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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 20, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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at the they are ready to fight. at the final rallies the promises of better days to come after what the kurds are calling their brexit. but if the referendum goes ahead as planned, a new state could be born into conflict. orla guerin, bbc news, northern iraq. before banksy there was basquiat, a graffiti artist who became a sensation in the art world. jean—michel basquiat died of a suspected drugs overdose in new york at the age of 27, back in 1988. but earlier this year one of his paintings sold for £85 million and now the first large—scale exhibition of his works is going on show at the barbican, in london. our arts editor, will gompertz, had a look. there's no mistaking a jean—michel basquiat painting, there's that sense of improvisation, the crudely drawn figure and the graphic, poetic rhythms
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which are like a pictorial form of free jazz. it's a visual language, partly inspired by picasso and partly by new york's street art scene in the late ‘70s — in it which he was a major player — producing work that continues to be influential to this day. i think it's definitely true to say that a lot of artists working on the street today take a lot of inspiration from basquiat‘s work and his attitude to public space. when he made his work on the street, he particularly made it around the soho district where the galleries were. he wanted his work to be seen by the media, by the galleries. he was a man with a plan? i think he was a man with ambition. he became a well—known character on the scene. he started to make drawings, he made friends with andy worhol and then, as he turned 20, made the very tricky transition from street artist to fine artist. he saw that his art career was just going to be, you know, massive. he knew that. he knew he was going to be famous from the very beginning, the first time i spoke to him. the rest of us, we were like making our art and trying to impress the other 300 or 400 people that were downtown on the art scene.
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basquiat was looking well past that, he was looking at global domination. he became the toast of manhattan's super wealthy collectors. he was called thejimmy hendrix of art, the post—modern picasso, but he was, and for a long time after his death in 1988, largely overlooked by the art establishment. partly that has to do with him being black. there really wasn't a black presence at the highest levels — blue chip levels — of the art world, and also the sense of, like — you know, black people, you're great at the singing and dancing and all that, but the conceptual stuff, leave that to us. you know, leave that to white europeans. and that's really offensive and that alone made jean crazy. jean—michel basquiat‘s hybrid artworks with their raw combination of graffiti drawing and abstract painting synthesised the political, social and cultural landscape of america in the late ‘70s and ‘80s with a veracity and power few others could match.
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will gompertz, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two, here's emily maitlis. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm james pearce. the headlines this evening... sacked. england lionesses head coach mark sampson is fired by the fa after fresh allegations against him come to light. manchester united score four against burton in the third round of the efl cup. and bronze for chris froome in the time trial at the cycling world championships. mark sampson has been sacked as head coach of the england lionesses. he's been at the centre of allegations of bullying and racism which he denies
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and cleared in two inquiries, but today's departure came after fa management became aware of other allegations that date back nearly four years to when he was manager of bristol academy. 0ur sports editor, dan roan, is at wembley. so why has this new information only come to light now? you are right, that is the most obvious question to emerge from this controversy that has rapidly become something of a crisis for the governing body and no doubt that question will be asked of senior executives here when they are summoned to appear in front of a parliamentary select committee hearing in the middle of next month. it will examine their handling of this entire affair, mark sampson the subject of controversy and serious allegations about sexism and bullying by the former striker eni
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aluko bullying by the former striker eni alu ko and four weeks bullying by the former striker eni aluko and four weeks the pressure was building and today this extraordinary development when it has emerged the fa have been sitting on information which they say was sufficiently serious for him to have been found guilty of what they describe as unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour. that begs the question, how was it he was cleared three years ago when this investigation was concluded? and why is it that the fa chief executive martin glenn, who admitted he knew about that safeguarding investigation as long ago as november 2015, did not even ask to see the full details of the report until last week when it was brought to the attention of the fa by two anonymous whistle—blowers who suggested it might be a good idea for the fa to have a look at his employment record. here is martin glenn today explaining to the bbc why he did not see fit to look into that case at an earlier point.
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safeguarding anonymity and confidentiality and i did not think it was my place or the place of fa management to enquire about the details of the case. clearly, once they were made known not the safeguarding issue but we are judged he could not be an employee of the fa any more. we had a couple of people suggest in light of the scrutiny on mark, we should take a look at his wider employment record. we requested the case be released and it was. you have mentioned the parliamentary enquiry due next month and the sports minister has been describing this as a mess. will the parliamentary enquiry be the end of this? i think it depends on what else emerges in the coming days and weeks because what mark sampson did,
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this relationship he had with some of his female players back in the bristol academy some years ago, we dodged know the exact nature of them but we know it was deemed sufficiently serious for him to be placed on a safeguarding behavioural development programme by the fa and the reason why this is so relevant right now is even though the fa are trying to create distance between this scandal and the controversy surrounding eniola aluko, the point is they have this information in a period of time when there were none too further investigations into serious allegations made by eni aluko against mark sampson. did those investigations know about this previous safeguarding enquiry? will be handed the full report? would have had some bearing on their conclusions? was cleared mark sampson, finding him guilty of no wrong doing so all of these dealings will be part of that hearing and was
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a highly unusual, forthright intervention by the government today in the form of the sports minister tracey crouch, who said it was a mess, it is hard to disagree. 0nce again grace is very big questions about the fa's governance, its ability to handle these kinds of crises and don't forget, just over one year ago i crises and don't forget, just over one year ago i was crises and don't forget, just over one year ago i was standing here reporting on the remarkable do march —— departure of sam allardyce, dismissed as england manager after one match in charge and one year later, we have further questions about the fa's recruitment of senior staff and whether they do enough due diligence with those appointments. dan roan at wembley, thank you very much indeed. manchester united are through to the fourth round of the efl cup after a comfortable 4—1 victory against championship side burton albion. marcus rashford opened the scoring afterjust four minutes and added a second soon after. anthony martial set upjesse lingard for united's third 10 minutes before half time. and it was martial who scored united's fourth after the break. burton managed a late consolation goal thanks to lloyd dyer after a scramble in the united area.
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there were five efl cup matches tonight. no surprises. arsenal won 1—0 at home to doncaster, chelsea scored 5 against nottingham forest, a comfortable win for everton at home to sunderland and manchester city won the all premier league tie at west bromwich albion. the pick of the ties see the london derby, spurs hosting west ham and another all premier league clash, everton travelling to chelsea. a big win for celtic in the quarter—finals of the scottish league cup. 4—0 at dundee. chris froome has won a bronze medal in the world championships time trial in norway. froome, who's already won the tour de france and the vuelta a espana this year, finished more than a minute behind the winner, tom demoulin of the netherlands, who himself has had an excellent 2017 and went into the event as the frontrunner. it would have been nice...
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it would have been nice to be fighting for the gold medal, but i have no regrets, i gave it absolutely everything i had. amazing season, two bronze medals at the world championships. it has been a brilliant season, it will be a season i will be for ever grateful for and that i'm glad to be at the end of it now. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are political commentator daisy mcandrew and the former trade minister lord digbyjones. welcome to you both.
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tomorrow's front pages... the ft reports that the us federal reserve is to call time on its crisis era stimulus programme and stick with plans for further interest rate rises. the metro carries dramatic picture of a mexican rescue team rushing to save children trapped in the rubble of their school which collapsed during an earthquake. the daily telegraph leads on accusations from theresa may's former chief of staff, nick timothy, that treasury officials are fixated on the negatives of brexit. the daily express says the prime minister is to directly appeal to european leaders to break the deadlock over brexit when she gives a major speech in florence on friday. the i reports that the government is planning to bring in a new cycling offence which is equivalent to causing death by dangerous driving. the sun has a story about a british
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tourist injured by facing six months in jail tourist injured by facing six months injailfor giving tourist injured by facing six months injailforgiving a tourist injured by facing six months in jail for giving a finger gesture. the daily mail focuses on what it calls the crisis in the elderly care system. daisy, kick off with the daily telegraph and there is an interesting picture of theresa may at the un, all this talk about front seat driving, back—seat driving, and boris is behind her, looking like back—seat driver, pointing. boris is behind her, looking like back-seat driver, pointing. fabulous photograph. the photographer must have been very pleased with themselves. he is almost saying, look over there, there is a pig flying that you have missed. we have seen flying that you have missed. we have seenin flying that you have missed. we have seen ina flying that you have missed. we have seen in a number of papers, the big speech coming up, concentrating on this with different angles, the daily telegraph have another article, the third orfourth by nick
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timothy, who was half of that gruesome twosome that used to be running the prime minister's office and were very highly criticised and given their marching orders for being so overly bullying and dogmatic. and losing the election. particularly. and a lot of disrespect, allegedly, towards other cabinet ministers and senior personnel. you can get away with that if you win. but you are not forgiven if you don't so he is writing that he has a column in the telegraph and he says he puts a lot of blame towards the treasury, saying they just have of blame towards the treasury, saying theyjust have no interest in the truth. i think there is something in that. i get frustrated that the bbc but also media generally. i get frustrated by civil servants and big business and the all accentuate the negative, they never talk about the positive and i
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think it frustrates a lot of britain but i think that photograph should get photograph of the year. i am reminded of churchill sitting there and his aide saying, the enemy are restless tonight, winston. and he said, they are the opposition, they are the enemy. that is the point, she was meant to be keeping him inside the tent where he can do less damage. there has been talk that he might resign by the weekend? that seems to have filtered down. digby has a point about certain aspects of the media being overly critical about brexit but equally the other side, certain aspects... not critical so much as accentuate in the negative. let's have a quick look at the express, they are looking ahead to the big speech theresa may is going to make on friday in florence about brexit. and although it is in florence, which
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had a purple patch as a citystate being superseded by italy, i think your audience is really hurt domestic audience and she has to start excelling with the word called communication and she has to call this what it is. michel barnier will allow negotiation to progress if we give him £50


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