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lesbian, gay, and transgender rights say nigel and sally rowe have misjudged this, as children with gender issues need sympathy to avoid being bullied. i have a child who took a lot of bullying on my behalf, and that bullying was exactly the same, it was parents saying, we have a right to have an opinion, and they told their children there opinion, and having told their children, their children thought it was open season on their children thought it was open season on bullying by some. nigel and sally rowe, who are devout christians here on the isle of wight, say they have received lots of hate messages on social media. but they say this is about parent will pause rights and those christian values, both of which they now want tested in the courts. crystal palace have sacked their dutch manager, frank de boer, after only four league games. that's a premier league record. the south london side have lost all the games he managed, and failed to score a single goal. former england manager roy hodgson is believed to be among the favourites to succeed de boer.
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time for a look at the weather, with lucy martin. good afternoon. in the last few minutes, hurricane irma has been downgraded to a tropical on. it is heading northwards, as we move through the day. still plenty of rainfall to come through the next few hours. but it is a quieter story across the uk today. we do have low pressure in charge, and that means we've got a fairly brisk north—westerly breeze. and this morning, we started off with a mixture of sunny spells and showers, some of those showers fairly heavy. they will be making their way south—eastwards and in between them there will be some good sunshine. that's how it will stay as we move through this afternoon, a mixture of sunny spells and showers. the wind slightly easing on what we saw this morning, but still slightly breezy. the showers across england and wales do have the potential to be quite heavy. they could contain some lightning and thunder. in between, some spells of sunshine. for
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northern ireland, northern england and scotland, a some story, with 20 showers around. ——, with plenty of showers around. ——, with plenty of showers around. ——, with plenty of showers around. this evening and overnight, we will tend to see the showers easing the further east you are. it will be fairly breezy overnight. where we have seen the clear skies overnight, we will start off with some sunshine first thing tomorrow. we will then start to see a little bit of cloud bubbling up as we move through the day. a lot of dry weather further east. and we move through the day. a lot of dry weatherfurther east. and into the afternoon, rain coming across northern ireland and into western parts of wales on cornwall, and that's a sign of things to come as we move into tuesday night, turning
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wetter and windier. the low pressure will be moving eastwards during the night bringing rain across much of the uk. and there will be some quite gusty winds. the rain will have largely cleared by the time we get to wednesday morning. again, a mixture of sunny spells and showers on wednesday. that's all from the bbc news at one. 0n bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. and a hello, you're watching bbc news, i'm 0lly foster at the bbc sport centre. crystal palace have sacked their manager frank de boer afterjust five games in charge. they won a league cup match, but lost all four of their premier league games without scoring a goal —
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making it the worst start to a season by any top division club for over 90 years. here's more from our sports correspondent katie gornall. and correspondent katie gornall. some that will feel th harsh and some that will feel this is harsh on frank. when he was brought in and he was asked to change the style of play, may, more possession —based side, and like they were under sam alla rdyce, have —based side, and like they were under sam allardyce, have they been patient? no. have they given enough time? no. they have released a statement saying they would like to thank him for his dedication and ha rd thank him for his dedication and hard work during his time at the club, and they go on to say a new manager will be appointed in due course. we wish frank the very best of luck for the future. we understand that new manager will be the former fulham liverpool and england boss, roy hodgson, and he can't wait to get started. chris froome may attempt the grand tour treble next year. yesterday, he added the vuelta a espana to his fourth tour de france title, becoming only the third man to win
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both races in the same year. he will prioritise the tour again next year and he will almost certainly defend his maiden vuelta title but the decision he has to make is whether to also compete in the giro d'italia in may. team sky principal sir dave brailsford says froome must now be considered one of the sports greats. he is the complete athlete. he has matured, he has rounded. but boy, is hea matured, he has rounded. but boy, is he a winner! he just blends that personality with the ability to eke out the way he wins, he doesn't just go on his own comedy eats it out all the time and never gives up. he wears his competitors out. they don't have to beat him. it is something to be admired. rafael nadal says 2017 has been "one of the best of his career". that's after winning his second grand slam title of the year to take his tally to 16.
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he beat south africa's kevin anderson in straight sets in the us open final. 0ur tennis correspondent russell fuller is in new york kevin anderson certainly gave his first grand slam final everything. he came out full of aggression but was immediately under the pump and when medale broke midway through the first set there was a sense of inevitability about this final grand slam of the year. important for rafa nadal not just to slam of the year. important for rafa nadal notjust to win on the clay but on the hard courts here. the first time he has won a high court grand slam foe several years. and now just three grand grand slam foe several years. and nowjust three grand slam titles behind roger federer, i9 nowjust three grand slam titles behind roger federer, 19 to 16. can he we will see. he is five years his junior, but remarkable to think that federer and nadal have split the grand slams this year. when they met last year they were not able to play a proper match, they had to make do
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with a soft game with juniors because federer was still limping due to a knee problem and that i'll's due to a knee problem and that i'll‘s wrist was nothing like as strong as it is now. that's all sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. i'll have more in the next hour. more now on our top story. hurricane irma has brought intense rain, violent winds and tornadoes to the west coast of florida as it continues its trail of destruction. it's weakened to a category one hurricane since hitting -- it —— it has now been downgraded to a tropical storm, but forecasters say it remains very powerful. these pictures were filmed in miami , and show how strong the winds remain. return to index of stories... earlier major richard rand and deputy chief kevin prescott
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from the north miami beach police department told us that reports of live electrical wires were their main priority return were their main priority. the live wires are our main concern because currently florida power and light — they are not coming out to rectify the situation because of the amount of wind currently blowing. anything over 30 miles an hour, we do not send any of our first responders out. fire, police, and any support services. it is very unsafe for them to be out there. we try our best to mark the areas and make sure everyone is safe. we are urging all residents to stay at home. there is a curfew in effect at this time. 0nce once the wind dies down, we have our officers out there and if we see anyone we want them and try to make them be safe. we have been in the emergency operations centre for 36 hours
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straight, myself and the deputy chief. earlier this afternoon around 430 we had reports of a single mother and her four—month—old infant trapped in her home with rising water, unable to get out, the neighbours we re calling very concerned, they couldn't get to them, and we sent our unique vehicle we purchased many years ago for situations like this, our officers were able to go out in the middle of the storm and rescue this infant and her mother and get them to safety. we also responded to a stabbing, two people were stabbed and the fire and rescue, the police couldn't get out there because of the weather and once again we utilised this unique vehicle we have and we were able to find the two victims, transport them to the local trauma centre and we were able to catch the person who was responsible for the stabbing. so we have been very productive today, now it is just a matter of getting the boots on the ground and making sure
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all of our residents are safe and we can get business back to normal. in tampa in florida, cbs reporter don champion said residents were slowly finding out the extent of the damage to the city. people here are definitely anxious to get a look at the damage here, especially in the tampa area. from the reports we are already getting, it appears this city was spared the brunt of the storm and certainly some of the fears many people had here before, moved into this area were not fears many people had here before irma moved into this area were not realised. at this hour we are still seeing off and on heavy downpours and guests of wind. there is one big concern, flooding. as you can see, this is one of the major rivers that flows through the city. it has already reached a high tide, it is at flood stage, and as it continues to reign the officials are
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closely monitoring this waterway and several others because you may know tampa is one of the most vulnerable areas on the planet, it is very flood prone. flooding is a big concern here in the tampa area. further south where hurricane irma made landfall yesterday as a powerful category four storm, they are helping people from that area assess the damage, the keys where it made landfall, very low—lying islands in that part of florida, from what we saw before communications were cut that area it was inundated with a destructive storm surge and also wind gusts well over 124 mph. daylight will begin to reveal a lot here in florida. much of the caribbean has been left
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severely damaged after irma tore through ten countries and territories. among those affected by hurricane irma was cuba , the storm ripping along the island's northern coast. cuba's president raul castro says recovering from the impact of the hurricane will be an immense task for the nation. the government has said ten people died there. he said the storm had inflicted severe damage, with housing, agriculture and the power system badly affected. the charity 0xfam is providing aid relief there, as well as in haiti and the dominican republic. wwe spoke to 0xfam's ben phillips earlier: we have seen an initial reports that in some villages are majority of the homes have been destroyed, so cuba in particular has had a significant impact. we are seeing how we can respond to that crisis there. so as you say an assessment is needed first, but what is in your thinking about what the priorities will be? i think a large concern is about access to water.
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a lot of electricity has been taken out from this hurricane in cuba so we will be making sure people have safe and clean water but also helping to rebuild their lives. the other concern we have is people's homes, so we will look at how we can support, with the government, on shelter so the can have shelter and not be isolated. and in order to get in things like clean water and materials shelter, how difficult is the situation on the ground in terms of the infrastructure for receiving things like that? one of the challenges in natural disasters like this is if roads have been badly affected, if there are trees on them, if there are trees on if buildings have been destroyed, it is harder to get to the communities that have been affected. but what 0xfam has in countries like cuba is stock ready so we can quickly provide water tanks, buckets, so people have access to water and food. and presumably you are trying to seek
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out people who are the most vulnerable as well and prioritise those. what is on that list of people you need to actively seek out? we'll be looking at which ones have been made homeless versus the ones who have not. are there communities that are specifically vulnerable based on income, having crops destroyed? were we do assessments we look at who is most impacted and most vulnerable and make a decision based on that. and the concern as well presumably going forward as the progress of hurricane show say which is following on behind, and there is concern that they hit again. last year with the hurricane that hit haiti, thousands of people were made homeless and that was a smaller hurricane than the one that is currently going through, hurricane jose, although hurricane hose a is a smaller hurricane there is concern it could have more impact.
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florida is now bearing the brunt of the storm, but scores have been killed in the caribbean, and homes and businesses wrecked. the british billionaire richard branson is among those facing a major clean—up, he took these pictures from inside his home on necker island in the british virgin islands. he said ‘major help‘ would be required from the international community to help re—build lives there. there's been some criticism of the speed with which the government has responded to the devastation in british territories in the caribbean. speaking to my colleague, the secretary of state for international development, priti patel, defended the response saying the government had given a very clear message about the strength of uk relief and support. the fact that we've had 700 troops on the ground in our overseas territories, 50 police officers and over 20 tonnes of food in addition to the fact that our royal auxiliary fleet was in the region prior to the
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hurricane and after the hurricane as well, it sends out a very clear message about the strength of the uk's message about the strength of the uk's force but also response on the ground post hurricane.” uk's force but also response on the ground post hurricane. i think we should all recognise though this hurricane has been unprecedented, quite frankly this is open—ended right now in terms of the and support that is going in. there have been airport runways and airports have been devastated and it is thanks to some of our royal engineers and british troops on the ground that those airports and i’u nways a re ground that those airports and runways are now being cleared it up and running again, which importantly allows uk aid to get in to help the people in those overseas territories. and in fact is the hurricane we have had charter flights and flights going out every single day. let's go straight to america where donald trump is marking a moment of silence for the anniversary of 9/11, taking place today. donald trump, there, taking part in
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a moment's silence. he is now departing for the pentagon where he will honour the 184 people who died when american airlines flight 77 struck the pentagon 60 years ago. ina in a moment a summary of the business news. hurricane irma hits florida — leaving at least three people dead and millions without power. the north coast of cuba has been hit by waves several metres high, and winds of up to 150 miles per hour. the un human rights chief has warned myanmar‘s operation against rohingyan muslims is a ‘textbook example‘
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of ethnic cleansing. the government has said mps who voting against the brexit bill later today would amount to backing a "chaotic" exit from the eu. tata steel has ditched its £15 billion uk pension fund after receiving the green light from regulators, boosting the prospects of the port talbot steelworks. the company said it had received approvalfrom the pensions regulator and that it had separated the british steel pension scheme from its uk business. the government is scrapping its 1% pay cap for the first time — for both police and prison officers. the bbc understands it will accept pay increases of above 1% for those key workers. pay review bodies say the move is needed to help recruit and retain staff. insurance companies are trying to work out the cost of the damage being caused by hurricane irma as it
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storms through florida. it‘s early days — but some firms think the bill could be between 125 and $250 billion. it‘s also likely to dent economic growth for america — the world‘s largest economy. the government says it wants britain to be a "truly global seafaring " nation when it comes to trade after brexit. not surprising really, when you consider that most of the goods coming into and out of the country travel by sea. leaders of the shipping industry are meeting at number ten later today. one of those is david dingle — who runs the uk‘s shipping trade body — and carnival uk, which owns p&0. he says trade by sea will be crucial after brexit. this is one of britain‘s‘s largest industries and that is often not realised. we contribute nearly £40
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billion to the uk economy and we are supporting nearly 1 million jobs billion to the uk economy and we are supporting nearly1 millionjobs in this country. this is a very large industry, larger than aviation or automotive. very important to this country. strategically, also, because 95% of our trade is by ship and therefore we are responsible for taking exports out of this country and bringing in vital imports, particularly much of the food on our supermarket shelves. we are highly profitable and also we are strategically vital to this country‘s interests. in the short term we must create a frictionless trade situation, particularly between here and mainland europe. that is absolutely vital so that our roll on roll off, lorries going across the channel, is maintained and protected with no hold—ups. we also want the government to double its support to seafarer training, thatis
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its support to seafarer training, that is a further £15 million, and we also want to get right alongside the government in terms of the national shipbuilding strategy. it‘s been a bumpy time for uber recently. it‘s suffered a series of scandals — including sexual harrassment — which forced its founder to step down. last year it was forced to sell its business in china — to a rival. but what about its business elsewhere in asia? the company‘s new regional boss has been speaking exclusively to karishma vaswani. this is a big part of the world. it‘s 20% of rides. there‘s a huge percentage of the drivers. it is a growth market across the region for us and we need to do what we can to make sure that we contribute to that. so no exit strategy for asia. let‘s talk a little bit about the culture, sexual harassment claims. a court case on alleged trade theft and what has been described as a cut throat company culture in the united states. has all of that damaged the uber brand here in asia? uber grew incredibly fast over the last many years since inception and some of the processes and some of the culture didn‘t keep apace with that growth.
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i can tell you, having joined the organisation, that the amount of focus is extraordinary across the leadership teams globally to make the culture, the processes catch up with its growth. everybody is totally focussed on that from a brand standpoint, from a cultural standpoint and where we want to be standpoint. we‘re not perfect yet, but we‘re working hard towards getting there. in other business news: south wales is hoping to become a tech hub — for producing cutting edge new computer chips. the government is investing £38 million into a production facility in newport. this won‘t surprise you if you travelled through heathrow last month. the airport saw record numbers of passengers for august — that‘s 7.5 million people. that‘s partly because of more people flying to uk destinations — and to the middle east. red faces at apple.
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details of its latest top secret phones — including the iphone x — have apparently been leaked on two websites. the company is expected to announce its latest models tomorrow. a quick look at the markets. top riser is doorstep lender provident, which has climbed almost 4% — although its still down by more than half since a month ago. but the biggest faller is the company behind primark — associated british foods. it‘s lost as much as 3.4%, despite saying this years sales and profits will be much better than last year. that‘s all the business news. every year about 75,000 cyclists are injured on dutch roads — and at least 200 of those accidents involve car doors. the ‘dutch reach‘ involves opening the car door with the ‘far away‘ hand. it‘s designed to spot cyclists before actually opening the car door. anna holligan explains this simple but effective dutch solution.
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i was riding on my bicycle right over here when somebody opened the door. i try to avoid the door but i just ran into the door and i fell on my head. when i woke up there were a lot of people around me and i had a big bump on my head and i wasjust, like, what happened? it turns out this catchy phrase was created in the united states to describe something the dutch have been doing the decades. but they don‘t call it the dutch reach. i've never heard of it. so how do you teach your pupils to open the door? before we open the door
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we have to look around us. so inside, outside, we look over the shoulder, to the blind spot, reachjust like that, hold on the right hand on the door. before we go, we look again, holding with the left—hand, and then we open the door, just like that. common sense, it is a normal way to opena common sense, it is a normal way to open a door. time for a look at the weather. low pressure in charge of the weather in the beginning of the week this week. we have a fairly brisk north—westerly wind to start. you
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can see the low pressure centred towards the north—east of scotland, a brisk north—westerly wind. this morning we started with a mixture of sunny spells and showers. those showers slowly edging south—eastwards and some fairly heavy, but in between some sunny spells. a story of mixed fortunes as we move through this morning and similarly through this afternoon. the window slightly easing on this morning but still a mixture of sun and showers. not everyone will see the showers but if you catch one they could be quite heavy. possible thunder and hail. in between those sunny spells temperatures reaching a maximum of 18. further north still a few showers, across northern ireland, north and western parts of scotland, and more persistent rain across 0rkney. as we go through this evening and over the night, we will hold onto the showers in the west but they start to ease further east
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and you will see some clear spells. temperatures overnight between nine and 13. a fairly breezy night. those clear spells in the east lead to sunshine in the morning, but cloud tends to bubble up coming with showers. some showers from the word go further west and they will start to edge eastwards through the day. starting to see the rain pushing into northern ireland, west and wales in the south—west of england later in the afternoon. that is a sign of things to come. this area of low pressure will quickly move eastwards bringing heavy rain. the far north of scotland might be drier, but behind that blustery winds, gusts of up to 65 mph, and the potential for some local damage. that will be here first thing on wednesday. the wind will ease as we
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move through the day. some sunny spells, 12 showers, and a similar story into thursday. sunny spells, showers, brisk north westerly breeze and temperatures as a maximum of 18. a fairly unsettled picture through the next few days, sun, showers, and windy too. this is bbc news. i‘m simon mccoy. the headlines at two: hurricane irma sweeps up florida‘s west coast leaving more death and destruction in its wake. more than half of all homes in the state are without power. parts of miami are under water. we‘re gonna do our best to try to make sure that we help all the citizens and residents of this community to adjust and try to get them back to a sense of normalcy. earlier, irma barrelled along the north coast of cuba, with winds of more than 159 miles per hour. many homes in the capital, havana, have been flooded. a crucial vote in parliament tonight on britain‘s eu exit.
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the government urges mps to back an orderly brexit. more than 300,000 muslim rohingyas have now fled myanmar, as the un says the systematic attacks on them amount to ethnic cleansing.
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