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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines: police evacuate people from their homes following the arrest of an 18—year—old man in the port area of dover over the attack, in which 30 people were injured. the threat level remained at critical and that will be further investigations j. critical and that will be further investigations 1. we critical and that will be further investigations]. we urge the public to remain vigilant, not alarmed. crash involving several vehicles has taken place on the' five. also in the next hour, hundreds of thousands of passengers are told their ryanair flights could be cancelled. the airline says it plans to axe up to 50 services a day for the next six weeks to improve punctuality. new liberal democrat leader sir vince cable is expected to call for the uk to stay in the eu as he speaks at the party
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conference in bournemouth. we are not coping. definitely not coping. and they have a special report on hurricane irma and its impact. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. an armed police operation is under way by officers investigating the parsons green attack yesterday morning. it comes hours after an 18—year—old man was arrested in dover on suspicion of terrorism. the home secretary has called the arrest ‘very significant.‘ the armed police operation is taking place in sunbury—on—thames
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in surrey, only 11 miles away by road from parsons green. the bbc understands the operation is focused on cavendish road. a house is being searched and residents close to the property in sunbury are being evacuated from their homes. one local woman told the media that officers arrived at her house and gave her one minute to leave with her children. the metropolitan police have released a statement regarding the operation in sunbury. officers have evacuated and are searching a residential our correspondent robert hall is at new scotland yard. plenty of developments today,
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robert. yes, we were talking last night about the amount of evidence that the investigating team, hundreds of officers, notjust officers, members of security services, all that evidence, particularly to do it cctv and evidence from us of the public was look at overnight along with other intelligence, and it appears that something in all that has led officers to dover this morning where collea g u es officers to dover this morning where colleagues from kent have detained a young man we had about today, and within a few hours, indeed a senior officer he had said he prepared for further police activity over lunchtime, officers moving into position, and officers surrounding that property in sunbury. while that was going on the government's emergency committee, cobra, was discussing unwitting to be briefed on those developments. it was
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chaired by the home secretary, amber rudd, and as the meeting broke up after about 45 minutes she emerged to make this statement. ijust chaired a meeting of officials at cobra where i have given an update, had spoken to the prime minister who i was able to give an update to. police have made good progress. they arrested today and 18—year—old man where he has been kept in custody, and later today he will be moved to london. the threat level remained at critical, and they will be further investigations later today. we urge the public to remain vigilant but not alarmed, and we hope to come back with more news in due course. how significant is the arrest, do you think? could this be the person suspected of planting the device?m a very significant arrest, but the operation is ongoing and we will have to wait to hear from the police. there have been reports
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circulating that the people behind this may be known to the authorities. what can you tell us about that? doesn't concern you? authorities. what can you tell us about that? doesn't concern you ?m is too early yet. at the moment we have one arrest and ongoing operation. when we have more information we will share it. in terms of the device, it has been photographed, we have seen it, there has been speculation about what was in it. it seems from what experts have been saying that this was something designed to cause huge amounts of damage and destruction. was it from what you are hearing a device that was designed to maim and kill? there is no doubt this was a serious ied, and it was good fortune that it did so little damage in fa ct, that it did so little damage in fact, although we are of course sympathetic to all the people who did get affected by it. i believe 26 people were impacted by the device. who will have to make sure that we ta ke who will have to make sure that we take all the steps we can to insure that the sort of materials this man was able to collect become more and more difficult to combine together. we will always learn from these
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incidents. he said the threat level remains at critical. when do you expect that to be reviewed? the independent body will always keep this under review, they are maintaining the level at critical, and they will let us know when it is time to change it. the home secretary speaking earlier. a reporter is in sunbury. before you give us a sense of what people do have told you, give us a sense of where you are, what the geography of the area isn't what sort of area it is. i'm in sunbury on thames, it is a quiet residential area normally, but i am standing at the foot of cavendish road where this attention is focused at the moment. there is a
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purple house halfway down this road on the left, and that is the host that police have been focusing on. we have seen forensics coming out of that house again, they were first year this afternoon. police say they are searching this as a precautionary measure following the arrest of that age in your old. they have also said that is why they have evacuated pretty much all of this street, cavendish street. many people saying there had been 100 people saying there had been 100 people evacuated from here that have no idea when they will be allowed back to their homes. police saying nothing other than that is a precautionary measure. some have gone to other family members. some are so gone to other family members. some are so being looked after at the by are so being looked after at the rugby club just down the road. it is a five—minute away. around 50 people we re a five—minute away. around 50 people were there, there were many buses arriving earlier with what looked like elderly residents of the
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street. apparently there has been sued left there for them, and they are being provided for, they are telling us they simply do not know when they will be allowed back in their homes and it was a frightening experience. this resident told me how it unfolded. ]ust experience. this resident told me how it unfolded. just getting ready to go out and do a bit of shopping. my to go out and do a bit of shopping. my seven—year—old said, there is something going on outside. i had a look at the window i noticed police officers and asked a neighbour what was going on. i was told we have got to get out, we are being evacuated. i had to get out, we are being evacuated. ihad an to get out, we are being evacuated. i had an officer bang on the door severely and said, alt, now expect you have two minutes. that was it, i watched on the road. it was a scary scene for what is normally a small and quiet town. never anything like this before. having the guns in the black masks down your road and tried to walk your seven—year—old son down telling him it's all right, it is quite scary. to be here is
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unbelievable. what have they told you about why you were evacuated? nothing really. we are still pretty much in the dark. it has all come from the news. and people who know people. we have worked out where it has happened and what has gone on. we are all in a bit of shock because we all know the people whose house it is, and she is a long—standing member of the community, really nice lady, a big heart, and it's such a shame that it has gone on. he had there has frightening experience was of that, having one or two minutes to get out of your house and then walked down the street. but also other residents telling me it is nothing to thinking what that precautionary measure might involve, why they might cordoned off an entire street to do this search, they said that is very worrying. they are concerned of course with
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when they can get back into their homes. catherine, thank you. catherine was saying it is a difficult time, and we don't know at this stage how long that operation will go on, but it does chime with what the metropolitan police commissioner said earlier today which is that there are real effort here to make sure the public are kept safe and are kept safe, hence the extra patrols and precautionary measures, areas are being examined where sensitive items are being examined. basically they're not taking any chances. so to sum up to developments, an 18—year—old developed in dover by kent police, due to be brought back of it is not happened already to a police station in london, and ongoing police operation in sunbury—on—thames, not farfrom one operation in sunbury—on—thames, not far from one branch operation in sunbury—on—thames, not farfrom one branch of the operation in sunbury—on—thames, not far from one branch of the district line which led via wimbledon two parsons green. there is a geographical and physical connection to what ways yesterday in that area.
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obviously this is an ongoing situation, it is moved very fast in the past to three hours, and if we get more developments we will bring that to you. at least four people have died after a crash involving several vehicles on the m5 motorway. avon and somerset police said the collision happened between junction 1a and 16 in south gloucestershire. they say the motorway would be closed for "a considerable amount of time". highways england said traffic queues stretched for around six miles. on the line is a man who was on the road when the accident happened. can you tell us where you are exactly on the motorway, what direction you are going, when it happened?”
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motorway, what direction you are going, when it happened? i was going north and the accident happened about ten or 20 seconds ahead of me. there was a truck coming from north tyneside, it looked like it had blown tires, and the truck went across the barrier to the other side and hit two car is and has gone into the ditch. ]ust and hit two car is and has gone into the ditch. just trying to get clarity on the location. can see the picture, we can see the blow out. it is incredible the way the debris has spread out. could you confirm the junctions you would have been driving between? i'm not sure what junction i am in now to be honest. but it is just near thornbury. that's where the accident happened. the accident happened, and what happened next? can you take us
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through what happened ? happened next? can you take us through what happened? the traffic slowed down... yes, we just realised that there was an accident in front of us, we went out of the car, me and my son, and realised that the truck is in the ditch, i realised it would be a major problem regarding people's lives. there are three of us, doctors, a senior gp, a cardiologist and myself, a co nsulta nt cardiologist and myself, a consultant cardiologist, we asked the truck driver of you was ok, but he was trapped in the car itself so could not help them. and then we went to see the other people. people in the first car who had massive destruction by the truck from the other side, and another car was flipped over in the ditch and a lady
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was critically injured and stop so me and others did first aid after the ticker from the car. there was some bleeding, some bleeding from the lake and her breathing was not good. just very quickly, what can you see at the moment? could you tell us what is happening around the crash site itself? we are now still blocked on both sides. it took us about an hour to say that lady and the rest of the people, i managed to examine three people along with my other doctor colleagues until the annual and arrived which took them about five to seven minutes. at the moment everything is standing still in the last news is it will be at
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least an hour, maybe two hours. thank you very much for your time. the headlines on bbc news: police have been evacuating people from their homes in sunbury—on—thames in relation to an investigation relating to the bomb on the underground yesterday. we have just heard news of a crash involving several vehicles on the m5in south gloucestershire. hundreds of thousands of ryanair passengers are warned that their flights could be cancelled during the next six weeks. europe's biggest airline, ryanair, has said it's cancelling up to 50 flights a day for the next 6 weeks, to try to improve punctuality. the move is expected to affect nearly 300,000 passengers,
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who will be offered alternative flights or refunds. the airline says it needs to have more planes available on standby. i spoke to their marketing director earlier in the day he said, we messed up. to put context and that, it isa messed up. to put context and that, it is a large airline, twice about 120 million people a year. normally it is very well planned, it is an expansion but managers that. this year it has been placed under a different regulatory regime who say that the crew have to move into calendar year rather than financial year. that seems to have caught them out. they have got through to almost the end of the summer and find they have pilots who have to take leave. it is not a case of pushing it back 01’ it is not a case of pushing it back or not taking it, pilots are tightly regulated, the camera fly more than
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900 hours maximum, and ifi regulated, the camera fly more than 900 hours maximum, and if i did not have enough pilots, and they had to stand some don't take leave the next few weeks, eating to this large rubber of cancellations. surely they would have had noticed that the new calendar year was coming into place? this is the question, ryanair are seeing themselves they have messed up. this would certainly be a big headache and competition, crew planning is one of the most challenging part of an airline's logistics, we don't see it as customers, it is something we would have known about and work through, at the moment is not why it is built up. the summer flying at the moment is not why it is built up. the summerflying programme is busier than the winter, so you're working pilots as hard as you can do within the legal framework. whether this has built up and they were hoping to overcome it, they have had additional problems. they pointed out recently there was a bad additional problems. they pointed out recently there was a had run of weather incidents and strikes. that means you have pilots on duty and when the flight is delayed for a thunderstorm you are eating up pilot hours even if they are sitting on the ground are not flying. in your
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conversation with the ceo of ryanair, what did he say regards compensation? as far as the passengers are concerned , compensation? as far as the passengers are concerned, customers wa nt to passengers are concerned, customers want to know if they will be looked after. they have a legal obligation. the eu has consumer regulations, regulation 261, if flights are cancelled or delayed beyond the settle m e nt cancelled or delayed beyond the settlement of time for reasons within the airline's control, any airline under european jurisdiction has to pay compensation. the english democrats are holding their annual conference in leicester this weekend. the party is the only nationalist party in england and are campaigning for a referendum on english independence. joining me as the party chairman. robin, first off, many people will be saying, who are the english democrats? we have been around for
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15 years, we have been campaigning about england and fairness for england, and we have been doing that for about 15 years. we have to doubt about a0 million leaflets in the various elections we have stood in, and in some elections we have done all right. we won the doncaster mail they are few years back. but we basically need a lot more money and a lot more resources and then we can make a difference. where do you stand on things such as brexit? what did you make of borisjohnson's article today? - busy with the conference, i'm afraid i haven't read his article today, but we were supporting brexit. one of the things that all the commentators noticed rather belatedly was that people who identify themselves as being english are predominantly likely to support brexit. and we were no exception. are predominantly likely to support brexit. and we were no exceptionlj brexit. and we were no exception.” had a slight problem getting my head around english, because i am
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british, and many people like myself will be thinking, where do i stand when it comes to the english democrats? you are asking a good question, because national identity in england is certainly a vexed question, and what's happening in england is that people are moving toward being english only. the 2011 census result had over the whole country over 50%, 5a%, saying that they were english only and not british at all. and if you came out of london and was probably more like 80%. that puts us in a rather similar trajectory as to where scotla nd similar trajectory as to where scotland is already. scottish regard themselves as scottish. eu nationals living in the uk, once we leave the
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eu, what happens to them? at that point they will be citizens of foreign country. what citizens of foreign country. what citizens of foreign countries have to do when they want to go and live somewhere else, same as we would if it wanted to live in a foreign country is they have to get visas. i don't think there should be any different. u nfortu nately we' re there should be any different. unfortunately we're right of time, but thank you very much for your time. ina but thank you very much for your time. in a few moments you is on bbc one willjoin us with a full round—up of the news, but first the weather. it has been a cool and showery day, some was getting our fair share. it has been a cool and showery day, some was getting ourfair share. the clouds started off quite small, for example these in north yorkshire. the bigger during the day and started to rise and then we had some more threatening skies as showers loomed more close. shower clouds coming in off the north sea. showers have extensive across eastern england. some drier and
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have extensive across eastern england. some drierand brighter conditions in between. general rain moving from scotland and northern ireland, and as we go on through this evening and overnight rain will carve its way back into affect parts of south west england. but elsewhere showers will fade and we will have clearing skies and drier conditions overnight. with dry conditions it will be chilly. temperature 7—10 in towns and cities and cold enough for frost in rural parts of scotland, not far behind in england, wales and northern ireland. cold start tomorrow, fewer showers to go round. most of starting off on a decent note. mr hedges will clear the way and it won't be until the late morning that we see cloud and showers moving across eastern and central areas. away from eastern side of it and there be dry weather. far fewer showers side of it and there be dry weather. farfewer showers in side of it and there be dry weather. far fewer showers in wales and west of england, more sunshine, even
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between the showers will feel warmer, temperatures 16—18. a brighter day in northern ireland. tomorrow is all about the sunshine. 15 degrees under cool northerly breeze. more sunshine in scotland as well, only isolated showers in the north—east. into next week, high—pressure tries to building in western areas, but low—pressure lacking east of england and that will be the focus of some passing showers was the affecting east anglia. after a chilly start of the day these are the temperatures we can expect through the afternoon. 15-18. can expect through the afternoon. 15—18. similar on tuesday but even fewer showers. the dry day for the vast majority. a cool start and then to bridges peeking around 18. good evening.
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detectives investigating the bomb attack on the london underground have arrested an 18 year old man, on suspicion of leaving the device on the train. 30 people were injured when it detonated yesterday at parsons green station. the man was taken into custody this morning in the port area of dover. the police believe the attack was motivated by islamist extremism. this evening an armed police operation is underway in sunbury on thames, in surrey. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford is there. daniel. yes, jane, the investigation into the parsons green bomb lead here to cavendish road today, where residents were suddenly evacuated from their homes. the fear is that the property linked to the man arrested today could pose a risk and the police didn't want to take any chances. sealed off and evacuated
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this afternoon in case of an explosion. streets on an estate in sunbury on thames just to the south—west of london. street surrounding a house linked to the man arrested today. police said the evacuation was a precaution while they searched the property. there could be a bomb down there, they we re could be a bomb down there, they were telling me i could go into my house even though there could be a bomb. i'm really scared. the 18—year—old man was arrested in dover this morning, police said it was a significant arrest linked to yesterday's tube bombing, which they believe was an act of islamist terrorism. we are making some very considerable progress, you will have seen considerable progress, you will have seen the announcement of an arrest earlier on in relation to this. and we will continue to work as hard as we will continue to work as hard as we can to make sure that we reduced the threat in this country, and that we know exactly who it was who did this, whether there's anybody else involved. it seems the improvised explosive device, a bomb in a
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bucket, fails to go off properly. but it produced a sheet of flame in the carriage. 30 people ended up in casualty and three were still in chelsea and westminster hospital this morning. and despite this morning's arrest, the terrorism threat level is still at its highest possible level, with armed officers patrolling stations and anywhere large numbers of people may gather, like football matches. the threat level remains at critical and there will be further investigations in pa rt will be further investigations in part of the operation later today. we urge the public to remain vigilant, not alarmed, and we hope to come back with more news in due course. this investigation has clearly gone well today, counterterrorism detectives have a suspect in custody and an address here in the sunbury linked to him. but these are still early stages and clearly it's considered too early to be sure that there's not still an outstanding threats to be neutralised. daniel, early days, but
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do you have the sense that today's developments are significant? yes, jane, detectives always say they keep an open mind in investigations and so should we but if you think about how we got to where we are, police started with that bomb, they then went through cctv footage to try and work out how the bomb got onto a train. that operation in turn led to a man being arrested in dover, that then led them to an arrest here. in theory that is very good progress, and operation going exactly in the direction police would want it to go. they can be making a mistake, so it could be that this is a dead end and of course it can open up and produce all sorts of other worrying lines of inquiry. but right now i get the sense that the counterterrorism detectives are pleased with where they are and feel they are getting this thing under control. all rights daniel, thanks very much, daniel sa ndford daniel, thanks very much, daniel sandford in surrey. ryanair is facing a wave of complaints, after announcing it is cancelling up to 50 flights a day for the next six weeks. the move could affect hundreds
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of thousands of people. and some passengers who've already flown abroad with ryanair, have been told via text that their flight back to the uk has been cancelled. our business correspondent joe lynam reports. it's europe's busiest airline, but it's grounding hundreds of its own planes. in doing so, it's ruining holidays for thousands of its own customers. some of whom found themselves stranded overseas having been notified by text or e—mail by ryanair. next flight out of here to newcastle is next thursday. we can't get through to anybody on ryanair, we can't get through to a manager, live chat doesn't work, the act doesn't work. if you do ring ryanair on customer services all you get is, we're having a very large volume of calls. you betcha. ryanair says that air—traffic control issues and the weather, as well as a surge in pilots and cabin crew taking
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holidays, is forcing it to ground up to 50 flights a day until the end of october. that means passengers set to fly with ryanair in the coming weeks simply don't know whether their flight will actually take off. it could be cancelled right up to the moment they arrive at the airport. the spin ryanair is putting on this is saying we want to make our timekeeping better, therefore we are putting more planes on the ground in case something goes wrong. i must say, from the passenger's perspective, someone like me who's got a booking on ryanair in the next few weeks, that looks like total tosh. basically, it's a massive administrative foul up. all their cabin crew and pilots are taking holiday before the end of the year. so what could you get back if you are affected? eu rules say you are entitled to a new flight or full compensation if your flight is cancelled. the airline also has to cover your food and accommodation if you're stranded and should offer to pay for a flight with a rival airline if it can't get you on another flight to your final destination. all this means that these cancellations could cost rya nair‘s enigmatic boss
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michael o'leary up to £100 million. passengers potentially booking elsewhere, priceless. joe lynam, bbc news. at least four people have died in a crash on the m5 in south gloucestershire. it happened between junctions 15 and 1a, and involved several vehicles including a lorry. the motorway is closed in both directions, and avon and somerset police say it will be shut for a considerable amount of time. highways england says traffic is queuing for about 6 miles. borisjohnson has renewed the controversial claim that britain will save £350 million a week by leaving the eu, which can be spent on the nhs. the foreign secretary was setting out his vision of what he called britain's glorious future after brexit, in a newspaper article. labour and the liberal democrats say government divisions have now been laid bare, and accused mrjohnson of plotting a challenge to theresa may's leadership. our political correspondent, alex forsyth, is here. why is he saying this now?
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this is a significant intervention, this is a long article in which borisjohnson is this is a long article in which boris johnson is making this is a long article in which borisjohnson is making the positive case for brexit, but he does make some controversial comments. he repeats the claim brexit will free up repeats the claim brexit will free up £350 million a week even though that figure has been widely discredited. on the brexit bill he says the uk should settle its accou nts says the uk should settle its accounts but shouldn't keep paying for access to the single market and customs union. he makes no mention ofa customs union. he makes no mention of a transition period when we leave the eu. critics say this puts him at odds with theresa may, it shows tories divided over brexit. those close to johnson say this tories divided over brexit. those close tojohnson say this isn't about a challenge, this isn't him trying to undermine by minister. in fa ct trying to undermine by minister. in fact he's treated saying he's behind her. he knows this will play well with tory brexiteers, some of whom think the current leadership is lacking vision. it comes just a week before theresa may is making her own big speech on brexit in florence on friday. this is in part about boris johnson putting out there his ideas but also shows he's not prepared to
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sit in the background. it suggests his own leadership ambitions are still alive and kicking. alex forsyth, thank you. in syria, russian troops have taken control of the eastern city of dare—zor, forcing out so—called islamic state. the city had been held by i.s. for three years. russia's presence in the country has helped president assad hold onto power, despite the country's civil war. the bbc‘s steve rosenberg is the first british journalist to enter dare—zor since is was driven out on a russian military helicopter, we are heading east across syria. we are escorted by two gunships in case we come under attack. eventually, we arrive in deir al—zour, a city only starting to recoverfrom a nightmare. for three years, this part of town was cut off from the rest of the world, surrounded by is fighters. well, with the help of russian air power, the syrian army broke that siege just a few days ago.
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now people here tell us that is militants have been pushed back around three miles. but security is still a concern. russian special forces accompany us to the market. the syrian soldiers here, well, they're a little more relaxed. supplying the city with food and drink and medicine is easier now. during the siege, deir al—zour had to rely on humanitarian aid by air. thanks to god, thanks to the syrian army and the russian army, this man says. syria is victorious. there is still fighting in deir al—zour, but the syrian army has reclaim much territory in and around the city. this oil—rich region was the heart of islamic state's economy. defeating is here would be a major victory for president assad. life may be returning to this city, but there's still danger here. steve rosenberg, bbc news, deir al—zour.
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that's it for now, you can keep up—to—date with that ongoing anti—terrorist operation on the bbc news channel throughout the evening and i'll be back with the very latest at 10:05pm. now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a good evening, goodbye. hello. this is bbc news. hurricane irma devastated the caribbean islands last week and the british overseas territories in the region were hard hit. there was criticism of a slow rescue effort. the bbc were the first on the ground on the island of barbuda as a mass evacuation was taking place. laura bicker has this special programme on irma. we're not coping. we're definitely not coping. where can we live and what can we do? my whole life is here, so...
5:35 pm
describe the night here. what happened ? it started off with the wind. it wasn't, like, life—threatening. it started picking up and then it came in, the rain, and the wind picked up harder and harder. at the time, i was sleeping and my brothers woke me up, the windows blew open, and he started pulling on the roof and i was holding him, we were fighting the wind. the roof came off. then my bedroom came off. we went in the living room. we had all of this boarded—up.
5:36 pm
the british virgin islands look like they have been hit by the blast wave of a bomb. people talk about the wind as if it came from another world. on the biggest island, houses have been ripped apart. we had to leave. the wind picked us up. in the moment it was like life was on the line. walls were caving in. the wind pulled a child out of a mother's hands. that was the last they saw of the child.
5:37 pm
the night was restless. you could not get to sleep. you were up all night. everything just started to decay and just crumble. what have you eaten in the last few days? nothing, you cannot cook or anything. you have to have a biscuit, tea or water, or whatever. what do you do now? i have no idea. everyone now is homeless. no one has anywhere to go. everyone is in the same situation. and no one can help each other because everybody needs help. the objective this morning
5:38 pm
is to make sure we get every single resident off barbuda. we now have a mandatory evacuation in place. we are telling the people to vacate the island. we cannot afford a situation in which barbuda is hit by yet another hurricane in these conditions. don't worry. we will get you off the island to safety. you will be ok. the sheer horrifying scale of the damage means barely a building can be salvaged. the government has admitted it simply does not have the money to rebuild the entire island.
5:39 pm
we are calling on international partners to assist us. have you got enough food, water? no. everybody is fighting and stealing. people are breaking into people's homes and taking what they have. it is a state of emergencies. yelling. when it came to the opening of this supermarket just an hour ago, we witnessed shocking scenes. people were waiting eight hours in 35 degree weather. they are looking for water and canned food. when it comes to the local ministers, they told me it is simply not true that people are hungry. but i have been here on this island for the last five days and that is not what they are telling me. i have seen real determination, but now what i am seeing
5:40 pm
is real desperation. we need water and food this is an emergency. have you had enough help? i don't think so. no help. you can go down there for a bit. we are fine. we are under control. but we did not expect this mess today. we onlyjust got out of our house today. as we were filming, a local government minister approached. we have lots of food arriving tonight. this market and other markets and lots of food arriving every day this week. we are trying to make some phone calls.
5:41 pm
how have things been for you? really difficult. there is no food or water. some people are bringing help. but we haven't seen anything. they are organising the logistics. while that happens, people are suffering. the food is finished. we have small children. it is tough. we have been told not to walk too far up this street because the number of serious prisoners is still high after the damaged prison. when you walk around this neighbourhood you get a real sense it is notjust about rebuilding lives and homes, it is about rebuilding trust. hi. is this where you live?
5:42 pm
i live right around the corner. you don't want to see my house! i am feeling hungry. is it acceptable that seven days after the hurricane there is limited food and water? you have a lot coming in today. today is seven days after the hurricane. people have not had water for seven days. i can tell you the uk has made a huge effort. i have just talked to the premier, he says we have enough for two months. we are intensifying the effort. most people would say the uk has made an absolutely stunning effort to get support to the island and help bring more water after what has been an unprecedented natural catastrophe. this was the bar here.
5:43 pm
first i have to get it cleared up. a lot of work. do you think you have got the money to do it? no. white sands is one of the most exclusive beaches on the british virgin islands. everything you see used to be a bar, a restaurant, someone's main source of income. everything has to be rebuilt if it is to survive. how many people have you been reading each day? approximately 150. it's been a community effort. the
5:44 pm
experts coming in will go bust the ability to rebuild in the way we wa nt ability to rebuild in the way we want to. we did what we could in terms of building. the fact they have been able to build something that substantial as do to them but if we come together as a community, we can have a community shelter. have you got the determination to do this? do we have the determination! you ask a very simple question. we have the determination. this is not only determination, it is a challenge. we have so much potential. i mean, look at these kids. they have gone through a traumatic experience but they are not as traumatised as you would expect. i think when everyone who needs to leave or would like to leave gets off the island, which will happen pretty soon, i think the rest of us can really refocus our efforts on what needs to be done. that is how people go past.
5:45 pm
you are alive, there is hope. if we have any animosity among anyone of us, this is the time to come together and get stronger and move on. and i think we have to keep hope alive. and when we do that, we are going to make it. hurricane irma's trail of destruction is vast, and yet the caribbean spirit prevails. as our team walk the streets, so many told us the same message, they are simply grateful to be alive. time to catch up with the squad. —— with the sport. manchester city underlined
5:46 pm
their title credentials with a hugely impressive 6—0 win over watford, to leapfrog rivals manchester united and top the table this evening. striker sergio aguero scored a hat trick, two of them coming in the first half, his third ten minutes from fiull time. —— full time. gabrieljesus, nicolas otamendi and raheem sterling with a late penalty putting the gloss on the day — that's fifteen unanswered goals in three matches, to follow victories over feyernoord and liverpool. it's complicated, that's the champions league. just three days until the next game, i didn't expect to win in this way. i am so happy for the players, for the quebec and, —— for their commitment. that seemed points. phillipe coutinho returning to liverpool's starting line up, couldn't prevent them from being held to a one all draw with burnley. they went behind to a scott arfield goal in the first half, before mo salah equalised minutes later.
5:47 pm
liverpool had plenty of chances to take the lead — racking up 35 efforts at goal — but almost lost it at the end had joel matip not cleared ben mee's header off the line late on. i'm not happy about the result. i am unhappy about big part of the performance. you probably saw some of the away games of bernard, they won the last home game. —— burnley. they won it1—0. won the last home game. —— burnley. they won it 1—0. until the last two corners, i think, they won it 1—0. until the last two corners, ithink, one they won it 1—0. until the last two corners, i think, one shot on target. the game could have been lost in these situations. roy hodgson oversaw his first match in charge of crystal palace since his appointment this week and it ended in defeat against southampton. they've become the first top flight side to lose five straight matches without scoring a goal, illustrating the size of the task facing the former england manager. adam wild reports. from the terraces to the top job, roy hodgson's life now comes full
5:48 pm
circle. taking charge of crystal palace, the copies abroad as a borough. these won't be the circumstances of which he once claimed. he is inheriting a crisis at crystal palace. if that wasn't obvious before, it was soon crystal clear. southampton took the lead after a little over five minutes. if crystal palace are to rest that dismal form, crystal palace are to rest that dismalform, they crystal palace are to rest that dismal form, they need to start scoring. even with the likes of christian benteke, that is easier said than. first—time chances limited. clearly restricting. for the former england boss, these are perhaps familiar feelings. some chances were created but fraser foster was in fine form. this was no fresh start for separate part. they now become the first carbon top—flight history to their first five games without such as a call.
5:49 pm
—— the first team in top—flight history. we didn't play well enough asa history. we didn't play well enough as a team or individually to get the result we wanted to do. that's a fa ct of result we wanted to do. that's a fact of football life. would stop when new football matches, performances to. —— words don't we knew. aberdeen north sitting two points bit behind jared payne. aberdeen north sitting two points bit behind ]ared payne. saint johnstone suffering their first defeat. sebastian vettel will start on paul
5:50 pm
tomorrow. lewis evans will begin on fifth. the ferrari driver will feel confident of overtaking. —— lewis hamilton. no wonder sebastian vettel was happy. after losing his championship lead to lewis hamilton last time in italy, paul was vital. lead to lewis hamilton last time in italy, paulwas vital. for lead to lewis hamilton last time in italy, paul was vital. for much of qualifying, it looked as though max verstappen we take that on. his red bull team dominated practice and he clocked the quickest time in the first two sessions. but sebastian vettel had been keeping and self drive. hamilton and butter is ended up drive. hamilton and butter is ended up fifth and sixth. it suited
5:51 pm
ferrari perfectly. max verstappen couldn't manage sebastian vettel‘s times. with three cars and more than half a second between him and hamilton, the chairman will expect to regain his championship lead. a rare sight in boxing, the two best fighters in their weight division going head—to—head. it's being billed as the fight of the decade. but has it been overshadowed by the spectacle that was mayweather versus mcgregor? these are the two best middleweights of the division. if you were entertained by mayweather versus mcgregor, tune in saturday night september the 16th. it will be 8—9 rounds of hell for both guys. it was only three weeks ago that floyd mayweather, a retired boxer,
5:52 pm
took on conor mcgregor, a mixed martial artist. it was one of the richest fight in history, but many considered it a freak show, a circus, with this fight, the one to get really excited about. translation: this is a fight that people have been wanting to see, waiting to see, one that won't be overshadowed by any other event. i'm very ready, very excited. the last three months, i've trained in my gym 100%. i want to win this fight. i give everything for this fight. despite some talk of boxing being under decline and under pressure from sports like mixed martial arts, the venue sold out in less than two weeks and thousands have travelled to vegas to be part of what could be a special night. britain's double olympic champion nicola adams, who makes her us debut
5:53 pm
on the undercard, says the sport is looking towards the future. i don't know if we've ever had women on the undercard of such a big event before in vegas, we are definitely changing the game for the better. ijust hope women's boxing starts to really grow and expand and we get to see a lot more. you can often turn up to a boxing match with a strong hint of the likely winner but this one has divided opinion amongst the experts and fans alike. rugby union now and leicester tigers won their first game of the season, beating gloucester 2a—10 at welford road the tigers lost their first two games of the season, but ran in three tries inside the opening 20 minutes, two from ben youngs and this one from australia winger nick malouf. the other premiership game of the day is between newcastle who are yet to lose and saracens, that kicks off at 10pm tonight and is being played in philadelphia in the united states. london broncos will not be in super league next season after losing 38—16 to widnes vikings in the super 85 qualifiers. widnes ran in a total of seven tries including this one from danny craven that keeps them
5:54 pm
in the hunt for promotion. favourite capri has won the st leger, the final classic of the british season at doncaster. the three to one shot ridden byjockey ryan moore took the title in thrilling fashion, making it five wins in the world's oldest classic for irish trainer aidan o'brien. crystal ocean finished second with stradivarius in third. that's all the sport now. now let's catch up on the weather. hi there, it's been quite a cool and showery day. some of us getting more than our fair share of showers. the clouds started off quite small. but in between, some drier and brighter moments. rain for scotland has edged into northern ireland over recent hours and here is where it is going to stay for the first part of the evening, gradually moving into the wales and south—west england as we go through the night, before the skies clear and the windsare light. it's going to be a cold night for the time of year, temperatures in towns and cities between 7—10 degrees.
5:55 pm
in the countryside, cold enough for a nip of frost in rural parts of scotland and not far behind that across northern ireland, england and wales in the coldest spots. a chilly start to the day tomorrow, fewer showers to go around and more in the way of sunshine. a better kind of day, a crisp start for most, early morning mist patches fading away. shower clouds will begin to build late morning, early afternoon. they will mainly affect central and eastern england. away from that, plenty of sunshine and feeling warmer. highs typically 15—18 degrees. this is bbc news. in an the headlines at 6pm: police evacuate several properties in sunbury—on—thames in surrey as officers search a house in connection with yesterday's bomb attack in west london. it follows the arrest of an 18—year—old man in the port area of dover over the attack, in which 30 people were injured. on and on that critical.
5:56 pm
we urge the public to remain vigilant but not alarmed. at least four people have died after a crash involving several vehicles on the m5 motorway in gloucestershire. the foreign secretary borisjohnson revives his promise of more funding for the nhs after brexit. also in the next hour, hundreds of thousands of passengers
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