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i the ithe showers, not case with many of the showers, not everybody will see them. we have seen good spells of sunshine this money, this photo sent in by a weather watcher in suffolk. a fair amount of dry weather, but wales and the south—west seeing showers as we move through the morning. as we move into this afternoon, we will continue to see a mix of sunny spells and showers, a northerly breeze means it is not feeling particularly warm either. the showers will be persisted across parts of east anglia, heavy as well. a few showers as we move into south—west england and wales, continuing to see them after this morning. again, heavy with the odd rumble of thunder not out of the question across inland and wales. temperatures down on yesterday things to a northerly breeze. as we moved north, from northern england and southern scotland, shelter means fewer showers, but a scattering a showers for northern ireland. temperatures in the mid teens. as we go through the evening and overnight, inland showers will become confined to the coast. a lot
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of dry weather around as well. and still seeing the northerly breeze, it will be cool, temperatures in the countryside cooler than we are seeing here. as we move into the weekend, high pressure begins to build into the picture, and will continue to see a feed of northerly air, so cool over the weekend as well. it will be a fresh start to the day on saturday, a few showers on the coast, but as we go through the day and tempered as one, cloud bubbling up and showers get going, a few less showers and today, but heavy across england and wales, high—pressure starting to push into scotland, settling things down, again feeling cool, temperatures in the mid teens. as high—pressure pushes in overnight, we see the wind easing and fewer showers. rula, temperatures close to freezing in sheltered spots. some of us waking up sheltered spots. some of us waking up to seems like this on sunday morning, a touch of gros frost not out of the question. 20 of
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brightness around. and they looking like the better day of the weekend, good spells of sunshine around and with the wind slightly eased, we will see temperatures a little bit up will see temperatures a little bit up on saturday with highs around 18 degrees. the chance of the odd isolated shower into the afternoon, particularly for the south and east of england. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime: an exposure on an underground train in south—west london is being treated as a terrorist attack. 22 passengers were injured, none of them seriously. sophie raworth is at them seriously. sophie raworth is at the scene. having spoken to some of the scene. having spoken to some of the people, including those that we re the people, including those that were injured at the scene here, the feeling today is that they have all had a very lucky escape, that it could have all been so much worse. tom symons is with me. he has been following the investigation. we know it was a device, and we think it had a timer. it looks like it didn't go
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off properly. all the eyewitnesses say roughly the same sort of thing, they say they heard a low fired, rather than a loud crack. they describe a sheet of flame, a fireball, rather than a blast, and that suggests that this was a device, perhaps very poorly constructive, which went off before it should have. there is another clue, i think. it should have. there is another clue, ithink. this it should have. there is another clue, i think. this is big election, but it is worth looking at what we know, this train was heading into london. parsons green is a quiet suburban area, not an obvious target to detonate a device delivery. that may be a theory the police look at. the police are looking for images that people have, information that people have, and also will be looking at cctv, was their cctv on the train itself? there is a load of information at the station that the police will be picking up right now, going through cctv quickly is very important, because it can give you an identity. there are cameras on london underground trains, they are often used in criminal
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investigations, there are cameras in the station and on the surrounding streets. cctv is always vital. eyewitnesses may have seen somebody, there may be people on the train that spotted something, and of course, the device itself, they will look at where that was made and how it was packed. very useful information. thank you very much. as you can see, the whole area is com pletely you can see, the whole area is completely locked down, the tube station is about 400 metres behind me, but everybody has been told that they cannot go anywhere near it. children at the school here are not allowed to leave. the investigation very much in progress at the moment. there will be continued coverage of the storage rabelais, but from us on bbc news at one. goodbye. the first i learned of the incident, i was cycling on the other side of the station around 8:30am. the area was cordoned off by police. immediately more now on what happened parsons
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green, and police say they are treating what happened as a terrorist incident. 22 people have been treated in hospital, although none of those injuries appear to be life—threatening. police say they are treating an explosion on an underground train in south—west london as a terrorist incident. 18 people are being treated in hospital but none of their injuries are believed to be life—threatening. the blast happened on a district line train at parsons green station packed with commuters, at about 8.20, at the height of the rush hour. police say an improvised explosive device was detonated. pictures from inside the tube show a white container inside a supermarket bag, on fire, with wires or lights protruding from it. the blast doesn't appear to have caused extensive damage to the carriage itself, but eye witnesses have described seeing a "wall of flame". matthew price is at the scene. we'll go to him shortly, but first
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of all, we will hear from david nelson. david nelson was travelling on the train. he's been telling us what he saw. basically, we just pulled into parsons green so the doors opened, everyone panicked, tried to get off the tube, there was a lot of pushing and shoving, people falling over, being trampled. we just ran as far as we could away, to be honest. everybody obviously thought there was some kind of terrorist attack. well, we just saw flames and heard a loud pop so you don't really take risks, do you? you just go for it and get off. can you tell us something about the other people in the carriage? did you see any injuries? obviously a lot of people had been trampled on the way off. so some people with burns on theirfaces, arms, there was a guy who looked like the entire back of his jacket had been singed. yeah, i wouldn't say any major injuries but definitely a lot of superficial burns and cuts and bruises where people had fallen over and hit their heads and things like that, to be honest.
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that was david nelson, a tube train passenger. 0ur political correspondent leila nathoo is outside the cabinet office where there's been a meeting of the government's emergency committee, cobra. chaired by the prime minister, theresa may? that's right, to dessert making back from her constituency to london at lunchtime to chair the meeting of the corporate committee, that the committee that can been seen yourself up serpents, police and security service officials. it began about one o'clock, and it appears to be over, as would seem the defence secretary and the mayor of london
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and the assistant commissioner murk crawley from the met leave behind me. this would be the first chance for theresa may to be fully briefed on what happened this morning in parsons green, how the investigation is progressing, any leads the police and intelligence services are following up. we are expecting to hearan following up. we are expecting to hear an update later this afternoon about what was said in the committee. and i suppose we'll be looking to see if there's any change to the terror threat level after what happened at parsons green, and our security correspondent was saying that whoever is responsible is still on the lives and at large. absolutely, there have been a number of these cobra committee meetings already this year, in response to other terror attacks. we haven't yet heard about the threat level changing in response to this explosion this morning. but you're right, there will be some discussion
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about that and any precaution that may be needed across the city. there is obviously going to be some calming nerves and other places, police urging the public to be vigilant, but certainly, in this committee meeting this afternoon, there will have been discussion about any other measures needing to be put in place across the city and the country. thank you very much indeed for the moment. earlier the assistant commissioner of the metropolitan police gave this update on the investigation. i want to talk briefly about the incident, about the police response and what we need from the public at this time. so, firstly, in relation to the incident, as you reported at 8.20am this morning, at parsons green tube station, there at parsons green tube station, there was an explosion on a tube train. the police have attended. we now assess that this was a detonation of an improvised explosive device. as you have seen, the reports of 18 injuries, and i understand most
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of those to be flash burns. the scene currently remains cordoned off and the investigation continues. in terms of the police response, as you'd expect, well practiced as you'd expect, well practised command structures have come into shape and an operation led and coordinated by the metropolitan police, working with our colleagues at british transport police and others. the investigation is being led by the metropolitan police counter terrorism command and parts of the national counter—terrorism policing network and there are many urgent enquiries ongoing now with hundreds of detectives involved, looking at cctv, forensic work and speaking to witnesses. this investigation is supported by our colleagues from m15, and bringing their intelligence expertise to bear on the case. finally, in terms of the police response, i would emphasise that londoners especially can expect to see an enhanced police presence, particularly across transport systems across the day. finally, in respect of what i would
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ask from the public — firstly, any member of the public with any information about this incident should please call us as a matter of urgency. and any urgent information of course, call 999 and with any background information then call us on the anti—terrorism hot line on 0800 789 321. also, anybody with images, often people take photos and film at the scene of such incidents, anyone with such images of the incident can contact us. we have a website where they can download the images to and we will ask broadcasters to run that website address across their ticker tape over the next hour. finally, i'd ask the public to remain vigilant across london and to be alert in assisting us but not to be alarmed. the mayor of london, sadiq khan,
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has given his reaction to this morning's events. we have the best police and security services in the world who are working incredibly hard every day. british transport police, the met police, counterterrorism experts, m15, but also excellent work by the tfl staff, it's something we should be incredibly proud of. you will now see an investigation run its course. there are various things i can't discuss publicly but i can reassure the public that the police and security services and others are working their socks off to make sure those responsible for this attack are caught and see justice. is there a danger of becoming overwhelmed by the sheer level of the threat? i think the police have already said, and the phrase i would remind londoners about, this is not a spike but a shift
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in relation to terrorists attacking cities in the western world. we have to be vigilant and make sure we are alert. if anyone has any information at all, please ring 999 or the counterterror hotline — 0800 789 321. it is the best we can do to keep us safe but i will not apologise for saying we need more resources and police in london. the police work very hard but we could do with more resources. the foreign secretary borisjohnson was asked about the incident at parsons green this morning. i'm afraid my information is limited and it really is important not to speculate at the moment. obviously everyone should remain calm and go about their lives as normally as they possibly can.
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as far as i understand it, the british transport police and tfl are on it and they will be updating their websites as and when we get more information. earlier my colleague sophie rayworth spoke to two eyewitnesses — emma stevie, who was on the train at the time of the explosion, and local resident katy llewellyn—jones. i got on the train and within five seconds, the doors, you know, were closing and we just heard the loudest, scariest screams coming from what sounded like the carriage right next to us and loud men shouting "run". so when people shout run, you run. we just all ran to for our lives. we just all ran for our lives. we didn't know why. we didn't hear an explosion. i thought acid had been thrown around or something, i just thought why. and we got to the steps and it was just the worst. it was a proper human crush.
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we all got stuck in. there was a woman underneath me, there was a lady saying she was pregnant. there was a little boy, his face had got smashed into the step. it was like it was just like... i was holding on to the railing in a foetal position, trying not to put my weight on anyone but there were just layers and layers of people screaming. it was just awful. it was really traumatic. and we didn't know why we were running. and i thought maybe this is worse. maybe this is all a bit of a mistake. you know? maybe someone's phone had exploded in their pocket. and i just couldn't. i am just so lucky that i'm not injured. i was so lucky i put trainers on this morning. i felt lucky i was not the woman, two women underneath me. for anyone who doesn't know this station, it's a very small station. there is one staircase. and everybody who gets the district
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line will know that everybody gets on at wimbledon, and you like sardines trying to backing, is a hundreds of people came off that train intoa hundreds of people came off that train into a tiny station to go down a tiny set of steps and it was just a tiny set of steps and it was just a complete crash. you would literally trampling people underfoot. literally. there were layers of people underneath me. and the underground staff, all two of them, which makes me realise we should have more people, they were shouting, get back, because the people lower down were injured. i was so lucky i was just in this little pockets, 1 was so lucky i was just in this little pockets, i felt was so lucky i was just in this little pockets, ifelt quite was so lucky i was just in this little pockets, i felt quite strong. i thought for a second, it went through my mind, i'm going to die today. i thought behind me, was someone with a knife or someone with a bomb? it was very dark. but l was a bomb? it was very dark. but i was looking at the woman underneath me, thinking, you poor thing. looking at the woman underneath me, thinking, you poorthing. i looking at the woman underneath me, thinking, you poor thing. iwas wondering if someone had broken a leg. did no one helped them? no, it
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was like hillsborough, people stacked on top of each other. if you've got hundreds of people running down a tiny staircase, you'll just have lots running down a tiny staircase, you'lljust have lots of layers of bodies and people. there was as poor little boy in his red and black uniform, and he had smashed his face, and he was screaming and crying. face, and he was screaming and by face, and he was screaming and crying. by the time we could come out, he was being carried by someone andi out, he was being carried by someone and i wondered if he had broken his leg. no one knew. i walked round and said, are you 0k, to a few people, but everyone was shaken and we didn't know what had happened. we ran away because we were told to, and then there was this big crush. katie, you weren't there, but you live next door, so you saw it from your home. yes, i heard screams, and i was looking out to find out where they were coming from. the resus go round there and sometimes there is a lot of noise, i was trying to piece it together. the train wasn't moving, it looked that people were
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still getting on and then they were getting off. a lady ran into the cause and asked for somewhere safe to gold. she had lost her shoes, so we went into my flat and we were trying to piece it together. she hadn't heard a noise, she had just seen lots of people trying to get off the train. i think she had stepped foot on the train and then ran off. 0ther stepped foot on the train and then ran off. other people hadn't realised and were still trying to get on the train. we were in my flat and shortly afterwards, the police came through and told us to evacuate, so we had to get out quite quickly. they had cordoned off a few meters down from the entrance. then emergency services seem to go into my course. workmen who were there said there had been reports of other devices on the train, so they were looking on the tracks. did you see anyone who was injured?” looking on the tracks. did you see anyone who was injured? i didn't see anyone who was injured? i didn't see anyone injured, there were a lot of people running around to said they'd heard noises, people who said they'd
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heard noises, people who said they'd heard a shot. we could smell a bit of burning, but none of us in the apartment blocks, none of my neighbours had even heard an explosion. you could smell something. what are the lady who had lost her shoes say to you? she was very alert and she was fine, but she was distressed and she didn't know what had happened. she was worried about the people who hadn't managed to get out. she got out quite quickly and she said she had jumped over the barriers. there were lots of people who she could see who will rid the situation and she was worried about them. there were lots of children in school uniform, which was heartbreaking, because they were so little and so fragile. it was peak commuter time. you were on the train, but you didn't hear the flames, did you hear the bang? no. no one heard an explosion, wejust heard what sounded like the cabbage next extras, all screaming, like it bloodcurdling scream of seeing something horrible happening. we
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we re something horrible happening. we were told to run, so we got off and ran. the doors opened and we just ran. the doors opened and we just ran. that was emma, who was on the train and local resident katie. a little earlier, sophie spoke to alex weldon who works in an office block near parsons green station and was nearby when the explosion happened. the first i learned of the incident, i was cycling on the other side of the station around 8:30am, the area was cordoned off by police. immediately i didn't think too much of it, i thought maybe there was a traffic accident. i found another way round to get to the station, which is where i have to go past to get my place of work. to get to my place of work. we were immediately told to leave the area. there were armed police who wouldn't really say what was going on but said quite frantically please leave the area, which we did. so i managed to make it to my office, which is inside the cordoned off area, about 15 metres south
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past the train station, a little bit before 9am, before the cordoned area was fully enforced. that is where we have been for the last few hours. and your office is glass fronted, you could see what was happening. we could see people were being led away by paramedics, to ambulances waiting on the street nearby. injuries, yeah, varying from people who had fallen over, struggling to walk or in some sort of pain, to more serious injuries, burns, people with their legs covered in cling film, really looking like in quite a bit of discomfort. there is a restaurant close to here which by all accounts people have been taken to. that is what we have heard. the restaurant immediately opposite the station is where people have been treated for their injuries immediately and from there they are being escorted around to ambulances waiting nearby. there were a lot of people on that platform. well, from what i have seen, i have seen 25 people injured so far and that is the people who have been led the side of the station. led this side of the station.
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i have no idea what is happening on the other side of the station. but, yes, it is quite distressing to see the expressions of the people coming back around, meeting people, meeting other ones meeting people, meeting loved ones at the edge of the cordoned area, so it is particularly touching. earlier, sophie spoke to afzal ashraf, a visiting fellow at nottingham university's centre for conflict and terrorism. i think it is an indication that the terrorist threat is still very live. we are very fortunate that in this particular case nobody seems to have been seriously hurt. there are obviously some minor injuries which, of course, hopefully will be treated and people will recover, we hope and pray, without any long—term effects. but it also indicates that this particular individual lacked, fortunately, the sort of crazy commitment we have seen from others. he or she did not hang around to be arrested or killed, they ran away.
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i think what we will probably find in the next few hours is that suspect will be identified if not arrested, because there is cctv on all of the stations, from wimbledon, wimbledon park, southfields, and so on, will have been looked at. cctv at parsons green will be analysed and the individual will probably already be identified, or if not then in the next few minutes or hours the police will be after that individual fairly swiftly. i think possibly one of these helicopters above us is looking for potential suspects who might be on the loose if they have a description. at times this morning, there have been three police helicopters above this area in south—west london. the white pot itself we have seen in images, it is substantial, isn't it?
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it is substantial in size and if, god forbid, there had been an effective explosive in that, of course, the story would have been hugely different. what we are seeing is that it isn't easy to make effective bombs, certainly without professional help, and thankfully in this case whoever did this failed to achieve what they wanted to achieve. it is what people fear the whole time, though, isn't it? londoners, millions of us, travel on the tube everyday and i think it is very much in a lot of people's minds. absolutely, and this thing touches people in a very different way. for example, my daughter was on the train behind the one that had the explosion. she could easily have been in the carriage where this bomb had occurred. i was in the train during the 7/7 bombings, not in the train where the bomb exploded, but in a train several trains behind.
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so we all understand this is an attempt to get at us all, to terrify us, but what we have to do is to accept that, thankfully, the chances of these maniacs, and i use that word advisedly, succeeding is low, and that we have some of the best security services in the world, we have some of the best counterterrorism police services in the world, and we have a system that has kept the threat at a low level, but we do need to think about how we should eliminate this threat and that is looking at the global political situation which feeds the motivation for these horrible incidents. a visiting fellow at nottingham university's centre for conflict and
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terrorism. there will be much more coverage from parsons green throughout the afternoon here on bbc news. now we're going to pause and look at the weather forecast. with showers and sunny spells, we do see rainbows, and our weather watchers have been sending in pictures. not all of us have seen the showers, there have been good spells of sunshine this morning. this morning, the bulk of the showers across wales and the south west, but strive weather around and good spells of sunshine. as we move into this afternoon, we'll start to see the shower is getting going as temperatures rise slightly. you mixture of sunny spells and showers and a cool northerly breeze. the showers in east anglia could bring be persistent and heavy this afternoon. showers continue in south—west england and wales.
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feeling cooler than yesterday, perhaps darren one or 2 degrees. —— perhaps darren one or 2 degrees. —— perhaps darren one or 2 degrees. —— perhaps down one or 2 degrees. temperatures again struggling into the mid—teens. this evening and over night, showers inland will die out. we continue to seek showers on the course, but it will be each every night. temperatures in towns and cities up to 10 degrees, but in the countryside, lower than that. cities up to 10 degrees, but in the countryside, lowerthan that. it'll start on saturday. this area of high pressure continuing to push on. this cool feed they are pushing in from the north, so we cool start on saturday. there will be a scattering of showers as we go through the day and temperatures rise again, seeing those showers become more
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widespread. high pressure continues to push into scotland waited in the day and settle things down. high pressure will continue to push in overnight, so the showers will ease and will see temperatures falling away. in the countryside, they could fall close to freezing, so on sunday morning, we could wake up to scenes like this, some grass frost is not out of the question first thing. but there will be bright spots, sunday looking like a better day. we will see fewer showers, some good spells of sunshine. temperatures are little bit up on what we have seen over the weekend, with lighter winds, more than a way of sunshine, we're looking at highs of 18 celsius. this is bbc news. the headlines at 2pm. an explosion on a packed tube train in south—west london. 22 people are injured. the device had a timer.
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police are treating it as a terrorist attack. there are many urgent enquires ongoing with hundreds of detectives involved, looking at cctv, and speaking to witnesses. this is being supported by m15 and they are bringing their intelligence expertise to bear on the case. eyewitnesses say the blast set off a fireball in the train. there was a stampede as passengers fled in panic. i was sitting in the back carriage, and suddenly i heard a big bang, and i turned left and when i saw the
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