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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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service uber will appeal against transport for london's decision not to renew its licence. there has been a further heightening of the rhetoric between north korea and the united states, with a two leaders questioning each other‘s sanity. now, time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. coming up... after a turbulent week in women's football, the wsl season begins, as does the fa search for a new england women's manager. me personally, i would like to see a female takeover. but we will have to see what happens. also tonight... feeling the heat, can koeman get everton‘s season back on track? and expect fireworks as celtic and rangers renew old rivalries tomorrow lunchtime. also ahead, back on her bike, lizzy deignan‘s incredible recovery four weeks after surgery. and the real life spidermen and women competing
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in edinburgh this weekend ahead of sport climbing's olympic debut. welcome along. what a week it's been in women's football. victory for england in their opening world cup qualifier on tuesday preceded the sacking of mark sampson less than 2a hours later. the fallout of which, threatens to overshadow the start of the women's super league season which begins tonight. we'll talk to former england player karen walker in a moment, but first let's here from the national team's record goalscorer kelly smith who believes that the next manager should be a woman. there's a lot of good managers out there at the minute, female and male managers. i am there at the minute, female and male managers. i am sure there at the minute, female and male managers. i am sure the fa will get it right, they have too. i am still
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new to the coaching aspect of football, having retired over a year ago. i have my son and i am not putting myself in the forefront of the role for the manager. who knows down the line? i think they will ta ke down the line? i think they will take their time on getting the right person. they have too they can't be hasty and in the first couple of weeks sign somebody up. i think they need to do their research and background and get the right person, male orfemale. for me personally, i would like to see a female takeover. we will have to wait and see what happens. the search for a replacement is under way with chelsea women's manager emma hayes one of those in line to succeed sampson. her side won the spring series earlier this year. firstly, i am flattered to be linked with something like that. but i would be... ithink with something like that. but i would be... i think it's important to say that i am absolutely happy at chelsea. i have been here five years now and i hope to be here for a long time to come. my full concentration is on this football club and preparing for the season ahead. is on this football club and preparing for the season aheadm that he will yourself out? —— is
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that he will yourself out? —— is that you ruling yourself out. karen walker the former england women's captain joins us on sportsday tonight. women's football has never been more in the spotlight and now. those that run the game coming in for heavy criticism? yes, i think somebody said to me earlier today any publicity is good publicity. i am not sure about that! it is high profile, it is probably the most high profile it has ever been. u nfortu nately, high profile it has ever been. unfortunately, what comes with that is high profile scrutiny. that is what is happening at the moment. emma hayes appears to have ruled herself out of the job. kelly smith said that she thinks the next manager should be a woman. do you agree? i think the best person for thejob, to me, it doesn't make any difference. i have worked under both, and they have good and bad points. with it being women's football, it would be nice if it was another female to keep that side of the sport. but i am not bothered, just the best person for the job as
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far as just the best person for the job as farasi just the best person for the job as faras i am just the best person for the job as far as i am concerned. in light of what has happened to mark sampson, do you think it might put potential male candidates off applying?” thought that myself, with the kind of allegations that seem to be being made. i hope not. there is always that possibility. i hope not. it is a fantastic sport to be involved in. i would like to think both men and women would like to get involved. absolutely, it goes to show potentially how far the women's game has grown currently. the new season gets under way tonight. the first time, it will run through the winter instead of the summer. how do you think that will affect the game and what do those involved think about the change? it is a gamble. i think the change? it is a gamble. i think the idea to have it in the summer when the men are not playing to try to get people to watch was a great idea. obviously that has gone by the wayside due to fixtures and up and coming tournaments, etc. you know, for the england team itself, i think
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they will benefit from it. whether they will benefit from it. whether the league will benefit, only time will tell. i do think it is a gamble. 0k, karen walker, thanks for joining us on sportsday tonight. so the change in schedule not the only difference to the league this season. sue smith has been assesing some of the talking points ahead of the new campaign. after six seasons as a summer league, the 2017—18 edition is set to become the first women's super league to run throughout the winter. why the change? how is that going to affect the clubs, the players and who will be in the title race, come mate? katie, why have you made the decision after six summer leagues to change to winter? because we were starting through spring, we have a
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break because the pitch were go into maintenance, then we would have some games, then a major championships and have to start again. it was very stop start. fans were struggling in terms of how do i really follow this when there is no momentum. terms of how do i really follow this when there is no momentumm terms of how do i really follow this when there is no momentum. it is great to know we will be playing regular games. but obviously with it competing with the men's side, we have to see how it goes with the fans. it allows football fans from everywhere to have a weekend full of football. especially at manchester city, they can watch and play on the saturday, come and watch on sunday. iam saturday, come and watch on sunday. i am convinced we are keeping momentum going in raising the fan base and people coming to the games. we see that growth year on year. particularly when the international tea m particularly when the international team do so well. there is a new name on the trophy! it is that of manchester city women! manchester city will again be the team to beat.
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but the 2015 champions chelsea won the spring series and are expected to be in the mix again this time. we are in football to win. we want to do well every season. we have great tea m do well every season. we have great team spirit and i hope we do well this season. it is easy to want to be the champions again, but we know it will be tough. it will be a real competitive league. that is what we play the game four. i think arsenal will be tough this year. the spring series was only short, but we didn't lose a game. overall, we've got a great competitive environment at the moment and we brought in some great players. ultimately it will be the performances of the teams to be able to drive fans to come and watch more. hopefully after a good performance in the euros and the development of the women's game, fa ns development of the women's game, fans are coming to watch and we can really put on a good show. the new winter schedule gets under way tonight as newly promoted everton take on liverpool ladies. and then on sunday,
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the defending champions chelsea begin theircampaign against bristol city women in the early kick off. the wsl expanded to ten teams for the first time in its history. it's not been the best of starts for everton. they are in the bottom three, one place above bournemouth with a play tomorrow. it is crazy, it is ridiculous to put a lot of pressure to the team by saying we need to finish with the top four teams. in my opinion, that is ridiculous. everybody has signed new players, even new players with all so young players, even new players with all so young players that we played yesterday. six, seven boys of 21, 20,19, yesterday. six, seven boys of 21, 20, 19, 22. that is the future, but needs time. that is one of eight
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matches in the premier league tomorrow. rivals liverpool feature in the late kick off, having been knocked out of the efl cup this week by the same team they face tomorrow, leicester city. liverpool's defensive frailities still evident and something jurgen klopp is looking to address. it sounds like we have no points and we are the worst team in the league. that is a little bit how you talk. yes, we obviously have problems, thatis yes, we obviously have problems, that is why we only have eight points and not 15. that is the situation. we can make it more serious than it is, we can take it like it is. so manchester city top the table on goals scored and will fancy getting a few more when they play crystal palace, who are bottom, with five defeats from five and without a league goal this season. manchester united, who are level on points with their city rivals, are away at southampton. while tottenham take on west ham in the early kick off. for us, it is our way, we try to
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win. of course, we know very well what it means for our fans to play west ham. we will try to stay and to be ready to compete on to fight, to try to win. the most important thing is to try to get three points. for me, they are the team that plays the most attractive football and, for me, they are definitely one of the contenders to win the league. they have energy, they have patterns, individual quality. they've got pace. they've got the team that they are building up for three years now, i think. they are improving the team, they are adding to their team and their squad. one of the fiercest footballing rivalries resumes tomorrow as rangers play celtic in the scottish premiership. the latter‘s domestic dominance has made this fixture a largely one sided affair.
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alisdair lamont looks ahead. all around ibrox there are reminders of the days when rangers dominated scottish football, when they ruled the roost in glasgow. times have changed significantly. although nearly 50,000 rangers supporters will draw their team on tomorrow, it will draw their team on tomorrow, it will take more than that to end celtic‘s 56 unbeaten run. will take more than that to end celtic's 56 unbeaten run.” will take more than that to end celtic's 56 unbeaten run. i think they have got to contend celtic and hopefully counter them. if they go out and try to play them toe to toe, i don't think they've got the quality and celtic will rip them apart. celtic have too much energy in the middle of the park, too much movement. it is about rangers closing the gaps across the pitch. the superiority was laid bare in the most the superiority was laid bare in the m ost rece nt the superiority was laid bare in the most recent visit to ibrox, a 5—1 humiliation of the oldest rivals. in the six meetings between the sides last year, rangers scored just four goals compared to celtic's 16.
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goals compared to celtic's16. rangers finished third in the league of 67 points, but celtic were streets ahead on 106. rangers ended the season empty—handed, and celtic won the trouble. that has been a lot of change. you've got to give the manager credit. he has obvious he come in and wanted to change it, he has been backed heavily by his board, to make the changes. it is a different set of players, in the main. you would expect them to do a little differently. it used to be that the derby match was the biggest of the season, but for these players it is audibly not even the biggest of the week. anderlecht away in the champions league on wednesday may define celtic's season more than tomorrow's visit to ibrox. second placed aberdeen don't play until sunday — which means rangers could move above them behind celtic albeit briefly. at the other end, bottom of the table kilmarnock play dundee. fourth placed st johnstone take on hamilton. lizzy deignan will carry british hopes in tomorrow's women's road race at
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the world championships in norway. the dutch are expected to be the team to beat again, ahead of the men's race on sunday. but as jill douglas and chris boardman report, lizzy deignan is lucky to be lining up on the start line at all. so far, it is the dutch that have dominated the road cycling world championships in norway, winning gold in both the men and women's time trial. it looks like they might dominate come the weekend and the road dominate come the weekend and the roa d ra ces. dominate come the weekend and the road races. let's look at the women's race on saturday afternoon, 150 kilometres and the dutch team looking very strong indeed? yes, it is hard to see past that one outfit, who could win it with several different riders. i think it is going to be a very difficult task for anybody, not only because they have several riders to use, they can afford to get people in the break, chase and still have riders spur, they can take the win overall. they
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have so many options.” they can take the win overall. they have so many options. i spoke to a dutch journalist who said he could see the dutch getting one, two and three. after that terrible crash we saw the gold—medal winner, and the multiple silver medallist, she would love to get the rainbowjersey? possibly that is the only problem they have got, they have an awful lot of leaders, have they got enough indians? somebody will have to control the race. when somebody is the clear favourite, they will be very heavily marked. on a circuit like this, relatively easy to follow, it could cause problems. and we haven't even mentioned the three—time world champion. great britain has a world champion, lizzy deignan. even to be here is a bit of a victory. her appendix removed three weeks ago? hard to imagine having an operation that serious, being in hospital and then coming out and riding the world championshipsjust out and riding the world championships just a few weeks later. clearly, she thinks she has the form. let's hope that she has and she is one of the few people that can take it to them. let's look at sunday, the men. peter sidearm
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going for a world record in consecutive world titles? quite a good circuit for him. there is a time, only1.5 good circuit for him. there is a time, only 1.5 kilometres long. he can get over that with out any difficulty. he has been playing down his form, illness saw him dig out of the time trial earlier in the week. i think he will be the person to beat. and tom won the time trial, he is in good form. we will have all of the coverage of saturday's race from just after 12 on the red button. we will be live on bbc one from two o'clock. in other news — four of this summer's british and irish lions have been left out of england's training camp this weekend. james haskell has been excluded along with george kruis and kyle sinckler. jonathanjoseph also misses out. 18—year—old harleqions fly half marcus smith is included. eddiejones names his full squad at the end of next month. and england and middlesex bowler
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toby roland—jones is out for the remainder of the season with a back injury. it means he's almost certain to be unavailable for the ashes this winter. england name their squad next wednesday. the world's top triathletes are in jersey for the world super league triathlon. jonny brownlee is among those competing. jersey is not short of perfect triathlon terrain. tomorrow, the focus will be on one particular spot in the island. elizabeth marina will be turned into a stage. this is the super league triathlon course, everything is very tight. we are here because the course is here. the swim start is right behind us, the finish is also there. the transition
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is next to us and the finish line is next to us. that is what super league stands for, tight racing, engaging racing, entertaining racing and good spectator access. the new format of triathlon has only happened once before. that was in hamilton island in australia. but things will be different here. for starters, there will be a women's race, with the swimmers behind me in the marina. it will be a bigger and better fan zone. so what is in it forjersey? we are estimating somewhere between 1000 and 3000 people coming to the island for an average of about four nights, a considerable contribution. on top of that, it is growing globally with a reach of over 400 million perhaps in 150 countries. not just live programmes, but in the days, weeks and months ahead there will lots of replays and highlights programmes. it is attracting the world's best for good reason, with the brits well
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presented. something different to what i've done before, short and fast. i am really, really excited to race. that is why i am here, because iam race. that is why i am here, because i am excited. i have never done it before. it is a new challenge, you don't know who will be good or bad. i'm genuinely excited to see what happens. jersey has its own hopes with commonwealth and ironman athlete darren hawkes with. it's scary, but the expectations of everyone, i was a professional triathlete at one point, but i was and ironman athlete. it's very different to this kind of racing. i am going to give everything, but i am going to give everything, but i am trying to be realistic at the same time. it is a tall order. he will face the world number one and the defending super league champion richard murray. so, while the course might be small, the sporting action will be quite the opposite. more sports looking to move with the times, triathlon is one of those.
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another boxing belt is on the line this weekend, that ofjoseph parker's wbo world heavyweight title. he goes up against hughie fury — cousin of tyson fury — at the manchester arena. and victory for parker, could move him a step closer to a potential unification bout with anthonyjoshua. our boxing reporter alex gulrajani joins me. and alex is this what parker is ultimately eyeing here? yes, he wants to an absence of heavyweight scene. he says that is based in the united kingdom. anthony joshuais based in the united kingdom. anthony joshua is the king of the division. he's been training in london with david haye and plans on making himself available in london, after this fight. he has to win it. it's a tricky one against hughie fury. we know the name because of his cousin, tyson, what he did two years ago, beating vladimir putin. the training camp has been different for this one. they have gone back to basics. i was fortunate enough to spend time with them a couple of weeks ago in the lake district. very like rocky. peter heery, the man behind all of
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this, the man that masterminded the win against flooding klitschko, it is his father. if there is somebody who knows what they're talking about, it is beautifully eerie. quite poignant, this is the first sporting event to be staged at the manchester arena since the terrible attack? an emotional night for all of those involved. it is the first time he has fought in his hometown. it has hosted some greats, amir khan, joe carr is argued, ricky hatton and even mike tyson. it doesn't get better for a heavyweight world title fight. now we showed you these impressive looking pictures at the top of the programme. this is speed climbing which will feature as part of sport climbing at the next olympics, one of five new sports included at tokyo 2020. this weekend we'll get a taste of what's to come as edinburgh hosts the first world cup climbing event in the uk for over a decade.
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olympic reporter nick hope has been taking a look at the sport's preparations ahead of its olympic debut. there's a lot of excitement about the inclusion of sport climbing. it will combine three different disciplines of climbing. the first of those is arguably the most spectacular. it is speed climbing. essentially here you have the athletes needing to complete a 50 metre wall as fast as possible. it is hand—to—hand combat. the world record is about 5.5 seconds for the men, 7.5for the record is about 5.5 seconds for the men, 7.5 for the women. record is about 5.5 seconds for the men, 7.5for the women. it record is about 5.5 seconds for the men, 7.5 for the women. it would record is about 5.5 seconds for the men, 7.5for the women. it would be spectacular in tokyo. this is lead climbing. you have to try to get as high as possible. there is necessarily a time limit, but it might come in for the olympics. what we are seeing our athletes trying to get as high as possible. here we are seeing sean woodcock —— the olympic
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event where you are a few metres of the ground and you have to complete the ground and you have to complete the task as quickly as possible, with a bit of style. but the challenge will be combining all three disciplines. not everybody is happy about that. this is one of the ones who specialises in boulder climbing. but she is going to have to combine the three. the challenges that sometimes require different skills and body types to excel. arguably, adam ondra is the best in the world. he has not tried speed events, he sees it as a bit of a gimmick, he says he might not compete because of that competition. molly thompson smith is one of the rising stars. with youth on her side, it means that it will help her when she tries to learn the speed discipline, probably the least experienced one. another one to look out for is well, and i caught up
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with him earlier in the week. out for is well, and i caught up with him earlier in the weekm out for is well, and i caught up with him earlier in the week. it is exciting, from a young age we have been trying to climb, learning the sequence, see how we can combine it. for the older competitors which are established in one two disciplines, from speaking to some of them i know that they are not as excited about it. for me, as cheesy as it is, it would be a dream come true. there will be much more from him in the one o'clock news tomorrow. just before we go, a reminder by adding by the bbc sport website you can follow the progress of the british climbers, in action at the edinburgh world cup this weekend. when prince harry launched the invictus games three years ago. bernie broad was still recovering from life—changing injuries sustained while on duty in afghanistan. but after a lengthy rehabilitation he'll captain the united kingdom team at the games. which get under way in toronto in canada on saturday. earlier this week, he spoke to hugh.
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the good it does stands testimony to the principles that were set out for the principles that were set out for the invictus to work for wounded, injured and six servicemen. help for heroes are supported, the royal british legion support it, it makes you stand tall and proud to be a member of the united kingdom. a word about prince harry, he had significant impact. did he bestow upon you the role of captain? he is absolutely amazing. he has been military, he has seen it and he gets it. he has a way about him where he can put you at ease and he just makes you smile. at the same time, while he is involved in the conversation, if you see him looking around, trying to engage with the next people he wants to talk to because he knows. this is the third invictus games. 60% of the team are
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new to the games. that is testament to people coming forward. there are still thousands out there that have not yet made the commitment, which i am hoping they will. i know a couple of grenadiers that are very keen and very interested for next yea r‘s invictus games. they see the changes and the benefit in it. amazing. there is an underlying truth that you are all damp competitive anyway. —— damn competitor. you are all damp competitive anyway. -- damn competitor. the united kingdom, we are a competitive race. everybody will push themselves to the absolute limits of your ability. that is what is nice about it. you can see people pushing themselves to the absolute limit and being taught through help for heroes, set your goalfor through help for heroes, set your goal for your event, through help for heroes, set your goalfor your event, do through help for heroes, set your goal for your event, do your personal best and that will be good enough. that is fantastic. the games
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are going from strength to strength. that was the uk captain speaking to hugh ferris. and taking on a challenge of a very different kind this weekend, the paralympic champion johnnie peacock who's taking part in this year's series of strictly. no stranger to the big stage, winning two gold medals at two paralympic games, he becomes the first contestant with a disability to compete on the show. and says that this will be more nerve wracking than any of his finals. this was hemming rehearsal. —— this was him in rehearsal. watch out for his opening dance the waltz on tomorrow's show. the show gets under way tomorrow at 6.25 on bbc one. that is all from sportsday. plenty more on bbc news throughout the evening and we will be back tomorrow at 6:30pm. for now, goodbye. yet again it has been a tin of
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northern and western parts to see a bit of cloud and rain. this will have come as something of a disappointment, even in those locations it started as gloriously as it did here in london. that rain gradually creeping its way out of northern ireland to become quite a feature for parts of scotland. not everybody is seeing rainfall, but it is there to be had had across northern and western parts of england. what is left of the weather front, more a band of cloud and anything else, will slump its way towards the south—eastern quarter. for the most part it will be on the mild side, save for the far north—west of scotland, where he the temperatures could dip away to about 4 degrees. what news of the weekend, you ask? saturday is mainly dry. i will explain a caveat in a second. rain in the west on sunday, mild by day and night. i say mainly dry
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around saturday, simply because what is left of the old weather front still has a bit of cloud about it. that will produce the odd drizzly burst of rain. that prospect is just using its way a little bit further north during the course of saturday. with the direction of the wind coming from the south, the coast is often a great place to be. 20 of sunshine and warmth, 18 or 19 degrees. southern part of scotland, the north of england, northern wales, stuck with a loss of cloud and the possibility of a spot of rain. after a fairly dull start, things really improving to south wales, the south midlands, parts of east anglia and the southern counties of england. again, you could see 18 or 19 degrees or so. later in the day, cloud filling in across northern ireland. the first signs of sunday's wet weather gradually easing its way a little bit further towards the east. the start of sunday, yet again, quite mild. from the base at 14 degrees, some of the temperature is away from the frontal zone will begin to climb
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quite nicely, getting above 20 degrees in some eastern spots. the exact location of the cloud and rain associated with the weather front, and the eastward extent, open to some debate at the moment. we suspect it will get across scotland and bea suspect it will get across scotland and be a bit of a problem for the western fringes of england and wales. one two moderate bursts. the best of the heat will be in the south and east. london this is bbc news, 7pm. live in florence were theresa may has delivered her keynote speech aimed at breaking the deadlock and brexit talks. the premise that cold for a two—year transitional period arrangement to allow for an orderly exit from the eu. during the implementation period access to one another‘s market should continue and come terms. watch by the cabinet, she said britain would pay its fair share to the eu during that period. the uk will honour commitments we
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have made during the period of our membership. as the prime minister left florence, labour said the plans we re left florence, labour said the plans were a consequence of cabinet infighting. this whole speech seems to be the product of the internal


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