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this is bbc news. i am martine croxall. the headlines: angela merkel is set for a fourth term as chancellor, but german voters punish her party at the polls. now she needs coalition partners. translation: we now have a mandate to assume responsibility, and we're going to do that calmly, and hold talks with our partners. a major breakthrough for the right wing afd as they enter parliament for the first time in more than half a century. the important priority is to ensure that we have a tariff free access to the european market. half of our trade is with europe. i would also say that we need to look very carefully at the terms of any trade relationship. american football
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stars neil during the aaron anthem —— american football stars kneel during the anthem, protesting racism in america. grieving and welcome to bbc news. ——
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good evening. the alternative for germany movement or afd, which opposed the decision to allow more thani billion opposed the decision to allow more than 1 billion refugees opposed the decision to allow more thani billion refugees and migrants into the country, is the first far—right party to win seats in the german parliament since the end of the second world war. angela merkel was 10% down on the last election. she says that the ft now poses a different challenge. jenny hill reports. —— afd. it has been a frustrating night for angela merkel. a brave face for the cameras at the party faithful. angela merkel has won the election for them, but it is not the victory that they had hoped for. support for the conservatives is lower than it has ever been under her leadership.
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a verdict, perhaps, on her decision to open germany's doors to a million refugees. translation: let's not beat around the bush. of course we hope for a better result. but do not forget we have had a challenging four years. that is why am happy to say that we achieved the two digit goal of our we are the strongest party. mr merkel positions herself as a symbol of strength in a jetty world. her experience alone is apparently no longer enough. —— changing world. because this is today's real success story. anti—islam, anti—emigrant, anti—europe at the afd is now part of the parliament in europe. ——
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secretary. translation: we will hunt them down. we will hunt mrs merkel down, and we will take back our country and our people. it is a profound shift in postwar german politics. today, running together in berlin. but in the heart of this country there is division, discontent. translation: they are like the nazis under altavilla. i was born in 1939 and grew up in the rise. and we get this again. they are criminal. translation:. it is difficult. there are not many alternatives. translation: she does not act on her own initiative. angela merkel must 110w own initiative. angela merkel must now find coalition partners, and persuade her country and perhaps
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some in the party that she is the best of thejob. some in the party that she is the best of the job. the end a long campaign. angela merkel‘s conservatives may be the winners, but it does not feel much like a victory. jenny hill, bbc news, berlin. there have been protests on the streets of berlin tonight against the alternative for germany party, with some left—wing demonstrators call in the nazis. the party, founded just four years ago, takes a hardline view on islam. damning dramatic as takes a closer look at the afd and what it represents. nazis out! nazis out, the chant. but the afd is in. and so left—wing protesters took to berlin's streets within minutes tonight. the afd has won more seats and influence than anyone imagined. so there is shock in a country still shamed by its nazi history. i'm pretty shocked.
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im really, really angry. like, it's complete sadness and rage. like, it's both in my heart right now. what is it about what the afd stands for that you most dislike? one of the highest guys of the afd, he said the germans had to be proud of what they did in the first and second world war. and i mean, what did germany do? they (bleep) slaughtered jews and homosexuals. this is nothing you can be proud of. so what's shocked so many in berlin are the echoes of the past. a party that they view here as having nazi sympathies. extreme nationalism, extreme right wing back in the bundestag. and the target of their chance, well, it's up there. it is the afd's leaders, because that is where they have been celebrating their election results. before this election, the afd had no seats in parliament. it was only formed four years ago by academics hostile to the euro and germany supporting bailouts of countries like greece. but the party has morphed,
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moving further right. this was a campaign ad, hostile to gay rights and to islam. "we want bikinis, not burqas," it says. and against the euro, too. the afd wants to protect germany and german culture. the turning point for the afd was the refugee crisis. hostile to angela merkel‘s decision to welcome one million new arrivals to germany, the afd wants refugees turned away. on most issues it is opposed to germany's mainstream. there must be a voice that is going against the ever closer union. there must be a voice that is going against the euro rescue policy. there must be a voice for protection of the border and to go against islamisation. all germany's other parties will shun the afd. but germany is entering a new, more divisive era. so here are the latest projections
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will make angela merkel got 33%, a loss of almost 9%. the current partner, the spd, got 31%, a loss of about 5%. both the greens and the left get about 9%, and the fdp. about 7%. this is what the distribution of seats in the new bundestag would look like. with the letters, here isjenny hill. we will not hear from jenny
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hill. we will not hear from jenny hill. -- hill. we will not hear from jenny hill. —— latest. we do not need to hear from hill. —— latest. we do not need to hearfrom jenny hill. hill. —— latest. we do not need to hear from jenny hill. we are talk about brexit, instead. jeremy corbyn has resisted calls to pledge to keep britain in the civil market after brexit. at their annual conference, 30 mp5 brexit. at their annual conference, 30 mps signed a letter to both the government to pledge to stay in. but jeremy corbyn told them that the protection of jobs could jeremy corbyn told them that the protection ofjobs could be hampered by the civil market. there were no resolutions on brexit chosen to debate. laura kuenssberg reports. more a victory party than a conference. the song, and thousands upon thousands of members, dedicated to him. he's the winner here, even though labour did not win the election. its third conference lucky forjeremy corbyn.
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at last, safe and secure in his seat. the steam is rising, not falling. and the movement is stronger than ever. labour is a party of the people, it's a party of activists, it's a party of the community. but many in that community came to brighten, too, to tell him something else. they want labour to change its mind about leaving the eu. even to stop it happening altogether. jeremy corbyn should come out and say, "i was wrong. let's do something about this." no brexit at all is my views. i want to form and anti—brexit bagpipe band. with a foe of the left making an unusual protest. and many members and mps want to push the leader to commit to stay in the single
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market, the huge european free—trade area for good. it's a no. the important thing is to have a european market, half of all our with europe. would also say that we need to look very carefully at the terms of any trade relationship, because at the moment, we are part of the single market, obviously. that has within it restrictions on state aid and state spending. in what has been described as a stitch up, members who wanted debates on tricky brexit issues were out organised and outvoted by momentum, but corbyn backing campaign group. nothing contentious will be discussed. i'm a bit gutted. all our debate on brexit didn't make it through the priorities. one senior ally of mr corbyn told me
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some of his critics use europe as an excuse to attack him. yet some left—wingers are dismayed, too. i would like to see how that position was come to. because this is the quintessential issue of our generation. to not be discussing the elephant in the room, the issue of brexit, physical market, the freedom of movement, is wrong. and i think it's a mistake and we should be discussing it. the labour leader will be surrounded by fans and supporters this week, still delighted by the party's progress in the election. but that won't completely mask the tensions over europe with some mps saying the lack of debate is absurd. adoration from the crowds does not mean, even this week, thatjeremy corbyn can forever avoid awkward conversations. donald trump has been denounced by leading figures in the world of
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sport in eight controversy over the national anthem. this is the wreck and football league should fire players who refused to stand during the anthem. in a tweet, he withdrew an invitation to a star player of america's passable champions to the white house, because he voiced concerns of being in the white house with donald trump. now lebronjames hasjoined in the with donald trump. now lebronjames has joined in the criticism of donald trump. this guy that we have put in charge has tried to divide us once again. we all know how much sports brings us to gather, how much passionate has, and how much love and care there is. this is not selling can stand for, and it is not so me selling can stand for, and it is not somei selling can stand for, and it is not so me i can be quite about. last night, stevie wonder became the last high—profile figure to defy the president over the protest. tonight,
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iam taking president over the protest. tonight, i am taking a need for america. this new assault by his son as he knelt during his performance at the global citizen fizzle in new york city. —— festival. an nfl match has taken place at wembley today. before the match, and —— a number of plays knelt. you have to respect the troops. respect the national anthem, reflects the flag, respect the country. but bruno speech is important. a negative disses battle to the country. it isjust that important. a negative disses battle to the country. it is just that they do not share these therapies with the president, i guess. —— freedom of speech. they have different opinions and they do not stand for this national anthem and uppity lapointe. it is not criminal. it is their right, and i think it is
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symbolic of this as it is and what martin luther king dead, a peaceful protest at what is going wrong. what we are seeing already today in the united states is a vivid display of player power. some of the most highly paid athletes in the world uniformly taking some sort of protest action in defiance of donald trump's remarks. now, we have seen players kneeling. we have seen them raising their fists in defiance of his comments. for the playing of the national anthem as part of their protest. so it's quite possible this will spread to other professional sports here. the interesting element to all this is that instead of dividing and ruling, as it were, the team owners have come out in support of the players in many cases,
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and these are people who put up large sums of money in an attempt to get president trump elected. a hate crime is being investigated in manchester. a victim, named as a local doctor, was attacked and taken to hospital with a wound to the back of his neck. he has been treated and released. police are appealing for witnesses. the headlines on bbc news. exit polls show angela merkel has been re—elected chancellor for a fourth term. jeremy corbyn resists calls from within his own party to commit to keeping britain within the single
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market and customs union indefinitely after brexit. nfl players kneel during the american anthem at wembley in defiance of president donald trump. time for a sport round—up. a blistering day for moeen ali who helped england take a 2—0 lead over the west indies, sealing a 124 run victory. even on a dank autumn evening, there was no hiding the star. a dazzling day for moeen ali, and not a bad one for his team—mates. in steps and joe root showed the way with blistering half centuries, before moeen sent england's hopes stratospheric. a century of quite brutal brilliance, his last 60 runs thrashed injust 40 balls, including eight sixes. the crowd loved it. west indies rather less so.
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by the time he completed his hundred in predictable fashion, england were seemingly out of sight. the west indies‘s target, 370, while chris gayle was at the crease, anything was still possible. but gayle's bat speed is rarely matched by foot speed. 94, he dawdled. adil rashid didn't. by barely a coat of varnish, the west indies‘s hopes vanished. liam plunkett‘s fifth wicket rounded things off, the winning catch taken by, well, who else? moeen‘s match, and very much england's day. andy swiss, bbc news. brighton will be promoted after winning their match today. newcastle started the weekend in fourth, but is that down to ninth after their first defeat in four matches. brighton move up to 13th. aberdeen
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had a 1—0 win in the scottish premiership. they are back up to second in the table, two points behind the leaders, celtic. manchester city began their season with a comprehensive win, a 4—0 victory. and chelsea thrashed bristol city. there were also wins for arsenal and sunderland. fifa is expected to lift the ban on teams wearing a poppy. last year, many teams were fined for commemorating armistice day. theresa may was one
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of those criticising the decision. the teams will be allowed to wear the symbol in time for the november matches. this saracens player has undergone surgery and will miss the test against argentina, australia and some lower. justin thomas has w011 and some lower. justin thomas has won their $10 million fedex cup. he beat another major winner from this year, jordan spieth. he was just one shot behind another american in atla nta. h e shot behind another american in atlanta. he finished on 12 under par. paul casey led before the final
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round. and that's the sport for now. let's have a quick look at some of the front pages. the metro says theresa may is struggling to keep a lid on tensions within her own party over the brexit negotiations — the paper says she has a fight on her hands to stay in number ten. the ‘i' leads with its exclusive story saying the brexit secretary, david davis is ready to mount his bid to become pm, if theresa may is forced from office. the telegraph reports of an intense battle in the cabinet, with allies of the chancellor, philip hammond, claiming boris johnson is simple minded on brexit. the paper also looks at angela merkel‘s record—equalling fourth term in power in the german election. the times described the german chancellor's win as being eclipsed by the resurgence of the far right, while the guardian calls the result the worst
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for angela merkel‘s party for decades. the express headlines with fears of a plot by france and germany to sabotage brexit and keep britain tied to brussels. and the daily mail claims receptionists in gp surgeries are being trained to cut down the number of appointments. a more detailed look at those stories at 11:30 this evening in the papers — our guests joining me tonight arejohn crowley, managing editor at newsweek media group, and martin bentham, home affairs editor at the london evening standard. a controversial referendum on independence for iraqi kurds, is due to go ahead tomorrow, despite growing international pressure to call it off. there are fears that if the kurds, who live in the oil—rich north of the country and make up nearly a fifth of the population, vote to form their state, then that would mean the end of a unified iraq, causing instability across the middle east. our middle east correspondent, orla guerin reports. coming together as a nation. the state they have dreamed of now feels within reach. this was the last rally before
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the kurdish independence referendum. the outcome not in doubt. but the strong support here is matched by strong opposition almost everywhere else, especially in baghdad. the prime minister, haider al—abadi, warning in a televised address that anyone who plays with iraq will suffer the consequences. translation: taking a unilateral step, which could affect the integrity of iraq and its people, and the whole region, is not accepted. the kurdish referendum is against the iraqi constitution. we will not accept the referendum or its results. but even as he spoke, the kurdish leader, masoud barzani, was giving a defiant news conference. the iraqi flag still behind him, but not for long. he played down the risks of a new conflict in the middle east. do you accept whatever your
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intentions, there is a risk that this referendum will spark violent confrontation? either with iraq, or with your neighbours, or perhaps both? translation: we do not have any intentions, we do not initiate any violence and we don't expect that and we do hope also that the others will not think and initiate that. we will be very patient, because we do believe that violence is not going to add to any solution. on the contrary, it is going to complicate the situation. but it is plenty complicated already. these are turkish tanks near the border of the kurdish region. it is a military exercise, but also a clear message. turkey, which has a kurdish minority of its own, says the referendum is a terrible mistake. but the kurds believe the arc of history is bending their way. they say tomorrow's vote is about self—determination
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and democracy and, whatever the risks, there can be no going back. orla guerin, bbc news, northern iraq. prince harry has opened this year's invictus games for disabled and wounded servicemen and women in toronto. the competitors will take part in 12 sports over eight days. his girlfriend, the actress megan markle, was at the opening ceremony, making her first appearance at an official engagement attended by the prince. our royal correspondent sarah campbell reports. the competition is already as hot as the sweltering temperatures toronto is currently enjoying. this morning, prince harry took his seat to watch the athletics. and it was a success start 13 uk, taking gold, and bronze. paralysed ten years ago in a road traffic accident, lindsey chapman today took the gold in the women's 100 metre final. it's given me a goal
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and a purpose again. and i feel better about myself, i've got fitter, met loads of people, brilliant people. all the other team—mates arejust wonderful. some very special friends already, that hopefully, i keep for life. prince harry has spent the last couple of hours here at the athletic centre talking to competitors, handing out some medals in some of the first medal ceremonies. his focus today is purely and simply on those taking part in these games. so, has toronto put on a good games? fantastic games. last night, the games got off to a spectacular start, all 550 competitors have gone through so much to get this far. they were cheered on by the prince, america's first lady, and canada's prime minister, and see today few meters away from harry, meghan markle, his girlfriend. toronto is her adopted home, and this was her first appearance at an official royal appearance involving the prince. these games where harry's idea,
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and there's a deep mutual respect between him and the competitors. some of you have overcome emotional challenges, —— some of you have overcome emotional challenges, that until recent years, would have seen you britain off and ignored. and now you're here, on the world stage, flags on your chest, representing your country's again. over the next week, these men and women, cheered on by theirfriends and family, we'll all be winners, no matter who crosses the line first. sarah campbell, bbc news, toronto. time to take a look at the weather forecast. for some of us, we've had quite a warm weekend really for the time of year. south—easterly winds wafting in from france, boosting temperatures into the low 20s. the warmest, 23 degrees, about five degrees above normal. a warm september day. a weather front across the uk at the moment, not a straightforward one. burst of rain
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along the front working northwards. that will continue to be the case overnight. for scotland, england and wales, the risk of some rain on and off. some dry spells in between, staying cloudy and mild. northern ireland, the risk of fog developing in the western counties. this weather front is very slow moving on monday, bumping into high pressure from scandinavia and europe. it is wea k from scandinavia and europe. it is weak and not moving anywhere particularly fast anytime soon. outbreaks of rain to start the day. easing off quickly during monday morning. left with a streak of cloud across scotland, england and wales. breaking up across east anglia through the afternoon. the best of the sunshine further west, especially in northern ireland. that is once we get rid of the early morning fog. on tuesday, the weather front still with us across scotland, england and wales. a little bit of
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cloud. cloud thinning further with sunny spells coming through. pretty much no rain left on tuesday, and still warm in the sunshine. temperatures mostly between 16— 21 degrees. some changes in the weather towards the middle part of the week. weather fronts coming in across the atlantic, they have a bit more to them. coming against a high pressure block. rain working across northern ireland, persisted. gusty winds around the irish sea coast. to the east of that, bright and breezy for most of england, scotland and most of wales, temperatures 16— 21. still on the warm side of things. towards the end of the week, seeing low pressure swing into the uk. bringing rain at times, quite windy with the risk of gales, possibly severe gales developing around the coast. a little bit cooler with temperatures
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getting back close to normal. and that's your weather. hello. sorry to keep you waiting for the people review. we will be taking a look at the front pages in just a moment, but first, the headlines: exit polls suggest chancellor angela merkel has been re—elected for a fourth term. translation:


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