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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: a powerful earthquake strikes central mexico, toppling buildings and leaving at least 130 people dead. many are feared to be trapped in the ruins. i don't know the extent of the damage. what i do know is that dozens of people are desperately removing rubble here because they believe that someone here is trapped. hurricane maria strengthens as it sweeps west across the caribbean. the virgin islands and puerto rico are facing a potentially catastrophic impact. talking tough at the un: president trump threatens to totally destroy north korea — if it threatens the united states. and the north sea gives up a century—old secret: divers discover the wreck of a first world war german submarine. hello.
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a number of search and rescue operations are under way in mexico after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake killed at least 130 people. president enrique pena said 27 buildings had collapsed in the capital and the mayor says some are trapped inside. the capital's airport has suspended operations and the national stock exchange has stopped trading. earlier, many in the city took part in an earthquake drill — exactly 32 years after a quake claimed thousands of lives. we'll have a report from james cook in a moment on the damage in morelas and pueblo sates, but first, here's bbc mundo‘sjuan paullier in mexico city. this is the scene here in mexico city, just a few minutes after an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude struck the capital. i have been without signal
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on my phone since then, so i don't know the extent of the damage. what i do know is that dozens of people are desperately removing rubble here, because they believe someone is trapped. in mexico city, they are struggling to save lives. more than 20 million people live in this metropolis. this earthquake has hit them hard. we left, and when we left, the buildings started collapsing. 30 seconds after we left, the building came down. after the quake, columns of dust rose into the air, showing the devastation. the mexican president says 27 buildings have collapsed in the capital. the huge tremor struck around lunchtime,
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prompting panic and sending people running into the streets. buyers have been reported and people are being urged not to smoke because of gas leaks. being urged not to smoke because of gas lea ks. these being urged not to smoke because of gas leaks. these distressing victors show a building coming down after the initial shock. 0n the streets of the initial shock. 0n the streets of the city, a hospital with doctors treating patients anywhere can. it is clear that the damage goes well beyond mexico city. the epicentre was more than 100 commet as to the south—east. reports of death and damages are widespread. earthquake alarms did sound, but some residents thought they were part of drills taking part of the anniversary of an earthquake in 1985. now, mexico city will be remembered for not one but two mac disasters ——2. —— 100
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kilometres. 0n the line is elizabeth baca, who is in mexico city. i waited inside when this was happening but the earthquake started to get stronger. i heard the commotion and ran outside. people we re commotion and ran outside. people were running and shouting. 0utside, there were a lot of people gathered, crying, they were absolutely terrified. it lasted around ten seconds. it seemed eternal. people we re seconds. it seemed eternal. people were spread out as far as i could
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see. we later found were spread out as far as i could see. we laterfound out were spread out as far as i could see. we later found out about serious damage in other areas. what was going through your mind? sorry, what? what was going through your mind at the time? i was thinking, i didn't know if we would have time to get out, everything was moving. i was running to the stairwell. i thought that the glass was going to shatter on my face or something like that. i think i did my best trying to get out. i did not think about if anyone was going to die or anything,
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i remained very calm. a lot of people have described extra confusion, because when they heard the sirens, they thought it might have been part of the drill or the commemoration of the big earlier quake. i think the authorities did not handle it very well, because we we re not handle it very well, because we were only told we were going to have this drill at 11 a.m.. some people we re this drill at 11 a.m.. some people were in houses, they did not know that. they thought it was part of the demonstration. it was not. i think they realised it was not a drill as soon as they started to feel the earthquake, but you have to react quickly. i know that mexico city has been reporting collapsed buildings in
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city has been reporting collapsed buildings “11111 city has been reporting collapsed buildings in 44 separate places, is it safe to go back inside? is the protection society comes and takes buildings before someone can go inside again. they told us it was safe to go back in. they were older buildings that were not as safe. these people were asked not to go inside. they were asked to stay out of their homes. thank you for talking to us, all the best. you can get more detail on all of our top stories on our website. hurrican maria is heading through and towards parts of the caribbean which have already been devastated by hurricane. at least one person has died on the island of guadeloupe,
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and there are reports of extensive damage to dominica. the island — which has a population ofjust over 70,000 — remains cut off. hurricane maria is now heading towards puerto rico, as well as the british virgin islands where we can join our correspondent jeremy cooke. tell us the latest? she is a mighty force of nature, barrelling in from the atlantic. hurricane maria hit guadeloupe hard, the french authorities talking of extremely violent winds, ordering people to stay indoors. in martinique, too, high winds and heavy rain, as the hurricane eye passed within 30 miles. widespread flooding. but perhaps the worst so far has been dominica, conditions so bad, hardly any pictures have emerged. it's rough in dominica, boss. an unverified video posted while the lights went off.
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the church roof — blown in. my neighbour's roof — gone. even the prime minister could not escape the storm, posting on facebook. .. here in the british virgin islands, we are getting the first taste of what is to come, with these squalls passing over in advance of the arrival of hurricane maria. these communities know full well the damage that can be caused by a powerful hurricane. that is why they are battening down and preparing for the worst. right until the last minute today, these shattered communities have been doing their best to prepare. if irma was a knockout punch, what is predicted next feels like a low blow. i'm homeless... for francine, it is all too much. because all the shelters are full, and this is the devastation. you notice i have on different shoes. i can't find any clothes — you notice how i'm dressed. we really need help here,
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because a lot of people are suffering. the harsh reality here is that all the tons of debris can't be fixed down or made safe before the next hurricane is due to hit. adding to the problems here, the drains are clogged with debris. more flooding seems inevitable. there's a lot of loose debris all over. the trees, that act like a barricade to the strong winds, all the leaves are gone. some of the trees have fallen. and the trees hold the hillsides. so, if we have a lot of rain, we're going to have some erosion, and potential mudslides. so that's a big concern. everyone here is doing all they can to prepare, more than 20,000 british citizens facing their second potentially devastating hurricane in as many weeks. jeremy cooke, bbc news, on the british virgin islands. the island of puerto rico, already suffering from a major financial crisis, is now facing a direct hit from hurricane maria. it could be the most powerful storm
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to hit the island of more than three million people in 85 years. mike, you are a national geographic photographer and a storm case, this is looking like a monster? it is, and it is really sad because it looks like that track going over puerto rico, it does look like it is going to happen. it is not very far offshore. the glass sliding doors are going back and forth. soon we will all be taking our things out and riding out the storm. you will know how this works, we are hearing sustained winds up to 145 mph. that means that cost could be stronger? that's correct. we could have cost
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up that's correct. we could have cost up to 195 qantas. we really don't know. the pressure keeps dropping, it keeps strengthening. we could be dealing with a saab 900 millibar or attain, which is almost unheard of. what we are about to witness is something i can't imagine. how well prepared can puerto rico be? —— sub—900 millibar. potentially very dangerous? absolutely. there is lots of loose debris around. the trees are completely shredded from burma. and that hurricane could not even make landfall, it just and that hurricane could not even make landfall, itjust passed nearby —— irma. it will cause catastrophic damage. thank you very much and stay
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safe. president trump, in his first address to the general assembly of the united nations, has threatened north korea with destruction if america or its allies are threatened. he said that pyongyang's desire for nuclear weapons threatened the world and he mocked its leade kim jong—un as a rocket man on a suicide mission. president trump also took aim at the iranian leadership, describing it as a corrupt dictatorship‘ that exported violence. 0ur north america editorjon sopel reports from new york. donald trump is used to being the centre of attention, but rarely has the global community waited with such bated breath to hearfrom him at his first address to the un general assembly, the isolationist, "america first" president, at the very embodiment of multilateralism and multinationalism. he was more conciliatory, but he was still donald trump. as president of the united states, i will always put america first, just like you, as the leaders of your countries, will always and should always put
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your countries first. he had come to hug his friends and wallop us enemies, and none more so than north korea and their leader, kim jong—un, or ‘rocket man,‘ as he called him. in the assembly, north korea's two allocated seats stood conspicuously empty. the united states has great strength and patience. but, if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. ‘rocket man' is on a suicide mission for himself, and for his regime. the united states is ready, willing and able. but hopefully this will not be necessary. 0n the iran nuclear deal, he hinted that america could still walk away from it. "you haven't heard the last of this," he warned. but he ended up with a rallying cry for strong sovereign
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nations working together. we will fight together, sacrifice together, and stand together, for peace, forfreedom, forjustice, for family, for humanity, and for the almighty god who made us all. thank you, god bless you, god bless the nations of the world, and god bless the united states of america. what will stand out from this address will be his comments on north korea, but there is no simple military solution. well, thank you very much... at a lunch after his outspoken address, the president gave the un a qualified endorsement. and let's give this as a toast to the potential, the great, great potential, of the united nations. thank you all for being here. thank you very much. whatever its perceived shortcomings,
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the best way to make progress with pyongyang and on other issues will still be via this body, and the president seems to know it. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: britain suspends its cooperation with the burmese military over the humanitarian crisis affecting rohingya muslims. ben johnson, the fastest man on earth, is flying home to canada in disgrace. all the athletes should be clean going into the games. i'm just happy that justice is served. it is a simple fact that this morning, these people were in their homes. tonight, those homes have been burnt down by serbian soldiers and police. all the taliban positions along here have been strengthened, presumably in case
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the americans invade. it's no use having a secret service which cannot preserve its own secrets against the world. and so the british government has no option but to continue this action, and even after any adverse judgement in australia. concorde had crossed the atlantic faster than any plane ever before, breaking the record by six minutes. this is bbc news. the main story: at least 130 people have been killed after a powerful earthquake struck central mexico. the 7.1 magnitude quake brought down dozens of buildings. many are feared to be trapped in the ruins.
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i think you were there visiting friends, but you were due to be out of there and fly home? yes. i am currently at the airport. i am due to fly out on a couple of hours. what happened to you? to fly out on a couple of hours. what happened to you ?|j to fly out on a couple of hours. what happened to you? i was walking outside one of the high points in mexico city and as i was walking i started to wobble and i stopped and i recognised it was an earthquake. i was falling over. this lasted for about one minute. as this was happening you could hear everything, every few seconds there would be a bang. i don't know if you can still hear me. i know there were certainly bangs because we have seen shots of buildings falling over and gas explosions. yes. i was met by a
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crowd of people who were told to evacuate due to a gas leak. we have had reports of multiple gas leaks and other residential areas as well. i know you are at the airport and trying to keep in touch with what's going on. as far as you know are many people trapped around the city? yes. about 44 buildings have collapsed. right now we are on the way to the airport. we saw buildings had collapsed. there were many civilians who were eating up domes and are trying to help people get out of the rubble. thanks so much for giving us your time. we hope you get out of there 0k. thanks very much. the uk has suspended its cooperation with the army in myanmar because of the humanitarian crisis affecting rohingya muslims. but the country's leader aung san suu kyi said today that her government did not fear international scrutiny of its handling of the crisis.
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myanmar‘s nobel laureate arrived for her speech, a once unthinkable question hanging in the air. ms suu kyi, have you become an apologist for ethnic cleansing? there was no reply. that's aung san suu kyi's style these days. in the last three weeks, 400,000 rohingya muslims have fled her country, and she's said very little. ms suu kyi, do human rights still matter to you? this televised address to diplomats was ms suu kyi's chance to state her case to the world. we feel deeply for the suffering of all the people who are caught up in the conflict. those who have had to flee their homes are many, notjust muslims and rakhines, but also small minority groups. this was ms suu kyi giving the "both sides" defence. 0verwhelmingly, the victims in this
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crisis have been the rohingya. as to who was responsible for burning villages, she refused to point the finger. and then, to many people's surprise, there was this. we are concerned to hear that numbers of muslims are fleeing across the border to bangladesh. we want to find out why this exodus is happening. we would like to talk to those who have fled, as well as to those who have stayed. this speech will not satisfy ms suu kyi's many critics. a generous reading of it is that she is badly out of touch. but the idea that she put forward, that she doesn't know why hundreds of thousands of rohingya have fled into bangladesh, well, that simply beggars belief. ultimately, ms suu kyi doesn't control the burmese army, but its generals seem quietly pleased that
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it's her taking the flak. what will it take to stop the abuses? why have so many people fled and why aren't your soldiers stopping the burning of villages? interpreter translates translation: this is their strategic plot. the rohingya were the ones who started attacking security forces. then they ran away. they knew what they did, then got worried about it and ran away. aung san suu kyi has made her choice. her relationship with the military and the stability of the government comes before the rohingya and what's left of her international reputation. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. in his first speech to the un general assembly, french president macron strongly defended the paris climate accord. mr macron warned that the planet was starting to take revenge on man,
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and said extreme weather events would erase the traditional differences between north and south. russia says its syrian army allies have been coming underfire from us—backed rebels in the east of the country. both the syrian army and the american—backed kurdish and arab forces are seeking to seize territory from is around the city of deir ez—zour. the iraqi kurdish leader says his people's controversial planned independence referendum could still be called off. massoud barzani said he'd give iraq's central government in baghdad two—to—three days to come up with ideas that would make it possible to delay next monday's vote. he said there needed to be a deal between his kurdish region and baghdad. the wreck of a german submarine that sank during world war one has been found in the north sea. it was said to be in good condition. all the hatches were sealed, suggesting the bodies of the 23 man
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crew are probably still onboard. coming out of the darkness deep in the north sea, this german submarine has laid undiscovered since world war i. the now 100—year—old u—boat is lying on its starboard side and is lying on its starboard side and is almost completely intact. footage filmed by divers show the periscope still sticking out. what became of its crew is something of a mystery. translation: until now we are not sure yet which u—boat it is. there are three options. the crew is still onboard. the shutters are still closed, so we presume the crew of 23 are still onboard. damage to the bow suggests the submarine was hit by a mine. 93 german u—boats were stationed in belgian in world war i
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and disrupting their trade route was pa rt and disrupting their trade route was part of german tactics. translation: the germans sank 2554 ships during world war i. they almost brought the british to their knees with a u—boats. british to their knees with a u-boats. but the u-boats themselves we re u-boats. but the u-boats themselves were also targets. 70 were lost at sea. the exact location of this wreck is being kept secret to avoid damage or looting. with the help of the german embassy, officials are now trying to establish the identity of those onboard, missing at sea for all these years. just briefly, that top story. a powerful earthquake has jolted mexico city, shaking buildings and sending people into the streets. several buildings have collapsed and there are reports of people trapped in the rubble. mexico city airport has suspended operations and the national stock exchange has stopped trading. the quake had a magnitude of 7.1. much more any time for you on the
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bbc website. hello there. we are starting wednesday on a fine note for many, bright with some sunshine, largely dry. across the north—west corner, another weather system moving in bringing thickening cloud, outbreaks of rain and strengthening winds. by the end of the night, it could be quite wet in places, same for western scotland. towns, temperatures by the start of wednesday, temperatures in double figures but cooler in the countryside with mist and fog. this is the way the system responsible for bringing that weather front. this is something we will see for the rest of the week, lifting mild airfrom the south, picking up south—west winds. starting off on a fine and bright note this morning, good spells of sunshine. cloud increasing across western areas, showers developing ahead of this rain. that will get going this afternoon across northern ireland and in too much of scotland, getting into western wales and the south—west of england. ahead of this, waking
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up to brightness. 19, 20, maybe 21. warmer than it has been over the past week. wednesday into thursday, that rain continues to spread east. some heavy bursts through the night, especially in south—west england and wales, north—west england and scotland. by thursday afternoon, across central and eastern areas, the far south—east seeing some warm sunshine, 20—21 degrees, cooler and fresher further west. low pressure moving off into the north sea as we head into friday. a brief ridge of high pressure before the next weather system comes in off the atlantic. starting friday on a brighter note with some sunshine, especially in central, southern and eastern parts. in the west, downhill with wind and rain pushing in. across northern ireland, then into scotland, england and wales, fairly heavy bursts.
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fairly warm across east and south—east areas, 19—20 degrees, fresher further west. looking at the caribbean, hurricane maria ploughed through dominica and martinique on monday night into tuesday, causing devastation. the storm is continuing to maintain its strength, ploughing across the british and us virgin islands and puerto rico, it could cause on devastation on wednesday morning as a major category five, and thereafter pushing to the north of hispanola. this is bbc news, the headlines. search and rescue operations are under way in mexico after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake killed at least 130 people.
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president enrique pena said 27 buildings had collapsed in the capital. some people are feared to be trapped inside. large numbers of volunteers have joined the emergency services as the desperate search for survivors gathers pace. hurricane maria has strengthened as it sweeps west across the caribbean with winds of more than 280 kilometres an hour. the virgin islands and puerto rico are facing a potentially catastrophic impact. president trump has said the international order is under threat from a small group of rogue nations. addressing the un general assembly, mr trump said he would totally destroy north korea if it threatened america. he also claimed iran was being run by a murderous regime. now on bbc news, hardtalk.
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