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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11. police say the terror threat level remains "critical", after they arrest a man at the port of dover in connection with yesterday's attack at parsons green. it's a very significant arrest. if there are other people responsible it's ourjob to find them — and that is part of the reason why we are remaining at critical at the moment. armed police are searching a house in surrey that's linked to the suspect. it's the home of a couple who provide foster care. she's fostered generations and generations of children and i've never known anyone more dedicated to the community and helping people. four people have been killed, after a lorry crashed through the central reservation on the m5. a woman and two children are in a life—threatening condition. also in the next hour, some passengers are left stranded abroad after ryanair implements a programme of flight cancellations. the airline says it plans to axe up to 50 services a day for the next six weeks to clear a backlog of staff leave. and we'll be talking a look
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at tomorrow's front pages, including the observer which focuses on the investigation into the bomb attack on the london underground. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the police have described the arrest of an 18—year—old man in connection with the london tube attack as very significant. they say they are keeping "an open mind" on whether more than one person was responsible for the bombing. the 18—year—old is suspected of planting the device, which detonated yesterday on a train at parsons green station, injuring 30 people. the teenager was taken into custody this morning, in the departure area at dover. police have been searching a house, linked to the suspect, in sunbury on thames — it's the home of an elderly couple
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who provide foster care. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford reports from sunbury on thames the hunt for the london tube bomber led this afternoon to this surrey council estate, and a mauve terrace house. fearing an explosion during their search, counterterrorism officers evacuated residents from several streets around the property. there could be a bomb down there, and they were telling me i could go into my house, even though there could be a bomb. i'm really scared. the couple living in the house being searched by the police, ron and pennyjones, are well—known for fostering teenagers, including refugees. they were even given mbes by the queen. she has fostered generations and generations of children. i've never known anyone more dedicated to the community and helping people. itjust shows you, doesn't it, maybe after all these years she's a bit too trusting. even the best people can be made a fool of. the house was raided after police
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arrested an 18—year—old man in the departure area of the port of dover just before 8am this morning. the port also had to be partially evacuated. it was an arrest senior detectives described as very significant, and was the first sign of a major breakthrough. at this stage we are keeping an open mind around whether more than one person is responsible for the attack. and we are still pursuing numerous lines of enquiry and at great pace. it seems that the improvised explosive device at parsons green station, a bomb in a bucket, had failed to go off properly. that bag is on fire. but it produced a sheet of flame in the carriage. 30 people ended up in casualty, and three were still in chelsea and westminster hospital this morning. but despite today's arrest, the official terrorism threat assessment in the uk is still at its highest level, with armed officers patrolling stations and busy venues like premier league football games. the threat level remains
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at critical, and there will be further investigations in part of the operation later today. we urge the public to remain vigilant but not alarmed, and we hope to come back with more news in due course. this has clearly been a good day for officers investigating the parsons green tube bomb, but they are not yet completely confident that the immediate threat is over. daniel sandford, bbc news, sunbury—on—thames. four people have been killed, and a woman and two children are critically ill in hospital, after an accident on the m5 in south gloucestershire. a lorry crashed through the central reservation, colliding with at least two ca rs. the motorway between almondsbury and falfield remains closed in both directions. jon kay has sent this report. horrific and harrowing — the words from police tonight to describe the m5 crash. the motorway was busy when the lorry
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smashed through the central reservation into three lanes of oncoming traffic, hitting at least two other vehicles before ending up in a ditch. as well as the four people who died this afternoon, a woman and two children have life—threatening injuries. the lorry driver was taken to hospital as a precaution. eyewitnesses have told us that as soon as the accident had happened, people abandoned their cars on the carriageway and ran to the scene to help out, with those who were medically trained offering first aid to the injured. there was a senior gp, myself as a cardiologist. we scanned the area to see who was affected. we found the truck driver, who was ok, but his legs was trapped in the car itself. and then we went to see the other people. there were two fatalities at least in the first car. there was loads of cars on the right—hand side, loads of people helping out, but itjust looked like, when we got out of our car, it was clear that it was standing still.
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itjust looked like pandemonium, but loads of people helping out. loads of blues and twos came down. they were amazing. police praised the courage of those who helped and have asked for patience while they investigate and clear the scene. the m5 is the main route between the midlands and the south—west of england, and the crash has led to long delays and diversions. although a small amount of traffic has been allowed past the night, the motorway is expected to remain shut in both directions for several hours. jon kay, bbc news, south gloucestershire. ryanair is facing a wave of complaints, after announcing it is cancelling up to 50 flights a day for the next six weeks. the move could affect hundreds of thousands of people. some passengers who've already flown abroad with ryanair, have been informed by text that their flight back to the uk has been cancelled. our business correspondent joe lynam reports. it's europe's busiest airline, but it's grounding hundreds of its own planes. in doing so, it's ruining holidays for thousands of its own customers,
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some of whom are now stranded overseas. carrie—ann woodgate is in poland and was e—mailed by ryanair. the next flight out of here is next thursday. we can't get through to anyone at ryanair, we can't get through to a manager, live chat doesn't work, the app doesn't work. if you do ring ryanair on customer services, all you get is, "we're having a very large volume of calls." you betcha! others have had to cancel their holidays. they text me the evening before the morning i was supposed to fly, so, yeah, pretty disappointed. lost a holiday out of it, and lost some money as well. ryanair says that air traffic control issues and weather, as well as a surge in pilots and cabin crew taking their holidays, is forcing it to ground up to 50 flights a day until the end of october. but that's still only 2% of the airline's entire flight schedule. but passengers set to fly with ryanair in the coming weeks simply don't know whether their flight
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will actually take off. it could be cancelled right up to the moment they arrive in the airport. the spin that ryanair is putting on this is saying, we want to make our timekeeping better, so we're putting more planes on the ground in case something goes wrong. i must say, from the passengers' perspective, someone like me who has got a booking on ryanair in the next few weeks, that looks like total tosh. basically, it's a massive administrative foul up. all their cabin crew and pilots are taking their holidays before the end of the year. so, what could you get back if you're affected? eu rules say you are entitled to a new flight or full compensation if your flight is cancelled. the airline also has to cover your food and accommodation if you're stranded, and it should offer to pay for a flight with a rival airline if it can't get you on another flight to your final destination. all this means that these cancellations could cost ryanair‘s enigmatic boss michael o'leary up to £100 million. it's difficult to put a price, though, on damage to the airline's reputation.
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joe lynam, bbc news. borisjohnson has reviewed the controversial claim that the uk will save £350 million a week by leaving the eu, which could be spend on the nhs. the foreign secretary set out his vision of what he called britain's ‘glorious future‘ after brexit in a newspaper article. labour and the liberal democrats said government divisions had been laid bare, and accused mrjohnson of plotting a challenge to theresa may's leadership. our political correspondent alex forsyth says it is a significant intervention by borisjohnson. this is a long and in—depth article on which borisjohnson is making the case for a bold and thriving brexit. co ntroversially case for a bold and thriving brexit. controversially he repeats the claim that leaving the eu will free up 350 million a week. on the brexit till he says the uk must settle its accou nts he says the uk must settle its accounts but should not pay for access to the customs union and
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single market. he makes no mention of the transition deal. many see this as a direct challenge to theresa may, and that causes anger in the tory party. but those close to borisjohnson say in the tory party. but those close to boris johnson say that in the tory party. but those close to borisjohnson say that is not the case at all and he is just making the case for a positive brexit. he knows this will pay our well with tori brexiteers, those who think the current leadership lacks vision, and this comes less than a week before the prime minister is due to give a big speech of her own on brexit. there are plenty who think this is just as much about borisjohnson‘s political future, as it just as much about borisjohnson‘s politicalfuture, as it is just as much about borisjohnson‘s political future, as it is about the future of the country. the united nations says more than 400,000 refugees are now known to have arrived in bangladesh from neighbouring myanmar in the last three weeks. bangladesh, which is struggling to cope with the influx, has said it will build a massive camp to house the refugees — and plans restrictions to prevent them settling in other parts of the country. in syria, russian troops have taken control of the eastern city of deir al—zor, forcing out so—called islamic state fighters. the city had been held by islamic state for three years.
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russia's presence in the country has helped president assad hold onto power, despite the country's civil war. the bbc‘s steve rosenberg is the first british journalist to enter deir al—zor, since is was driven out. on a russian military helicopter, we are heading east across syria. we are escorted by two gunships in case we come under attack. eventually, we arrive in deir al—zour, a city only starting to recoverfrom a nightmare. for three years, this part of town was cut off from the rest of the world, surrounded by is fighters. well, with the help of russian air power, the syrian army broke that siege just a few days ago. now people here tell us that is militants have been pushed back around three miles. but security is still a concern. russian special forces
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accompany us to the market. the syrian soldiers here, well, they're a little more relaxed. supplying the city with food and drink and medicine is easier now. during the siege, deir al—zour had to rely on humanitarian aid by air. thanks to god, thanks to the syrian army and the russian army, this man says, syria is victorious. there is still fighting in deir al—zour, but the syrian army has reclaimed much territory in and around the city. this oil—rich region was the heart of islamic state's economy. defeating is here would be a major victory for president assad. life may be returning to this city, but there's still danger here. steve rosenberg, bbc news, deir al—zour. north korea's leader kimjong—un has said his goal is to match the military power of the united states. his comments come after
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the united nations security council described the latest missile test overjapan as highly provocative. washington has again warned pyongyang of possible military action. but russia and china say diplomacy is the only solution. stephen mcdonnell reports from seoul. north korea has released footage which it says is of its latest ballistic missile test, the day after it was carried out. also images of an elated kim jong—un, present at the site. the country's state media has quoted their leader as saying "this was to achieve equilibrium force, so that the us would not even talk about a military move against his regime". across the pacific, washington is considering its next move. we've been kicking the can down the road and we're out of road. so for those who have said and been commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. it's not what we would prefer to do. we call on all nations to do
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everything we can to address this global problem, short of war. when the us administration talks about everyone, that really means china. yet beijing says it's the americans who are not upholding their end of the un sanctions bargain. translation: the un resolution also calls for reopening dialogue and resolving the issue through consulations. the resolutions should be implemented fully. meanwhile, with no solution in sight, the public in south korea and japan are left wondering what their futures might hold. in both countries, it's not only the hawks who are considering if they are being adequately protected from a nuclear armed neighbour. here in seoul, not surprisingly, the current crisis is dominating politics. there's an opposition party petition being circulated, in an attempt to collect ten million
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south korean signatures calling for the reintroduction of tactical nuclear weapons here. the government says this willjust inflame the situation here. and increase this threat to the country's citizens. and just one hour's drive away, north korea says it is close to reaching full nuclear capability. we'll have a full paper review at 11:30 but first, let's have a quick look at some of the front pages. the observer leads on the news that an eighteen—year—old man is being questioned by counter—terrorism police in connection with the parsons green attack the mail on sunday reports that theresa may's allies have accused boris johnson of treachery after he staged an open revolt over her plans for a ‘soft‘ brexit. the sunday telegraph claims that cabinet ministers, michael gove and priti patel have thrown their weight behind the foreign secretary's vision for brexit.
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the sunday times says the chancellor is considering slashing the annual tuition fee universities can charge to £7,500, saving every student at least £5,000 on the cost of a degree. the sunday express leads on the news that armed police raided a home owned by an elderly couple who've fostered hundreds of children — hours after arresting a teenager in connection with the parsons green bombing. the headlines: police say they are keeping an open mind about whether there were more than one person behind the parsons green attack. and a decision by ryanair had to cancel 50 flights per day over the next
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weeks provokes anger amongst passengers. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's tim.. england have lost the west indies. chasing 177 to win, it looked like they would get there, but they lost key wickets and he does. the english cricketing summer may be coming to an end, but there was a more through found. nobody lights up this form of the game more than chris gayle. when he arrives at this late in the season, they really notices. chris gayle scored quickly but was not hurried. run out, it was a moment for england. others followed his
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lead. was there for a moment threatened, it was the west indies' total that was the real worry. alex hales fared better, offering england hope. but it was fleeting. he players came and went. like the english summer, it was all over too soon. manchester city is maintained their impressive start the with the 6-0 their impressive start the with the 6—0 win over watford, topping the premier league table. that is 15 and u na nswered premier league table. that is 15 and unanswered goals in three days for them. it is complicated. after three
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games, away again. just, i am so happy for the players, for their commitment, fallen, and yes, three more points, it is fantastic. to continue return to liverpool's starting line—up, but could not prevent them being held to a macro to draw. liverpool racked up 35 attem pts to draw. liverpool racked up 35 attempts at goal, but almost lost in the end. in the daily‘s other games... birmingham city have sacked harry
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redknapp after six straight defeats. the former tottenham and portsmouth boss kept them up last season. after signing 1a players in the summer, they sit bottom. sebastian vettel will be hoping to regain the formula one championship lead from britain's lewis hamilton
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after claiming pole position for tomorrow's singapore grand prix. the ferrari driver was three tenths of a second quicker than red bull's max verstappen around the marina bay street circuit. australian daniel ricciardo was third fastest. hamilton was more than half a second off the pace and will start from fifth on the grid. and some breaking news to bring you — the double olympic champion nicola adams' fight against alexandra vlajk has been cancelled. adams was due to meet vlajk in a junior bantamweight bout on the canelo alvarez vs gennady golovkin undercard in las vegas. that's all the sport for now. liberal democrats have gathered in bournemouth for their annual conference, the first since vince cable became leader of the party. our political correspondent eleanor garnier is at the conference and said the party will be looking at how to move forward after the general election. i think there is going to be our lot of soul—searching at this lib dem conference in bournemouth. lots of thinking about the state of the party, and why didn't do better in the general election earlier this year. the liberal democrats are the most pro—eu party out there. you would think there would have the pick of the 48% of those who voted
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to remain in the referendum. jeremy corbyn has been moving further to the left, so the liberal democrats believe there is a hole in the middle of british politics that is theirs for the taking. but at that howard, they had 57 mps. —— but at their height. after the general election, they did not get the result they were hoping for. i asked vince cable how big a charge it easy and his party faces. we had mixed results. we got more mps, an enormous increase in our membership, and there is an enormous energy. the resulted in a two—hour expectations. british politics is being divided between the hard left and the hard right. it will be looking for sensible middle ground politics. and thatis sensible middle ground politics. and that is what we can provide. you obviously are up for it is by being to write a novel and other things. it is not really a poisoned chalice, being new lib dem leader?m
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it is not really a poisoned chalice, being new lib dem leader? it is a challenge, but i wouldn't have taken it on ifi challenge, but i wouldn't have taken it on if i was not optimistic. there are a lot of things going for us. instead of british politics, where it is really polarised and people are looking for solutions, not ideological extremes, i can we move into space. it is cabled the person to ta ke into space. it is cabled the person to take the party into that space. there has been a lot of talk at this conference about his career. he was one of the few politicians to forecast the financial crash. but at 74, forecast the financial crash. but at 7a, and has not gone into retirement, but has instead given himself a challenge. three years ago prince harry founded the invictus games, an international sports event for wounded service personnel. and next week, 90 competitors — the uk's biggest team yet — will take part in
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the games in canada. pa ra—athlete steve brown, a former wheelchair rugby captain, has been to meet a fellow athlete competing who's determined not to let a life—changing injury hold him back. obviously, that was the vehicle where i was on patrol. it was 20 or 30 feet away that i was out, face down. life goes on. go to keep moving. steve robinson graduated from the raf one—day art after his 80th birthday. he proudly served his country in afghanistan and iraq. but his life was changed forever when his life was changed forever when his vehicle driver of an improvised explosive device, or ied. they were in helmand province in 2013. my only overriding memory of that whole time
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was the fact that because i could see, it was ok. at that moment that you wanted yourself locked eyes, there must have been a moment for her, as much as you. she knew that despite what had happened, she knew was me. i managed to take the first ever get out of hospital. i am walking about and moving. it is time to get involved in sport. i am using the invictus games as a massive tool to get on. it is a process that i know well. fire was injured 13 years ago, i was introduced a wheelchair by, ago, i was introduced a wheelchair rugby, and eventually lead at the gb gym. it is crazy to save the worst replay in 2012, as captain, and now
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you are invictus games captain, going up your second captaincy. you are invictus games captain, going up your second captaincym you are invictus games captain, going up your second captaincy. if i would have known back then... it was great are you guys play, i think a little bit subconsciously, it keeps fire that my desire to play the sport. more than 300 people applied tojoin the uk sport. more than 300 people applied to join the uk squad. that sport. more than 300 people applied tojoin the uk squad. that is sport. more than 300 people applied to join the uk squad. that is the biggest number since prince harry founded the games in 2014.|j biggest number since prince harry founded the games in 2014. i think a dozen of 14 was an exciting opportunity. we had no idea what the outcomes would be, and how would grow. what we have seen over the last two years to bring a suit 2017 is such an appetite from the public, and such a positive impact will. —— impact. steve brown reporting, there. a koala has been rescued after it crawled into the wheel arch
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of a vehicle and went on a 10 milejourney. she was found clinging to the axle of a four—wheel drive after the driver stopped and heard her cry. the wheel had to be taken off to free the koala, but she was uninjured. after a few days of resting and feeding in captivity, she was released into the forest. not too sure at first. her little faster they found her, she seemed so shocked. time to the faster they found her, she seemed so shocked. time to the weather, faster they found her, she seemed so shocked. time to the weather, with sarah. it has been a mixed sort of day out there. some sunshine and showers that then continues into the second half of the weekend, as well. he was the day as he entered it in lincolnshire. we have if few heavy showers to come over the next few hours. generally, things are coming down. high—pressure nudges and from the atlantic, there. low pressure city to the east of uk, driving some
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showery rain. at the moment, have you rain across the south wales a supect england as well, and a few showers in the channel, where there could be the rumble of thunder. but most of us are clear and dry, with rents falling like to. temperatures falling quickly, and through the early hours of sunday morning, it will be 8—11 in towns and cities. some spots could get too near freezing as well. they've fresh start for the day. mist fog around. but after a chilly start, they did that make a better day than saturday. to start the morning, mist fog. a few showers, particularly obvious south coast. they should ease through the day, then further inland, we should have showers bobbling up in the afternoon. some areas will avoid the carpet italy in
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the north and west. temperatures for most of us about 14—18d. a cool breeze feeding in off the north sea across eastern scotland and eastern parts of england. double drawings and showers overnight and as we move into monday. during the day on monday, not a bad one. that low pressure city not far away at, towards ease. this ridge of high pressure will be driving our weather into monday jasika mitu. pressure will be driving our weather into mondayjasika mitu. that pressure will be driving our weather into monday jasika mitu. that breeze coming in the north sea brings a showers suit scotland and eastern england, but most parts of the country winner. between showers, in the sunshine, it will tell pleasant. —— feel. a similar day on tuesday. most of us will be dry with the old shower, and we will see temperatures of 15-18d. a shower, and we will see temperatures of 15—18d. a bit of rain lately to the middle part of this week, but
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this weather is looking pretty optimistic into next weekend, as temperatures start to climb into next cover. —— next september. will


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