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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 25, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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isa is a very clear civil service. there is a very clear commitment from the northern ireland executive to play it part in this bid. nothing that is happening at the moment is in any way undermining of that, and it wasn't raised as an issue by any of the members of the panel that will be evaluating this. the other contenders have hosted the rugby world cup before. france say their strength is a significant financial injection, south africa claimed their track record of hosting major sporting events is key, but ireland are confident they can overpower their heavyweight rivals with the promise of growing the sport in north america. the initial cost of hosting the rugby world cup will be over £100 million, but it's predicted the economic impact could be 1.5 billion. ireland will discover if their bid is successful on november 15. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. a fourth round of brexit
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talks is taking place in brussels between british and european union negotiators. it's the first since theresa may's speech in florence on friday which was designed to break the deadlock in the process. the eu's chief negotiator, michel barnier, said the uk still needed to translate the prime minister's proposals into a precise strategy for progress to be made. prime minister's may‘s speech in france showed a constructive spirit, and today, i discussed the state of play of the negotiations in the european parliament this morning and just now. the european union is keen
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and eager to understand better how the uk government will translate the prime minister's speech into negotiating positions. this is essential, and would enable us to advance this week, i hope, and make real progress over the coming months. real progress of the three main issues, citizens, ireland, financial settlement, is essential to move to the discussion as the transition, as well as in the future. michel barnier verma. the brexit secretary david davis at the same short briefing told reporters that progress could be made on one potential stumbling block to a deal being struck.
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0n the financial settlement, as part ofa 0n the financial settlement, as part of a smooth and orderly brexit, we do not want our eu partners to worry that we will need to pay more received less over the remainder of the current budget plan at over top oui’ the current budget plan at over top our decision to leave. the uk will honour commitments we have made during the period of our membership. but it's obvious that reaching a conclusion on this issue can only be donein conclusion on this issue can only be done in the context of and in accordance with a new deep and special partnership with the european union. so the uk is absolutely committed to work through the detail. we are laying out concrete proposals, and there are no excuses for standing in the way of progress. it will take pragmatism on both sides to make headway and i hope we can achieve that this week. the question is being taken by both men at that press conference. the shadow brexit secretary, sir keir starmer has been telling our chief political
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correspondent, vicki young that the government was falling into line with labour's position. i think the penny has finally dropped for the government that they are not going to complete no—no see asians between two years. that is what they promised —— complete the negotiations. can you see any differences? the government is aligning with us, because we adopted this position in the summer, and i set it out very clearly. the primaries but went to florence and said a number of things, but adopted the transitional arrangement position that the labour party set out. that's because it is the pragmatic, sensible, growing opposition for anyone that understands the negotiations, they are not going to come in in the time frame. michel barnier a said they would look at it. this is what the uk wants, but the eu had to look and see if it is what they want, too. if it happens, they will have two except new eu regulations. is the negotiations, they are two way. it
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is important for the eu to respond. i hope they agree transitional measures, because that is in our interest as the uk, but also in the interest as the uk, but also in the interest of the eu, and the guideline principle suggested that they would be open to it. i think it is very important that that is resolved quickly, because businesses are having to prepare. and the longer the clock goes on on this, the less time they had to prepare. so it hasn't happened. the shadow brexit secretary there, keir starmer. in the german election, the right—wing nationalist party afd has emerged as the third biggest party, promising to tackle what it calls ‘an invasion of foreigners' into germany. chancellor angela merkel, whose cdu party won the most seats, is starting her fourth term in office and is forming a new coalition government. she says she will not be driven by the afd‘s populist agenda. here's what people on the streets of berlin had to say about the rise in support for the afd. we thought we were going to bring
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you that, but i'm afraid we can't. actually, here we go... 0k, actually, here we go... ok, maybe not. ok, we were hopefully getting the views of some germans as to that result. but let's find out what the weather has got in store for us here in the uk. let's get all the details. here i am and we have some slow—moving weather at the moment. yesterday, the best of the weather is across the eastern side of the uk. to test, the best sunshine was in the west. things are moving slowly. a zone of low cloud, thick cloud, a little bit of light rain orders all. that will migrate further west. a lot of places will be dry, but a lot of cloud overnight. it will be low enough to give us full. where you have breaks, low—level fog as well. tim bridges
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of 13 or 1a. clear skies in northern ireland and the further south—west. things should brighten up as cloud lifts, a few princes of sunshine here and there. a shower into eastern scotland, most places will be dry, light skies in the south east. high temperatures of 21 degrees or so. as we move into the middle part of the week, more weather systems coming in from the atlantic, the first signs of something changeable. ragged rain in northern ireland and wales, and the south—west of england. further north and east across the uk, fine and dry. sunshine again lifting temperatures, 18 or 21, above average temperatures, 18 or 21, above average for this time of the year. that is it from me. see you in 30 minutes. you're watching beyond 100 days. german chancellor angela merkel wins a fourth term as leader, but loses ground to the far right. mrs merkel vows to win back those
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who deserted her party for the anti—immigration afd which is now the third biggest in the bundestag. so what happens now? mrs merkel faces months of coalition talks to form a stable government, but rules out any lurch to the right. translation: of course this shows we have not responded satisfactorily to the themes and situations that are important to the people. as party leader i take my share of the responsibility. president trump takes aim at professional football players, calling for those who protest during the national anthem to be fired. but the sports stars fire back. north korea says donald trump has declared war on their country and threatens to shoot down us bombers,
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