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and the company is facing a massive compensation bill. sally has joined sally hasjoined us. sally has joined us. she has been sneezing. i'm fine. a tree i will not sneeze for the next eight minutes. let's have a look at what is being said about various events around the world. hurricane maria is going to dominate the headlines over the next few days. this is a huge storm, rapidly intensifying to a category five storm. this is the most category five storm. this is the m ost rea d category five storm. this is the most read articles for the washington post, which is hardly surprising. it said order rico is in line to be hit byjust its second category five hurricane in recorded history. ryanair is dominating all the front pages as well. this is the financial times saying it is facing
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a25 financial times saying it is facing a 25 million euros bill for hundreds of cancelled flights after messing up of cancelled flights after messing up pilots leave. the ft is saying messy —— many passengers vented their fury messy —— many passengers vented theirfury on social messy —— many passengers vented their fury on social media over the decision and it affected everybody from saturday onwards, running through to the middle of october.‘ major through to the middle of october.l major vacation destination in mexico sees a threefold increase in killings for the new york —— the new york times takes a look at the spike in bloodshed, leading to heighten travel warnings that could threaten the industry's tourism. in the bloomberg news, the most read article is its report that toys r us plans to file for bankruptcy. the speculation around america's largest toy chain has seen shares tumble for it's vendors including mattel—which makes barbie and hasbro—the company behind monopoly. all the shares were down.
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ani) in the daily telegraph the headline is: ‘may must unite tories on brexit or lose election, warns the hague.‘ the british prime ministerfacing a cabinet split over eu deal as she prepares key speech setting out her plans. and, ‘the secret to happiness lies in a good night's sleep.‘ research analysed by oxford economics is published in the times and it suggests a good night's sleep will make you happier than a 50% pay rise. not too sure about that. is that why you are so grumpy? am i a grumpy? that's because i haven't had a pay rise. a double whammy. with us is eshe nelson, who is an economics and markets reporter for the us news publication quartz. did you get much sleep? not as much asi did you get much sleep? not as much as i would normally get.|j did you get much sleep? not as much as i would normally get. i know the feeling. let start with the washington post and harragon maria. —— hurricane maria. it is bad enough
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that many people are facing maria right now, but is the second huge hurricane in the area. it is following a similar path, so a lot of countries who have already been completely battered are having to face it again. is not the exact same path, for example it made landfall just yesterday in dominika. it has seen its first category five hurricane in recorded history so they are having to race for an extreme situation. as we mentioned, it is following a similar path. these countries that are dealing with it before, the british virgin islands, they are pretty concerned that debris that is still lying around from the last hurricane could get ripped up again the second time and cause extra damage on top of that. the question will be how do you prepare, a lot of the shelters available and you can see why everyone is reading this, so that it could reach puerto rico. if it stays ata could reach puerto rico. if it stays at a category five, they could see their worst, second worst on they
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have ever faced. it could change and it doesn't take a lot for it to shift direction, or it to lose or gain intensity, so it really depends as it goes. puerto rico as well, as you mentioned, if it were to la ndfall you mentioned, if it were to landfall there, it would be the first major hurricane to do so since 1998 and you do wonder with these countries how they do prepare, how they get themselves ready for this event and if it is countries that don't see them happened that of then, they are less prepared, they have building regulations and things like that that are not in place to withstand these events. you don't wa nt withstand these events. you don't want to be in a situation where you had to deal with the repercussions and try to rebuild. previous hurricanes cause a lot of damage and can take any amount of time. parts of these islands faced a long time ago, they saw homes and buildings rebuilt now. if you haven't had this happen for a long time, you are not
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normally prepared. how much can you really do at this point mr mark part of the hope is that it doesn't sustain that kind of massive intensity. i don't know what i would rather. defacing hurricane maria or stuck because i had a ryanair ticket. it is another big story featured in the ft. ryanair is another big story featured in the ft. rya nair flights to is another big story featured in the ft. ryanair flights to limit damage after flight cancellations lent 25 million euros bills says the ft. this is the time to really know your rights of the passenger, isn't it? absolutely, and that is what has caused frustration. the calculation started on saturday it hurt —— it took them till monday till they heard from what was going on. we are not making it clear what their rights are. you are due compensation, but they can also offer you a replacement flight. the question is, what is a suitable alternative western market might be very different to what you think. ryanair in many cases it seems are not offering alternative life. people are having to find it
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themselves. pay huge amounts of money they haven't really got. it is really stressful for a lot of people. especially if you are away and trying to get home or you have a whole holiday plan. you could do your whole trip in a couple of days. they say they will book another light in three days time. you have missed everything entirely. they say the 25 million euros bill, a $5 million hit to roberts. —— profits. i don't know how big they are seeing it. what we haven't measured is reputational damage and what damage it might have in the long—term and turn the people's perception and if they will book with ryanair in the future. we are being told time is running out. look at the front page of the new york times. they are highlighting something not necessarily in the news. it looks at certain parts of mexico that are very important tourist areas that are having a tough time because
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crime is escalating on a level that is extremely dangerous. a threefold increase as they say, it is astonishing. they mentioned that a lot of the areas it is happening in is in the poorer parts of town. this is in the poorer parts of town. this is also a town which has high—end hotels, 2.1 million visitors, 75% of those are international travellers. it mentions the average cost of a hotel room is $300 a night. this is a really high and location to go to. other parts of town is seeing a huge increase in killings which is concerning. the local public who live there, it will concern anyone who has to travel there. the problem is if they see this impact on their tourism interest —— industry, which is so vital, the re— —— the repercussions could be quite severe. the drop cartels responding, —— drug cartels. bloomberg, toys r us. did
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anyone see this coming? yes, because the country has been downgraded many times by various investment houses. there have been warnings out there. there have been warnings out there. there is no surprise that this country is struggling. the competition is so intense, high street. they have been struggling a while, there have been trained to deal with their financials but it is difficult. as a high street shop, to get your kids along, go to toys r us, whena get your kids along, go to toys r us, when a much easier option is to click and buy online when you are buying all the other things in e. can you do that with toys r us? we a lwa ys can you do that with toys r us? we always blame the internet, we blame amazon, but surely, toys r us, you can buy a toy online? part of toys r us, you go to the huge hot —— shop, it is almost part of the experience. you enjoy those experiences. the pa rents you enjoy those experiences. the parents don't. as you say, toys r us
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has an online offering. you can buy toys from toys r us online, but it was slow to the party as it were, and this is a problem to be high street names. they have the high street presence, and if they haven't adapted quickly enough and well enough online as well, they really struggle. then there are the costs of the overheads, all these massive stalls all over the world. you think of it asa stalls all over the world. you think of it as a store, a sign of the times. the high street is struggling. the shopping walls are struggling. the shopping walls are struggling. thank you. you should be asleep. we are just happy all the time. hello there. with a ridge of high pressure building in for tuesday, it looks like today could actually be the better day of the week for most of us.
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chilly start, mind you, where skies cleared overnight. temperatures in low single figures in some rural spots. here's the ridge of high pressure then. this weather system will be making inroads for wednesday. meanwhile, this is the weather front, which brought the rain during last night. and there could be a few showers across the south—east as that weather front continues to clear away. but, essentially, it's a nice fine, dry start — a chilly start, mind you, and there will be some mist and fog around. so maybe it could be quite dense in places, central, southern areas across the west midlands into cheshire. eventually, it will start to lift during the morning, potentially into low cloud, before breaking up. but you can see plenty of sunshine on the map there, from northern england in towards scotland. for northern ireland, though, clouds will be thickening up, particularly across western areas, but there could be early brightness across the belfast area. but the cloud is thickening up here because of this weather front, which is slowly making inroads off the atlantic. elsewhere, you'll see a little bit of cloud just bubbling up through the day. there could be an isolated shower, but most places will be dry.
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light winds, as well, and despite the chilly start, it should get pleasantly warm into the afternoon. the high teens celsius across central, southern and eastern areas, and there's still some strength in the sunshine. now, as we head on in towards wednesday, this weather front slowly starts to make inroads off the atlantic. we lose our ridge of high pressure, but it will be bringing air from the south—south—west. that's always a mild direction, so temperatures will be on the rise. and, in fact, for the eastern half of the country, it doesn't look too bad. through the day, we'll hold onto some sunny spells, where it will feel quite warm. but further west, it goes downhill, turning windier, outbreaks of rain, quite heavy in parts of western scotland and northern ireland. so mid—teens celsius here, 18 or 19 degrees again across the east and the south—east. now, for thursday, it looks even wetter. this weather front has some pretty heavy rain on it, particularly for the south—west of england, in towards wales, south—west of scotland. could be concerned about rainfall amounts building up there by the time thursday is out.
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again, the south—east escaping, seeing the sunshine, and it'll stay warm. now, let's zoom out, head across the atlantic in towards the caribbean because, of course, we've got the next major hurricane making inroads in towards the leeward islands. now, hurricane maria's a major storm, category 4 storm. it's ploughing through some of the islands as it works its way west—north—west. so we could be looking at some destruction, very heavy rain and flooding, and coastal surge. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. ryanair e—mails 400,000 customers telling them their flights have been cancelled. after days of criticism, the budget airline publishes the full list of more than two—thousand flights which have been grounded, after it says it messed up its pilots holidays. this morning, the team and i will be finding what it means for you, if you've got a flight booked and what the impact is on ryanair‘s reputation. good morning, it's tuesday the 19th of september.
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also this morning.
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