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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 25, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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applause we're bringing them back. the eu's chief negotiator michel barnier says real progress on the divorce bill is essential before a transition period can be discussed. the pentagon says if north korea does not stop provocative actions it will make sure the president is provided with options to deal with pyongyang. it comes as north korea's foreign minister accused president trump of declaring war on his country. a teenage girl has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a member of staff was stabbed at a school in north lincolnshire. london's mayor sadiq khan has asked tfl to make themselves available for talks with uber after the taxi app's ceo apologised for mistakes it said the company has made. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm hugh ferris. the premier league record breaker, west brom's gareth barry, is set for a record 633rd appearance this evening. the fa says "the right procedures are in place" to prevent a repeat of the circumstances leading to mark sampson's sacking. and president's war of words with the nfl over players who kneel during the national anthem stretches into a fourth day. welcome to sportsday. great to have your company. it started more than 19 years ago for number 18, but the number that matters
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for gareth barry is 633. tonight, if selected, he'll set a new record for premier league appearances, beating ryan giggs‘ mark for his fourth club west brom in their match at arsenal. joe lynskey reports. he is the premier league's history boy, the midfield metronome whowhose success boy, the midfield metronome whowhose success than three decades. gareth barry may not be the midfielder to defined a generation, but his su ccesses defined a generation, but his successes in consistency. tonight he brea ks successes in consistency. tonight he breaks new ground, no modern player has lasted this long. really proud to have reached that number. i have said before, it goes so quickly, i remember my debut really well. in between that, so much has happened. i ended up getting to this number, which myself and my family are proud to reach that great achievement. more than half of barry's appearances came at aston villa, drafted in as a youngster, he is still one of the finest in cloud. the 17—year—old went from protege to
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clu b the 17—year—old went from protege to club captain, then riches came calling. at manchester city he would win the fa cup and premier league. further spending forced his hand the more thirsty bubble, everton again, a club found a new icon. now at west brom, still they find the teenage pedigree in the 36—year—old. brom, still they find the teenage pedigree in the 36-year-old. he has always been a player i have admired and respected. and when you bring him into your football club, you realise how good he was. i'm really disappointed that he is notjust starting with us. he could have moved to america this summer, but barry's pursuit of top—flight football makes this achievement so rare. it may, indeed, never happen again. impossible, because you think of the players, the transfer fees, the opportunities players get from clu b to the opportunities players get from club to club. competition for places is the one, holding down your place for that many games, it takes some doing. you can't have regrets in life, i have make decisions to leave clubs, gone down roads that you think at the time is right decision. i look
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back and i don't think i would change anything. barry will break the record when his new side face arsenal, the gunners are stuttering into their season. we want our fans not to have preconceived ideas, but we need them to have a successful season. we need them to believe in us. season. we need them to believe in us. but we are conscious as well of the fact that believing in us depends on how well we are focused and determined in every single game. by and determined in every single game. by all accounts, gareth barry still has plenty of time left. this is a fitting place to break the record for the man defining the clock. the fa insist they're confident that following last week's sacking of england women's manager mark sampson, the right procedures are in place to prevent a similar issue arising now or in the future. sampson was dismissed following evidence of "inappropriate" behaviour in a previous role. here's our sports news correspondent richard conway. the fa say they'll now conduct a review into what they call
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historic processes, but a reminder that history to the fa in this instance means 2013, 2014 and 2015, that's how recent these events around mark sampson are known to have taken place. that investigation, that safeguarding inquiry, took place back then, but martin glenn the fa's chief executive says he didn't become aware of the existence of the safeguarding case until october of 2015. and he didn't look into the exact details of it untiljust a couple of weeks ago. nevertheless, the fa board expressing their confidence in martin glenn and chairman greg clarke. they say they are of the belief that a similar situation will not occur again now or in the future. so it would appear, as far as the fa board are concerned, case closed, move on, nothing more to see, but not yet. perhaps not yet, damien collins the chair of the culture, media and sport committee,
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he wants to see fa officials before him and his panel of mps next month. they will come in for sustained scrutiny about who knew what and when. this matter is not overjust yet. the decision to overturn a ban on the home nations‘ football teams wearing poppies expected from fifa in the coming weeks has been described as ‘common sense' by the managers of two of the countries, as well as the sports minister tracey crouch. last year, england, scotland, wales and northern ireland were all fined by fifa for their use of the poppy to commemorate armistice day, deeming it to be a political symbol. prince william and prime minister theresa may were among those to criticise the decision. but we're expecting the laws to be changed in time for november's international break. in a statement crouch said: well, gordon strachan and michael 0'neill were
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the two managers to back the plans to change the rules on poppies, and both named squads today for their crucial world cup qualifying matches next week. scotland have recalled leeds captain liam cooper. while leigh griffiths is one of six celtic players in the squad. after winning their last two games, scotland face slovakia and slovenia in october knowing victory in both would all but guarantee a play—off spot. we are always looking for people on the top of their form, or bringing in someone new. we have shown we can do that before. but this time, we think that's the best squad that we can get. there were good players left out, but i think that's the best squad we can get for the two games coming up. and that squad, and these players, have shown that they can deal with big games. and that's why they've been picked again. i'm looking forward to catching up with them. gareth mcauley is back in the northern ireland squad
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for next month's qualifiers against germany and norway. the west brom defender has not featured in the squad since he limped off against azerbaijan back in june. there are also first—time call—ups for millwall midfielder george saville and kilmarnock midfielderjordan jones. huge boost to have gareth. he has only played in a cup tie for west brom a60— city five minutes. i hope he is going to play tonight against arsenal, but it is gareth‘s attitude is huge for us. he is always a player that has been great for me. performance has been consistent over the last five years. he is a man that we have missed in recent games, although we got the results that we certainly would have wanted. but it is always better to have gareth back. johanna konta's recent run of bad form has continued in china, where she's gone out of the wuhan open at the first attempt. the british number one lost to australian ashleigh barty in the second round in china. konta lost the first set to love, before recovering to take the second, and then served for the match
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in the decider, before losing out in the tie—break. konta should still make the wta finals with the world's top eight players this season. still to come on sportsday: graham 0nions joins the durham exodus. he'll become the fifth senior player to leave the county after failing to agree a new contract after 13 years at the riverside. and ireland stages their bid to host the rugby world cup in 2023. week 3 of the nfl season will end later tonight, and rarely has there been such scrutiny on the sport. the players of dallas and arizona will be the final two squads to decide how to respond to the us national anthem after the row between the nfl and president trump. the latter has refused to back down following the scenes at the weekend, claiming any protests have "nothing to do with race". adina campbell reports. delivering a defiant message
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against donald trump, nfl players on both sides of the atlantic kneeling in a show of unity, in a wave of weekend protests against racial injustice and police violence. it's beyond politics, it's about being a human being, and having dignity, and compassion for other human beings, regardless of their race and gender. there is inequality out there. there isn't liberty and justice for all. this was london's wembley stadium yesterday, some of america's most famous and highly paid sports stars refusing to stand during the star—spangled banner. they decided to take action, triggered by donald trump's controversial comments on twitter, calling for players who take a knee to be fired. this has nothing to do with race, or anything else. this has to do with respect. and respect for ourflag. these latest protests
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are the biggest of their kind since they began last year. they were started by nfl player colin kaepernick, who refused to stand during the national anthem, in protest against police brutality and the treatment of black americans. but critics believe sport and politics shouldn't mix. they're being paid to do a job. they're not paid to come there and let their personal issues that they care about be known. surely, these athletes are entitled to have their own opinion, have their own political stance on what they believe in. please do it on twitter, please do it on your facebook page, do not do it on the field. fans are divided. the president has bigger things, biggerfish to fry. he needs to handle his worldly affairs, and let us handle this as fans, and as owners and players. it's not something that i like, but if they want to do it, that's fine. i'm driving up from charlotte,
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north carolina to come to this game. if these guys start taking a knee and not standing up for the flag, i'll quit coming. what started off as a limited protest has now spiralled with president trump's comments proving to be deeply divisive in one of the world's most powerful sports. adina campbell, bbc news. british bobsleigh pilot mica mcneill is closing on her £30,000 target to pay for next season's world cup programme. mcneill launched an online campaign in the wake of the decision by the british bobsleigh and skeleton federation to cut her funding. i caught up with her a little earlier. words cannot describe how much it means, and how many times can you say thank you to someone. it's just absolutely incredible, to say thank you to that many people. all those generous people, it's overwhelming. £30,000, we should make clear, is an
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initial amount of money that you need for the next stage of a qualification process for the winter 0lympics. so how significant a chunk would it be should you reach that target? yeah, we asked for 30,000 originally, that is the minimum that we need to get out there on ice, and get ra ces we need to get out there on ice, and get races down, and get us into that world ranking that we need to get to the winter olympics. that's what we need to get by. anything extra from that lets us focus on performance and doing the whole tour, getting the extra training runs in. being that close to 30,000 is just incredible. and injust a short space of time, amazing. what message do you think this sense, not only of the support that you have been able to get, but also the reaction to the shortfall in funds that meant that you had to ask for this money in the first place? yeah, i mean it is one
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of those things, whereat first, you are so of those things, whereat first, you are so shocked, and frustrated, and then people got behind us. we thought, if you ask us a week ago, we'd think, "how is this going to pan out?" six days into this campaign, and to have that many people get behind you, it's just really positive. and there have been s0 really positive. and there have been so many crowdfunding campaigns for things that a lot of people have contributed to, do you get a sense that the british public will be your expecting a lot from you, or can you handle the pressure that it brings? i think we can handle the pressure. isaid i think we can handle the pressure. i said earlier, we are powered by the people now. the people to believe in us and support us, and the nice messages we have had, and the nice messages we have had, and the donations. people believe in us. that lifts you up a little bit. it gives you what you need to push that little bit harder and work more and make everyone proud. just quickly, what do you think that uk sport and
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british boss they would make of it all? i think they will be impressed at how the british people have got behind us, but they will be grateful also. it helps us as a nation and as also. it helps us as a nation and as a sport to grow. to have a women's tea m a sport to grow. to have a women's team at the winter olympics resenting us and doing us proud, it is massive for sport and especially women in sport. mica mcneill. in cricket, there'll be a few nervous cricketers taking part in the final round of county championship matches that started today. that's because the england squad for this winter's ashes series in australia is due to be announced on wednesday, with a handful of places are still up for grabs. but for mark stoneman, who left his native durham last season tojoin surrey, there's every chance he can follow in the footsteps of possibly the greatest batsman the north east of england has ever produced. jeff brown reports. it's almost 50 years since colin milburn played in the 1968 ashes series in england. he was known as
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the basher. how fitting now that the first north—east batsmen to make it into the test team played for the same county durham club. it is a nice time. it is a great sense of achievement. . that is what you dream of as a kid playing the game. it gives you a flashback of all the memories of when you played in the backstreet, and starting off as a junior, and all the journeys backstreet, and starting off as a junior, and all thejourneys in my car with my mum and dad in the car, representing teams in durham. born in newcastle, the man they call rocky spent ten terrific years with durham's senior side. he scored the i’u ns durham's senior side. he scored the runs that clinched their last title in 2013. a year later, he captained them to victory in the final at lord's, leaving tojoin them to victory in the final at lord's, leaving to join surrey 12 months ago, and a season that saw durham forcibly relegated and it's by further penalties from the ecb, it certainly wasn't easy. by further penalties from the ecb, it certainly wasn't easylj by further penalties from the ecb, it certainly wasn't easy. i made my decision before those sanctions came
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out, and whatever. it was clear that there were a few issues going on behind the scenes, which obviously was making contract situations and that come about as they did, but i can't do anything but feel for the players and the coaching staff as they were handed punishments that they were handed punishments that they could do nothing about. this year marks has topped 1000 first—class runs. with test matches behind him, he should be on that plane come november. if you do make it there, an ashes series in australia, how good would that be? the pinnacle of test cricket for any english or australian cricketers to get on and ashes tour. the ties i have there with my wife being australian, all the in laws and stuff, there should be good banter flying around. and if he is an ashes winner, that is a real test of family friendship. and today the county's record first class wicket taker announced he's been forced to follow in his footsteps, graham 0nions will become the fifth senior player to turn his back on durham when he leaves at
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the end of the season. after playing his entire career at the riverside, the two parties couldn't agree terms on a two—year extension, with the second year conditional on the seamer avoiding serious injury in year one. speaking last week, 0nions was hopeful of staying with the county. ijust want i just want to make it 100% ijust want to make it 100% clear that i was absolutely love to stay. you come to a stage in your career where, after my coaching badges, and being a level four coach, i am thinking about the future. i understand that my performances, especially over the last few weeks, have been of a very high standard, andi have been of a very high standard, and i would love to play for another two years. unfortunately, that is not on the table at the moment. but i want to go into coaching. the ireland team bidding to host the rugby world cup in 2023 say they are confident of winning the right to stage the event for the first time. the final bid was presented to the sports governing body in london today, along with those of the other
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contenders france and south africa. stephen watson reports. ireland's bid team, including former international brian 0'driscoll as their ambassador, believe they delivered a convincing pitch to world rug by delivered a convincing pitch to world rugby today, promising an unforgettable experience. when people come, we want to leave them with great memories. we have seen that in lots of events that have been done before, the irish 0pen was out there, the special 0lympics back in dublin, and surrounding countries in 2003. all of those are big events, but not quite on the world cup's scale. the bid for the rugby world cup, which would be the biggest ever sporting event staged on the island, north and south, is supported by the two governments. the republic's teashop was here today, but with no stormont executive, the northern ireland representative was the head of the civil service. there is a very clear commitment from the northern ireland executive to play it part in this
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bid. nothing that is happening at the moment is in any way undermining of that, and it wasn't raised as an issue by any of the members of the panel that will be evaluating this. the other contenders have hosted the rugby world cup before. france say their strength is a significant financial injection, south africa claimed their track record of hosting major sporting events is key, but ireland are confident they can overpower their heavyweight rivals with the promise of growing the sport in north america. the initial cost of hosting the rugby world cup will be over £100 million, but it's predicted the economic impact could be 1.5 billion. ireland will discover if their bid is successful on november 15. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening.


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