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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8:00 — as theresa may attempts to reassert her authority over brexit talks, boris johnson confirms she's very much the one in charge. ryanair has said it expects to pay compensation of 18 million to passengers on flights the company has cancelled and apologised for having to scrap up to 50 flights a day until the end of october. new cctv footage, appears to show the parsons green tube bomber, in the hours before last week's explosion. two men are still being questioned by police. hurricane maria has strengthened to an "extremely dangerous" category four hurricane as it heads towards the leeward islands in the caribbean. and we will hear from the man who was sent to jail orjust and we will hear from the man who was sent to jail or just after the g re nfell tower was sent to jail or just after the grenfell tower the photograph in one of the victims in a body bag and then posting it on social media. it
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was a then posting it on social media. it wasa grim then posting it on social media. it was a grim and sad case. what was he thinking? —— for photographing. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the prime minister has insisted she is in the brexit driving seat, after the foreign secretary boris johnson set out his own vision for leaving the european union. theresa may was speaking on a visit to canada. our deputy political editor john pienaar reports from ottawa. well, it's good to be shown some proper respect from time to time. if only theresa may's fellow ministers at home were this drilled and disciplined, as it is, the prime minister had to cross another ocean to find a political colleague willing to say the right things about brexit on cue. very good to be here,
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as i said to you when i came in, this is my first visit to canada. it's great that i can have meetings with you and to come here to the parliament. as it moves forward with brexit, we're going to make sure that the relationship between canada and the uk stays as strong as it always has been. she'd come a long way, but not far enough to avoid nagging questions about her foreign secretary, who'd upset colleagues, plotting his own path to brexit. mrs may, it's an important week for brexit, starting here, ending in florence. but after seeing your foreign secretary accused by senior colleagues of back—seat driving, can you say that you are truly in command of your cabinet and brexit policy? and will you tolerate more back—seat driving in future? look, the uk government is driven from the front and we all have the same destination in our sights, that is getting a good deal for brexit
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with the european union. that's a good trade deal, but also a good ongoing relationship in relation to other matters like security. i've spoken in the past of the deep and special partnership that we want to build with the european union. so he wasn't in charge, theresa may was. borisjohnson‘s at the un in new york, waiting for theresa may, making no excuses for writing his own brexit script, just mixing with the powerful and wondering why all the fuss. as for back—seat driving, honestly, there's one driver in this car, to use amber's metaphor, which is often used, quite rightly, it's theresa. people want to know where we're going. i think that it's a good thing to have a bit of an opening drum roll about what this country can do. cabinet splits are widening and now michael gove is back among boris johnson's friends. he's been friend, enemy, now friend again. serving tea to journalists camped at his home and urging people on twitter to give his fellow brexiteer a fair hearing. still more trouble today
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as it emerged the top official at the brexit department has suddenly left his role. he's trusted enough to do more than carry theresa may's bag, though. he'll stay on as a negotiator. but it's more brexit disruption. in at ottowa, the prime minister's had other problems, shoulder to shoulder in support of bombardier, canadian aerospace company, which employs thousands in northern ireland, now accused of breaking trade rules in the usa. it was also time to talk trade after brexit and again, the canadian leader wanted to be helpful. within the european union, the uk is the largest trading partner that canada has. so the uk was deeply involved throughout those negotiations towards cita over the past seven years. it will form the basis for the way we move forward in a post—brexit europe. places to go, people to see.
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the latest visit had gone well. butjust now, the next upset, the next setback never seems very far away. the boss of ryanair has apologised for "messing up", after the airline announced it's cancelling a0 to 50 flights every day for the next six weeks. michael o'leary blamed mistakes in allocating leave for his pilots, and said ryanair could face a compensation bill of 18 million. here's richard westcott. rya nair‘s been distinctly "unsatisflying" for thousands of customers recently, last minute cancellations leaving their plans up in the air. people complain that they've been ignored. so what's the boss got to say? this is our mess—up. when we make a mess in ryanair, which come out with our hands up, we try to explain why we've made the mess and we will pay compensation to those passengers who are entitled to compensation, which will be those flights that are cancelled over the next two weeks.
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passengers have been venting on social media. neil says he'll never book with ryanair again because they've been left to their own devices. ciara says the company's e—mailed her about car hire and accommodation. she just wants to know if she'll make her sister's wedding. ryanair left me stranded in krakow and gave me no option to get home at a reasonable time, so i took matters into my own hands and spent 500 quid on tickets for myself, my partner and my mother to get back to london on another carrier. ryanair have cancelled two of our flights home, which means that we're stuck in madrid. we've had to pay hundreds of pounds extra, had to book another hotel and also extra flights to get back. and the communication from ryanair has been absolutely atrocious. we don't even know why it's been cancelled. we're just really desperate to get home now. this is the uk base for ryanair, stansted airport. there have been 17 cancellations today as a result of these changes. there'll be 11 tomorrow, 15 the next day and so on and so on for weeks. ryanair flatly denies that it's got a shortage of pilots making the problem worse,
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but that's not what a number of current ryanair pilots have told the bbc. they talk of a large backlog in training because there aren't enough simulators and staff, of colleagues leaving in droves because they don't like the way they're treated. one said the company was appalling at making staff feel valued. last year alone, 140 pilots left ryanair for rival norwegian. the company is now under pressure to make it easy for people to get some money back. when people are talking to ryanair, we would expect that they're fully complying with all their legal duties so that they're really clear about the compensation you're owed, what expenses you'll get and when you'll actually get to fly. ryanair says it'll all be over by november, but one current pilot told me he fears a repeat next summer unless the company gets better at keeping its staff. scotland yard has been given more time to question two men suspected of the terror attack
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on the london underground last week. the announcement was made as new cctv footage was released of a possible suspect — a man carrying a lidl bag — and walking near parson's green tube station. thirty people were injured in the bombing. hurricane maria, which is bearing down on the eastern caribbean, has strengthened to a category four storm and has been described as extremely dangerous. puerto rico has declared a state of emergency. maria now has sustained winds of 120 miles an hour. it's due to hit the british and us virgin islands and puerto rico in the next 48 hours, just ten days after they were devastated by hurricane irma. guadeloupe has ordered mandatory evacuations, and martinique is on maximum alert. on the line is lena samuels who is on the island of st kitts which is currently directly in the path of the storm. when you expecting the storm to hit?
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around midnight or any time between midnight. everybody has been preparing for it. we know the winds will be quite strong and we are expecting the sea to get up to the swell of around 20 feet. they are on high alert, as it were. it was due to be the independence day celebrations tomorrow and those have been cancelled until further notice. they were spared the worst of it when it came to hurricane irma? they we re when it came to hurricane irma? they were able, with a great deal of team effort,. they were able, with a great deal of team effort, . they managed were able, with a great deal of team effort,. they managed to get their power back within about 20 minutes after it was lost. they did pretty
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well. —— 20 — 48 hours. they have requested a mandatory evacuation for that part of the island that received some of the big cruise ships. they are requiring people to leave their homes because they are worried about the sea swell. storm surge shelters and evacuation points, one assumes they are all pretty full now? they have eight districts so they have made the announcement earlier run today, getting people to motivate themselves to get down there. they are trying to encourage the spirit of community and getting those who might be more vulnerable to help them get over to the shelters. the emergency management agency have issued emergency phone numbers as well for people to get in contact with them if they are concerned.
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they are having a dry run and are using it as an opportunity to build on that and making sure everyone is informed. they are turning the water off at hpm local time this evening. they are five hours behind the uk so people have gone out and stocked up on lots and lots of water to, not sure when it will be turned back on. thank you forjoining us. a massive fire has broken out at a warehouse in london — 120 firefighters are tackling the blaze. london fire brigade says 20 fire engines are at the scene in white hart lane in tottenham. photos show flames and thick black smoke billowing from the building. let's get more on this with sarah fowler who lives just behind the scene of the blaze. that is quite a sight you have got
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there. it looks like it is a massive fire. i would say it broke out about three hours ago. we were alerted to it by the emergency vehicles that arrived on the street. it is a big industrial park behind their so doesn't seem to be affecting any residential properties but i would say our garden and all the neighbouring gardens are about 50 yards away from the buildings that are on fire at the moment. any idea of what kind of businesses are over there? there is a big self storage warehouse. i have had there is a plastic factory at one end of the lot, there is a turkish food supermarket. i think there is also a tyre factory as well. all very industrial. when did you realise all this was taking place? it was around eight o'clock. i saw a flashing blue
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light coming from the garden and when i looked up from the bedroom window which is where i am now looked upstairs and there was a huge fire that it was much further down to one side to what you are seeing 110w. to one side to what you are seeing now. it has moved quite rapidly along the buildings so now it is directly in front of the property. the property in front of us immediately isn't on fire but what is behind it is. they are trying to prevent the fire from spreading to the residential properties. prevent the fire from spreading to the residential propertieslj prevent the fire from spreading to the residential properties. i would say, that looks incredibly close to your house, sarah. no suggestion from the authorities are so far that you should leave? not yet, no. i have been told that while it is not necessarily under control, what they have got under the control is the site. they haven't given us the green light to evacuate or anything. i'm feeling pretty confident at the moment. i know it looks bad but the
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fa ct moment. i know it looks bad but the fact that robert xie writing front isn't immediately on fight —— the fa ct isn't immediately on fight —— the fact the property in front isn't immediately on fire, nick smith feel safer. sarah with her life picture there. —— makes me feel safer. that's a summary of the news, newsday is coming up at midnight — now on bbc news it's time for newsnight with evan davis. the uk government is driven from the front and we all have the same destination in our sites. when the prime minister has to remind you she is in charge, she probably has a problem to big for theresa may, it is not merely borisjohnson but the politicking in the party over brexit undermining her ability. we will ask asic divisions about what brexit should mean are getting in the way of the process. what was he thinking? we hear from of the process. what was he thinking? we hearfrom the man sent
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to jail just thinking? we hearfrom the man sent to jailjust after thinking? we hearfrom the man sent to jail just after the grenfell tower fire for photographing one of the victims in a body bag and then posting the pictures on social media. god knows what i was thinking. but i was holding my ipod did it inside i was saying myself, does anybody know this person. they are back! the brains behind 19705 they are back! the brains behind 1970s elect trick pop group sparks. it turns out they never went away. we are more thrilled now to be doing what we have always done. in an uncompromising way after this amount of time and being accepted for a.


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