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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 20, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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workers have been on strike for 11 weeks in a row overjob losses. in a moment it is time the sports day, but first a look at what else is coming up. theresa may is due to speak at the united nations general assembly in new york. that should be at around seven p:m.. in beyond 100 days we will be assessing reaction to what she says on the world stage in new york. as hurricane maria continues to sweep through the caribbean, we will be live in the region and after 8pm we'll be talking to the head of the commonwealth about what it is leaving in its wake. as the row intensifies between the leader of the catalonia region of spain and the catalonia region of spain and the spanish government, we be hearing from an expert on the issues of cata la n hearing from an expert on the issues of catalan region. let's bring you some breaking news... this is about another earthquake, but this is in
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japan. magnitude 6.1 has hit of the east coast of japan. the authorities have not issued a tsunami warning. it struck about 175 miles east on the largest japanese island. it struck about 175 miles east on the largestjapanese island. the shallow depth of about ten kilometres according to the us geological survey. an earthquake, 6.1 magnitude on the east coast of japan. more on that throughout the evening on bbc news. now, it is time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. it's bronze for chris froome in the time trial at the world championships. and two paralympic world
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championships that were due to take place in mexico later this month have been postponed following yesterday's earthquake. within the past hour the football association has confirmed that mark sampson has been sacked as head coach of the england lionesses. he's been at the centre of allegations of bullying and racism which he denies, and cleared in two inquiries, but today's departure is due to fresh allegations that date back to when he was manager of bristol academy before hejoined the fa. the fa have held a briefing for journalists at wembley this evening, and our correspondent richard conway was there. he joins us live now. what do we know about these new allegations? we got called up here to wembley,
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the fa's offices at short notice. what has been outlined is how martin glenn, the chief executive read a safeguarding report last wednesday in full. that report was produced backin in full. that report was produced back in 2013, sorry, 2014 when allegations were made against mark sampson dating from his time as head coach, kojak bristol academy. those allegations were investigated and mark samson was deemed not to be a safeguarding threat. martin glenn says he was made aware the report existed in october of 2015, but didn't look into the exact nature of the allegations, the detail of it. last week he was notified by two unnamed persons, that perhaps he should take a look at this again. that is what the fa did, they took it to the chairman, took to the
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board and the decision was made to dismiss mark samson, because they believe his conduct was inappropriate for an fa employee. sat down with martin glenn after and we had an off—camera briefing. but given the allegations that already existed from mark samson because of any alu ko‘s claims existed from mark samson because of any aluko‘s claims of racism, this isa any aluko‘s claims of racism, this is a convenient way to dismiss a troublesome employee? we had a couple of people suggest as we should look at is wider employment record. we asked for it to be released and it was. many people will look at this and suggest isa people will look at this and suggest is a convenient way to get rid of mark samson, because of the ongoing scrutiny he is under. be two different things. the concerns aluko raised about perceived bullying and
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racism, we have investigated those properly and there have been two separate investigations which have concluded there is no systematic evidence for that. this is a different issue, it is about his conduct before his time at the fa, which we judge isn't consistent with the standards and fa employee needs to show. is mark samson fit to work asa to show. is mark samson fit to work as a coach in football? mark samson is fit to work as a coaching football. you don't think he's fit to be the coach of the women's england football team ? to be the coach of the women's england football team? we are clear about our decision. there was a statement from tracy couch, the sports minister? she says it isa couch, the sports minister? she says it is a mess and raises questions about whether the historic processes the fa had in place over the
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recruitment of coaches were appropriate. she said the fa were right to take this action against mark samson but they need to make sure it doesn't happen again at any level of coaching. scrutiny from tracey couch. faa officials will go before a panel of mps tracey couch. faa officials will go before a panel of mp5 for the culture media and sport select committee next month and they must answer questions there. in between, i think there will be further scrutiny on why the fa senior officials, including martin glenn, didn't look at the detail of the safeguarding report, once they had knowledge of its existence, 2015 martin glenn said they came aware of it. it is now october 2017 and it was only looked that last week. there will be further questions about the timeline and the actions of senior figures here at wembley. we haven't heard the last of that. thank you very much, richard conway reporting from wembley. arsenal manager arsene wenger talks enthusiastically
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about the youngsters that are coming through the ranks at arsenal, and a number of them are bound to be on show this evening. arsenal take on doncaster in the the round of the league cup tonight and our reporter conor mcnamara sent us this look—ahead. managerial battles between arsene wenger and ferguson have been legendary. tonight it is arsene wenger against the son of the former manchester united boss, alex, darren ferguson who brings doncaster here tonight hoping to pull off a shock. this is a competition arsene wenger uses to blood young players. i remember being at the old highbury when cesc fabregas was given his debut and he went on to score his first goal in the next round of this competition. but is not the likes of fabregas the go on to play for barcelona and the national team, ecb ‘s talented players at then you don't get to see or hear much of them in the future. arsene wenger
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has been speaking this week about how he can improve that in the future and get some of this young talent nurtured further. compared to the best i have had before, where some youngsters we re the best i have had before, where some youngsters were really promising and now we are at the stage where the first step is to know they have the quality. the second step is to continue with them by good coaching and the third step is to integrate them into the first—team and that is most difficult. arsene wenger hoping there won't be any shocks and surprises like the last time they met in as competition in 2005. i was commentating on the game for aid. they brought arsenal all the way to penalties before losing out in the end. darren ferguson will be hoping to pull off a surprise, but it will be an achievement if they manage it. doncaster have only had one win in eight games this season. there are five games in all tonight,
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chelsea take on nottingham forest, everton play sunderland and it's west brom against manchester city. it's been confirmed that a threat over safety prompted the decision not to fly national flags or play anthems at northern ireland women's world cup qualifier with the republic of ireland last night. uefa made the decision before the game at mourneview park in lu rgan, after concerns were raised by police and officials at the ground. the nature of the threat is unclear. chris froome has won a bronze medal in the world championships time trial in norway. he finished more than a minute behind the winner, tom demoulin of the netherlands. jill douglas was there for us. it isa it is a wet and gloomy evening, but that didn't deter the crowd he turned out in droves. chris boardman
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was among them and they were out in force in the final climb a bit time trial, it was a fascinating course? it was, and hats off to them for doing something different. it is normally a circuit and people ride against the clock. now they have made it the tactical challenge as well as a physical one. chris froome securing the bronze medal, a fantastic end to his season. but the riderfrom the fantastic end to his season. but the rider from the netherlands, fantastic end to his season. but the riderfrom the netherlands, who targeted this all year long, he bossed this race from the start? he was the favourite but i wasn't expecting him to be as dominant as he was. it was an incredible ride. he had extended his season and had spent a lot of time training in the specialised position. he even went up specialised position. he even went upa10% specialised position. he even went up a 10% gradient. specialised position. he even went up a 1096 gradient. chris froome gave it his all but there was a huge smile on his face at the end, he was
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just pleased to be over?|j smile on his face at the end, he was just pleased to be over? i can relate to that feeling. it doesn't matter what you call the races, whether it is the olympics, the world championships, but he wanted it to be over and that was where he was that today. he put in a strong performance and another bronze medal ata performance and another bronze medal at a world championships.” performance and another bronze medal at a world championships. i think he will be content, but i don't think he will be happy with anything other than first place. he finished off here with a bronze medal today in the individual time trial, it has been remarkable? it has come i don't thing he could ask for more, it has been the best season without a doubt. he will be lucky if he gets another course like this so there will be tinges of disappointment. that is the end of the time trial here, we have the road races to look forward to over the weekend. well, this was chris froome's view of his performance. it would have been nice to be
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fighting for the gold medal, but i have no regrets, i gave it absolutely everything i had. amazing season, two bronze medals at the world championships. it has been a brilliant season, it will be a season i will be for ever grateful foran season i will be for ever grateful for an great season i will be for ever grateful foran great i'm season i will be for ever grateful for an great i'm glad to be at the end of it now. the international pa ralympic committee has postponed the swimming and powerlifting world championships, following the devastating earthquake in mexico city. they were due to begin there at the end of this month, as part of the para sport festival. it's the first time the ipc has had to postpone a major event but after consulting with the organising committee and mexican government, they said these were unique circumstances and it was "quite simply the right thing to do". british swimming have released a statement supporting the decision, while three time paralympic champion 0llie hynd has tweeted that his heart breaks for the people of mexico. and that while he's disappointed not to compete at the world championships. "some things are bigger than sport". britain's best female bobsledder
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micha mcneill has secured £10,000 in donations, after she resorted to crowd—funding to enable her to compete at the winter olympics. less than six months before the games in pyeongchang, the british bobsleigh and skeleton association said they couldn't fund the women's team, but would be sending three men's teams to the olympics. let's talk to mica now. £10,000 is a remarkable show of support in less than 24 hours?m is, considering the page when live at1:30pm is, considering the page when live at 1:30pm yesterday and before 1:30pm today we had hit £10,000, so it is amazing. lizzie lee arnold has talked about mismanagement, do you agree with what she says? there has been an overspend, that has to be accountable to someone somewhere.
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somebody has made a mistake down the line andi somebody has made a mistake down the line and i agree, it is mismanagement. we had a great season, we met the british olympic association qualifying standards and due to someone else's mistake we are suffering. three men's team look like they will be going to pyongyang, but the women probably not more so unless you meet your crowdfunding target, why do you think it is the women's team being targeted like this. we were told the women are suffering due to the overspend, but when asked about the three men's teams, the explanation is, they medal potential. my argument to that is, all three of those crews will not a medal. so it doesn't add up in that respect. you
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are looking to get £30,000, you are doing well and it looks like you might reach your target if people give generously. if they do, what do you think you might be able to achieve in piano chang. people will keep supporting and the support we have had is amazing. we want to get the best preparation for the games we can have. best of luck to you over the next few months and days with your crowdfunding. thank you for joining with your crowdfunding. thank you forjoining us. now, let's update you on some of the day's other sports stories... a tough draw for great britain, who will be away to spain in the first round of next year's davis cup world group. andy murray was part of the gb team that won the trophy two years ago. he's currently out of action with a hip problem but he's hoping to return to action at the beginning of next year. double olympic champion max whitlock will head the british team for next month's gymnastics world championships in montreal.
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it'll mark his return to competition after he took a six—month break after rio. courtney tullock, nile wilson, amy tinkler and claudia fragapane are also in the squad. jake lamotta, here in the red, has died aged 95. the former world middleweight champion's story was famously portrayed by robert deniro in the 1980 film raging bull. there's a degree of unrest at durham county cricket club. chairman ian botham has called for a transfer system to be introduced, after talented young all—rounder paul coughlin agreed a move to nottinghamshire. he had a release clause in his contract, allowing him to leave if durham were relegated, which they were last season, so durham received no fee. graham 0nions, now durham's leading all—time wicket—taker, understand's botham's frustration. iam sure i am sure they don't plot anything in their meeting room at lord's
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i am sure they don't plot anything in their meeting room at lords and say, we're not going to let durham do this, this year. i think it is the way things are planned out. the feeling around the ground towards the ecb is quite bitter. we probably need to move on and build a group of players that can play for a while and progress and hopefully get back to winning ways. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. thank you very much indeed. theresa may is preparing to deliver her address to the united nations general assembly this evening, in which she is expected to increase the pressure on internet companies to tackle extremist material online. she'll call for the companies to
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remove terrorist material on the web within two hours of it being posted and say they need to develop technology to prevent it being uploaded in the first place. i have been talking to this to a senior adviser to the counter extremism project, an international organisation to combat the throwing threat from ideologists. he said this call from theresa may is long overdue. i think theresa may is exactly right and this is long overdue. we have seen abuses since the early 2000 is raging from child pornography, child sex trade, arms, drug dealing and extremism. the internet and social media companies have thrown up their hands and said, we don't know what to do, or we don't know what to do —— we don't wa nt to don't know what to do —— we don't want to do anything. but there are real implications to bad behaviour online and we need to start being more aggressive. what kind of
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content more aggressive. what kind of co nte nt a re more aggressive. what kind of content are you particularly worried about? i am worried about a lot of thing, child pornography, child sex trade and there are incredible numbers of very young children being exploited and traumatised for years to come. it is very troubling content. the domestic international terrorism, radicalisation, recruitment and equipping of terrorists who are then going out and committing the types of crimes we are seeing around the world. these are not abstract ideas, this isn't people saying things we don't like or agree with, it is people conspiring and training people to go out and commit horrific crimes with very real—world consequences. it is not an abstract idea, we have to get a handle on this. it looks like the big internet companies are beginning to respond to this, do you think they have been a bit slow, a bit
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tardy? there has been no question they've been slow, but no question they've been slow, but no question they are starting to respond. but also no question the response is not volu nta ry. also no question the response is not voluntary. they are responding because of pressure from prime minister theresa may, the eu, and here in the united states, and capitol hill. if it weren't that the threat of civil and criminal penalties, i don't thing you would see movement on that front. these tech companies will act in their own interests, their own financial interests. that is fine, but we as political bodies and the public have to call on them to rein in the abuses because they will not do it on their own. you are right they have started moving, i think it is too slow and not aggressive enough andi too slow and not aggressive enough and i think they are doing the bare minimum they need to do in order to eliminate the type of criticism and legislation being discussed.


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