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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00. north korea describes donald trump as "mentally deranged" and "full of megalomania," in the latest war of words between the two nations. he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rocket‘s visit to the entire us mainland inevitable all the more. iran test fires a new ballistic missile, with a range that could hit anywhere in the middle east — it's in defiance of us warnings that their nuclear deal is being put injeopardy. police in east london are investigating a number of attacks this evening, involving a noxious substance. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn arrives in brighton — telling delegates they must "prepare to form a government." also in the next hour we'll take a look at tomorrow's newspaper front pages. the mail on sunday which says it is
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all well wall between borisjohnson and phillip hammond following theresa may's brexit speech. good evening and welcome to bbc news. north korea's foreign minister has launched a fresh verbal assault on president trump calling him ‘mentally deranged'. ri yong—ho told the united nations that mr trump's threat to "totally destroy" his country had made a rocket assault on the united states "all the more inevitable" and that sanctions would not force his country to change its nuclear policy. here's some of what the minister had to say. translation: the absurd reality that a person like donald trump, a mentally deranged person, full of megalomania and complacence, the person chastised
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even by american people as commander in grief. lying king, president evil, is holding the seat of us president and the dangerous reality that the gambler who grew old using threats, frauds and schemes to acquire a patch of land holds the nuclear button. these are what constitute the gravest threat to the international peace and security today. due to his lacking of basic common knowledge, and proper sentiment, he tried to insult the supreme divinity of my country by referring it to a rocket. by doing so, however, he committed an irreversible mistake of making our rocket‘s visit to the entire us mainland inevitable all the more.
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none other than trump himself is on a suicide mission. in case innocent lives of the us are harmed because of this suicide attack, trump will be held totally responsible. our north america correspondent explained the significance of this latest exchange in the war of words between the united states and north korea. anybody who had expected an emollient speech will be disappointed. it was bellicose rhetoric. hitting back on what was perceived as an insult on the part of donald trump in the speech to the un on tuesday and we heard the clip from the north korean foreign minister, possibly the most chilling of all in his 22—minute speech, saying basically that calling the north korean leader rocket man, making the use of those rockets, as he put it, against the us all the more inevitable.
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this was a speech that took aim at donald trump and also at the united nations for imposing sanctions against north korea, sanctions which the country believes to be deeply unfair, and portraying north korea as the victim in this. basically the victim of bullying by the united states. it followed a week in which we have seen a ratcheting up of the rhetoric. president trump vowing to totally destroy north korea if it was posing a serious threat to the us or its allies. the north korean leader responding
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by calling donald trump a mentally arranged us dotard. iran says it's successfully tested a new ballistic missile, with a range of up to twelve 100 miles, and so able to hit anywhere in the middle east. it comes just days after president trump attacked the country's weapons programme, in a speech at the united nations. the us has warned iran that missile tests could jeopardise the deal struck with the obama administration, that ended sanctions against tehran, in return for its nuclear programme being halted. our diplomatic correspondent, caroline hawley reports. a show of power from tehran. a missile with a message to the americans. this was state—run television in iran broadcasting what it says was the successful test of the newly developed khorramshahr missile with a range of 2,000 kilometres. the launch came just days after president trump attacked iran at the united nations for destabilising the middle east, and condemned its missile programme. he again threatened to abandon
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a historic nuclear deal painstakingly negotiated over many years. we cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilising activities while building dangerous missiles, and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear programme. iran insists its missile programme does not contravene the nuclear agreement. and the iranian president says his people are now waiting for an apology from mr trump. in defiance of mr trump came this military display on friday at which the new missile was proudly unveiled. translation: like it or not, we will increase our deterrents and defence power in any form we deem to be necessary. in addition to upgrading the missile systems we will also strengthen our naval,
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ground and air forces. iran's missile programme is in the hands of hardliners and they, it seems, are only being strengthened by the rhetoric from washington. there seems to be a much broader consensus on the need to develop the missile tests as a deterrent because they feel there might be a threat coming especially from the united states with regard to the possibility of regime change. no response from the americans so far to the latest iranian missile launch, but there is little doubt that the belligerent tone coming from both countries will ratchet up tensions. just as in north korea, iran is trying to show that it will not be pushed around. caroline hawley, bbc news. six people have been injured after a noxious substance was sprayed at passers—by in an incident in east london police were called to near the stratford centre in east london at around eight
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o'clock this evening. a man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. the fire brigade and ambulance service also attended the scene. tahseen taj lives in stratford close to where the incident was taking place. she described what she saw. basically i saw a lot of ambulances and police at around quarter to nine but i thought it must have been a football brawl. after some time it increased and increased and there we re increased and increased and there were more police and ambulance and it was quite chaotic. i did not know what had happened, whether it was a fire. these things keep happening in
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london these days. there was no news anywhere and then slowly came news of this attack. we have been watching the footage that you took. here it is again. understandably, quite worrying for you. there has been a spate of acid attacks across london. we do not know if that is what this is tonight but we can see the emergency services heading towards a shopping centre close to where you live. understandably you we re where you live. understandably you were quite concerned. yes. and people are not sure what is happening these days. i was wondering myself as there was a fire oi’ wondering myself as there was a fire or the like... when you do not know what happens it is all the more scary. a short time ago i spoke to our news correspondentjon donnison who brought us up today with the latest on this story.
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i should say first of all that police are treating this as a criminal incidents as opposed to a terrorist incident. enquiries are ongoing and they are saying at the moment that one male, and they are not saying if it was a young man or an adult, has been arrested on suspicious of causing grievous bodily harm. they initially said they got calls referring to a number of males spraying this noxious substance around so one wonders what may have happened to the other people involved. six people injured and, as we saw in the footage, a large police presence, a large presence from emergency services. this is a growing concern for the police around the country and particularly in east london. in 2016 over a50 attacks using a noxious substance, acid perhaps, across the capital. there has been a lot of talk, haven't they are, among politicians, no real answers about
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how we can try and stop what we can say is a rise in these attacks taking place in london. a dramatic rise. almost doubling over the past 18 months or so. obviously there are laws in place for people carrying knives or other offensive weapons. nothing really in place for carrying some of these chemical substances, in particular sulphuric acid. they are concerned about there. it can be purchased over the counter as a household product for carrying out various building works around the house. will bring you some pictures that have come into the newsroom from the scene, filmed by our cameraman. those images coming now. um, this was the shot filmed by an eyewitness from her apartment building earlier this evening. you
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can see the emergency services are rising. do not mistake winestein of the incident to the westfield shopping centre. they are heading to the stratford centre which is nearby. i can tell you there is a huge police presence there. responding to reports of a chemical attack on passers—by in the area. these are the pictures just in from our cameraman. you can see these are the pictures just in from our cameraman. you can see the fire brigade there, police and ambulance services as well. a large response. and as you heard our correspondent telling me earlier, there has been a huge rise in the number of acid or chemical attacks on people across london. and, with the recent terror attacks as well, people are feeling very attacks as well, people are feeling very nervous and an attacks as well, people are feeling very nervous and an edge, especially when they see emergency services dash into an area of london. this is not being treated as a terrorist attack, but a criminal attack. six
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people so far have been injured by the substance to this is the latest images from the scene in stratford tonight. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has told delegates gathering for the party's annual conference, that they're "in a moment of great change" and must "prepa re to form a government". he says grassroots supporters will dominate the conference, meaning some shadow cabinet members and labour mayors, won't get the chance to speak from the main stage. 0ur deputy political editor, john pienaar reports from brighton. you would never know he had lost the election but to the labour army of corbyn supporters he is a winner, the leader who ran the tories close when few believed he was a winner at all. their leader who is now setting about shifting power from the mps who often doubted him to the grassroots members, many of whom trusted him and bought into his socialist vision from the start. his message — he was heading not just a party but a movement,
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and one that could win. to bring about the social justice we want, to bring about the society we want, the unity we want. and together, together, together, we can, and will do it. thank you very much. cheering the leader's plan is to give the grassroots, many of them members of the pro—corbyn group momentum more power and more of a say. they will get more time to speak in their conference, in future,more say in policy making and maybe more power to choose the next leader. the letters have been won over, the faithful have never been happier. it is really about grassroots policies and real change, not trying to just be tory—lite. politically have you got the socialist party wanted. absolutely yes. for no leader will ever be convinced of anything he said that there is sufficient
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there and in the team around him for him to have my backing. you're finally convinced about jeremy corbyn? i think so. so the man they calljezza is calling the shots, his election was a surprise. he swatted away a challenge. now he is unassailable and his conference has cut the speaking time allowed to labour mps and mayors. i'm sorry to tell you this is a conference of the party, the largest party conferences ever been, we have tried to rebalance the speaking arrangements so there are shorter speeches and fewer speakers, and many more speeches from the floor. and many more most likely by supporters devoted to their leader. it won't be all love and loyalty this week but the doubters are to change tune, those those worried about brexit could be drowned out by his supporters, for better for better or worse, it isjeremy corbyn's party now, those who love it and those who don't know looks trapped in for the ride. john pienaar, bbc news, brighton. there's been another
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earthquake in mexico, four days after a major tremor killed nearly 300 people. it happened around 12 miles south of the town of matias romero, in the state of oaxaca. so far, there have been no casualties. the bbc mundo correspondent juan paullie sent us this from mexico city. this one swayed buildings here in mexico city. it set off the seismic alarm. many people are already in shock after the tremor on tuesday. they ran onto the streets. there are reports of victims who died of heart attacks as they tried to leave their homes. the rescue operations to free survivors from the quake on tuesday we re survivors from the quake on tuesday were temporarily suspended to make sure it was still safe to operate there. of course there is a lot of tension here because the rescue
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effo rts tension here because the rescue efforts are tension here because the rescue efforts a re now tension here because the rescue efforts are now under way again. four days after the earthquake that left over 300 people dead. today's quake had a magnitude of 6.1 and the epicentre was located in the south—western state. that part of the country was most affected by another quake that hit the country two weeks ago in which 98 people died. the report so far state that some already damaged buildings and a bridge collapsed in oaxaca. there is clearly no response from mexico and mexicans these days are suffering from this national tragedy. the headlines on bbc news: north korea's foreign minister has addressed the united nations, telling delegates president trump would pay dearly for his attack on the country. iran says it has successfully tested a new ballistic missile with a range of up to 1200 miles. police in east london are investigating a number of attacks this evening, involving a noxious substance.
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let's catch up now with sport. crossing over to our sports centre for all the latest. let's start with manchester city who have scored another five goals today against crystal palace. that's 16 goals in their last three premier league games without reply, which puts city top of the premier league on goal difference. city didn't get their first goal untiljust before half time. leroy sane the one to break the deadlock. two for sterling plus aguero and delph made it an impressive 5—0 win against the bottom club, who still haven't scored in the league all season. the first five or ten minutes we had a few attempts and after that we we re a few attempts and after that we were not good. the ball should be moved and we did not move it. that
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is why. .. it moved and we did not move it. that is why... it has to be moved. in the last ten minutes of the first half we started to play well again and it helped us to score the first goal. in the second half were on the level that we were last week. manchester united are keeping pace with their city rivals at the top of the table. a tougher afternoon for them at southampton, but another three points. romelu lu ka ku's 12th goal for club and country this season proved decisive. five goals in the evening kick off as liverpool beat leicester at the king power stadium. 3—2 was the final score. nick parrott watched the action. liverpool have been hard to watch when it comes to defending the season. so much so that their manager said he was sick of it, following their midweek cup exit at the hands of leicester. if they were to avoid a sense of deja vu, they needed to make their customary
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quickstart. it arrived after 15 minutes. they were confident of a change in fortunes when they scored their second. this is why barcelona wa nted their second. this is why barcelona wanted this striker to be the second most expensive striker in the world and why there was so desperate to hang on to the brazilian. leicester have their own game changer. he proved enough of a handful to pull a goal back, leaving liverpool furious. their 2—goal advantage was restored with this first strike. but 90 seconds later, they were left feeling sick again as leicester scored another goal against liverpool. they should have had another to bring him down, but roles reversed and liverpool held on to their first reversed and liverpool held on to theirfirst win in reversed and liverpool held on to their first win in five games. here are all the day's premier league results. spurs won the london derby at west ham 3—2. wins also for everton, chelsea and watford. burnley against huddersfield
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ended goalless. 57 games. that's the current tally for celtic‘s unbeaten domestic run after yet another win — this time in the old firm derby. the scottish premiership leaders remain five points clear at the top, beating rangers 2—0. tom rogic fired them ahead before leigh griffiths completed the victory with the second in his 100th game for the club in the aviva premiership, leicester tigers have their second win of the season thanks to a 31—28 victory at harlequins. in what was a chaotic game at the stoop, the lead changed hands frequently. but eventually it was the tigers that came out on top. they've now got two wins in a row, and are building some momentum. ewcastle pulled off a one point victory over bath at the rec saracens ran out a1—13 winners at home to sale. britain could have another boxing world champion tonight. hughie fury
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— the cousin of tyson — is currently fighting for headlcthe wbo heavyweight belt. his opponent is the undefeated joseph parkerfrom new zealand who has won all of his 23 fights. fury, who is also unbeaten, is only 23 years old, but has had numerous injuries, setbacks and illnesses. you can follow the fight on the boxing pages of the bbc sport website — and you can hear commentary of that fight on bbc radio 5 live. let mejust to let me just to bring you let mejust to bring you up let me just to bring you up today with the incident in stratford this evening involving a noxious substance being sprayed passers—by. alcoholics bbc radio london had just telling us, as we look at pictures just in from our cameraman, they have spoken to scotland yard who have spoken to scotland yard who have confirmed that london ambulance service treated five people at the scene, they have taken three people to hospital, no—one is thought to
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have life—threatening or life changing injuries but as you can see, a huge emergency service responds to the stratford centre this evening, at around eight o'clock, we were told, police and fire brigade and ambulance responded to an emergency call. britain's biggest operational warship hms 0cean, has arrived in the british virgin islands, to provide support for those affected by hurricanes irma and maria. there are now more than two,000 uk military personnel working on the relief effort, making it the largest british deployment anywhere in the world. jeremy cooke reports now from tortola. into the disaster zone, hms 0cean off the british virgin islands, straight to work delivering aid where it is desperately needed. for the flight crews, the first look at this hurricane—shattered landscape, almost every building damaged, widespread devastation. already 0cean's landing craft are heading to the main island of tortola.
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the navy's working parties on the ground getting stuck in. hot, humid conditions, stinking, stagnant water. welcome to the caribbean. on board ship there are 60 tons of essential cargo and with nine helicopters, the means of delivery. we've arrived with a stack of building material, we've got timber, plumbing materials, hacksaws, chainsaws but importantly also a lot of professional personnel who are highly skilled in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. it is an urgent mission. the flight deck has been open for business since the moment 0cean arrived. she has been steaming at full speed for two weeks, everyone on board ready now to go to work. the priority is to improve shelter. everyone knows the hurricane season is not over yet. of course it is notjust about the british aid effort here.
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the scale of destruction across these islands is so immense, to get things better will take a superhuman effort by the islanders themselves. they are getting on with the task but they know it will take months or years to get this job done. most here are delighted that hms 0cean has arrived, but they also know there must be self—help. we don't sit back and relax. when things happen, we act. we get straight to it. as you can see, after a hurricane we are straight to work. we don't wait for nobody to come and help us, we start to do things ourselves. those leading the uk mission here say the arrival of hms ocean is a game changer. the relief effort will gain pace but for these islands to recover will be a greater task still and they will look to the uk for long—term strategic support. jeremy cooke, bbc news, on the british virgin islands. prince harry has met melania trump
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in toronto ahead of the opening of the third invictus games. it is a multinational event open to wounded servicemen. time to catch up with the weather now. just ahead of the newspapers. the weather we had on saturday, twice through the afternoon. some of us, had grey and cloudy skies like this. yassin was much across northern england and good parts of scotla nd northern england and good parts of scotland and northern england. for others, we have glorious sunshine. the sunshine did make a big difference to how they felt but, nonetheless, sunshine or cloud it
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was a mild day nationwide. and top temperature was 21 celsius and notably across the north of scotland, the temperatures today we re scotland, the temperatures today were around six degrees above normal. looking at the weather over the next 2a—hour was, we have a front pushing its way eastwards together does it will bump into high high pressure across scandinavia and europe. the front will be weak and it will make little overall progress eastwards as we go on through the next 2a hours. 0vernight tonight we already have wet weather in northern ireland. the rental or should western scotland and the cloud is thick enough not spit of way in the macbrayne. and mild night. tomorrow, a glorious start to the day. eastern scotland, eastern and central parts of england, probably a fantastic sunrise, actually, given there will be cloud in the sky further west. backup will bring outbreaks of rain across western scotland, perhaps northern ireland, western parts of england and wales as well. the weather front will not be bringing rain all the time, it will be patchy
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nature so there will be some dry slots. as we go through sunday night, the rain will probably turn heavy. scotland, western england and wales at the same time as it moves eastwards and this guy is clear in northern ireland. he was light winds will be a chilly night but also have some dense patches of fog through the night. some fog still around for monday morning, it could be a slow commute to work without fog taken a while to clear. we eventually will get there, sunshine coming through late morning in the early afternoon to at the same front, the weather front weakens again across scotland, western england and wales. a streak of cloud, really. couple spots of rain but not much to be cloud breaking up across eastern england once weighed a make again. temperatures between 16 and 19 for most of us. 0ver temperatures between 16 and 19 for most of us. over the next few days, a quiet spell of weather coming up with a feathered or cloud, sunshine, staying on the mild side with southerly wind and it will be dry many of us. that rain looks to be
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quite heavy as well but up until thenit quite heavy as well but up until then it is a quiet spell of weather. that is your latest forecast. hello. this is bbc news with chris rogers. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines. north korea's foreign minister has addressed the united nations, telling delegates president trump would pay dearly for his attack on the country. iran says it has successfully tested a new ballistic missile with a range of up to 1200 miles. three people have been taken to hospital after an attack using a noxious substance in east london. none are thought to have life—threatening injuries. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, is telling delegates gathering for the party's annual conference in brighton that they're in a moment of great change.
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