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tv   The Papers  BBC News  September 25, 2017 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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don't railways, southern rail we don't even railways, southern rail we don't eve n we nt railways, southern rail we don't even want to go down there. pfi, we know it has cost the taxpayer a lot of money. a lot of these proposals, eve ryo ne of money. a lot of these proposals, everyone here is what laws is saying, but a lot of these proposals resonate with people. and i think labour, after what did exactly, it didn't win but the unexpected election showing, feels the tide is turning. 79 when mrs thatcher came, that old post—war thing, the government was good, it turned. if you talk to some of the younger people, they do feel income levels, there is a huge disparity in people earn, disparity in wealth. this may be the time, i don't know, dummett labour may have got it wrong but this may be the mood. if there was ever a time... given the unexpected. this is the mood to see to it. to do it in the way labour is proposing
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could be a catastrophe but nevertheless... that's the problem. if theyjudge the mood right, people are looking at things not working, paying a lot of money, and may feel yes, which give back to state control. pre-1979? ithink central bank policy has something to do with this. we spent billions giving a huge amount extra to people who are already very wealthy. and in a way, with disadvantaged young because we push house prices up as a direct result of the banks' policy of quantitative easing. ordinary people feel left behind but the policies labour are proposing this would be a disaster for the economy, they wouldn't help young people they wouldn't help young people they would damage all of us. talking about a looming disaster potentially, north korea accuses america of declaring war. they are still technically at war? north and south. have been the korean war. one
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believed in empire is back in 1953. so the history books tell us. the north koreans have taken the suite of donald trump, the speech as well, where he said that the leaders would not be around for very long. and so that means that they have declared war, which is of course, a bit of nonsense , war, which is of course, a bit of nonsense, but nevertheless, the americans have flown planes of the north korean coast for the first time since the korean armistice. and north korea is saying we reserve the right to bring down american planes in international airspace. that is at least verbally a major escalation and it's difficult to see what the next step would be short of war. this is the point. donald trump with his rhetoric, has put himself in the position where, if north korea does
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anything that results in any kind of harm to americans or two american interests, in a concerted way, he's got to do something now. he's backed himself into a corner? what he tweeted the other day was that he will totally destroyed north korea. if it attacked america. that kind of rhetoric does sound a bit like a declaration of war. it is very worrying, normally you would expect a bit of guarded comment given the escalation recently that people might want to back off a bit and let things calm down. but at the moment, they are hotting up. you can see where he is coming from, he seemed good darcy removed, and saddam hussein for his decided i'm not going to allow a regime change. he's looking at this as a regime change and he wants nuclear weapons. he also knows america can't do much to north korea without hurting other
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interests around. particularly the south and japan. the fate of the guardian as well. michel barnier and david davis clash. i thought florence was supposed to have unlocked the whole thing? maybe not. there had been hopes in some quarters, the brexit camp certainly, hope that this would unlock everything and we would be fine. but actually, i fear that those negotiating brexit on our behalf at the momentjust don't understand europe. they don't understand how to deal with it. this idea that we tell you what we're willing to give and they should be grateful to us, or that we explained to europe what we wa nt that we explained to europe what we want and somehow they will make it happen. it is not the way that one gets the best out of negotiations and what the eu are basically saying is yes, you've told us some things, but where is the detail? what are you actually proposing on the money,
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what are you proposing on northern ireland, that is no proper solution is northern ireland at the moment. what are you proposing actually on citizens that is going to be a big improvement? theresa may has written an article in the newspaper trying to appeal to the czech republic people to explain our position but in the end at the moment, we are going down a blind alley. i hope we come to better. philip hammond has got some good ideas. he seems to be going back. david davis says we should be talking about the structure post brexit, the original idea was we will not permit any money until there's going to be negotiation. the divorce bill, if you like, and what will happen to the children afterwards? the eu made it clear that we need to settle the financial. what they said in the 20 billion euros is what the prime
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minister offers without some, is nowhere near enough to anything. britain has still to say what the financial settlement will be for what it has committed itself to and we are back to square one in some ways. we need to set out the para meters ways. we need to set out the parameters of what as we are willing to pay for rather than in more terms. but i hope that we will move forward here because coupled with what we have seen with the labour conference, people looking outside whether to interest in britain are going to be thinking, there is huge uncertainty which we need to unlock. talking about europe with the ft here, michael admits strategy polarised germany as grip on power loosened. we now have a far right party in the bundestag for the first time since the end of the second world war. both the major parties, the christian democrats and the social democrats have their worst result since 19 49th and what is
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worrying for angela merkel, this esu, the bavarian part of the ruling party, has been very upset by the way angela merkel has carried things out. angela merkel has still not apologise for the saying that she's taken in1 million refugees and that kohli is what has happened, it's open the door, let's face it, to a right—wing backlash that will bring back memories given germany's history of what can happen. but she believes to her core that it was the right thing to do. as a committed christian, daughter of a clergyman, she felt it was the right and important thing. what they did last year was passed an act is supposed to ensure better integration of refugees and one of the problems has been if you take in refugees, you have to help them integrate into the country. if they can improve on that, that will help, but this also gives a bit of optimism that in fact
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europe itself may reassess how it treats those who come into the country. what is worrying is after the election in france, it looked like the far right had been, if you like, sidelined. this, in germany, is in that sense, a much more worrying signal over all about how europe is reacting. angela merkel will not want them to be the official opposition said there will be jockeying for position in terms of forming coalition. brexit will have an impact because there might bea have an impact because there might be a german government for a long time. we are going to briefly go to lift ft story, i don't know what this is but it's only another riot hailing apps looking to exploit rubra's current problems. it's a different app with similar principles to uber operating overseas in big cities and seem to
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have spotted an opportunity if uber loses its licence than it might start coming in and taking over and offering people who had been using uberand offering people who had been using uber and relying on uber another means of this type of transport which they want. half a million is amazing ina which they want. half a million is amazing in a shorter time. uber are going to sort it out? it's a big market to lose. if you read their apology, it is willing to be tumbled to come back. we are a good market for them. and finally the metro. i love that photo. i do like that photo. oh dear. harry and megan, arm in arm, first time in public, first time in public he has felt he can hold her hand and she has felt she can hold his hand. that's amazing in
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itself, they've been together so long and this is the first time that held hands in public. it's official. why not? they look so happy together andi why not? they look so happy together and i hope they are. we need good cheer given all that is happening. that is true. it is a photograph on a lot of the front page. if not all of them. a real sense he found some happiness this year. it's been a tough time. a tough year for both the princes. having to deal with the 20th anniversary of the death of their mother. but there is a picture that a lot of people suspect will be pleased about. i like the headline. she does live in toronto. he probably felt sales are doing it there rather than in london. -- safer doing it there. imagine happening in knightsbridge, the whole of london would have come to a standstill. that's true. wedding bells soon? could be, it's looking
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that way. we're pushing too fast. no pressure! which is lovely. let them be young lovers for a time. it's a beautiful thing. and it's been a beautiful thing. and it's been a beautiful programme. thank you both for looking at some of the stories. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — seven days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, goodbye. the weather pattern is indecisive at the moment, yesterday that the best of the weather across the eastern side of the uk, this time it was western areas. lovely picture in cornwall, contrast that with the grey, misty fog. not much in between
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today. a slow—moving weather pattern, high pressure in scandinavia blocking things off, that's more controlling our weather and is pushing this week weather front and back towards the west where it started. not much rain on it, a bit damp and drizzly in places, and a zone of low cloud and hill fog, either side may be some bricks but where that happens, increasing risk of fraud and lower levels, turning misty and muggy already by getting worse overnight. 13-14, with already by getting worse overnight. 13—111, with clearer skies in northern ireland. one way or another, it stars of dull, misty and muqqy' another, it stars of dull, misty and muggy, things brightening up a bit. sunshine breaking through and one or two like showers but on the whole, most two like showers but on the whole, m ost pla ces two like showers but on the whole, most places will be dry. as the breeze picks up, we'll break up the cloud in north america and some sunshine here. around the coast into the highlands, perhaps in sunshine, eastern scotland with the odd breeze, maybe damp as well. most of
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england and wales will be dry, some sunshine committees in north—west england and west wales, far south—western criteria skies for eastern england and one or two like showers, the highest temperatures will be in the south—east at 20—21. some cloud as we head into the evening but not as much low cloud overnight, as a result, brighter skies developing on wednesday. out towards the west, when picking out, and a weather system being in to bring patsy went to south—west wales and northern ireland. further north and northern ireland. further north and east, it will be dry on wednesday. some sunshine coming through, a bit more the breeze around, someone, 19 in manchester. that weather system out in the west could contain heavy bursts overnight then pushes its way eastwards and weekends. varane then pushes its way eastwards and weekends. va rane becomes then pushes its way eastwards and weekends. varane becomes lighter and more patsy, away from eastern england by the end of the morning, lingers more in scotland, behind
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that things cheer up. not as warm but the most places, it will be dry with some sunshine. this is bbc news. i'm clive myrie. the headlines at 11pm: labour has pledged to end the use of private finance initiatives, to fund public building projects. north korea's foreign minister has accused president trump of declaring war on his country. the white house calls the claims absurd. a 16—year—old girl has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following the stabbing of a school welfare officer in north lincolnshire. tonight we're in berlin were having won the weekend's election, angela merkel faces a tough challenge putting together a ruling coalition. and with the far right alternative for germany party doing so well, what does that mean for the politics of germany and europe as a whole?
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