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tv   World News Today  BBC News  September 24, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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dull this is bbc world news today. i'm geeta guru—murthy. our top stories: angela merkel is set for a fourth term as chancellor as her cdu party wins the most votes in exit polls, but with a reduced share. translation: we've had 12 years of governmental responsibility, and it is of course... it doesn't go without saying that we have yet again become the strongest party. a major breakthrough for the right wing nationalist afd as they enter parliament for the first time, pledging to hunt mrs merkel out of power. and a very poor night for the social democrats. we'll be asking what's the future for germany's centre—left. also in the programme: the king versus the president. why one of basketball‘s biggest names has picked a fight with donald trump. hello and welcome to world news today.
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projections by public broadcasters in germany predict that the centre—right party of chancellor angela merkel will again be the largest party in the federal parliament, but it looks like both major parties have won their lowest—ever levels of popular support. the far right anti—immigrant party alternative for germany looks set to be the third biggest party with about 13 percent of the vote. it's the first time the afd have entered parliament. and tonight, there are protests outside their headquarters. let's join my colleague ros atkins in berlin. this election was supposed to be the one which went to plan, which would be business as usual, and angela merkel and her cdu party emphasised repeatedly that stability would be the priority it would be what she would deliver, but the voters have
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not endorsed that message. here are the latest exit polls. this would not be what angela merkel would want to see. angela merkel‘s cdu/csu got 32.9 per cent, a loss of 8.6 per cent. in the last election they got over 4196. in the last election they got over 41%. also a disappointing night for the social democrats. her current coalition partner, the social democrat spd, has 20.8 per cent — that's a loss of 4.9 per cent. i frankly disastrous result which will lead to this soul—searching about the centre—left in germany. all four of the smaller parties made games. —— gains. the left get 8.9 per cent, the greens 8.9 per cent, the liberal fdp 10.5 per cent, and the right—wing nationalist afd gets 13.1 per cent. and this is what the distribution of seats in the new bundestag would look like. these are all projections, not confirmed seats. but it is very obvious, isn't it? first of all no
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party has an overall majority, deals will have to be done and on alternative are generally goes from no representation to significant representation. if angela merkel wa nts representation. if angela merkel wants evidence of challenges ahead in negotiations, the free democrats, one of the parties who she will be looking to talk to, have said they have a number of priorities here, the eu must not bail out other states failures. it also talks about the cdu, social democrats and greens being indistinguishable and that its supporters want a different politics. already there is tough talk on these negotiations are likely to be long and detailed. let's get a full report now on the election so far with our berlin correspondentjenny hill. angela merkel knew she'd win this election, but it's not the victory she'd hoped for. exit polls suggest support for her party is now lower than it's ever been under her leadership. a verdict perhaps on her decision to open germany's doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees. translation: let's not
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beat about the bush. of course we'd hoped for a better result, but let's not forget we've just had a very challenging four years. that's why i'm happy to say we achieved the strategic goal of our campaign. we are the strongest party. for mrs merkel, a well—trodden path. arriving to vote with her husband today. not so much a victory march, just the quiet confidence of a woman who's done 12 years in the job. even so, they still checked her id. just in case. mrs merkel casts herself as a symbol of stability, security in a shifting world. for many a vote for angela merkel is a vote for the status quo. her campaign has focused on herfamiliarity, her experience, and yet, it seems, that alone is no longer enough. because this is today's real success story.
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afd, anti—islam, anti—immigrant, anti—euro, is now part of the german establishment. what is the political norm elsewhere in europe was unthinkable here. not any more. it's a huge success. it will change the political system in germany and it gives back the voice to the opposition, which has not taken place in the german parliament in recent years. it's a profound shift in post—war german politics. today, running together in berlin, but in the heart of this country there is division. discontent. translation: they were like the nazis under hitler. i was born in 1939. i am a war child. i grew up in the ruins and now we get this again. they are criminals. i have always voted cdu
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and i want angela merkel again. translation: it's difficult, there aren't many alternatives to angela merkel. translation: she doesn't do much on her own initiative. she reacts a lot to what others do and that's a kind of stagnation. angela merkel must now find a coalition partner. don't expect afd to be included. that the party is in parliament at all horrifies the political mainstream. exhausted, bruised, at the end of a long campaign. angela merkel‘s conservatives may be the winners, but this doesn't feel much like victory. jenny hill, bbc news, berlin. with me is martin klingst, senior political correspondent of die zeit weekly. he is live with me here. thanks for your time. what was your reaction when you saw the exit poll?|j your time. what was your reaction when you saw the exit poll? i was
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shocked when the reality hit. even though i predicted the outcome pretty closely i thought the afd would gain 11 or 12%, so they are 110w would gain 11 or 12%, so they are now roughly 13%. when reality hits, you are shocked. it was widely predicted that the afd would be in the bundestag, perhaps less widely predicted was that angela merkel and her party along with its sister party could potentially go below a third. that is true, and it is really very surprising that the cdu lost 8%, but for the conservatives and social democrats it is the worst outcome since the end of world war ii, the formation of west germany, so ii, the formation of west germany, so it is actually shocking for them. is to do with angela merkel or other biggerfactors at play? it has to do with her and the bigger factors at play. it has to do with her because there is merkel fatigue, we saw that at the end of last year
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when the social democrats and martin shorts when he came up as a candidate suddenly rose in the polls and everyone said he could beat angela merkel. he didn't and was far away from that, but you saw that there was fatigue with her. then bigger things like the refugee wave, dissatisfaction, people are not all, you have the same things you see all over the world in western societies at the moment, you can see it in france, the netherlands, the united states and great britain, so you have those unsatisfied people who think they are the losers of globalisation, and are very much afraid of having too many immigrants, and the change of their societies. we will either there for the moment because we have just got through to damian magennis outside the alternative for germany headquarters, where there has been a protest going on for the last few hours. bring us up—to—date with what is
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happening, please. behind me you can see a row of police, quite a few going down the street, there are hundreds of demonstrators, mostly young people, lots of signs, anti—afd signs. these demonstrators are calling the afd neo—nazis and saying this party is a right—wing extremist party. they are here because the afd has just been celebrating what it sees as an electoral victory. as you know, according the latest exit polls they have more than 30% so they have gone from not being in parliament at all to being the third largest party in parliament. that gives them a lot of seats and that is why these people are angry. they feel this is a right—wing populist party with views against muslims and migrants, against minorities of all sorts, and they are not happy about it. this protest just goes to show
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they are not happy about it. this protestjust goes to show how controversial this party is, this new party that was only founded a few years ago, started out as an anti—euro party, and during the migration crisis were germany saw 1.5 million migrants and refugees coming to this country, it grew into an anti—migrant party, and that is where it sees its success, and now we will have to see what the other parties do about it because this has rocked the german establishment, and nowhere the german party leader in the other parties wants to work with this party because it is seen as so toxic, but still we have to face it, it looks like more than 13% of the population voted for them so that is the debate germany will have to have 110w. the debate germany will have to have now. thank you for that update. while we were listening, joining martin is with me is the author and filmmaker mo asumang. .at . at the 620 in . at the g20 in hamburger couple of months ago, angela merkel was bossing the show. she was leading
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the way because donald trump was not aligning with anyone else. does this result we can her position on the world stage? it could. what you will see now is probably some rumours and uprising in the conservative party, because they have lost more than a million voters, and that means, you know, people in the party will think the party has moved to the right. she has moved the party to the centre and even sometimes left of the centre, so this will create some unhappiness in the conservative party and could weaken her position as the head of a coalition, and she probably has two coalesce with two parties which will make the future even more difficult. martin, thank you. mo, you spend a lot of time talking to and recording people on the right
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side of the political spectrum in germany. do you imagine we would be talking about the alternative for germany being the third biggest party? actually, no. i didn't think this could happen years ago, but then, whenl this could happen years ago, but then, when i saw how people are reacting on this right—wing topic, that they close themselves, they closed doors, they shut their mouths, they don't really talk to these people, ithought mouths, they don't really talk to these people, i thought it could go in this direction because closing doors is never good. wasn't a mistake on the part of the two main parties to say they would never work with the afd? that's not what i mean. i mean talking to people. it's not about the politicians, actually, i think. we shouldn't talk about all these politicians of the afd, it is better to talk to on the street, you know? talk about other topics. it is very dangerous to talk about one topic all the time, and that's what afd people try to force, talk about migrants, talk about refugees, that's like a race war, and that's
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really, really dangerous, and we can see what happens now. there seem to bea number of see what happens now. there seem to be a number of issues that concern afd supporters, the economy, social inequality, is long, immigration, which ones you think is the most potent? actually, they only talk about immigrants. really? yes, that's what we heard in our tv shows up that's what we heard in our tv shows up and down and up and down for, i don't know, one and a half years, and that's the result now. so you don't think this is about the social inequality that people like martin schultz wanted to talk about? the afd only have one topic, so they force it also, because they use a strange sentences about these people, and... in terms of how the other political parties take on the afd now it is in the bundestag, how should they approach that challenge?
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i think it is very important not always to talk to politicians but to find a way to talk to the people on the street, because that's what it's all about. if we find a way, and not... ok, it's important to protest, we have these banners and we say, nazis go out, but that's what we talk about for years and years, that's not what life is about. mo and martin, thank you very much for your time. there are a number of crucial strands to what is happening in germany at the moment. we have seen angela merkel and her party suffered significant losses compared the last election despite being the biggest party still. we have seen the progress of the right—wing nationalists alternative for germany, but we also seeing angela merkel in a situation where more likely than not she will have to sit down with the green party and the free democrats and cut a deal so they can form a coalition
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government, and if she does that, the compromises she has to make are significant, and that could have a major influence on the kind of chancellor she can be in herfourth term. fascinating times in germany. we will keep you up—to—date with ros and the team. stay with us on bbc world news. still to come: the king versus the president. why one of basketball‘s biggest names has picked a fight with donald trump. benjohnson, the ben johnson, the fastest man benjohnson, the fastest man on earth, is flying home to canada industries. all athletes should be clea n industries. all athletes should be clean going into the games. i am happy justice is clean going into the games. i am happyjustice is served. it is a simple fact that this morning, these people were in their homes. tonight those homes have been burnt down by serbian soldiers and police. all the taliban positions along here
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have been strengthened. presumably in case the americans invade. have been strengthened. presumably in case the americans invadem have been strengthened. presumably in case the americans invade. it is no use having a secret service which cannot preserve its own secrets against the world, so the british government has no option but to continue this action, and even after any adverse judgment in australia. concord can cross the atlantic faster than any plane ever before, breaking the record by six minutes. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines: exit polls suggest chancellor angela merkel has been re—elected for a fourth term, and that her cdu party has won most votes in germany's federal election, but with a surprise fall in support. the right—wing nationalist afd celebrate a major breakthrough
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as they prepare to enter parliament for the first time. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. a masked gunman has opened fire at a church near the us city of nashville in tennessee, killing a woman and wounding six others. the 26—year—old gunman shot himself, but his injuries are not believed to be life—threatening. the president of the regional government of iraqi kurdistan has vowed to press ahead with monday's referendum on independence despite increasing international opposition. masoud barzani said it was only through independence that kurds could secure their safety, and promised to seek talks with iraq's government to implement the outcome of the vote. more than 35,000 people on the indonesian island of bali have fled their homes, fearing that a volcanic eruption could be imminent. villagers from the foothills of mount agung have received medical treatment, while officials urged
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people to stay at least nine kilometres away. the authorities announced the highest possible alert level on friday. donald trump has become embroiled in a row with several leading us sports stars after criticising american football players who refused to stand during the national anthem. he also cancelled an invitation to the white house for the national basketball champions after one top player said he might not go. jon donnison reports. you might think only a fool would pick a fight with these guys. but president trump is not shy of punching above his weight. today, though, at wembley, by refusing to stand for the star spangled banner, dozens of players defied their commander—in—chief. it came just days after president trump had this to say. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, say, get that son of a bleep off the field right now, out, he's fired. he's fired! taking a knee, as it's become known, has been used by mainly
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african—american players in protest at police brutality towards america's black communities. tonight, i am taking a knee for america. and last night at a concert in new york, stevie wonder, helped by his son, went out of his way to criticise president trump. and it is notjust american footballers clashing with the president. steph curry is one of the world's best basketball players. as part of the nba championship team it is tradition that his golden state warriors should visit the white house. i don't want to go, it's as simple as that. it's the things that he is said and the things that he hasn't said at the right times, that we won't stand for. but the president was not best pleased. 0n social media, he said going to the white house was a great honour, and that steph curry‘s hesitation meant the invitation was withdrawn. today, as gridiron
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came to great britain, the controversy came with it. this morning, president trump was up at dawn to take to twitter to urge fans not to turn up at matches if the players continued to disrespect the flag and the country. but here at wembley, for today's nfl match, the fans have clearly ignored him. it's not criminal. it's their right, and i think it's symbolic of... it's very similar to what martin luther king did, a peaceful protest of things that are going wrong. respect the flag, respect the country, but you know what, freedom of speech is an important thing. once again, donald trump doesn't seem to mind who he upsets. by stirring up controversy on issues such as nationalism, patriotism and race, he's playing to his base, and from many of them, he still gets a standing ovation. jon donnison, bbc news. gavin ramjaun has all the sport.
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england's third one—day international against the west indies ended in success. they won by 124 runs. moeen ali starred during england's innings, moving from 50 to 100 in 12 balls. the fastest half century in international cricket. joe root managed 84, as england made 369 at bristol. chris gayle's 94 was the best turn for the windies, who were all out for 245. it was a good time to come into that, i played myself in a bit and had licensed to clear the small ropes, and it is my size of boundary. did you get that feeling once you had cleared the ropes a couple of times that the crowd were going wild as well, you could hit
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every ball for six? yes. i think they bowled a lot in that area. it was just one of those days, i could easily have hit one out but everything seemed to go for six. india have moved top of the one—day rankings thanks to their series win over australia, hardik pandya scoring 78 as the home side sealed a five—wicket victory. india now have an unassailable lead in the five match series. europe have won the inaugural laver cup, beating the world team in prague. it was roger federer who won the decisive match, but he was pushed all the way by australia's nick kyrgios. the swiss eventually won 11—9 in their deciding set. that gave the europeans victory by 15—9 overall. caroline wozniacki ended her string of final failures by beating russia's anastasia pavlyuchenkova in tokyo on sunday.
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it's her second consecutive pan pacific open title, and it gives wozniacki,who also took the prize in 2010, her first title this year. the dane had lost all of her previous finals in 2017. now she's feeling quietly confident that she'll make the wta finals in singapore next month. peter sagan has won his third consecutive world title iam i am confident that i will but to buy dented hats off to everybody, i have had a good year and another thing i power to qualify so let's see what happens. it was one i really wa nted see what happens. it was one i really wanted to win today. 0bviously being in my seventh final this year is great but getting that last win was really important to me. peter sagan has won his third consecutive world title after a dramatic finish at the men's world championships road race. the slovakian barely featured throughout the 166—mile race in bergen. he was in 80th place approaching the final climb, but timed his ride to perfection, beating home favourite norwegian alexander kristoff byjust a quarter of a wheel to become the first man to win three consecutive world crowns. australia's michael matthews took third place.
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the photo finish shows just how close it was. after 112 european tour tournaments, lucas bjerregaard has won his first title. the dane had a final round of 65 at the portugal masters to win by four strokes. bjerregaard started the last day with a one—stroke lead, and never looked like letting it slip as he finished the tournament on 20 under par. south africa's george coetzee put him under some pressure early on, but his challenge faded on the back nine. a triple bogey on the 18th hole meant that marc warren finished second. it's bjerregaard's biggest pay day by far earning him just under $400,000. defending champion marc marquez has won the aragon motogp to open up a 16—point lead at the top of the world championship standings. this was his second consecutive victory. it means he now has the outright championship lead with four races left. dani pedrosa finished second, and jorge lorenzo, who led for most
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of the race, came third. nine—time champion valentino rossi, who suffered a double leg fracture just three weeks ago, finished fifth on his yamaha. that's all the sport for now. we are going to go back to germany. a reminder of our top story this hour. exit polls in germany show that chancellor angela merkel‘s centre—right party will again be the largest in the federal parliament, but with a reduced level of popular support. the anti—immigra nt alternative for germany looks set to win seats for the first time. they look set to be the third largest party with 13% of the vote. we will confirm those numbers are veikkanen —— as they come in on bbc news. thanks for watching. hello there.
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our final four weekend of september was definitely a tale of two halves. temperatures higher than they were yesterday. a fair bit of cloud across western parts, rain bearing clouds, but across central and eastern england sunshine and the skies brightening at times in northern ireland, but even if you didn't have the sunshine, temperatures still on the mild side, but where the sunshine came out a number of spots go into 22 degrees, four celsius above normal for the time of year, so it has been pretty warm for late september. 0vernight tonight the band of rain will continue to push across scotland, england and wales. the rain will probably be patchy at times and across the western side of the british isles we get clearer skies working into northern ireland with dense fog patches forming and perhaps murky conditions spreading into wales and south—west england as
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well. here is the chart, today. this weather front will hit high pressure across scandinavia and europe so the front will weaken and tend to push back west as we go through monday. the rain already light and patchy through the morning, and this strip of cloudy weather will sweep west into the afternoon, so quite cloudy for scotland, the west midlands and central and southern england, still with left on it, brighter skies working in during the afternoon across eastern counties of england and probably the best of sunshine in northern ireland once the morning fog clears. 0n northern ireland once the morning fog clears. on tuesday the weather front are still with us, this streak of cloud, but better chance of dry weather on tuesday with bigger gaps opening in the clouds so expect sunny spells. still on the mild side, temperatures for most between 16 and 20 celsius, but we will start to see change in the weather from the middle of the week onwards as atla ntic the middle of the week onwards as atlantic weather systems begin to
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ingress across the uk. wednesday will see heavy rain working into northern ireland which could get an open —— over an inch of rain through wednesday, so the risk of localised surface water, and it is also windy across the irish sea coast. east of this, still decent temperatures, 16—20dc with bright oral sunny spells but then the weather will change, rain later in the week, becoming windy and the temperatures will drop back to normalfor temperatures will drop back to normal for the temperatures will drop back to normalfor the time of temperatures will drop back to normal for the time of year. if you if
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the headlines. exit polls in germany suggest chancellor angela merkel has been re—elected for a fourth term as chancellor and her centre—right cdu will be the largest party in the federal parliament. the right—wing nationalist afd is celebrating a breakthrough, preparing to enter parliament for the first time. the row between donald trump and leading figures in the sports world is escalating after the president used an obscenity to denounce players who
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fail to stand for the national anthem. the president of the regional government of iraqi kurdistan has vowed to press ahead with the


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