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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  September 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm BST

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today at five... more than 200 people are killed after a powerful earthquake hits mexico. dozens of buildings in the capital have been damaged, some reduced to rubble. children at school when the quake hit are pulled from the rubble, as rescuers continue their desperate search for the dozens still missing. translation: my family has gone. dozens of buildings were demolished as the 7.1 magnitude quake struck in the middle of the afternoon. we'll have the latest. the other main stories on bbc news at five... the path of hurricane maria takes it over puerto rico — with winds of 150 miles an hour and torrential rain. iran's leader tells the un his country won't tolerate threats from anyone — it comes after president trump said
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iran is a corrupt dictatorship. counter—terror police have detained two men in newport — that's five people in custody so far. the bbc understands that mark sampson is set to leave his role as england women's football manager — amid a row over discrimination allegations. it's five o'clock. our main story. rescuers in mexico are desperately searching for survivors after a huge earthquake caused widespread damage in the capital mexico city and the surrounding areas. more than 200 people have been killed — including more than 20 children who died when their primary school collapsed. 30 children are still missing, and the death toll is expected to rise. the epicentre of the
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earthquake was in puebla state, about 75 miles from the capital. it has also caused casualties in the surrounding areas. the earthquake struck on the same day of mexico's worst—ever quake in 1985, which killed 10,000 people. a warning — there are some distressing images in this report from daniela relph. the desperate search for life. until lunchtime yesterday, this was a thriving primary school. now, it is a mass of concrete and rubble. the mexican president visited the sites to see the rescue teams. dozens of schoolchildren are still missing. looking on, family and friends, just waiting. translation: it is sad to see this, because we hope to find people. there are many who have been
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trapped here and not many who have been taken out alive. translation: i am just rich. i want them to get the children out. by wants to see something. there is sometimes hope when it all seems bleak. finding a gap in the wall of the collapsed school. inside, a young boy and girl. pulled after hours trapped in their own classrooms. mexico city, one of the most densely populated cities in the world. now, in places, crushed and flattens, such was the power of the earthquake. here, the moment it hit. the smoke rising from damaged buildings. many of those who lived through it recorded what happened, and the aftermath. this is
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my building. it collapsed. got to the point and then everything came around... and... everything is gone! ina around... and... everything is gone! in a shopping centre, as its glass roof begins to collapse, this woman got out of the wayjust in time. and here, a dog found by rescue teams, a moment of the mizzen as they their search for those still trapped. the list of what is still needed on the ground is long. here, asking for antibiotics, bandages, food, as well as water. but despite the ruins, mexico city was not the epicentre of
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this quake. that was 75 miles away, where the damage and loss of life could be far worse. we can speak now to caitlin grey, who teaches at an academy in mexico city. thank you for being with us. tell us where you were and what you we re tell us where you were and what you were doing when the earthquake struck. hello. i was were doing when the earthquake struck. hello. iwas walking in were doing when the earthquake struck. hello. i was walking in the library at school, and given how close the earthquake was to the city, the early warning system did not go off in time. the ground was shaking and students reacted faster than me, i was quite panicked. we evacuated to the library, the front
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door, very quickly after that. and what was the damage to the school, we re what was the damage to the school, were there any casualties? there we re were there any casualties? there were no casualties in the school, thankfully, but one of the walls of a classroom did crumble and break on the evacuation route, so we were lucky that no—one was hurt by that. mexico has had quite a lot of earthquakes in the past. some have been out solidly devastating. this one looks to have been very serious with a very high death toll. did you know straightaway this was another earthquake? yes. from the reactions of the students at the school, they have already been the —— through the situation a few times in their lives, their faces and their reactions told me this was a serious and there would be a lot of damage on this one. and in other parts of
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the city of mexico city, clearly, there have been catastrophic damage and eight height death toll it seems, and one merry school in particular, a number of students have been killed. it is really devastating. we left our apartment and hour ago to come out to one of the areas near us. a line of people we re the areas near us. a line of people were passing by, we are trying to help where we can, they are getting from a to b. there was a warning system in mexico city. did you get a for warning that his quake was about to strike? no, not at all. there was not time for it to be triggered because we were so not time for it to be triggered because we were so close to the epicentre. there was an earthquake drill that morning to commemorate
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the anniversary of the big quake, so it is quite a big coincidence that it is quite a big coincidence that it happened again on the same day. indeed. thank you very much, stay safe. a british teacher in mexico city. joining me now to explain more about the impact of this earthquake is dr laura gregory, an independent research fellow at the university of leeds who specialises in earthquake geology. the magnitude has been devastating in its impact even though it is not the highest magnitude. yes, it is a huge earthquake, so while it is much smaller than the earthquake that happened just over a week ago, it is about 30 times smaller than the one that happened earlier, a 7.1 is massive. if it was much more shallow, luckily it was a bit deep, but if it was a really shallow
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earthquake the damage would be even worse. 7.1 can kill tens of thousands of people if they happen in the wrong ways. we were speaking to our guest to is a teacher there, just talking about the fact that there have been a lot of earthquakes in mexico, they are prone to them, and have ta ken in mexico, they are prone to them, and have taken precautions against earthquakes. yes, especially after the event in 1985, 32 years ago to the event in 1985, 32 years ago to the day. the rolling codes change dramatically, particularly in mexico city. there is an early warning system and that did go off in parts of the city, but it sounds like not where she was, and that is actually not a common occurrence to have an early warning system, but because mexico city itself is so susceptible to sean —— strong shaking, it is particularly relevant for them to have that early warning system, and it seems like they are doing drills frequently which can help people in
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an earthquake, because if you practice how to rob and cover and how to deal with immediate shaking, your instincts kick in and you react immediately and that can really save lives. what about the buildings? some appear to have completely collapsed. our earthquake proof are willing in mexico city, do you think? most of the newer buildings will have been built to quite a high standard. i know there are possibly a few problems with people not quite keeping to that code, but it seems to be pretty good in general. as far asi to be pretty good in general. as far as i can tell, a lot of the buildings that have collapsed our either older buildings or ones that we have what we call soft stories, where there have been some modifications within the story of the building, so they have put a lot of glass wall, creates a real cri n of a real :—— cri n of a real are ——
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story, 3—li—story £5; 7 : ” " ’ 32223 sffim§zéz§ffifl¥ 52525555232.” ”7 ~ 7 — ”f eeee efefh’ezezefiefr 52555533?” ”7 ~ 7 — ”f are eeee efeea’ezezefefr eeeeieee.~ ”7 ~ 7 — ”f are particularly susceptible the tag; of shaking that they to the kind of shaking that they experience. just read the, why is mexico so prone to earthquakes question what is the geology of it? it isa question what is the geology of it? it is a susceptible taste. there is a plate that is beneath the american plate, which is to the west of mexico city, in the ocean, the oceanic plate, and where this earthquake happens, that plate is kind of stuck to the north american plate, which is where mexico city sits, and it is back and then it sta rts sits, and it is back and then it starts to bend down deep into the earth, and that bending is where this earthquake happened. it is a strange earthquake for this type of geological setting, so normally we expect there to be a lot of what we call subduction earthquakes on that sort of plate interface, and we think this would happen within a plate where it is kind of bending
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and starting to go down, but that collision is moving very quickly and that quick rate means that you get more earthquakes. thank you very much indeed for being with us from the university of leeds, and a specialist in earthquake geology. you can also keep up to date on the bbc news website, with live updates and eyewitness accounts — head to our website. hurricane maria is battering puerto rico, as it continues its destructive path across the caribbean. it's brought with it winds of more than 150 miles per hour. the authorities there say the devastation is expected to be massive. the most powerful storm to strike puerto rico and almost 100 years. the message to the three —— 3.5
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million people who live on the island is clear, you must take shelter, you are in danger. we have that experience an event of this magnitude in our modern history. although it looks like a direct hit, major damage to puerto rico is inevitable, i asked for america's prayers. hundreds of shelters have been set up by the authorities, and officials feel that —— fear that the damage left by hurricane erma earlier this month could be extrapolated upon by maria. take a look at what is happening to puerto rico, just one after the other, but i think we are doing a greatjob. the island of dominica was badly hit earlier in the week. this footage from the air has finally revealed the scale of the damage. local amateur radio operators say that more than 90% of buildings have been hit. and this was the scene and one
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loop after maria struck. the clean—up will not be quick and it will be costly. those who manage to get some of the last flights out of the path of the storm to the us mainland consider themselves the lucky one. init waited on the royal caribbean cruise ship that took us to san juan. caribbean cruise ship that took us to sanjuan. —— eye is evacuated. i made it out of puerto rico just before the bad news coming from hurricane maria. the british overseas territories are fearing the worst again and the government insists it is ready after criticism it was slow to react to hurricane erma. we have shelter, we have been on it from day one, and we are providing support to people that have lost everything. people across puerto rico are nowjust trying to write out the storm as best they can. but it is moving slowly, and
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further islands. they also will feel its force soon. let's hear more about this hurricane. our weather presenter chris fawkes is here. how did he two hurricanes compare, maria and pam two? yesterday, we had... react went to a top rated hurricane and at 15 hours, which is an incredible development. it made its second landfall earlier this morning at about 1130 hour time. at this stage, the winds were gusting at about 190 mph. this stage, the winds were gusting atabout190 mph. it this stage, the winds were gusting at about 190 mph. it is working and at about 190 mph. it is working and a northwestern direction and starting to lose some of its intensity. still a category four
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hurricane. what is different compared to have two, it stayed offshore, and that is where the stronger the winds were. there was a massive power cuts that the days for it to be restored. this storm is going straight across the island and almost taking the longest track could across puerto rico. this is a very populous part of the island, 3 million people are in the way of harm, and he storm is tracking over some of the most densely parted areas. the storm is losing some of its peak intensity and it will cause cancer topic damage. —— caused catastrophic damage. it is going to get close to the dominican republic before spitting up dominican republic before spitting up and there is a bit of uncertainty about how strong it will be, but thenit about how strong it will be, but then it looks like it will curve northwards, and will not head into
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florida, unlike camp three macro, which caused so much devastation. —— unlike irma. on the line is francisco fernandez — who is in sanjuan, the capital of puerto rico. tell us exactly where you are at taking shelter and what your situation is at the moment. thank you for having me. right now we are hunkered down in a closet. there is a little window we can look out of. it is like an attic and you can see it is completely barren. the only thing standing, ironically, the palm trees, but they are built for this. it is like waterfalls from the top floor down to the bottom. we are hoping the funding bill received a little. --
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hoping the funding bill received a little. —— the flooding will recede. communication has been spotty, and we have seen solar panels and shingles flying off of roofs. there isa shingles flying off of roofs. there is a construction site near our house, it is gone, all of it. right now, we are hoping for the best and waiting to start the process of what will be rebuilding. in terms of the last hurricane, irma puerto rico escape the worst of that, but you have seemed to take in a direct hit with this latest hurricane, maria. it came through the eastside in the south, and last heard it was moving over to the north coast, but it has been terrible, across the island,
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com pletely been terrible, across the island, completely cut us in half. irma what's not as bad. the capital got... it was nothing, to this. stay safe. francisco, who is sheltering from the hurricane there in puerto rico. the bbc understand that the manager of the england women's football team, mark sampson is to resign. the bbc understands sampson's departure relates to fresh allegations regarding his behaviour in a previous role some years ago. let's get more from our sports correspondent andy swiss. it isa it is a fast—moving story. what can you tell us so far? we are expecting confirmation from the football association within the next hour or so that mark denson has left post.
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—— mark sampson. an official reason has not been given for his departure from the football association. he has been under scrutiny over recent weeks after allegations of bullying by the star striker for england. we understand that the reason that his departure does not relate to that issue, instead, it relates to fresh allegations regarding his behaviour ina allegations regarding his behaviour in a previous role some years ago, which is obviously a dramatic development. we should hear more from the football association later on. sampson has been at the centre ofa on. sampson has been at the centre of a lot of controversy over recent weeks over the allegations of bullying, and mark sampson denied those allegations and was cleared of wrongdoing why an inquiry from the football association and an independent review, but a subsequent claim was made that mark sampson had made a racist comment. mark sampson denied the allegation but there were questions developing over the thoroughness of her the original
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inquiry by the football association. asi inquiry by the football association. as i say, for all of this, it does not seem as if the reason for mark sampson's departure relates to this issue, it seems to relates to a separate allegation, and we should find out more from the football association within the next hour or so. the president of iran told the un in new york that his country would not ta ke new york that his country would not take any threats from anyone. he said that iran would not violate the international agreement curbing its nuclear programme. let's get the very latest from new york, from the united nations, our diplomatic correspondence, and is on the james, the president is hitting back pretty ha rd after all the president is hitting back pretty hard after all the pieces in yesterday. yes. if ever the united
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states described iran... there is going to be similar rhetoric. the president of iran has described the speech that donald trump gave as ugly. speech that donald trump gave as ugly, ignorant, absurd and hateful, specifically saying that the united states, by violating international agreements, if we think and ability in the world, and crucially, he insisted, all americans should not pull out of the deal that was agreed in the international community in 2015 to curb the nuclear programme for the return of nuclear sanctions. this is what the president said. translation: it would be a great pity if this treaty was to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the
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world of politics, the world would have lost a great opportunity, but such were checked behaviour will not impede the course of iran in progress and advancement. there was also a warning and there, the president said that if the americans did withdraw from the agreements, and he said that iran would respond resolutely and decisively. theresa may was also at the united nations. what are we expecting from her? she has had a busy day and has been meeting a lot of world leaders. she is meeting the president of iran later today, she has met with donald trump, and in the next hour or so, she will have her turn in front of the un general assembly. she is going to be getting back into a familiar theme of saying that internet companies, google, facebook and the like, they need to do more to restrict the amount of extremists terrorist supporting content that is on their sites to stop the familiar
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theme, but one i think she hopes will be given extra focus because of recent terror attacks. we are also told that she is going to be talking about un reform, which has been one of the themes of this week, to say, is there more that this institution can do? i think she is going to add her toppings to that debate. —— her opinion to that debate. thank you. police investigating the device that partially detonated on an underground train in south west london last week have made two more arrests in south wales. a man was arrested in newport last night. two others were held there this morning. these latest arrests mean that five men are now in custody. let's look at a timeline of the investigation so far. on friday a bomb in a bucket exploded on a train carriage
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at parsons green underground station in west london, injuring 30 people. the next day, police arrested an 18—year—old man at the port of dover, believed to be an iraqi refugee living with foster parents in surrey. later on saturday evening, a 21—year—old man was arrested at a takeaway in hounslow in west london, believed to be syrian ya hyah farroukh. yesterday police raided a house in newport in south wales, arresting a 25—year—old man. and today two more men have been arrested in newport, aged 48 and 30, bringing the total number of suspects in custody to five. let's get the very latest now from our correspondents who is in newport. what more can you tell us? it is 12 hours now since counter terrorism officers first arrived here in west street in newport. it is still cordoned off and searches are still being carried out here. we are still being carried out here. we arejust a very are still being carried out here. we are just a very short distance from newport city centre. we know that a 30—year—old man and a 48—year—old
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man were arrested and taken away from the property. we have been told by local people that this house is used for asylum seekers. that has not been confirmed by the authorities. it does follow that arrest last night of a 25—year—old man in an part of newport. he was walking along a pavement when he was stopped and arrested and he is currently being held by officers as well. we have spoken to a couple who say that they know him and say that he used to carry out ourjobs for them and he was a regular customer in their butcher shop. this operation is being led by the metropolitan police counterterror command on the supported by counter terrorism officers here in wales and also the gwent police force and the deputy chief policy of gwent has issued a statement reassuring members of the apple community here in newport about their safety, and also urging them to be vigilant at all times. thank you very much. the
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latest from newport. time to check out the weather prospects. chris, how is it looking? catastrophic strong winds gusting towards puerto rico, up to 65 mph. torrential rain could also cause some nasty flooding as well. for us, overnight, we have this weekly weather front that is going to slowly push its way eastward and ta ke slowly push its way eastward and take about 36 hours before it crosses from west to east, so a particularly slow moving front. rain, heavy overnight a parts —— rain turning heavy overnight in some parts. temperatures overnight, 11-14. parts. temperatures overnight, "411. cloud breaking up across eastern counties tomorrow. the slow moving front bringing some wet weather across scotland. rain clearing through wales and the southwest. some wet weather across
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the midlands and southern and central england. writers prize for northern ireland. temperatures in east anglia could reach 20 degrees or so. that is your latest weather. hundreds of people have been confirmed dead after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in mexico. hurricane maria has made landfall in puerto rico as it continues its path across the caribbean — it is the second powerful storm to hit the area within weeks. iran's leader tells the un his country won't tolerate threats from anyone — it comes after president trump said iran is a corrupt dictatorship. two men have been arrested in south wales over friday's terror attack on a london underground train at parsons green. let's get the sport now. good evening. we are expecting an
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announcement by the football association at 6pm to confirmed that mark sampson, the coach of the england women's team is to leave his post. he has been at the centre of claims of racism and bullying, accusations he's been cleared twice. but the bbc understands the reasons for his departure is fresh allegations regarding his behaviour ina allegations regarding his behaviour in a previous role some years ago. samsung join the fa in december 20 13. before that he was in charge at bristol academy. his final game charge was a 6—0 win against russia in the world cup qualifiers. we will have much more on this story as the evening progresses. meanwhile, there was a mere file round ties. darren ferguson, has a chance to put one
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over arsene wenger. his doncaster rovers travel to the emirates where he is expected to give some of his youngsters a chance with premier league teams last night making 88 changes between them. compared to the best i had before, some young players were very promising. and now we are at the stage where they need to know they have the quality, the second step is to continue with good coaching and the third step is to integrate them into the first—team and that is the most difficult. elsewhere, manchester united play burton forjust elsewhere, manchester united play burton for just the third elsewhere, manchester united play burton forjust the third time their history. and there is an all premier league tie at the hawthorns between west bromwich albion and manchester city, who have scored 15 goals in their last three games. chris froome has won a bronze medal in the world championship ‘s time trial in
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norway. chris froome had already won the tour de france and the wealth of this year, but this was one challenge too much, he was third, but more than a minute behind the winner. it was a challenging course, with riders changing bags ahead of a steep climb. the international paralympic committee steep climb. the international pa ralympic committee has steep climb. the international paralympic committee has postponed two world championships that were due to take place in mexico city later this month, following the earthquake. the swimming and weightlifting world championships formed the 2017 para sports festival and they have been postponed after the ipc consulted with local government and the organising committee. it is the first time the ipc has had to postpone a major championship, but they say these are unique circumstances and the right thing for them to do. british swimming released a statement supporting the decision, while the three—time paralympic champion, ollie hynd has treated that his heart breaks for the people of
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mexico and that well he's disappointed not to compete, some things are bigger than sport. former england bowler, graham onions has admitted he may have tojoin england bowler, graham onions has admitted he may have to join the exodus from durham who have already lost a number of high—profile players after the ecb relegated the cou nty players after the ecb relegated the county in 2016 juicy financial mismanagement. he has been with durham for 1h years and is the cou nty‘s durham for 1h years and is the county's leading first—class wicket taker, but admits it might be time to move on. i want to make it clear, i would love to stay. become to a stage in your career where you have done your coaching badges, been a level four coach. i am thinking about the future. i am no spring chicken, but i would like to think my performances, especially over the last few weeks have been of a very high standard. i would love to play for another two years, but that's not on the table at the moment. i wa nt to not on the table at the moment. i want to go into coaching. that's all
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the sport for now, you can keep up—to—date on the bbc sport website. i will have more at 6:30pm. many thanks indeed. nearly a quarter of 14—year—old girls in the uk have felt symptoms of depression, according to a study. it looked at data from more than 10,000 young people. our health correspondent, dominic hughes, reports. down and lonely and a little bit hopeless. i couldn't see a future. this is how catherine perrin describes her 14—year—old self, struggling with anxiety and depression, and desperately trying to hold her life together. you have to pretend you're ok every day. the only reason you have to do that is because you don't really know why you are sad and it's easier than making an excuse. but you get caught in a web of lies and eventually someone finds you out. then it makes your situation worse. now a long—term study shows a significant number of teens are also struggling with mental health issues. at age 11, parents of
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boys and girls reported that 12% had experienced emotional problems. but at 1a, when the children ask themselves, nearly a quarter of girls reported feeling depressed. among boys, one in ten said they had felt down. the numbers of people experiencing depression is increasing. one of the authors of the report says this issue needs to be faced. problems you express as an adolescent predict later in life. when these people become adults they are more likely to suffer from mental health problems. in terms of public health, this is a big issue and we need to look into it. opening up about how you are feeling can be hard at the best of times. but for these 14—year—olds, social media seems to be an added source of pressure. everyone takes pictures of themselves, posting them on instagram.
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you have to be dressed nicely for all your pictures. it is an artificial version of you. they are pushing you towards stress. she says she is going to get top grades, so you have to keep that up. these young people born since the turn of the century are the smartphone generation. there is a concern the prevalence of social media on those smartphones is adding to the pressure these teenagers already get from friends, family and school. dominic hughes, bbc news. let's go back to that news from mexico of the earthquake and over 200 people have lost their lives in that devastating earthquake. it toppled dozens of buildings in
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mexico city making people homeless and leaving millions more without power. one primary school collapsed and at least 20 children at that primary school have been killed. joining us via webcam is silvia novoa, national director of world vision mexico, which has been helping with rescue efforts in mexico city. talk to us about how devastating this earthquake is going to be from mexico? this is one of the most devastating earthquakes in 1985. we have 39 buildings down in different parts of the city. in the south of the city also. but there are more than 500 buildings that have been evacuated because after the earthquake, some of the buildings
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will have to be torn down afterwards. we have 600 volunteers who are organising the help of the people is sending. we have warehouses and we are organising it and distributing it throughout the shelters because families are around the buildings waiting for their families to be rescued from the debris. there is a lot of things to do, there is a lot of need around. the information is coming out slowly from the authorities to the organisations that are helping. it isa organisations that are helping. it is a devastating earthquake and in 24 is a devastating earthquake and in 2a hours we have counted more than 200 people are dead and a few more are still trapped in the buildings
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that have collapsed. we are looking at pictures of buildings that have collapsed and the huge rescue teams trying to find survivors. but the death toll so far of 200 that you mention, do you fear the death toll will rise significantly? you mentioned the other earthquake in 1985, that killed thousands, didn't it? the earthquake in 1985 was 8.1 on the richter scale. this one was a little bit less than that, 7.2, or something like that. after 1985, the legislation for buildings was changed, but all the new buildings in mexico city are ok. the problem was the old buildings built with the previous legislation, that not only
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damaged at that time and be more or less recovered them, but now with this new earthquake, most of them are now damaged or collapsed. we feel there is a lot of people still trapped in those buildings, in these 39 buildings that are collapsed. the government, the army are the ones rescuing from the debris and organisations are helping by taking stones out of the area, hand by hand. we are bringing medicine, food and water, and also bringing
5:40 pm
generators because all around the area, it is completely dark at night. there are many families waiting around, waiting to find theirfamilies. waiting around, waiting to find their families. silvia, ithink waiting around, waiting to find their families. silvia, i think you weigh yourself helping to pull rubble away from collapsed buildings, tell us what that was like, you are doing that right into the early hours of the morning?m is very interesting to see all those buildings down. there are huge amounts of stones... you have to ta ke amounts of stones... you have to take them out to try to rescue people. the president of mexico has ordered that no big machines can enter until at least 72 hours after the earthquake. so it is the time
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they feel they can rescue people alive, so they don't want to go with big machines. the stones have to be removed hand by hand. so we are doing long lines of people and passing stones hand by hand. thank you so much for being with us. sylvia was, as i said, helping to clear rubble from the ruins of collapsed buildings through the night and we are seeing pictures of the school that collapsed in mexico city, where it is feared 20 pupils at least, may have died. a school which completely collapsed, really. it is one of hundreds of buildings to stride by the earthquake of 7.1 magnitude. it is feared the death toll from that particular primary school, young children there, may well rise. 30 children also missing
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and a number of adults, presumably teachers, also killed in the school, but at least 20 school pupils killed in that school in mexico city. one tragedy among many tragedies in the appalling disaster, this latest earthquake to hit mexico, 7.1. some of the other stories making bbc news at 5.00. cladding similar to that used at grenfell tower in london has been found in some private high—rise flats in glasgow, but owners and the fire service haven't been told yet. a city council official told msps that the discovery was not yet "public information" although scottish ministers had been informed. a drug which can treat certain forms of lung cancer is to be made available on the nhs in england. the drugs watchdog originally said that nivolumab was too expensive, but manufacturers agreed to reduce the price. up to 1300 patients with advanced forms of lung cancer could benefit.
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the family of a british woman who was murdered while attempting to kayak the entire length of the amazon have paid tribute to her strength and determination. emma kelty, who was 43 and from london, was last heard from a week ago. police there have arrested three people, including a 17—year—old boy. tata steel and germany's thyssenkrupp have agreed to merge their european businesses, creating the second biggest steelmaker in europe. the two companies have been in negotiations since last year, when tata halted the sale of its uk business. the new business is expected to employee 118,000 people, but there will be 4,000 job losses across europe. the business secretary greg clarke, is cautiously optimistic over the deal. it isa it is a step in the right direction, a very positive step. when you
5:44 pm
consider that just a very positive step. when you consider thatjust over a year ago, it was being thought that the port talbot works in particular, might have too close. then this announcement secures the future of port talbot and the other tata steel—making sites right across the uk. it is a good step forward. this is bbc news at five — the headlines: a huge earthquake hits mexico and brings dozens buildings to rubble. school has collapsed and more than 20 of its pupils are feared dead. hurricane maria has battered porto rico with winds of up to 150 miles an hour. the latest market numbers, this is how london and frankfurt ended the day. in the united states, the dow and the nasdaq. they are of said its bombing strikes
5:45 pm
have been launched... this report from jonathan beale contains pictures you may find disturbing. this is where they have been running the bombing campaign against a group known as islamic state for the last three years. the sprawling us military base in the qatari desert. hidden away in a reinforced concrete bunker is the nerve centre. from here, they watch live feeds from dozens here, they watch live feeds from d oze ns of here, they watch live feeds from dozens of coalition warplanes flying over iraq and syria round—the—clock. in one small corner is the uk desk, the decisions of life and death are made. this is the first time british media have been allowed in the command centre that is coordinating
5:46 pm
the campaign against is. we cannot show you the screens because they are classified, but this is where the british officer who approves the air strikes sets and makes those decisions. we followed the wagon, zoomed out... the man tasked with seeing the raf air strike said they are not just killing seeing the raf air strike said they are notjust killing extremists, the saving british lives by starting more terrorist attacks in the uk. by engaging key people here, we have prevented threats materialising in the uk. how many? i cannot get drawn on that. do you think you have saved lives? yes, i think we have. the raf have released this video of a is pub execution in syria. forcing a crowd to watch at gunpoint. under the cross ha i rs to watch at gunpoint. under the cross hairs on the roof, is a is
5:47 pm
fighter who is killed. in the chaos, the civilians flee unharmed and the extremist scatter. the raf has now carried out more than 1500 air strikes. they say they are not aware of causing any civilian casualties, but they admit they have killed britishjihadi ‘s who have travelled to fight with is. the defence secretary says the mission is far from over. he travelled to the region to thank the troops and to tell them they were making a difference back home. what we have been faced with over the last three yea rs been faced with over the last three years is specific attack planning from cities like mosul against targets in western europe and against targets in britain. it was essential we take action to deal with that. the uk's contribution might be helping in the fight against is in iraq and syria, but
5:48 pm
the attacks on britain have shown the attacks on britain have shown the ideology has spread and it will be defeating with just bombs and bullets. theresa may will use a speech at the united nations in new york to urge internet companies to take stronger action against online extremism. she is expected to challenge them to take down terrorist material within one to two hours of it first appearing. joining me now from dartmouth college in new hampshire is dr hany farid — senior advisor to the counter extremism project — an international policy organisation formed to combat the growing threat from extremist ideologies. how important do you think the internet is and do you think the prime minister is onto something?” think she is right and it is long overdue. we have seen abuses from
5:49 pm
early 2000 ranging from child pornography, drug dealing, arms trade and extremism. for the most part, the internet and social media companies have said, we don't know what to do so we will do anything. but i think the time is overdue, we had to realise there are real implications to the bad behaviour online and we have a real aggressive stance. what contents are you worried about? a lot of things, child pornography, child sex trade, incredible numbers of young children who are being exploited and traumatised for years to come. the domestic and international terrorist site, radicalisation, recruitment and the equipping of terrorists who are then going out and committing the types of crimes we are seeing around the world. these are not
5:50 pm
a bstra ct around the world. these are not abstract ideas, it's not people saying things we don't like or disagree with, it is people conspiring and training people to go out and commit horrific crimes with very real—world consequences. it is not an abstract idea any more, we have to get a handle on this. not an abstract idea any more, we have to get a handle on thism looks like the big internet companies are beginning to respond, but have they been a bit slow, a bit tardy? no question they have been slow and no question they are starting to respond, but there is no question the response is not volu nta ry. question the response is not voluntary. they are responding because of pressure from theresa may, the eu and capitol hill in the states. where in not for the threat of legislation or civil and criminal penalties, i don't think you would see any movement on that front. we have to understand these companies will act in their own interests and their own financial interests. that's fine, but then we as
5:51 pm
political bodies and as the public, have two call on them to rein in the abuses because they will not do it on their own. you are right they have started moving, it is too slow and not aggressive and not. they are doing the bare minimum they need to doing the bare minimum they need to do in order to emanate the tabla criticism that is being discussed. thank you for your time. our security correspondent gordon corera joins me. bea be a bit more specific as to what theresa may is asking them to do? they are talking about getting this extremist content of the platforms within two hours because it is within two hours because it is within that period the links are shared which means it spreads further or to stop it getting uploaded in the first place. that is what the british government really wa nts,
5:52 pm
what the british government really wants, is for the tech companies to develop systems which spot the actors who are trying to put up this material and block them from putting up material and block them from putting up the material, or quarantining the material to check it, so it doesn't emerge in the first place, rather than just taking it down once it is already up there at whatever pace they manage. the companies have started to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to spot this material and share information between them. you have to differentiate between someone posting a video which has a bit of isis propaganda, but is actually a news video about isis propaganda or which features of the material and differentiate between the two things. there are technical challenges for the tech companies are doing this, but the government's view is, you are the companies, good at finding solutions, do it. they are also rich, well resourced so no shortage of funds to develop these
5:53 pm
things? the tech companies make money of this material. it isn't just a neutral platform that allows this to be spread, they selling advertising acrostic, using the data from the who upload it to internalise that money and then is advertise it. if they are making money from it, they have a responsibility to police it and rather than passively wait for the british police to report to the companies there is something which breaches their guidelines. the government wants the companies themselves, if you like, to do that policing. gordon, thank you very much. the wreck of a german submarine that sank during world war one has been found in the north sea. the u—boat is said to be in good condition, lying at a depth of 30 metres off the belgian coast. all the hatches are sealed, suggesting that the bodies of the 23 man crew are probably
5:54 pm
still on board. sarah corker reports. coming out of the darkness deep in the north sea, this german submarine has lain undiscovered since world war i. the now 100—year—old u—boat is lying on its starboard side and is lying on its starboard side and is almost completely intact. footage shown by divers show the periscope still sticking out. what became of its crew is a mystery. translation: until now we're not sure which u—boat it is. translation: until now we're not sure which u-boat it is. there are three options. the crew is still on board, the shutters are still closer we presumed the crew of 23 are still on board. damage to the bout suggests the submarine was hit by a mine. 93 german u—boats were stationed in belgian ports during the fells world war, disrupting british trade routes was a key part
5:55 pm
of german tactics. translation mangrove they sunk 254 ships and almost brought the british to their needs would be u—boats. almost brought the british to their needs would be u-boats. but the u—boats were also targets, 70 were lost at sea. the location of this wreck has been kept secret to avoid damage or looting and with the help of the german and deceit, they are trying to establish the identity of those on board, missing at sea for all these years. right, let's get a look at the weather. yes, if first made landfall in dominique and there has been seven fatalities and widespread devastation. about 11:30 a:m., in
5:56 pm
made landfall on the eastern coast of puerto rico. the significance of this is puerto rico is one of the most densely populated islands in the caribbean. three and a half million people in its way on the track of the storm takes it across some of those densely packed population centres on puerto rico. from there, it spins close to the north—east of the dominican republic and heads towards the turks and ca icos and heads towards the turks and caicos islands and we will be keeping a close eye on that. in our neck of the woods we have had this weather from out west, neck of the woods we have had this weatherfrom out west, bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain. there will be some patchy and outbreaks of rain across england and wales overnight but with the wind is continuing to feed from the south. could get some murkiness over the hills of wales and the pennines. those winds dredging up some mild airso those winds dredging up some mild air so temperatures overnight, 11 to 14 degrees. tomorrow is a mixed picture. the slow—moving weather front will edge eastwards. any
5:57 pm
morning rain clearing away from northern ireland and the sunshine will come out. perhaps a few afternoon showers. wet across most of scotland, across northern england and the rain eventually clearing away from northwest —— south—west england. it stays warm in the south east but otherwise a fresher feel to the weather. as we head through to thursday night, the weather front will slowly clear east anglia and south—east england, taking the rain away overnight. we are left with a decent start to the day on friday with sunshine around but the next system with sunshine around but the next syste m co m es with sunshine around but the next system comes into the west and it will weaken as it bumps into the high—pressure soap varane will be more patchy in the afternoon. across eastern england it is still warm, temperatures around 19 or 20 and with brighter skies working into northern ireland, 17 isn't bad the belfast. high—pressure on saturday saw after cloudy start, the cloud brea ks saw after cloudy start, the cloud breaks up and there will be sunshine
5:58 pm
coming through. the threat of rain the northern counties of northern ireland as we go through the afternoon but it is a decent start to the afternoon. 17 and 20 celsius. that is your latest weather, goodbye for now. tonight at six more than 200 people are killed after a powerful earthquake hits mexico. dozens of buildings in the capital have been damaged, some reduced to rubble, the army has been drafted in to help in the rescue effort. at least 21 children are known to have died in this school — a desperate search for the dozens still missing.
5:59 pm
translation: i'm desperate. i want them to get the children out. i want to see something. this is the second earthquake in as many weeks — we'll be asking what — if anything — can be done to prepare for them. also tonight, more arrests after the parsons green tube explosion. counter—terror police have detained two men in newport, that's five people in custody so far. the england women's manager, mark sampson, loses hisjob —
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