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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 17, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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has sent nearly 320 tonnes of waste back to the united states. translation: we required the countries to ship the trash back as soon as we found it to prevent any environmental pollution it might bring us. officials say it's even being illegally smuggled in, sometimes with hazardous waste, damaging the environment and public health. customs inspectors will look for 2h types of solid waste now being banned, including plastics, unsorted scrap paper and manufacturing by—products. translation: prohibited solid waste has a hazardous impact on people's lives. it affects drinking water, ground water and air. china's industrial boom has also left its struggling to dispose of all the waste, adding to environmental concerns. the garbage that is being phased out will be replaced by domestic resources. rylee carlson, bbc news. ‘s in a few minutes viewers on bbc one willjoin us for a full round up us for a full round up
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of the day's news with clive myrie. it felt 0k in the september sunshine but temperatures were still below parfor but temperatures were still below par for the but temperatures were still below parfor the time of but temperatures were still below par for the time of year. we had some sunshine in the west but also showers through the day. some of those were really heavy, with some thunder and hail. this was one of those downpours as it went through harrogate early in the day. overnight, showers continued to pester central and eastern areas but then begin to fade away. as temperatures begin to fall overnight, low cloud is likely to form over eastern, southern and central parts of england, with mist and fog hatches. we keep the clear skies in the north—west of the uk and this is where the lowest temperatures will be, getting close
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to freezing in the court this parts in scotland, northern england and northern wales. chilly on monday morning but a fine start to the day for most of us. late morning, or early afternoon, we will see the showers breaking out and again it is gci’oss showers breaking out and again it is across central and southern england where we see the showers. more persistent rain possible in the north later in the day. temperatures typically 15—18. a ridge of high pressure braille built in for tuesday. temperatures 15—18. it is through tuesday night that we then see a switch in the wind, coming more from the south—west. it will push milder and atlantic air across the uk. tuesday night onwards, we will lose those low temperatures overnight. even in the countryside, close to double figures. wednesday,
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a changing the weather. south—westerly wind and the slow—moving band of rain in the west bringing heavy and persistent rain. localised flooding is possible also cloudy skies in southern and central england. where the cloud breaks up and we see sunshine, the temperatures could reach the low 20s. temperatures could reach the low 205. a temperatures could reach the low 20s. a lot warmer than recent days. the uk terror threat level is reduced from critical to severe, meaning an attack is no longer considered imminent. the change comes as a second man is arrested after friday's bomb attack on the london underground. an 18—year—old, suspected of planting the device, remains in custody. put your hands in the air! new footage shows the moment police raided the home of two elderly foster carers linked to the teenage suspect. police are continuing their forensic search of the property. also tonight: borisjohnson is accused of misusing official statistics, after again claiming britain will save £350 million a week by leaving the eu.
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there's a new warning on myanmar‘s refugee crisis, as aid agencies say more than a thousand children have fled a military offensive, without their parents. and manchester united spoil wayne rooney's return to old trafford, trouncing his new club everton, in the premier league. good evening. the home secretary has announced that the uk terror threat level, has been reduced from critical to severe, meaning an attack is no longer considered imminent. the change comes after the arrest of a second man, in connection with friday's bomb attack on an underground train, at parsons green station in london.
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the 21—year—old suspect was detained at a house in stanwell near heathrow last night. an 18—year—old arrested earlier at dover, and suspected of planting the bomb, is remains in custody. police are still searching a house linked to the teenager at sunbury on thames. well tom symonds is at stanwell, where the latest arrest took place. rapid progress and greater clarity, thatis rapid progress and greater clarity, that is how the police describe this unfolding investigation. they raided to this second house in west london, close to heathrow airport, earlier this morning. they arrested a 21—year—old man. neighbours described him as friendly. they had friends come down from scotland. he had his friends out there with his prayer mat and so forth but we didn't think nothing of
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it. we just thought he was a nice neighbour. come to the front door now! with your hands in the air! three miles away in sunbury, this was the first police raid yesterday, on the home of two elderly foster pa rents. on the home of two elderly foster parents. they were led away by heavily armed police, who sealed off the road. this man saw what happened and knows the couple well. they did their best to guide them, that is why they work awarded the award they had. it isjust a shame if this one... it is nothing to do with them. how do you know? he said they had been looking after a young refugee who had been troubled and wa nted refugee who had been troubled and wanted to run away, but he said another young man, originally from iraq, had been living here for several years. the police has been
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told that the suspect arrested in dover yesterday is iraqi. police say this house is directly linked to that arrest. detectives have given no further details but they are scrutinising the house closely. police tents have been set up to protect possible evidence. however, a 100 metre cordon, putting for public safety, was removed today. following friday, police raised the threat level to critical, now it has been reduced again, suggesting police have a better understanding of the way the plot was prepared. the centre that sets the level has lowered it from critical to severe. that still means attack is highly likely, so i would attack the word encourage everyone to be vigilant but not alarmed. terrorism suspects can be held in police custody for more “—
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can be held in police custody for more —— longer than usual without charge, to 1a days. this inquiry has a long way to run. the reduction of the terror threat level, does that suggest, as far as friday's bomb attack is concerned, that police believe they have those they believe are responsible in custody?” believe they have those they believe are responsible in custody? i think what you can say based on this assessment, which is an assessment the government makes based on police evidence gathered so far and what the intelligence services are saying, what you can say about that is they don't think there's going to be an imminent plot to attack the public. that doesn't mean that they can necessarily say that they have all of those that might have been responsible for what happened on friday in custody. and the reason for that is that police investigations of this sort rely very heavily on getting to grips with the network of those who might carry out attacks on the public.
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they want to know who their friends and acquaintances are, here and abroad, beyond any plotting that might have gone on. they will be using messaging services, they will be looking at messages sent on that sort of service, gathering phones, gathering financial data, really anything that you can think of that will help them get an understanding of who the attacker or attackers we re of who the attacker or attackers were and who they are connected to. thank you. borisjohnson has been accused of misusing official figures, for repeating the claim that the uk will free up £350 million a week by leaving the european union. the head of the uk statistics authority said he was "disappointed" by the claim. it came as two cabinet ministers accused the foreign secretary of "back—seat driving" by setting out his personal vision of britain's future after brexit, in a newspaper article. our political correspondent alex forsyth reports. he was at the heart of a campaign
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that divided the closest of colleagues. borisjohnson that divided the closest of colleagues. boris johnson made that divided the closest of colleagues. borisjohnson made the case for brexit then... is it not time we took back control? and he has restated it right now and repeated this. it is perfectly true and verifiable, that there is slightly more than £350 million a week that we do not control. the head of the uk statistics authority said today this was a clear misuse of official statistics, something that has angered borisjohnson. but some cabinet colleagues are not thrilled with the foreign secretary either. i do not want him managing the brexit process. we have to may managing it. she is driving the car andl managing it. she is driving the car and i want to make sure we help her do that. said this is back-seat driving? yes. boris johnson's article asked for a bold brexit,
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leading to cabinet splits and an attempt to undermine the premiership, it was claimed. political opponents say he should be sacked. it is a terrible situation and puts theresa may in a impossible situation. it is like a school under control with a headmistress impotent. the cabinet office has said it is committed to getting a best brexit deal. borisjohnson says he is fully behind the prime minister, who is leading negotiations. but privately there is frustration and some anger at the nature and timing of this intervention, coming less than a week before the prime minister is due to make a major speech on brexit of her own in florence on friday. in an interview with american television recorded last week and broadcast today, she described her vision for life outside the eu. some
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people look at brexit and think it is turning inward. it is not. it is about as looking outward to the rest of the world but ensuring we can control our laws, money and borders. now it is over to the prime minister to ensure she can carry out her plan of brexit and show her party she can deliver. a woman party she can deliver. awoman and party she can deliver. a woman and two children remained critically ill in hospital after a collision on the m5 in gloucester which left four people dead. a lorry crashed through the central reservation yesterday, hitting vehicles. our reporter is there. the northbound carriageway is still closed. more than 2a hours on and this northbound section between junctions 14 northbound section between junctions 1a and 16 remains closed, as the emergency services continue their investigation, trying to decipher exactly what happened in this horrific incident. a tragedy that
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led to the deaths of four individuals and left three in a life—threatening condition. it was described by one eyewitness as an utterly horrific incident. a lorry travelling north on the m5 just outside of bristol colliding with two cars. several motorists rushed to help those injured. four we re rushed to help those injured. four were killed, three critically injured. a woman was taken to southmead hospital and two children to the bristol children's hospital for treatment. all three are in a life—threatening condition. it is understood and 18 tonne lorry travelling southbound on the m5 crashed through the central reservation before colliding with two vehicles on the other side of the motorway. due to the high speeds and high impact of this accident, the clean—up operation has been taking longer than expected. parenti
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teams have been combing the area throughout the night and most of the day. —— forensic teams. they are searching for any clues to help determine how this tragedy unfolded. we are looking at
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