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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 22, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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who want a very different future for this country. jenny hill, bbc news, munich. this weekend sees the third invictus games, the sporting tournament founded by prince harry for wounded servicemen and women. the prince is in toronto, host city of the games, ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremony. our royal correspondent sarah campbell is in toronto for us. a bit of last—minute training there, sarah. indeed. this is one of the venues and that is the uk's sitting volleyball tea m venues and that is the uk's sitting volleyball team getting in some final practice before tomorrow night's opening ceremony. i7 final practice before tomorrow night's opening ceremony. 17 nations taking part altogether in a games which are about harnessing sports to aid recovery. this invictus games is set to be the biggest yet, and supporting from the sidelines throughout will be the prince, whose idea they were. the games are open to military personnel, active or no longer serving, who are sick or injured.
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this year, more than 550 men and women will take part in 12 sports. captain of the uk team is bernie broad, a former grenadier guard, injured by an ied in afghanistan in 2009. he found it difficult to cope when he left the army. you lose hope a bit, and all you have is yourfamily and you start to draw on them and use their energy. so it brought me down. then invictus came along, and inside now, the smile goes round my head 14 times. and itjust brings that real smile back and that real happiness back, and that patrols out to the family. so fantastic. injust three years, the invictus games have become a global sporting event, and there's little doubt that that's down to prince harry's star power and his determination to make them a success. ready to watch it together? that, and his ability to recruit family members and high—profile friends to back it, the canadian prime minister among them. rumours are rife that meghan markle, harry's girlfriend, who lives
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and works in toronto, will make what would be the couple's first public appearance together. that may be what the media wants, but harry's focus is on the games and what they mean for those taking part. the sacrifices these competitors have made serving their countries are all too clear. but even more obvious is their strength and spirit on the road to recovery. sarah campbell, bbc news, toronto. that's it. now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a very good night. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm will perry, the headlines tonight. hull fc cruise into the super league semi—finals after victory at castleford. the women's superleague is under way. liverpool get the first goal of a new season in a merseyside derby. he's called it his destiny, hughie fury looks to claim his cousin tyson's former belt againstjoseph parker in manchester. we start with that emphatic 48—16
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win for hull fc at leaders castleford in the super 8s, which guarentees them a place in the super league semi—finals, as patrick geary reports. for hull fc, a night for urgency. with the semifinals close, these mascots got nearer to them than many of the castleford players for the first half. hull fc starting at a dizzying pace, scoring after eight minutes. they came back for more on ten minutes, up and overforjake connor. hull scored five in all, the pick was from jamie shaul. as if protected by a force field, none of the tigers got close. castleford we re the tigers got close. castleford were all ready in the semifinals and
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they changed their team. a former trainee accountant, now more at home on the try line, coming in. he scored on his debut. connor's hat—trick any doubts and marc sneyd got over 1000 super league points. more on offer next week and hull fc are in the semis. hull will finish third in the table and will play leeds, who had already qualified, but they won 36 to 12 at huddersfield. in rugby union's premiership, gloucester have beaten worcester. england's billy twelvetrees scored the third of their tries as they dominated the early part of the south—west derby. worcester did pull it back late on but lost 24—19. in the pro 1a, ulster put in a dominant performance to beat dragons 52—25 at the kingspan stadium. it means they claim their second bonus point win of the season,
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having won all four of their matches. they have a three—point lead over leinster at the top of conference b. and that is because leinster were beaten 38—19 at south african side the cheetahs. leinster‘s winning start to the season is over despite barry daly‘s hat—trick of tries in bloomfontain. 0spreys suffered a third consecutive pro14 defeat as benetton rugby picked up their second win in a week. francesco minto's second—minute try and three successful kicks by ian mckinley helped them to a 16—6 victory. 0spreys, who have now lost eight of their last 10 league matches. four of this summer's british and irish lions have been left out of the england training squad for camp in oxford this weekend. james haskell is the most experienced to be excluded along with fellow forwards george kruis and kyle sinckler. centre jonathan joseph also misses out having featured regularly for eddie jones of late. 18——year—old harlequins fly—half
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marcus smith is the surprise inclusion amongst the 33 names. i think he's done very well. i think he's played well for his club, more than enough to warrant selection for the training camp in oxford. is he a feasible england international? he is feasible for cleaning the boots and holding the bags. a young kid coming through, and we are treating him like an apprentice. we want him to learn the game, learn to be respectful of the players around him, earn his stripes. if he does that, he will be in position to play for england. after a tricky week for women's football with the dismissal of england coach mark sampson, the focus has returned to matters on the pitch with the women's super league kicking off tonight. and it's begun with a merseyside derby. everton against liverpool, and it was liverpool coming away with a 2—0 win. the first from natasha harding, and then with just seconds remaining, niamh charles made sure of the victory. it's the first time the women's season has coincided with the men's. liverpool off to a flying start.
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christiano ronaldo, lionel messi and neymar are the three men nominated for the best fifa men's player shortlist. ronaldo won the inaugural award last year, which replaced the longstanding world player of the year. that was the fourth year the real madrid star won a version of the title. messi has also won a version in four years. his former teammate neymar, who became the world's most expensive footballer when he moved from barcelona to psg for £200 million this summer, has been nominated before but always finished behind the others. chelsea's antonio conte is up for the men's coach award after leading them to the premier league title in his first season at stamford bridge. he's up against zinedine zidane, whose champions league—winning side real madrid beatjuventus in the final, managed by the category‘s third nominee, max allegri. you can find the full list of nominations on the bbc sport website. probably not voting for conte is diego costa. he's arrived back in spain to formalise his move from chelsea to atletico madrid, which will be completed in january.
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it's because of atletico's transfer ban. he was told he was not part of conte's plans and refused to go anywhere else except back to spain and atletico. one of the football's fiercest rivalries resumes tomorrow as rangers play celtic in the scottish premiership. celtic‘s domestic dominance has made this fixture a largely one sided affair in recent years. alisdair lamont looks ahead. all around ibrox there are reminders of the days when rangers dominated scottish football, of when they ruled the roost in glasgow. times have changed and although nearly 50,000 rangers supporters will be here tomorrow, it will take more than that to end celtic‘s 56 game unbeaten run. i think they've got to contain celtic and hopefully counter them. if they try and play them toe to toe, they don't have the quality. celtic have too much energy in the middle of the park, too much movement. rangers must close the
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gaps, especially in wide areas. celtic‘s superiority last season was laid bear in their most recent visit, a 5-1,000,000 laid bear in their most recent visit, a 5—1,000,000 asian of their rivals. in their meetings last year, rangers scored four compared to celtic‘s 16. rangers finished third in the league am a celtic were streets ahead of them. rangers ending the season empty—handed, celtic winning the treble. there's been a lot of change. you got to give the manager credit. he's come in and wanted to change it. he's been backed heavily by the board to make the changes. it's a different set of players in the main so you'd expect them to look a bit differently. another difference is this. it used to be a derby match that was the biggest of the season but for these players it is arguably not even the biggest match of the week. anderlecht away in the champions league on wednesday may
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define their season more than tomorrow's visit to ibrox. defeat in his last three league matches, it's not been the best of starts for ronald koeman at everton. having spent £140 million over the summer, everton find themselves in the bottom three, one place above bournemouth, who they play at home tomorrow. it's crazy, it's ridiculous to put a lot of pressure to the team by saying we need to finish among the top watchword teams. in my opinion, that's with the killers. everyone has signed new players —— that's ridiculous. we signed young players which we played yesterday. six, seven boys of 21, 19, 22. that's the future and it needs time. british boxer hughie fury says he'll deliver the "performance of his life" to claim joseph parker's wbo world heavyweight title in manchester tomorrow night, and calls it his destiny.
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fury‘s hoping to win back his cousin tyson's belt. he's unbeaten in his 20 professional fights but is up against his most difficult opponent to date. parker's also unbeaten and weighed in heavier at 17 stone 7 with fury on the scales at 16 stone 10. is like a new lease of life, that's why i'm super—confident. i believe 110w why i'm super—confident. i believe now 100% that no one has seen me before and i'm so excited to show the world what i actually do. i'm a very —— he's a very awkward fighter who wants to be the champion. he has a great team. i trust my coach and the game he comes up trust my coach and the game he comes up with. we've watched a lot of footage of hughie. and england bowler toby roland—jones could miss out on an ashes place this winter with a serious back injury. he was almost certain to be selected after impressing having made his test debut this summer. his county middlesex say he has a stress fracture and will miss the rest of the domestic season.
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that's all from sportsday with me, will perry. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. a word of warning, it is almost wall—to—wall brexit! with me are randeep ramesh, chief leader writer at the guardian and kate devlin, deputy political editor of the sunday express. thanks for coming in. the front pages. just one story. we start with the times, which is leading, as most of the papers are, with coverage of theresa may's speech in florence today, saying the prime minister has conceded the uk will have to pay up to £40 billion to the eu
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during any transition period. the i says there won't be a full break from the eu for the uk until 2021 and reports the speech received a cautious welcome from eu leaders. the financial times also says the speech was greeted with a muted praise, writing that senior brussels officials welcomed the prime minister's "constructive spirit". the telegraph carries a large picture of mrs may delivering her much anticipated speech this afternoon, saying brexit will be postponed for two years during the transition period. that same line is the lead on the daily express, which warns the prime minister will be accused of appeasing brussels. the daily mail claims theresa may is walking a tightrope in attempting to soothe tensions on both sides of her party. and here is the guardian. it is called a pause for brexit during
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which time the uk would accept eu rules and continue paying into the eu budget. we begin with brexit and we will try to move onto uber at the end for maybe some light relief. not really! the daily mail, theresa walking the tightrope. it's notjust about keeping her party happy, it is about keeping her party happy, it is about getting brussels onside, isn't it? there were a lot of audiences that theresa may was trying to appeal to. i think you see that reflected in the front pages. newspapers who would ostensibly be on the same side of the argument, having different takes on this. the daily mail is surely right to say that she is walking a tightrope and trying to bring together her cabinet but it's interesting that it's less ofa but it's interesting that it's less of a headline that would spook leavers than some of the others we've seen. it's very interesting,
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there are different interpretations of what this speech means and whether theresa may was going for that approach remains to be seen but she's certainly said a lot of things that didn't quite put the details on what she appeared to be suggesting. and so she kept a lot back today as well. we think that's reflected.


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