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this is bbc news. lam i am chris rogers. the headlines at 8. iran says it's tested a new ballistic missile — four days after president trump launched a fierce attack against tehran‘s weapons programme. the north korean foreign minister lashes out at donald trump as us bombers — escorted by fighterjets — fly over waters just off north korea's coast. he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit the us mainland inevitable all the more. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn arrives in brighton — telling delegates they must prepare to form a government. the london mayor — sadiq khan — says uber customers should direct their anger at the company, and not transport for london. also in the next hour. british aid arrives in the carribean.
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hms ocean is in the british virgin islands, providing support for those affected by hurricanes irma and maria. and prince harry meets first lady ahead of the opening of the 2017 invictus games in toronto. you good evening and welcome to bbc news. iran says it's successfully tested a new ballistic missile, with a range of up to 12 hundred miles. it comes just days after president trump attacked the country's weapons programme, in a speech at the united nations. here, the foreign secretary boris johnson, called on iran to end what he called ‘provocative acts‘. here's our diplomatic correspondent, caroline hawley. a show of power from tehran. a missile launched as a message to the americans.
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this was statement television in iran broadcasting what it says was the successful test of the newly developed missile with a range the launch came just days after president trump attacked iran at the united nations for destabilising the middle east and condemned its missile programme. he again threatened to abandon an historic nuclear deal painstakingly negotiated over many years. we cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilising activities while building dangerous missiles and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear programme. iran insists its missile programme does not contravene the nuclear agreement. the iranian president
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says his people are now waiting for an apology from mr trump. in defiance of mr trump came this display on friday at which the new missile was proudly unveiled. translation: like it or not, we will increase our deterrents and defence power in any form we deem necessary. in addition to upgrading the missile systems, we will also strengthen our naval ground and air forces. iran's missile programme is in the hands of hard liners and they it seems only being strengthened by the rhetoric from washington. there seems to be a much broader consensus on the need to develop the missile tests as a deterrent, because they feel there might be a threat coming, especially from the united states with regard to the possibility of regime change. there has been no response from the americans so far to the latest iranian missile
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but there is little doubt that the belligerent tone coming from both countries will ratchet up tensions. just as in north korea, iran is trying to show that it will not be pushed around. caroline hawley, bbc news. let's get some more insight into this with professor abbas milani — who's the director of iranian studies at stanford university. thank you forjoining us. let's be frank, how worried should we be, should the world be, when iran perhaps as a message to donald trump wa nts to perhaps as a message to donald trump wants to send a strong message?” think the world has to be somewhat worried because there are people in iran, the supreme leader is one of them, that thinks confronting the united states and israel is in iran's national interests, so they keep on engaging in what seems to me to be provocative acts but
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u nfortu nately to be provocative acts but unfortunately what they are getting in washington and what they got from president trump in the un, is equally bombastic, equally dangerous and equally likely to ratchet up tensions in a region that does not need more tensions. why do you think president trump had the confidence to say the things he said about iran not just at the un? to say the things he said about iran notjust at the un? we have heard similar things before from him. is he getting intelligence, some kind of information that iran is not sticking to the deal, that the deal that president obama and his team negotiated to disarm iran of nuclear ambitions is not going well?“ negotiated to disarm iran of nuclear ambitions is not going well? if he is getting intelligence, i do not know it. the body responsible by law, by agreement, to monitor iran's nuclear programme, they have repeatedly confirmed iran is
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abiding. mrtrump tends repeatedly confirmed iran is abiding. mr trump tends to say things that do not seem to have intelligence backing. sometimes things he has heard on fox news. to me it is not clear where he is getting his information but we know from the days when he was a candidate, he repeated almost verbatim some of these claims and we know at that time he had no access to any intelligence. his animosity predates his days as a president. i think it does not serve the interests of the usa, i do not think it serves the interests of peace in the region and i do not think it helps, to be frank, with the north korean issue. because if you put yourself in north korea's shoes, and they watched that the united states can walk away from an internationally binding agreement,
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where international organisations are confirming that country is doing its share, then the incentive to sign another agreement with the united states or the international community i think diminishes. the rhetoric on both sides, north korea and the united states, becomes childishly exaggerated and it is difficult to imagine how they can walk away from it. worrying times. many thanks. we will bring you the latest on north korea in a moment. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30pm this evening in the papers — our guestsjoining me tonight are anne ashworth, associate editor of the times and benedicte paviot from france 24. more developments regarding north korea. north korea's foreign minister has launched a fresh verbal assault on president trump
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calling him ‘mentally deranged‘. ri yong—ho told the united nations that mr trump‘s threat to "totally destroy" his country had made a rocket assault on the united states "all the more inevitable". here‘s some of what the minister had to say. translation: the absurd reality that a person like donald trump, mentally deranged, full of metal mania and complacence, a person chastise even by american people as commanding grief. resident evil, is holding the seat of us president and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats and schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button. these are what constitute the gravest threat to the international peace and security today. due to his lacking
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basic common knowledge, and proper sentiment, he tried to insult the supreme sentiment, he tried to insult the supreme divinity of my country by referring it to a rocket. by doing so referring it to a rocket. by doing so however, he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets visit to the entire us mainland inevitable all the more. none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. in case innocent lives of the us are harmed because of this suicide attack, trump will be held totally responsible. the rhetoric continues. his words came as the us air force revealed it had
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flown bombers and fighterjets over waters east of north korea. the pentagon said it was the furthest north any us fighter or bomber had flown off north korea‘s coast in the twenty—first century and underscored the seriousness with which the us takes what it called north korea‘s reckless behaviour. let‘s get reaction from our north america correspondent david willis is in washington. it is remarkable to see the rhetoric between america, and north korea come off twitter and end up at the un general assembly, an organisation thatis un general assembly, an organisation that is meant to create peace and stability. deeply troubling. anybody who had expected and emoji and speech from the north korean foreign minister will be disappointed —— emollient speech. hitting back at insults by president trump, as they
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see it. we heard the clip from the north korean foreign minister, possibly the most chilling of all in his 22 minute speech, saying that, calling the north korean leaderjim -- kim calling the north korean leaderjim —— kimjong—un, calling the north korean leaderjim —— kim jong—un, rocket calling the north korean leaderjim —— kimjong—un, rocket man, making the use of those rockets against the us all the more inevitable. the speech took aim at donald trump and that the united nations for imposing sanctions against north korea, sanctions against north korea, sanctions which the country they believe to be deeply unfair and portraying north korea as the victim in this, basically the victim of bullying by the united states. it is followed by a week in which we have seen a followed by a week in which we have seen a ratcheting up of the rhetoric. president trump vowing to totally destroy north korea if it was posing a serious threat to the
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us or its allies. the north korean leader responding by calling donald trumpa leader responding by calling donald trump a mentally deranged us dotard. against the advice it would appear of senior aides, against the advice it would appear of senioraides, president against the advice it would appear of senior aides, president trump has continued with these exchanges of insults with the north koreans. there was a feeling amongst several in the white house according to reports that this was not a good strategy, that it would inflame the tension and it would seem that is the case. david, many thanks. much more on the bbc website. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn, says grassroots supporters will dominate this year‘s party conference, as delegates gather in brighton. it means some shadow cabinet members and labour mayors, won‘t get the chance to speak from the main stage. our deputy political editor, john pienaar reports you would almost think he had won the election. jeremy corbyn has got used to be hero treatment,
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his devoted followers now dominate labour from the top down and the grassroots up. all convinced power is within reach. for the many, not the few. at labour‘s women‘s conference, wherever he went no one doubted he might have reached downing street injune, only time ran out. thousands of women took to the streets over six long weeks of our campaign in the general election. between you and me i wish it had been a bit longer! i would have thought another week or two would have served us very well indeed. the leader‘s plan is to give the grassroots, many of them members of the pro—corbyn group momentum more power and more of a say. they will get more time to speak at the conference, in future more say in policy making and maybe more power to choose the next leader. doubters have been won over, the faithful have never been happier. it is really about grassroots policies and real change, notjust trying to be tory—lite.
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politically have you got the socialist party you always absolutely so. for every leader you can't automatically be convinced of everything he says but there is sufficient there to have my backing. you are finally convinced about jeremy corbyn. lam. the man that they calljezza is calling the shots, what a surprise, he swatted away a challenge and is now unassailable and at conference he has cut speaking time allowed to mps and labour mayors. i am sorry to tell you it is a conference for everyone, the largest labour conference there‘s ever been, we‘ve tried to rebalance the speaking arrangements so there are fewer and shorter speakers, and many more speeches from the floor. the ones once attacked as troublemakers are in charge.
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some still worry if labour will sink or swim under mr corbyn but his loyal followers can sit back and enjoy their power in the party, more than they expected. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn was speaking at a rally in brighton — where he challenged the government‘s handling of the brexit negotiations with europe and theresa may for what he described as cosying up with donald trump over transatlantic deals and climate change. mr corbyn said that there had never been a rally like this before — to start off a labour party conference. our party, us, are a movement for social change. you don‘t achieve that change just buy what you do in those frenetic by what you do in those frenetic few days or weeks before an election, you achieve it by the debate and the conversation that we have. ourforefathers and mothers before us gave us the vote, gave us the national health service, gave women the vote, gave as human rights, gave us equality, gave us the principles of anti—discrimination legislation.
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we don‘t turn our backs on them or forget them, but we use the digital age and the age of the public meeting and the age of coming together in this wonderful 21st century to bring about the social justice we want, to bring about the society we want, to bring about the unity we want and, together, together, together, we can and will do it! thank you very much. cheering our political correspondent iain watson is in brighton for us. an excitable jeremy an excitablejeremy corbyn. an excited crowd. this will be a celebration. labour is doing well and riding high. membership is up. they had a successful general election campaign. one wonders why we hear the phrase that he wants to tighten his grip on the party. we hear the phrase that he wants to
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tighten his grip on the partym we hear the phrase that he wants to tighten his grip on the party. it is interesting. people were in good spirits and we had jeremy corbyn doing what he does best, addressing rallies. he has hurt to compete for leadership not once but twice and has spoken plenty on those occasions but tightening the grip, we expect to see a different labour party conference with fewer platform speeches from the big beasts. there will be more behind closed doors. a lot of things for members including training, sessions to get them prepared for an early general election should it happen, as from the conference floor the membership will have more of a say than in previous years and in that sense, with jeremy corbyn previous years and in that sense, withjeremy corbyn making more room for members, it he is making contributions he would agree with. the left—wing membership will be saying the things he in turn likes. the other thing he is emphasising,
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as power shifts towards members, he will say about holding conservatives to account notjust from inside parliament where his performances have been criticised, but outside parliament. we heard in a rally labour becoming a social movement rather than a conventional political party. this is the first year he has not faced a challenge for leadership and he will use that to consolidate his leadership ambition of what he thinks the labour party should be. an interesting week. much more on the bbc news channel from brighton tomorrow. we hear that police in lancashire are saying a number of people are being treated at the scene of a reported gas explosion. police say they attended an incident ina police say they attended an incident in a guesthouse on charles street in blackpool. fire and rescue and ambulance attended. a safety cordon
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has been put in place and residents evacuated. time for a round—up of the sport. good evening. plenty to get through, but let‘s start with manchester city, who have scored another five goals today against crystal palace. that‘s 16 goals in their last three premier league games without reply, which puts city top of the premier league on goal difference. city didn‘t get their first goal untiljust before half time. leroy sane the one to break the deadlock. two for sterling, plus aguero and delph, made it an impressive 5—0 win against the bottom club, who still haven‘t scored in the league all season. the first five, ten minutes we created two or three chances and after that we would not good. the ball should be moved and we did not move it. it has to be moved. in the last ten minutes of the first half,
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we started again to play well and in the second half, we were in the level of our last weeks. manchester united are keeping pace with their city rivals at the top of the table. a tougher afternoon for them at southampton, but another three points. romelu lu ka ku‘s 12th goal for club and country this season proved decisive. it was a thrilling encounter in the evening kick off as liverpool beat leicester at the king power stadium. 3—2 was the final score. nick parrott watched the action. liverpool have been hard to watch when it comes to defending this season, so when it comes to defending this season, so much when it comes to defending this season, so much so when it comes to defending this season, so much so the manager jurgen klopp said he was sick of it following their midweek cup exit at the hands of leicester. if they were to avoid deja vu they needed to make their customary quick start and it arrived after a quarter of an hour. they had been confident of a change in fortunes when philippe coutinho made it two. this is why barcelona
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wa nted made it two. this is why barcelona wanted to make him the second most expensive player in the world and why liverpool were desperate to the brazilian. leicester have their own game changer. he proved enough of a handful to pull one back. jordan henderson restored the two goal advantage. 90 seconds later, jurgen klopp was left feeling sick again as his side handed jamie vardy his sixth goal against liverpool in just four matches. he should have had another after simon mignolet brought him down but liverpool held on for their first him down but liverpool held on for theirfirst win in him down but liverpool held on for their first win in five games. here are all the day‘s premier league results. spurs won the london derby at west ham 3—2. wins also for everton, chelsea and watford. burnley against huddersfield ended goalless. 57 games. that‘s the current tally for celtic‘s unbeaten domestic run
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after yet another win — this time in the old firm derby. the scottish premiership leaders remain five points clear at the top, beating rangers 2—0. tom rogic fired them ahead before leigh griffiths completed the victory with the second in his 100th game for the club. in the other game in the scottish premier league there were wins for hibs and stjohnston. kilmarnock—dundee ended i—i, as did partick thistle—hearts. in the aviva premiership, leicester tigers have their second win of the season thanks to a 31—28 victory at harlequins. in what was a chaotic game at the stoop, the lead changed hands frequently. but eventually it was the tigers that came out on top. they‘ve now got two wins in a row, and are building some momentum. newcastle pulled off a one point victory over bath at the rec and saracens ran out 41—13 winners at home to sale. and finally, dutch champion chantal blaak produced a remarkable performance to win the world cycling road race championships in norway.
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she wasn‘t expected to beat her more illustrious team mates, including olympic champion anna van de breggen, especially after she was caught up in this crash. but she fought back to win by 28 seconds. hannah barnes was britain‘s highest placed rider in 14th place, with dani king 20th. there‘s been another earthquake in mexico, four days after a major tremor killed nearly 300 people. it happened around 12 miles south of the town of matios romero, in the state of wahaca. so far, there have been no casualties. the mayor of london, sadiq khan, has defended transport for london‘s decision not to renew the licence for the taxi—app uber. mr khan said he had sympathy with uber drivers and customers but the company had failed —
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in the view of tfl— to act as a fit and proper operator. more than half a million people have signed a petition to reverse the decision and the company says it will appeal. the two main party leaders in germany will make their final appeals to voters today before sunday‘s elections. the chancellor angela merkel‘s centrist party have a clear lead in the polls. in what is now a familiar picture across europe, both mrs merkel and the social democratic leader, martin schulz, are urging voters to shun the anti—islam, anti—immigrant rhetoric of right—wing candidates that have gained support in the run up to the election. and we‘ll have full coverage of the elections in germany on the bbc news channel tomorrow. britain‘s biggest warship, hms ocean, has arrived in the british virgin islands to provide support for those affected by hurricanes irma and maria. there are now more than 2000 uk military personnel working on the relief effort, making it the largest british deployment anywhere in the world. from there, jeremy cooke reports. into the disaster zone, hms ocean
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off the british virgin islands, straight to work delivering aid where it is desperately needed. for the flight crews, a first look at this hurricane—shattered landscape — almost every building damaged, widespread devastation. already ocean‘s landing craft a heading to the main island. the navy‘s working parties on the ground getting stuck in. hot and humid conditions, stinking, stagnant water. welcome to the caribbean. on board ship there are 60 tonnes of essential cargo and with nine helicopters, the means of delivery. we‘ve arrived with a stack of building material, we‘ve got timber, plumbing materials, hacksaws, chainsaws, but importantly a lot of professional personnel who are highly skilled in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. it is an urgent mission.
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the flight deck has been open for business since the moment hms ocean arrived. she has been steaming at full speed for two weeks, everyone on board now ready to go to work. the priority is to improve shelter. everyone knows the hurricane season is not over yet. of course it is notjust about the british aid effort here. the scale of destruction across these islands is so immense, that to get things better will take a superhuman effort by the islanders themselves. they are getting on with the task, but they know it will take months or years to get this job done. most here are delighted that hms ocean has arrived but they also know there must be self—help. we don‘t sit back and relax. when things happen, we act. we get straight to it. as you can see, after a hurricane, we go straight to work.
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we don‘t wait for help, we start things ourselves. those leading the uk mission say the arrival of hms ocean is a came changer. the relief effort will gain pace but for these islands to recover will be a greater task still and they will look to the uk for long—term strategic support. jeremy cooke, bbc news, on the british virgin islands. prince harry has met melania trump in toronto ahead of opening of the third invictus games. founded by prince harry, the games is an international multi—sport event open to all wounded, injured and sick serving personnel and veterans. for the 2017 event, 550 men and women will be taking part, representing 17 nations. now let‘s catch up with the weather. it was a mild day on saturday with
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temperatures up to 21 celsius but what varied was the amount of cloud. cloudy for some, sunny for others. you can see how much the amount of cloud varied, and staying cloudy in northern england and scotland with the best of the sunshine further south. overnight a week weather front will bring rain across northern ireland pushing into the west of scotland and probably rain across wales in south—west england. temperatures overnight will be mild. in east scotland in central and eastern england, staying dry, but further west cloud with patchy outbreaks of rain through the morning and afternoon. a mild day. if anything warmer in the sunshine. up if anything warmer in the sunshine. up to 22 degrees. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines now: iran says it has successfully tested a new ballistic missile with a range
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of up to 1,200 miles. north korea‘s foreign minister has addressed the united nations, telling delegates president trump would pay dearly for his attack on the country. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, is telling delegates gathering for the party‘s annual conference in brighton that they‘re in a moment of great change. sadiq khan defends transport for london‘s decision not to renew the licence for the taxi—app uber, as over half a million people sign a petition calling for it to be reversed. now on bbc news, inside out. hello. taking matters into their own hands — the south‘s controversial paedophile hunters. hello, mate. you arranged to meet a 14—year—old boy here today for sex? no. yes, you have, mate, do you want me to get the stuff out and show you? i'm not going to condone these groups and i would encourage them all to stop, but i recognise that i'm not winning that moral argument. if you try and run off, i‘m going to pin you down,
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and i‘ll restrain you using reasonable force. also tonight — the fresh—air fix on a bicycle made for three. theirjoy is utterly infectious. it feeds my soul. and looking back at 50 years of the qe2.


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