stopping disease and thirdly dealing with the impact, the emotional well—being of children. from the experience that you have of working in the aftermath of other hurricanes and natural disasters, what sort of impact does that have on the psychological well—being of children? that have on the psychological well-being of children? for example, in haiti last year, i was with the emergency crews on the ground and last october it was hit by hurricane
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matthew. the worst hurricane in 50 yea rs. matthew. the worst hurricane in 50 years. so as you mentioned, we were dealing with the immediate life—saving needs such as food, water and shelter. it's a weak health system, coming in contact with the storm and the public health consequences, a cholera outbreak. emotional care, what was happening to their psyche. that was the third thing. talking to many mothers, they complained the children were either not sleeping in the night or they we re not sleeping in the night or they were screaming throughout the night because they were seeing nightmares and they were worried about a cyclone or another hurricane coming. some of them lose out on school because they are no more engaged with normal activities. we need to remember some of the symptoms they show like sleeplessness, some of them education, some having fights within the communities et cetera, they're normal reactions to an abnormal setting. that is why we need to focus on children. possibly something we don't need to think about because we think about the
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physical need for danger, shelter and food and medicine and so on. exactly. perhaps we don't think so much about the psychological impacts, so that is one of your emphasis is on, helping people after irma and other natural disasters. tell us then about the work that you are doing currently in the caribbean because obviously the storm's already passed through there. you are starting to get into the islands and assess what needs to be done, presumably? yes. firstly we deployed a specialist team from emergency centres, other support staff, a specialist team from emergency centres, othersupport staff, into the dominican republic much before the dominican republic much before the storm hit the country, so we we re the storm hit the country, so we were one step ahead. that is one advantage, if i may use the word, when it comes to a storm, that you can prepare quicker and deploy people quickly. they are working in haiti and dominican republic, both countries for the last several yea rs, countries for the last several yea rs , we countries for the last several yea rs, we have countries for the last several years, we have been doing work there flat out to get children who're
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stranded in somewhat remote places. in the case of the us, hurricane ha rvey‘s in the case of the us, hurricane harvey's impact has been worked on. we are supporting the children in the relief centres. they would need privacy and special needs such as something to be happy about, you know, play and such situations. that's exactly what we've been doing in haiti. such teams will move now into the affected areas. it's a big storm and we are only midway through the hurricane season. three more months to go. as we look at the live pictures from miami, dramatic pictures from miami, dramatic pictures where you can see the strength of the wind, the power of the wind that irma brings with us. what will you be doing in florida then, as we think of the us as having a huge amount of resources, very developed. so what will an agency like save the children be adding to that? this is a big storm and the people and the children of florida will need all the support they can get to get back to their
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normal life. our work is always to compliment efforts of the local government and federal authorities. the nature and intensity and volume of support would vary depending on how strong the countries are. finally and briefly your ultimate wish would be that there is investment in better buildings so people have the shelter to go into and to get more of your workers on the ground if all of these areas? sure. because the hurricanes are going to keep coming of course? yes, we can't stop the from happening but we can't stop the from happening but we know thanks to the investment from the british government and the public, they've been able to prepare children better. if you look at india, bangladesh and vietnam, they have better schools, for example. the earthquake in pakistan in 2005 killed more than 10,000 children because of the buildings. schools are safer now. there are bet
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epreparedness now. are safer now. there are bet eprepa redness now. that are safer now. there are bet epreparedness now. that is the only way to deal with it and to stop the cycle. better preparedness, better risk reduction and most importantly, putting efforts to prepare children better. doctor, thank you very much. chris froome is on his procession into madrid. having finished runner—up on three occasions, froome calls victory an incredible feeling. he and his team—mates having enjoying a couple of beers into the spanish capital this afternoon. also
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in cycling, the tour of britain's concluded today. the final eighth stage spanned from worcester to cardiff, won by the experienced norwegian who couldn't stop the overnight general classification leader sealing the overall tour victory. crystal palace's dreadful start to the league season has continued with a 1—0 defeat at burnley. palace's lack of confidence has really shown this season after four matches. they have no points and haven't scored a single goal. their manager frank de boer admitted he doesn't know how much time he'll be given to turn things around. trips to burnley demand a robust approach. the one taken by frank de boer this season is muddled. for a tea m boer this season is muddled. for a team low on confidence, this is not the way to start a match. a confused back pass seized upon by chris wood. a second goal for
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burnley‘s new striker in as many games. palace needed to try a more direct route and their best chances came from set pieces. burnley‘s goalkeeper tom heaton though was untroubled for much of the first half. until an awkward fall forced him to be substituted, an injury to his left shoulder that could yet prove serious. in his absence, the visitors hoped to take advantage, but his replacement nick pope held his nerve. in contrast, palace couldn't. they dominated possession with nothing to show for it. there'll be few chances better than scott dan's to grab their first goal of the season. burnley clung on. for palace, another game gone and still no goals or points to show for their efforts. for all the pedigree of de boer, the freshshires of the premier league are all too clear. —— pressures of the premier league are all too clear. i saw today to the last second they showed spirit. the only
5:43 pm
thing what we didn't do was score. do you think you are going to be given the time to get things going here? i don't know. the only thing what i can control, you know, is to work very hard with the boys and that's what i'm going to do until the last end and hopefully for a long period with crystal palace. they were the better side today. we didn't get into our stride. ironically after scoring early you would think that would help but i think it weirdly helped them, they seemed to think all right we have gone against this let's get on with the game and they seemed to play well more or less for the game after that actually. we had a couple of spells and chances and possibles, but no great chances. they had a couple of very good chances. and in the day's other premier league fixtures, we havejust and in the day's other premier league fixtures, we have just had a goal newcastle and swansea at the liberty. we are just into the last few minutes of that match now. not
5:44 pm
much longer to go. mo farah has won the great north run for a record—breaking fourth time in a row. the four—time olympic champion took the lead in the half marathon with 200 metres to go and crossed the line in one hour six seconds. he retired from the track last month to concentrate on road—racing and with it being a couple of weeks since the last track race, he says his lack of training definitely had an impact. four miles to go, i wasjust hanging on gritting my teeth, two miles, as i got closer. i managed to believe in myself and dig deeper. i was thinking, if i canjust sit on him, ican thinking, if i canjust sit on him, i can sprint. when you reflect, it's it's time now to reflect, will there be time when you are on holiday to look back at your incredible career. you have lush.ed from one season to the next, have you ever had time to ta ke the next, have you ever had time to take stock? not really. when i hang my shoes up for good, i'll look back and think oh my god i did that. but the track is done, it's time to move on to the road and enjoy it, be
5:45 pm
happy, be relaxed and just really enjoy it. the women's race was won by mary keitani from kenya. she controlled the race from start—to—finish in what was her third victory. simon lawson won the wheelchair race and maneulashah won the women's. a great piece of individual work from marcus watson as he put the visitors ahead early on. worcester levelled before half time. la roux's run and finish proved the decisive score. worcester still without a win after two matches and they're bottom of the league. england's matthew fitzpatrick‘s won the european masters after a play—off victory over scott hend of australia. 23—year—old fitzpatrick shot a
5:46 pm
closing 6—under. hend led, but missed several chances to win, as fitzpatrick closed out for his fourth european tour time. it's the one he's always wanted to win, he said afterwards. what a remarkable comeback it's been for sierra leone stephens six months after being close to 1,000th in the world having only just stepped back close to 1,000th in the world having onlyjust stepped back on court in july after a foot injury, she lifted the us open title yesterday with victory over fellow american, 15th seed, madison keys, 6—3, 6—0. victory over fellow american, 15th seed, madison keys, 6-3, 6-0. when i had surgery, i was not thinking i would be anywhere near the us open or the top 100. i was worried about my protected ranking and i was worried about using that to get in here. i used both of them already for grand slams. i was thinking about all the wrong things. once i kind of let that go, i realised that
5:47 pm
whatever‘s meant to be is going to be, i worked whatever‘s meant to be is going to be, iworked hard whatever‘s meant to be is going to be, i worked hard to get here and, you know, that's that, i think a lot of that stress was relieved and i was able to play free, run and compete and get out there and get after every match. later this evening, rafa nadal will start as favourite as he takes on kevin anderson. he's going for a 16th grand slam title. it's anderson's debut in a slam. the pair have known each other since their junior days and nadal‘s won all four previous meetings. of course it's a big chance but i want to fight to try to win another title here. still a great season for me. ifi if i win ifiwini if i win i will be more happy but it's about being healthy and well
5:48 pm
and competitive. i'm sure there'll be different emotions that i experience when i walk out on to the court on sunday. it will be important for me to as quick as possible block that out. we'll have to teal with a couple of things. i feel like the routines we have on the court are designed for that. in any match you face, you can be nervous. it's the larger scale so i'll have to rely on those even more. i'm looking forward to the opportunity. i've worked hard to get here. it feels great. i'll be very excited come sunday. reporter: who would have predicted that federer and nadal would split the grand slam titles in 2017? that is the possibility, that is the likelihood, you have to say, going into this final because nadal is the world number one, he's been playing like the world number one even though he's not had to take on
5:49 pm
anybody in the top 20, including kevin anderson in the final and anderson's never been in a grand slam final before. he's 31 years of age, so he's the oldest man to debut ina grand age, so he's the oldest man to debut in a grand slam finalfor nearly age, so he's the oldest man to debut in a grand slam final for nearly 45 yea rs. in a grand slam final for nearly 45 years. he has the big serve. he's never beaten nadal. will he be able to settle quickly on that big stage, that's crucial, and he knows he's the underdoing. that is often a very powerful inspiration to a player that they've got nothing to lose. he's very much the underdoing, no tout. finally after victory in the third test, over west indies and career best figure of 7—42, england bowler james anderson's returned to the number one rank test bowler in the world. last week the 35—year—old became the first englishman to take 500 test wickets in the series clinching win. he first topped the rankings just over clinching win. he first topped the rankingsjust over a clinching win. he first topped the rankings just over a year ago.
5:50 pm
that is all the sport for now. just to give you an update on the football. newcastle are still winning at the liberty stadium against swansea 1—0. all the reaction to that and the other stories of the afternoon will be on the bbc sport website. www. the bbc sport website. more the bbc sport website. www. more in sportsday at 6. 30. see you then. a bbc investigation has discovered that a mass grave of children has been found in an old school. this is smairs roman catholic cemetery in lanark, small and well kept. but in a far corner, a mass grave. an investigation has found that at least 400 children are
5:51 pm
believed to be buried here. most died of natural causes like tb and pneumonia at a nearby care home run by nuns. francis was staying at the home when he died in 1961 aged 13. he told his brother that francis was one of those in the grave. i thought there would be 120, 150 maybe, you know. i thought at least 120. the care home closed in 1981. it had been open for 117 years. in 2004, those that ran it acknowledged some children who died here had been buried at st mary's but say the records were too poor to say how many. these death records were the key to revealing what happened. once we found out who died we could start asking where had they been buried. the more we asked that question, the
5:52 pm
more we were astonished to be told there was virtually no burial records for any names on that list. the daughters of charity didn't comment in their findings, the daughters of charity didn't comment in theirfindings, they the daughters of charity didn't comment in their findings, they say the ongoing scottish child abuse inquiry was the most appropriate forum to investigate the care home. two of the five men arrested as part of investigation into the far right group national action have been released without charge. on tuesday, the five who included four serving soldiers were detained in a joint operation involving the police and the army. national action was banned after a white supremacist murdered the labour mp after a white supremacist murdered the labourmpjo after a white supremacist murdered the labour mp jo cox. after a white supremacist murdered the labour mpjo cox. row hint see ya muslim rebels have declared a unilateral one month ceasefire, saying they want to ease the humanitarian crisis in the country. rebel attacks on security forces triggered a two—week military campaign during which nearly 300,000
5:53 pm
hohingas fled to nearby bangladesh. their breeding numbers are notoriously low but a pair of ospreys in perthshire, central scotland, have successfully produced chick force the first time since being relocated from the top of an electricity pylon. an artificial nest thought to be the highest in the world was created the lure the birds off. we all like a bit of fresh fish. but eating it on a high perch like this can be quite tricky. in fact, this isn't for the adult male holding it, it's for his new chicks, the first here since the nest was relocated. it sat for 30 yea rs on nest was relocated. it sat for 30 years on top of this electricity pylon until engineers wanted to upgrade the network and so experts we re upgrade the network and so experts were called in. we've got pretty good at moving nests that are in really difficult positions. ospreys are really difficult positions. ospreys a re really easy really difficult positions. ospreys are really easy birds for you to
5:54 pm
work with if you are expert, so we designed that pole, put it up and the birds went straight to it when they come back from africa and have nested in it each summer since. this is the pylon that was the bird's original home, the challenge was to find an alternative site that was close enough to lure them off but far enough awhich to allow engineering work on here that wouldn't disturb them. and so a site was chosen in the furthest corner of this field. it sits at a height of 25 metres, possibly the highest artificial osprey nest in the world and they to use it, honestly. the first year it was put up, the ospreys first year it was put up, the os preys ha d first year it was put up, the ospreys had a choice of their old nest on top of the transmission tower and the new nest. thankfully they've used the new nest every year. it's been great to see the results. we are really proud of the outcome. the ospreys have reached the time of the year where they think about flying souths. after living in this field for more than 30 years, everyone expects they will
5:55 pm
be back. time now for a lack at the weather forecast. ina forecast. in a moment, i'll bring you news of an unsettled week of weather to come here at home but nothing on the scale of the weather being experienced on the other side of the atlantic. this is hurricane irma sliding across the florida keys where it's caused power cuts, brought winds, sustained winds of 130mph. expect the damaging winds, flooding rains and a major storm surge to continue as this storm gradually shifts northwards over the next 2 hours or so. back home it's quieter but not completely quiet. the isobars are squeezing together,
5:56 pm
showing that overnight tonight, we'll see some strong winds, particularly for western coastal areas. gales are likely, some heavy showers perhaps with the odd rumble of thunder. could be a chilly night in scotland. temperatures around ten to 13. the winds could be strong enough tomorrow morning, particularly for wales and south—west england to cause a little bit of travel disruption for the monday commute. gale force winds in places, some heavy showers too. these extending across wales and the midlands, also the south—east and east anglia. a blustery morning across northern england, heavy showers here, a similar story for northern ireland. 12 degrees as we start the day in belfast. add on the wind and it's a chilly feel to the weather. as we go on through the day, we'll continue to see blustery winds, gusty winds as well with some heavy thundery showers. could see some
5:57 pm
hail thrown in as well. there'll be some bright or sunny spells between the downpours and temperatures no great shakes around 13 to 19. tuesday gives something of a chance to draw breath, a quieter day with spells of sunshine and a few showers around. late in the day, we'll see this area of rain spreading in from the west, increasingly strong winds as well. could be some windy weather in places on tuesday night and then, as we head into wednesday and thursday, it stays blustery and cool with sunshine and heavy showers. this is bbc news. i'm annita mcveigh. the headlines at 6pm. hurricane irma slams into florida with winds of up to 130 miles per hour. more than a million homes and businesses are without power. we have torrential rains causing flood warnings across the region, on top of the deadly storm surge that is almost certainly going to happen. it is predicted to be up to 15 feet
5:58 pm
high in some places. this is a life—threatening situation. the storm surge comes after the strongest winds, do not think the storm is over when the winds slow down.
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