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you are watching bbc news. in a few minutes, we will have a round—up of the day's national and international news with clive myrie. but first an incident reported by the police in london. six people have been injured after a noxious substance was sprayed at passers—by in an incident in east london. police were called to the westfield shopping centre in stratford at around eight o'clock this evening. a man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. the fire brigade and ambulance service also attended the scene. that is about as much as we know so farand we that is about as much as we know so far and we will keep you updated throughout the evening. north korea's foreign minister has launched a fresh verbal assault on president trump calling him "mentally deranged". ri yong—ho told the united nations that mr trump's threat to "totally destroy" his country had made a rocket assault on the united states "all the more inevitable". here's some of what the minister had to say. translation: the absurd reality that a person like donald trump,
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a mentally deranged person, full of megalomania and complacence, the person chastised even by american people as commander in grief. lying king, president evil, is holding the seat of us president and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats, frauds and schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button. these are what constitute the gravest threat to the international peace and security today. due to his lacking of basic common knowledge, and proper sentiment, he tried to insult the supreme divinity of my country by referring it to a rocket.
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by doing so, however, he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rocket‘s visit to the entire us mainland inevitable all the more. none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. in case innocent lives of the us are harmed because of this suicide attack, trump will be held totally responsible. our north america correspondent explained the significance of this latest exchange in the war of words between the united states and north korea. anybody who had expected an emollient speech will be
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disappointed. it was bellicose rhetoric. hitting back on what was perceived as an insult on the part of donald trump in the speech to the un on tuesday and we heard the clip from the north korean foreign minister, possibly the most chilling of all in his 22 minute speech, saying basically that, calling the north korean leader rocket man, making the use of those rockets as he put it against the us all the more inevitable. this was a speech that took aim at donald trump and also at the united nations for imposing sanctions against north korea, sanctions which the country believes to be deeply unfair, and portraying north korea as the victim in this. basically the victim of bullying by the united states. it followed a week in which we have seen a ratcheting up of the metric.
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president trump vowing to totally destroy north korea if it was posing a serious threat to the us or its allies. the north korean leader responding by calling donald trump a mentally arranged us dotard. iran test fires a new ballistic missile, with a range that could hit anywhere in the middle east. the launch is in defiance of warnings from america, that iran's landmark nuclear deal is being jeopardised. meanwhile, donald trump is described as "mentally deranged" and "full of megalomania", by the north koreans in the latest war of words between the two nations. jeremy corbyn says labour must "prepare to form a government" ahead of the party's conference in brighton. britain's biggest warship begins the task of helping thousands,
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affected by hurricanes in the caribbean. it's notjust about the british aid effort here, the scale of destruction across these islands is so immense, to get things better will take a superhuman effort by the islanders themselves. and the prince and first lady. harry meets melania, ahead of the invictus games in canada. good evening. iran says it's successfully tested a new ballistic missile, with a range of up to twelve hundred miles, and so able to hit anywhere in the middle east. it comes just days after president trump attacked the country's weapons programme, in a speech at the united nations. the us has warned iran that missile tests could jeopardise the deal
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struck with the obama administration, that ended sanctions against tehran, in return for its nuclear programme being halted. our diplomatic correspondent, caroline hawley reports. a show of power from tehran. a missile with a message to the americans. this was state—run television in iran broadcasting what it says was the successful test of the newly developed khorramshahr missile with a range of 2,000 kilometres. the launch came just days after president trump attacked iran at the united nations for destabilising the middle east, and condemned its missile programme. he again threatened to abandon a historic nuclear deal painstakingly negotiated over many years. we cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilising activities while building dangerous missiles, and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction
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of a nuclear programme. iran insists its missile programme does not contravene the nuclear agreement. and the ukrainian president says his people are now waiting for an apology from mr trump. in defiance of mr trump came this military display on friday at which the new missile was proudly unveiled. translation: like it or not, we will increase our deterrents and defence power in any form we deem to be necessary. in addition to upgrading the missile systems we will also strengthen our naval, ground and air forces. iran's missile programme is in the hands of hardliners and they, it seems, are only being strengthened by the rhetoric from washington.
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there seems to be a much broader consensus on the need to develop the missile tests as a deterrent because they feel there might be a threat coming especially from the united states with regard to the possibility of regime change. no response from the americans so far to the latest iranian missile launch, but there is little doubt that the belligerent tone coming from both countries will ratchet up tensions. just as in north korea, iran is trying to show that it will not be pushed around. caroline hawley, bbc news. north korea's foreign minister has described president trump as "mentally deranged" and "full of megalomania." it follows the us president's comments this week, that if threatened america would destroy north korea. earlier today us warplanes flew close to the north, in another warning to pyongyang. 0ur correspondent david willis, is in washington. david, these comments from the north koreans about mr trump came in the home of global diplomacy, the united nations. indeed they did. and last
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week has seen a trading of insults between his two leaders, president trump in his speech to the united nations on tuesday vowing the total destruction of north korea if it imposed upon the united states or its allies. kim jong—un in imposed upon the united states or its allies. kimjong—un in response calling president trump mentally deranged and a gangster. but it is president trump's depiction of kim jong—un as rocket man that appears to have particularly stung the north korean leader. and today at the united nations north korean foreign ministers said those words had made the use of such rockets, as he put it, all the more inevitable now. all of this came as us warplanes were mounting an exercise off the coast of north korea, intended to signal the range of options available to president trump in dealing with what the pentagon says is the recklessness of north korea. there are reports here that senior aides
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to the president had urged him not to the president had urged him not to personalise the attacks on north korea. he clearly ignored those warnings. and as a result of the united states is entering a new and potentially dangerous phase in its relationship with north korea. clive. david, many thanks. david willis, live in washington. a man has been arrested after six people believed injured after a noxious was sprayed in westfield shopping centre in stratford, east london. the suspect is being held on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has told delegates gathering for the party's annual conference, that they're "in a moment of great change" and must "prepa re to form a government". he says grassroots supporters will dominate the conference, meaning some shadow cabinet members and labour mayors won't get the chance to speak from the main stage. 0ur deputy political editor, john pienaar is in brighton for us tonight. john. clive, no one here, no one
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anywhere has seen a labour conference like this one. jeremy corbyn's enemies used to laugh at the idea that such a committed left—winger could be a serious contenderfor prime left—winger could be a serious contender for prime minister. they are not laughing now. politically he owns the place and his position looks unassailable. he is going nowhere. you would never know he had lost the election but to the labour army of corbyn supporters he is a winner, the leader who ran the tories close when few believed he was a winner at all. their leader who is now setting about shifting power from the mps who often doubted him to the grassroots members, many of whom trusted him and bought into his socialist vision from the start. his message, he was heading notjust a party but a movement, and one that could win. to bring about the social justice we want, to bring about the society we want, the unity we want.
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and together, together, together, we can, and will do it. thank you very much. cheering the leader's plan is to give the grassroots, many of them members of the pro—corbyn group momentum more power and more of a say. they will get more time to speak in their conference, in feature more say in policy making and maybe more power to choose the next leader. the letters have been won over, the faithful have never been happier.m is really about grassroots policies and real change, not trying to just be tory—lite. and real change, not trying to just be tory-lite. politically have you got the socialist party wanted. absolutely yes. for no leader will ever be convinced of anything he said that there is sufficient there and in the team around him for him to my backing. padraig finally convinced about jeremy corbyn. i
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think so. so the man they calljezza is calling the shots, his election was a surprise. he swatted away a challenge. now he is unassailable and his conference was cut the speaking time once allowed to labour mps and mayors. i'm sorry to tell you this is a conference of the party, the largest party conferences ever been, we have tried to rebalance the speaking arrangements so there are shorter speeches and who speakers, and many more speeches from the floor. and many more most likely by supporters devoted to their leader. it won't be all love and loyalty this week but the doubters are to change tune, those those worried about brexit could be drowned out by his supporters, for better or worse, it is jeremy corbyn's party now, those who love it and those who don't know looks trapped in for the ride. john pienaar, bbc news, brighton. britain's biggest warship, hms 0cean, has arrived in the british virgin islands,
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to provide support for those affected by hurricanes irma and maria. there are now more than 2,000 uk military personnel working on the relief effort, making it the largest british deployment anywhere in the world. jeremy cooke reports now from tortola. into the disaster zone, hms 0cean off the british virgin islands, straight to work delivering aid where it is desperately needed. for the flight crews, the first look at this hurricane—shattered landscape, almost every building damaged, widespread devastation. already 0cean's landing craft are heading to the main island of tortola. the navy's working parties on the ground getting stuck in. hot, humid conditions, stinking, stagnant water. welcome to the caribbean. on board ship there are 60 tonnes of essential cargo and with nine helicopters, the means of delivery. we've arrived with a stack of building material,
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we've got timber, plumbing materials, hacksaws, chainsaws but importantly also a lot of professional personnel who are highly skilled in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. it is an urgent mission. the flight deck has been open for business since the moment 0cean arrived. she has been steaming at full speed for two weeks, everyone on board now ready to go to work. the priority is to improve shelter. everyone knows the hurricane season is not over yet. of course it is notjust about the british aid effort here. the scale of destruction across these islands is so immense, to get things better will take a superhuman effort by the islanders themselves. they are getting on with the task but they know it will take months or years to get this job done. most here are delighted that hms 0cean has arrived, but they also know there must be self—help.
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we don't sit back and relax. when things happen, we act. we get straight to it. as you can see, after a hurricane we are straight to work. we don't wait for nobody to come and help us, we start to do things ourselves. those leading the uk mission here say the arrival of hms ocean is a game changer. the relief effort will gain pace but for these islands to recover will be a greater task still and they will look to the uk for long—term strategic support. jeremy cooke, bbc news, on the british virgin islands. now to football, and match of the day follows soon on bbc one with all the premier league action. but in the scottish premiership, goals from tom rogic and leigh griffiths gave celtic a 2—0 victory over rangers in the old firm derby, as chris mclaughlin reports. into a cauldron of noise and colour, celtic swaggered. all the confidence of a side unbeaten domestically in
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56 matches. they almost scored in less than 56 seconds. in a match where tackles are known to fly, even the managers weren't safe. no foul given, no penalty given, either, for this clash betweenjozo simunovic and alfredo morelos. no goals in the first half, but minutes after the interval, it was no more than celtic deserved for their dominance. the rangers boss pedro caixinha was less than impressed with his awol defence. the home side had the odd glimpse of goal, but having conceded only three all season, celtic stood firm. and just after the hour, it was two. patrick roberts was the provider. leigh griffiths did what he does best. it played out as many predicted and those in green and white simply loved it. the invincibles once again looking unstoppable. chris mclaughlin, bbc news, glasgow. this weekend sees the third
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invictus games, the sporting tournament founded by prince harry for wounded servicemen and women. he's been meeting the american first lady, melania trump ahead of the opening ceremony in toronto later tonight. 0ur royal correspondent sarah campbell is there now. sarah. yes, clive, just a couple of hours until the ceremony kicks off. prince harry will of course be here and there is speculation he may be joined at some point during the week by his girlfriend meghan markle who lives and works in toronto. will it be tonight? we don't know. but there are plenty of other vips guaranteed to be here. a handshake between a british prince and an american first lady and then a slightly awkward moment getting into position for the photocall. a possible eating between her husband and his grandmother has been much discussed. no controversy here however, melania trump on her
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first foreign sir richard giving the backing of the united states to the invictus games. toronto has fully embraced this event with major landmarks turned into sporting venues. this square in the heart of the city is normally a water feature in the summer, an ice rink in the winter and now it is the venue for the wheelchair tennis. the qualifying rounds started today with success for the home nation. canada started both games, we won the first one, let's keep it going. it's not about the winning, it's about the taking part. absolutely. the competitors are strong. i think they are brave and great, it isjust awesome what they do. today away from the games harry was able to focus on another issue close to his heart, mental health. he was invited to visit this world renowned centre and was only too pleased to do so. much to the delight of those who
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turned out to see him. very excited. iam over turned out to see him. very excited. i am over the moon, i may never watch this hand again. he's notjust someone who is a public figure just saying things, he matches his words with his actions. all 550 competitors from 17 nations are here. it is almost time to let the games begin. sarah campbell, bbc news, toronto. it isa the two main party leaders in is a germany will make their final appeals to voters today before sunday's elections. the chancellor angela merkel‘s centrist party have a clear lead in the polls. in what is now a familiar picture across europe, both mrs merkel and the social democratic leader,
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martin schulz, are urging voters to shun the anti—islam, anti—immigrant rhetoric of right—wing candidates that have gained support in the run up to the election. 0ur correspondent damian mcguinness is in berlin and sent us this. angela merkel‘s centre—right party looks to get the most votes which would mean she would leave the country another four hears but we do not know what sort of government she would lead. all the potential government parties she could form a coalition with have different policies on migration, the eurozone and economy and forming a coalition could be difficult and keeping it together could also be tricky. the other big thing about this election is the emergence of an anti—migrant, anti—islam party. alternative for germany are set to enter parliament
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for the first time. they will not form a government. no other party will work with them because some members are accused of racism, xenophobia and inciting hatred. some members of the party have links to nazi groups. angela merkel was clear she would not form any coalition with them and they will not enter government. but if they do well and get a lot of seats in this building, it will have an impact on the debate in germany. we will have coverage of the elections in germany on the bbc news channel tomorrow. six people have been injured after a noxious substance was sprayed at passers—by in an incident in east london. police weer called near to the westfield shopping centre in stratford at around eight o'clock this evening. a man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. the fire brigade and ambulance service also attended the scene. 0n the line is tahseen taj — who lives in one of the buildings
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opposite the westfield shopping centre in stratford — i understand you saw some of the commotion. basically, icould i understand you saw some of the commotion. basically, i could heara lot of ambulances and police from 840 5p. there was a west ham match today and i thought it must be a football brawl. but it increased and there were a lot of fire brigade and ambulance and police and it was quite chaotic. i was not sure what was happening because there was no news and i was worried there was a fire, or terrorist attack because these things happen in london these days. i tweeted. these things happen in london these days. itweeted. because these things happen in london these days. i tweeted. because there was no news anywhere. slowly, the news ofan no news anywhere. slowly, the news of an acid attack kept appearing. no news anywhere. slowly, the news of an acid attack kept appearingm was scary. we have been watching
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footage you took. understandably very worrying for you. there has been a spate of acid attacks across london. we do not know if that is what it is tonight. when you see the emergency services heading to a shopping centre, it is understandable you are concerned. yes because you are not sure what is happening these days. i was worried. i live in a high—rise, i thought, is there a fire? you don't know what is happening. it is scary. many thanks for sending the video and speaking to us. someone who lives opposite is the shopping centre in stratford and tweeted that footage and you can see the response. by the police, fire and ambulance. let's try and find out more what we are looking at. 0ur correspondentjon donnison has more details.
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i think the police are treating this asa criminal i think the police are treating this as a criminal incident as opposed to as a criminal incident as opposed to a terrorist incident. enquiries are ongoing and what they are saying at the moment is one mail, not whether thatis the moment is one mail, not whether that is a younger man or adult, has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. they initially said they had calls referring to a number of men spraying this noxious substance so one wonders what might have happened to the other people involved. six people injured and as we saw in the footage, a large police presence and from the emergency services and this isa from the emergency services and this is a growing concern for police around the country, but particularly in east london. in 2016 more than 450 attacks using noxious substances, acid, perhaps, across the capital. there has been talk among politicians but no real
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a nswe rs among politicians but no real answers about how we can stop... i think we can safely say what is a in these attacks taking place in london. a dramatic rise. almost doubling over the past 18 months. there are laws in place if people carry knives or other weapons, but nothing in place for carrying some of these chemical substances, in particular sulphuric acid is something they are concerned about, which can be bought over the counter asa which can be bought over the counter as a household product for carrying out work around the house, building work, that sort of thing. thank you for the latest. any more details and we will bring them to you at bbc news. we have the newspaper review coming up but first, let's catch up with the weather. it was a mild day today but the
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amount of cloud varied from place to place. rather cloudy earlier in the day in cumbria and also across most of northern england, parts of scotla nd of northern england, parts of scotland and northern ireland. in the sunshine further south at times it was pretty glorious. looking at the weather picture for the next 24 hours, the weather front pushes east and running into high pressure across europe which makes that front very slow—moving. tonight we see some rain at times in northern ireland and by the end of the night turning down across the west of scotland. some drizzle possible across wales. but the wind moving in from it suddenly direction so it will be quite mild. so quite mild on
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sunday, although the sunshine is rather hazy. 0utbrea ks sunday, although the sunshine is rather hazy. outbreaks of rain from time to time across the western side of the uk. some gaps in the cloud further east allowing some sunny spells. brightening up through the afternoon in northern ireland.
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