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stakes are so high anti—climax. the stakes are so high that a simple, business as normal speech is not possible. coming up at 6am on breakfast, louise minchin and dan walker will have all the day's news, business and sport. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: a desperate search is underway in mexico, after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake killed at least 140 people and destroyed dozens of buildings. rescuers have been pulling survivors and bodies from the rubble. hurricane maria has strengthened as it sweeps west across the caribbean, with winds of more than 248km an hour. the virgin islands and puerto rico are facing a "potentially catastrophic impact." president trump has said the international order is under threat from a small group of rogue nations. now it is time for our news review. the irish times leads with us president donald trump's address
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to the un general assembly where he said he would "totally destroy" north korea if it threatened america and its allies. meanwhile the independent asks whether mr trump's "america first" doctrine could in fact lead to the ultimate destruction of the united nations itself, after he appealed to world leaders to "put your countries first." the new york times focuses on myanmar and de facto leader aung san suu kyi, who has come under fire following an address for refusing to criticise the burmese military which has been accused of a vast campaign of terror against the countries rohingya ethnic minority. also in the independent, tech giants google, facebook and twitter are being told to take down terrorist propaganda within two hours. the move comes as uk prime minister theresa may seeks to dramatically reduce the danger
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of online radicalisation inspiring future atrocities. the ft says germany's angela merkel has been told by the uk to expect an offer of 20 billion euros to fill a post—brexit budget hole. this will be seen as the first attempt by britain to meet demands to settle its european divorce bill. and finally in the singapore business times, toy retail giant toys'r'us has filed for bankruptcy protection in what experts have described as one of the largest ever chapter ii filings by a speciality retailer. with me is nina trentmann from the wall streetjournal. nina, thank you forjoining us. good
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morning. let's begin with donald trump's performance, if we can call it that. there are so many areas you could go for. the irish times liked his remarks, the rocket man, about north korea. quite an extraordinary statement to present at the un general assembly, using that kind of language when referring to another country. donald trump has threatened to totally destroy north korea in his maiden speech at the united nations, and also touched upon other issues like iran and the question of whether he will pull out of the treaty which was made in 2015, in which iran has limited sanctions in exchange for curbing its missile programme. possibly the worst deal america has ever done, or work to that effect, is what he said. yes, that effect, is what he said. yes, thatis that effect, is what he said. yes, that is what he said stop any
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opportunity to have a go at the previous administration, the obama administration, he takes. it throws up administration, he takes. it throws upa lot administration, he takes. it throws up a lot of questions. we focus on that in this analysis piece as well, about what he makes of the united nations. it is a good point. donald trump has been very critical of the un before he came into office. he says there should be of whether the us is paying as much into the un budget as it currently does. and he has been saying an interesting thing, when he was saying, i will a lwa ys thing, when he was saying, i will always put america first, just like you should put your country ‘s first, which, well, i don't know whether that is an invitation to say, just follow my lead, because thatis say, just follow my lead, because that is the opposite of what the un is supposed to be doing, and against the spirit with which it was founded. it is funny, ithought the spirit with which it was founded. it is funny, i thought our correspondent, barbara plett, summed it up well. she said that when obama
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made his maiden speech to the un, there was much anticipation about what this resident would say, whereas with president trump it was trepidation about what he would say. from the point of view of those expecting him to protect at amongst the pigeons, he really delivered. he didn't pull any punches. but if the purpose of the un, as they say, is to promote international cooperation, create and maintain international order, one wonders what the trump euro view of the un is. does it serve a purpose at all? it remains to be seen. this was only his maiden speech. we will see what happens in the coming years. of course, with the united states being such a powerful state in the world, of course it is quite a strong signal, if the leader of that country says, put your country 's first as i am doing, because the united nations is not working the
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way we wanted to. and the us is a big paymaster of the un. the other closely watched speech was that of aung san suu kyi. the de facto leader of myanmar. she had just finished his speech yesterday, and she was the top story, actually. today all the media is reviewing how she did, and what people think of her now. yes, she has been falling behind expectations, according to what we read in the papers today, given that in the end she didn't really distance herself from the dealings of the myanmar government against about 400,000 rohingya muslims, who have enforced iffley. —— nina forced to flee. she said she condemned human rights violations, but that is not this that people expected to see. there were these high expectations people had of her,
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when she was coming out of her years long imprisonment, and then her becoming an active part of the burmese government, the myanmar government, whether she is actually delivering on any of these promises. that will carry on, the pressure will stay on her. let's move on to the tech giants, who are also under fire, a very different type of story, obviously, buti fire, a very different type of story, obviously, but i think it was 30 days, they used a need to take hate material. then it came down to... what does germany and system? they have laws about that. now theresa may says, do it in an hour, oi’ theresa may says, do it in an hour, or you are theresa may says, do it in an hour, oryou are in theresa may says, do it in an hour, or you are in trouble. it is an interesting proposition. of course, it requires the tech giants to invest much more than they have done in the past, given that in the end, and now arisen in the now. she also wants to see action by next month because there is a g7 meeting and if there is no action by then there will be punitive laws like we have
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in germany, where internet companies are threatened to have to pay a fine if they do not take content down quickly, as opposed to not. let's quickly, as opposed to not. let's quickly look at theresa may, said to be preparing a 20 billion euros eu budget offer to break the brexit deadlock, according to the ft. will that be received well by the likes of angela merkel? well, the chancellery in berlin has not really commented on this. she is quite busy right now. yes, she has an election on sunday, maybe she has a ring is to deal with. it is quite an interesting question. 20 billion euros, we have heard that from the eu before common entrance level for negotiations was 100 billion euros, thenit negotiations was 100 billion euros, then it was down to 60 billion. classic haggling. start low. divorce is never cheap. i find it astonishing, this is one of the core questions in the whole debate, and in the run—up to theresa may's florid speech on friday, because there are other things that uk has
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to deal with in relation to the eu as well. so, yeah. just time to have as well. so, yeah. just time to have a quick look at toyshops in america doing very badly, but very well in asia, apparently. toys "r" us filing for bankruptcy protection in the us. yes, it seems their shops are continuing trading in asia. and in the us, actually. they are staying open. yes, continuing to open new shops in asia. i think it isjust an indication of the huge change we are seeing in the industry. they were slow to develop online platforms, at least comparable to what amazon was offering to shoppers. it seems this was the stop of choice. nina, no time for any more. thank you, as ever. have a good day. hello there. we are starting wednesday on a fine note for many, bright with some sunshine, largely dry. but across the north—west corner, another weather system moving in, bringing thickening cloud, outbreaks
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of rain and strengthening winds. by the end of the night, it could be quite wet in places, same too for western scotland. towns and cities, temperatures by the start of wednesday around double figures, but cooler in the countryside with mist and fog. this is the way the system responsible for bringing that weather front. high presure moving into the near continent. this is something we will see for the rest of the week, lifting mild air from the south, picking up south—west winds. starting off on a fine and bright note this morning, good spells of sunshine. cloud increasing across western areas, showers developing ahead of this rain. that will get going this afternoon across northern ireland and in too much of scotland, getting into western wales and the south—west of england. ahead of this, waking up to brightness. 19, 20, maybe 21. warmer than it has been over the past week. wednesday into thursday, that rain continues to spread east. some heavy bursts through the night, especially in south—west england
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and wales, north—west england and scotland. by thursday afternoon, across central and eastern areas, the far south—east seeing some warm sunshine, 20—21 degrees, cooler and fresher further west. low pressure moving off into the north sea as we head into friday. a brief ridge of high pressure before the next weather system comes in off the atlantic. starting friday on a brighter note with some sunshine, especially in central, southern and eastern parts. in the west, downhill with wind and rain pushing in. across northern ireland, then into scotland, england and wales, fairly heavy bursts. fairly warm across east and south—east areas, 19—20 degrees, fresher further west. looking at the caribbean, hurricane maria ploughed through dominica and martinique on monday night into tuesday, causing devastation. the storm is continuing to maintain its strength, ploughing across the british and us virgin islands and puerto rico, it could cause on devastation on wednesday morning as a major category five, and thereafter pushing to the north of hispaniola. looking at the caribbean, hurricane maria ploughed
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through dominica and martinique on monday night into tuesday, causing devastation. the storm is continuing to maintain its strength, ploughing across the british and us virgin islands and puerto rico, it could cause on devastation on wednesday morning as a major category five, and thereafter pushing to the north of hispaniola. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. a major earthquake hits mexico killing more than 140 people. several buildings have collapsed in the capital, mexico city. among them are a school, where more than 20 children have died. fires have broken out and a desperate search for survivors is taking place among the rubble. a state of emergency has been good morning, it's
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wednesday 20th september. we'll be live in mexico very shortly as the number of dead continues to rise. also this morning: winds of 175 miles an hour sweep across the caribbean as hurricane maria closes in on puerto rico.
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