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tv   World News Today  BBC News  September 22, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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rain. what's the east, of the day's rain. what's the east, dry and finer. more details online. this is bbc world news today. our top stories: unlocking the brexit log jam. british prime minister theresa may holds out the promise that both sides will come out stronger, as britain leaves the eu i recognise that this is not something that you, our european partners, wanted to do, it is a distraction from what you want to get on with, but we have to get this right. the ride hailing app uber loses its license to operate in london — in a major blow to the company. another exchange of insults between the us and north korea, pyongyang hints at a dramatic response. translation: i think it could be an h—bomb test of an unprecedented level, perhaps over the pacific ocean. hello and welcome
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to world news today. britain's prime minister has tried to inject new energy into the brexit talks, with a distinctly warmer tone in a key speech in italy. theresa may says she wants the uk to be the eu's strongest friend and partner — and has called for a two—year transition deal after britain officially leaves the eu, saying the uk will pay its financial obligations — though no sum was mentioned. the mayor of london has called for greater clarity from the prime minister. mrs may choose to set out her plans in the city of florence, our political editor laura keunssberg sent this report. waiting, waiting, and waiting. it's months since the prime minister gave anything away on brexit. and if you are in a hurry to disentangle completely, you might
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just have to wait some more. she came to florence to confirm that for as long as two years after we are technically out, not that much might change. a period of implementation would be in our mutual interest. that is why i am proposing there should be such a period after the uk leaves the eu. clearly, people, businesses and public services should only have to plan for one set of changes in the relationship between the uk and the eu. so during the implementation period, access to one another‘s markets should continue on current terms. and during that time, we will keep paying billions into the eu budget but the transition will not be longer than two years, under a so—called double lock. at the heart of these arrangements there should be a clear double lock, a guarantee that there will be a period of implementation, giving businesses and people
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the certainty that they will be able to prepare for the change, and a guarantee that this implementation period will be time limited. giving everyone the certainty that this will not go on forever. on the relationship between the eu and the uk after we leave, optimism, but few more clues, beyond ruling out copying someone else‘s deal. we can do so much better than this. let us not seek merely to adopt a model already enjoyed by other countries. instead, let us be creative, as well as practical, in designing an ambitious economic partnership which respects the freedoms and principles of the eu, and the wishes of the british people. in this renaissance city, theresa may has made no new blinding discoveries. instead she has admitted that for some years much will stay the same. she is inching towards some of the compromises that brexit could require.
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but can this speech make any difference? unstick the eu talks. the eu chief negotiator used 140 characters to say, "thanks for the speech, but we shall see". and theresa may's opponents believe it's still tory accounts that are being settled. this seemed the product of the internal negotiations of the tory party, rather than negotiations with the eu. nor has it pleased to those who cheered for brexit loudest of all. i would say it has been a good day for the political classes, a good day for westminster and two fingers up to 17.4 million people who voted brexit, no ifs, no buts. and on the biggest question, how our histories will intertwine in the years and decades to come, relative silence, more doubts than clear answers. in a process so complex and so important, the prime minister seems to cast shadows where ever she stands. michelle obama ea has praised the
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constructive spirit of the speech but he said also the once more detail —— michel barnier has praised the constructive spirit. chris morris, from the bbc‘s reality check team, has been looking at whether the offer will be enough to break the stalemate, over the financial settlement. this speech comes before the fourth round of negotiations and one thing has become pretty clear, the biggest problem in those negotiations is money. even though they say you should never reveal your cards to edit their has been a lot of talk about what the prime minister would offer to break the impasse. the key issueis offer to break the impasse. the key issue is this, transition. what would a transition period look like a maidenly after the uk leaves the eu at the end of march 2019? —— immediately. the prime minister has suggested a two—year transition period under current eu rules and regulations, given the uk time to
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set up customs and regulations, and it would last for around two years, that implies the government would make roughly the same net payments into the eu budget as it does now, a bit more than £9 billion per year. after you have taken account of the british rebate and money the eu spends in the uk, thou that good buys some goodwill because the eu's long budget runs in seven year cycles a nd long budget runs in seven year cycles and the current one ends at the end of 2020, and so it two—year transition could take account of the net amount of around £18 billion and the uk has all you said it will pay, and there would be no immediate hole in the budget for others to fill. it might be one of the better cars in the uk's and because the eu is relying on british cash couple of yea rs relying on british cash couple of years after brexit but don't be fought into thinking that would be that. the rest of the eu would not accept that as a final settlement is they don't think paying to maintain oui’ they don't think paying to maintain our current role during a transition
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as the same thing as settling our past debts and there are plenty of bills that the eu says the uk has to deal with. there is the uk's share of money which has been for me committed but not yet paid, a bit like a credit card, the current exchange rates means these total outstanding bill is more than £210 billion which makes the uk's show more than £25 billion and then there is the share of the uk pension pot, british civil servants have been working for eu institutions for more than a0 years, roughly another £8 billion which the rest of europe expects the uk to cover, and there's more. even though theresa may has made what might be seen as a generous offer to get talks moving, you won't be the end of the story, and nvidia is touch and go whether enough progress will have been made before the eu summit in october to allow the negotiations to move on, to consider the outlines of a future trade deal, and at the moment it looks likely. some more news 110w.
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a dam has burst north west puerto rico after intense rainfall continues in the aftermath of hurricane maria. the dam, on guajataca lake, failed just over an hour ago, causing downstream flash floods. authorities say it's an "extremely dangerous situation" and evacuations are taking place urgently. hurricane maria was the strongest storm the island has seen in 90 years. engineers say it could take months to restore the island's electricity infrastructure knocked out by the storm. the hurricane is currently churning in the sea east of the turks and caicos islands. it's a taxi service that millions use every day in cities around the world but on friday uber lost its licence to operate in london. transport for london concluded that it shouldn't be renewed beyond next week — as the company's conduct has potential implications for public safety and security. uber said it would immediately challenge the decision in the courts,
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as simon jack reports. uber has revolutionised the taxi industry. you can hail a ride, track the car on its way to you and automatically pay, all from an app on your phone. thomas? yes. ok, thanks very much. 3.5 million passengers, and a0,000 drivers, use it to get around in london alone, but its future, and that of its drivers, was thrown into doubt today. iam worry... a lot of worry in me, because it is my livelihood. i'm doing driving work for 15 years now. if uber, if they close uber down, i have no idea where i can go. london's transport chiefs said concerns over driver background checks and failures to report sexual harassment allegations meant it would be stripped of its licence, and city hall backed the move. tfl does not reach these decisions lightly, but they have to act
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like a judge and look at the evidence. they've looked at the evidence and concluded that uber are not playing by the rules. if users of uber and drivers are angry, then they should be angry at uber. the company refutes these charges and says it will appeal. we are absolutely astounded. we are going to fight this to support those drivers who will be be put out of work by this decision. we believe that consumer choice is a fundamental positive thing. that londoners should have. some consumers say safety is one of the reasons they choose uber. i use uber for when i need to get home safely on time that kind of thing. i would be a bit more nervous travelling on my own, probably not now i'm older, but when i was younger, and thinking about younger siblings and that kind of thing, it's nice to be able to know, i can track literally where they were. thank you very much, cheers. bye now. that process is really baked into the lives of millions of people
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and tens of thousands of drivers. but its staggering popularity has made it unpopular in other quarters. black cab drivers have been campaigning for this for years, and welcomed today's decision. what did you make of it? in my opinion, it's five years too late, they should never have been licensed in the first place. why not? we've got the finest taxi service in the world, they're undercutting people. they can't compete with us on a level playing field. other cities are not affected by this ruling but it will be closely watched by transport chiefs facing similar issues. uber is the poster child for using technology to disrupt traditional industries. it won't give up without a fight, and the appeal could take many months, so don't delete the app just yet. it has been three days now since mexico was rocked by a powerful earthquake and the death toll now stands at more than 285. hopes are fading of finding any more
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survivors. nearly half of the deaths were in the capital, mexico city. rajini vaidya nathan is in mexico city. we have seen some desperate images coming out of mexico, is there hope of finding people still alive?|j will give you an update, that the mexican authorities are saying bedecked stole stands at 293 —— are saying that the death toll. close to 300 people now killed in tuesday's earthquake, and the rescue efforts continue here in mexico city and indeed across the country where the earthquake hit. the mexican president said they are continuing those rescue efforts but we are getting close to the 72 hour window and that is the average time that people usually survive in the rubble in the wake of an earthquake. but
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people are not giving up hope, i spent yesterday and the day before not far from here at a office block their rescue efforts were very intense. —— where fourth of we don't think they have found any more people alive in the rubble since yesterday, although they had rescued 28 people since tuesday from that building. it rained a bit yesterday evening and that hampers the rescue effort because it makes the rubble much heavier and there is also the challenge that of the hundreds of volu nteers challenge that of the hundreds of volunteers and the aid workers and the members of the military, who have been helping with the rescue effort, by also getting quite tired, they have been working through the clock. international aid has also arrived in the form of members of the israeli military and the japanese have sent help and the spanish as well, so there are now more international hands on deck to help with this rescue effort, but as
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time goes on the odds of finding people alive get even slimmer. we often see extraordinary rescues several days after these tragedies, what about the families who are worried about their loved ones? are they being supported? some family members have been involved with the search, i've spoken to some people, andi search, i've spoken to some people, and i should say i'm in a different occasion today, a number of tarpaulins and tense which have been set up, and that is because as well as the focus on the rescue effort, there is the relief effort, trying to make sure that the thousands of people in mexico city alone who have been left homeless have access to clea n water been left homeless have access to clean water and clothing and even things like legal help because many people don't have insurance and not clear about how they will back into housing in the coming weeks. there isa housing in the coming weeks. there is a huge focus on the relief effort as you can see behind me. thanks for
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joining us. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come. a dotard says one — a madman says the other — leaders trade insults over north korea's nuclear programme. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines: britain's prime minister has set out her vision for brexit — including a two—year transition period to smooth the process of divorce from europe. michel barnier has called for more clarity but has welcomed the speech. the app—based taxi service uber says it will appeal against transport for london's decision not to renew its licence. earlier i spoke to james farrar — who is an uber driver and active member of the drivers union and asked him how he and his colleagues feel about this decision pa rt part of the independent workers
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union of great britain, the largest trade union for private hire drivers and gig economy workers in britain, and gig economy workers in britain, and i'm a claimant for worker rights against uber and won a landmark case last year and we face the appeal for them next week and i have serious concerns with them, but this is a bad decision for workers. we have a0,000 drivers out of work now, not only that, they face a catastrophe of not being able to service car loa ns of not being able to service car loans and car financing agreements and they will extend for six months and they will extend for six months and a yearand and they will extend for six months and a year and uber could be gone in weeks. tfl and the mayor have made no provision for that, and the important thing here is that in making this decision tfl came up with some serious reasons that need to be considered but what they did not put on the table was the problems with the underlying business model including worker rights, so that leaves the door open
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for other app operators to take advantage of the week environment in london and recreate the same problems over again. this is a flawed decision and the mayor has let down a0,000 of the poorest burning people in london and left them not only unemployed but facing severe hardship with debt —— burning. tfl said there was a lack of corporate responsibility and public safety and security were at sta ke public safety and security were at stake and presumably that is why they wanted to bring this to a halt as soon as possible. if people are getting into cars and they are not say, that is very serious. it is. tfl has a lot to answer for, they over licensed the market, doubled the number of private hire drivers in london in the last few years, and we have been trying to in gauge with them as the largest union for the last 18 months on issues of public safety for passengers and four drivers, 50% of private hire drivers have been assaulted on the job,
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drivers, 50% of private hire drivers have been assaulted on thejob, and there is passage on passenger violence in situations. we have been trying to raise these issues but they would not listen to us and they would not engage, so we have gone from a situation where they have allowed uber to rough >> studio: -- ride roughshod and let them do what they want, to kicking them out, and thatis they want, to kicking them out, and that is not a sensible response. in a dramatic new raising of the stakes, north korea has threatened to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the pacific. it comes after an exchange of insults between donald trump and the north korean leader kimjung un — who called the us president "mentally deranged." rupert wingfield hayes reports from the south korean capital, seoul. for the first time ever, today kim jong—un stared into a camera and addressed the us president directly. he called donald trump mentally deranged and said he would pay dearly for his threat to destroy north korea.
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it did not take long for donald trump to tweet his response. hours earlier, in new york, the north korean foreign minister made another extraordinary threat. to drop a hydrogen bomb into the pacific. ...has a decision to conduct the strongest ever hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean. here in seoul this afternoon, no signs any one is particularly worried by all of this. this city has lived under the threat from north korea for so long that even when there is really terrifying rhetoric coming from over the mountains up there, like today, people in seoul tend to shrug their shoulders and carry on. today they're doing so again. but if you talk to people whose job it is to worry about north korea, you will hear a different story.
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this man used to run the north korea desk at the state department. as far as i know, this is the first time ever an american president and a north korean leader have engaged in a name—calling match directly at one another. i don't think he has any sense of how damaging that kind of rhetoric coming from an american president is and how counter—productive it is when you are talking about the problem with korea. this retired general shows me the names of the 178,000 south korean and united nations soldiers who died the last time they went to war here. translation: i don't think america will attack now but if all options to pressure north korea fail, if he refuses to give up his weapons, in the end, the us will consider military action. if that did happen, a second korean war could be just as deadly as the first. and now the sport.
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cristiano ronaldo, messi and neymar are the three men nominated for the best fifa men's player short list. ronaldo won the inaugural award last year, which replaced the longstanding world player of the year. that was the fourth year the real madrid star won a version of the title. messi has also won a version in four years. his former team—mate neymar, who became the world's most expensive footballer last month has been nominated before but always finished behind the others. holder carli lloyd is again nominated for the women's player award. chelsea's antonio conte is up for the men's coach award after leading them to the premier league title in his first season at stamford bridge. he's up against zinedine zidane, whose champions league winning side real madrid beatjuventus in the final, managed by the category‘s third nominee max allegri. you can find the full list of nominations on the bbc sport website. probably not voting for conte is diego costa.
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he's arrived back in spain to formalise his move from chelsea to atletico madrid which will be completed in january. he was told he was not part of conte‘s plans and refused to go anywhere else except back to atletico. west ham will auction all match—worn shirts from this weekend's london derby against tottenham, with all proceeds going to the victims‘ families and survivors of this week's earthquake in mexico. the club will then double the figure raised by the auction, before donating the total amount to an appeal organised by their strikerjavier hernandez to aid the relief effort in mexico city and the surrounding areas. the french winter olympics team will not travel to the 2018 games in south korea if its security cannot be guaranteed.
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that's according to the country's sports minister. the games organisers say they're closely monitoring the current geo—political situation with the south korean government. tensions in the region have escalated since north korea conducted its sixth and largest nuclear test earlier this month. a solution can be and will be an important symbol for the commitment to peace of the international community. this is why we are not speaking about a plan b. speaking about different scenarios for the winter games would send the wrong message. it would be a message against our own belief in peace and diplomacy. british boxer hughie fury says he will deliver the "performance of his life" to claim joseph parker's wbo world heavyweight title in manchester tomorrow night and calls it his destiny. fury‘s hoping to win back his cousin tyson's belt. he's unbeaten in his 20 professional fights but is up against his most difficult opponent, who's also unbeaten and weighed in heavier at 17 stone seven. and england bowler toby roland—jones
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could miss out on an ashes place this winter with a serious back injury. he was almost certain to be selected after impressing having made his test debut this summer. his county middlesex say he has a stress fracture and will miss the rest of the domestic season. england have named their squad for the tour of australia next week. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter. thanks for watching. we will be back very soon. yet again it's been the turn of
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northern and western parts of the british isles to see a fair amount of cloud and rain, which will come as something of disappointment because even in those locations it started as clarissa yazidi here london, that rain gradually creeping its way out of northern ireland to become a feature for parts of scotla nd become a feature for parts of scotland —— started as gloriously. it is there to be had over northern western parts of england and also wales. what is left of the weather front, a band of cloud, will slump to the south—eastern quarter, and it will be mild for the most part, save for the far north—west of scotland where the temperatures could dip away to around four. the weekend? saturday mainly dry, rain in the west on sunday, mild by day and by night. mainly dry on saturday, simply because what is left of the weather front has cloud about it and that will produce the burst of rain
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and a prospect easing a little bit further north during the course of saturday. with the direction of the wind coming from the south, the murray coast is often a great place to be, plenty of sunshine and warmth, 18 — 19. some parts of scotla nd warmth, 18 — 19. some parts of scotland stuck with a lot of cloud and the possibility of some rain, and the possibility of some rain, and after a dull start things really improving through south wales and the south midlands, parts of east anglia and the southern counties of england, where again we could see 18-19. late england, where again we could see 18—19. late in the day, cloud in northern ireland and the first signs of the wet weather on sunday gradually moving that further towards the east. the start of sunday quite mild yet again, and from that base some of the temperatures away from the frontal zone will climb quite nicely getting about 20 in some eastern areas. the exact location of the card and rain
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associated with the weather front, we suspect it will be across scotla nd we suspect it will be across scotland and will be a problem for the western fringes of england and wales, a few moderate bursts. the best of the heat no doubt about it will be in the south and east. hello. taking matters into their own hands — the south‘s controversial paedophile hunters. hello, mate. you arranged to meet a 1a—year—old boy here today for sex? no. yes, you have, mate, do you want me to get the stuff out and show you? i'm not going to condone these groups and i would encourage them all to stop, but i recognise that i'm not winning that moral argument. if you try and run off, i'm going to pin you down, and i'll restrain you using reasonable force. also tonight — the fresh—air fix on a bicycle made for three. theirjoy is utterly infectious. it feeds my soul. and looking back at 50 years of the qe2. service, comfort and efficiency. shipshape and ready, this is inside out south. first, paedophile hunters — members of the public who use social
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media to catch sex offenders. publicly, the police discourage it but we've discovered in the last two years, an almost sixfold increase in paedophile hunter evidence being used in court. we followed one hunter from southampton and just to warn you, you may find this a difficult watch. 0ne sec. all right, mate, just walk up towards the park and i'm the alleyway in the woods. by the two nippers sat with the bike. all right, mate. in the bushes of a southampton park, we are following steven dewar. he's a scaffolder by trade but his alter ego is trap, a paedophile hunter using social media to catch his prey. he's been quite a fast one, i've only had him for about a8 hours. he's turning up to meet a 1a—year—old boy. i mean, this one's pretty solid, he'll be going nowhere,
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