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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 26, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news, these our our latest headlines: jeremy corbyn says his shadow chancellor is right to point out that a labour government would need to be ready for all eventualities, including a run on the pound. if we're going to move into government we need to know what we're going to do, that's set out in our manifesto and we're putting a lot more detail into that, that's what this conference is about and that's what all the policy developments are about, but also look at all the scenarios that we might face. theresa may and the eu's donald tusk have been discussing brexit at downing street, and he says there's been no real progress in the negotiations. victims of the contaminated blood scandal of the 1970s and 1980s, have won a court ruling, allowing them to seek damages. women whose children were harmed by the epilepsy drug, sodium valproate, have been giving evidence at a public hearing. they're calling for new warnings, about the medicine. tributes are paid to the coronation street actress liz dawn, known to millions of soap fans
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as vera duckworth, who has died at the age of 77. she was very strong character and a very lova ble she was very strong character and a very lovable character and one of the mean, what we call them, the classic characters of coronation street. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. as a war of words rages on between the us and north korea, beyond 100 days will have all the latest on the growing tensions. liz dawn entertained millions of soap fans as coronation street's lovable loudmouth vera duckworth. as tributes continue following the star's death, we'll speak to a director about his memories of working with her. and are generation z misunderstood? tina daheley and nick rotherham host a special newsbeat debate at 9 — that's live here on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh woozencroft. england's ben stokes is out of the squad for their fourth 0di against west indies, after being arrested. i'm live at the oval where we will have more on that big cricketing story. ‘we need results‘ — liverpool bossjurgen klopp stresses the importance of their champions league trip to spartak moscow this evening. and we take a look at tackling in children's rugby. a new study has called on the uk's medical chiefs to ban it. good evening.
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there isn't good news for england's cricketers — they will be without their vice captain, ben stokes, when they take on west indies in the fourth one day international tomorrow. after he was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm at a nightclub in bristol early yesterday. here's more from our correspondentjoe wilson. england are due to announce the ashes squad tomorrow so this is not good news for anybody, does it cause questions over the suitability of ben stokes to international cricket? toa ben stokes to international cricket? to a certain extent i think it must, ben stokes is a very passionate cricketer, very famous cricketer around the world, very marketable and in many ways that passion has helped condemning his huge talent as a cricketer but he's been promoted
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to england's vice captain and england have been looking to aid and help his maturity which will in turn help his maturity which will in turn help the team. what we have to say is that ben stokes has not been charged with any offence at this point but those investigations by the police in bristol continue, they are seeking evidence, talking to witnesses about what went on in the vicinity of a nightclub in bristol at about 230 in the morning which led to this case of actual body lay harm and the case as it exists so far. what has been happening at the 0val today is that england and the west indies have been practising ahead of this one—day international, there have been some media commitments, andrew strauss came down but anything to do with this match and this series has been thrown almost into indifference by what happened with ben stokes. andrew strauss spoke briefly to the media about ashes selection tomorrow saying things will not change but this will overshadow the announcement want it? it's
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interesting what he said, essentially what andrew strauss did today was go through the very basic fa cts today was go through the very basic facts about this case and the incident in bristol and there are legal reasons why he cannot go into more depth. in terms of ashes selection what he has said is that ashes selection will be made on the criteria it is always made on, form and fitness. who is bit to play and who will do a good job? of course ben stokes comes into that category so we can ben stokes comes into that category so we can work on the assumption that at any tomorrow ben stokes will be named in the squad. but what i will say his immediate future rather than being in the hands of the ecb is really in the hands of the police. before you go, he's not the only player that once their name on the list tomorrow, plenty of players will be playing for a spot in the ashes over the coming few days, but tomorrow especially, let us know who you think we should be looking out for as we see that announcement?m
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interesting, there will be players coming into the squad who won't necessarily be part of the starting 11. all throughout this summer we have seen players come to the batting line—up in particular and they have not established themselves as matchwinners. we think mark stoneman will open the batting with alastair cook, who comes on in the middle order is a big question, james vince's name gets mentioned, gary ballance, can england return to players to have tried and failed in both of those cases? i spoke tojoe root and i think he accepts he might have to move to number three. the namei have to move to number three. the name i am most interested in is marc woods, he's a potential matchwinner especially in australia. can england gamble on his acute lack of fitness? thank you so much forjoining us. the lancashire spinner sophie ecclestone has been named in the england women's squad for their ashes,
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starting next month. she replaces beth langston in the only change to the 15 that won the world cup this summer. it'll be the first time that captain heather knight has led her side into an ashes series. australia are a brilliant side, they will be gutted with how their world cup finished and are hungry to have a little bit of success. the ashes series, they hold it at the moment, they are a world—class team and one of the hardest things we have talked about as a squad is winning after being successful and keeping pushing barand being successful and keeping pushing bar and striving to be a better squad and it's going to be something which will be a real challenge but i have real faith in the team and the squad that we've got the ability to do that and the ability to keep getting better as a team and keep being successful. it's not really hit me yet, going to still in next week is the stuff dreams are amazed of. i've never to australia before. the lastjury
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of. i've never to australia before. the last jury have of. i've never to australia before. the lastjury have been finishing off your studies but now it's a life off your studies but now it's a life of cricket? yes, i hope so, done with my education can concentrate on my cricket and going to stilley has topped it off. i don't think my mates believe it. still to come on sportsday: six time 0lympic championjason kenny on why he decided to quit and then not retire after all. and international referee nigel 0wens tells us that children are more at risk playing computer games — than they are on the rugby field. now, there's a full calendar in the efl this evening, but the european champions league is bound to take the headlines... liverpool have travelled more than 2,000 miles for the second set of group matches — where they'll face russian champions spartak moscow. after being held to a draw in their first game boss jurgen klopp is prepared to ‘battle for victory.‘ very strong side, very experienced
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side. very successful last year, this year a few problems probably with injuries. it's a problem for each team. that's football. football playing side, and they are experienced, so yes, we will be ready but we need to be ready because it's a difficult place to win. 0ur correspondent sarah rainsford reports from moscow. there is a fairly heavy police presence here ahead of the match as you might expect, spartak expecting a big crowd and liverpool have brought 800 fans into moscow for the
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game. given the trouble in france last year the club have told liverpool fans they should keep a low profile, not where team colours 01’ low profile, not where team colours or congregate in big groups. just to avoid trouble. but we met a few of them around red square early, they admitted they were apprehensive about coming to russia and expected moscow to be moody but so far so good. certainly i think as far as russia is concerned it's important this match tonight and the match of manchester united tomorrow goes off smoothly without incident is because this is a country gearing up to host the world cup and it wants to send a message it's a safe place for fans from around the world to travel to. this arena here is one of the key stadiums for next year ‘s competition. there are home comforts for manchester city at the etihad stadium tonight. they'll be hoping to build on a good start to the group stage against ukranian champions shaktar donetsk later. pep guardiola's side are in confident mood, but he knows qualification to the knockout phases will still be be a big challenge.
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0urgroup our group stage is tricky, people say ok, it's notjuventus or milan 01’ say ok, it's notjuventus or milan or enter, but the group is tricky and it depends, in our hands, if we are able to at home in the next two games will be a big gap to achieve but the players today are going to see her good they are. well that's a match you can hear on bbc radio 5live later. conor mcnamara will lead the commentary team at the etihad stadium. manchester city and shakhtar donetsk both got off to impressive starts in the opening round, manchester city beating feyenoord 4—0, shaktar able to beat napoli who are top of celia at the moment, ally mccoist, looking forward to this game, you'd expect manchester city to bid goals past
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anyone in the mood they are in at the moment. you would, they look on fire, calls on all areas of the park as you would expect. both teams had great opening games in their section and i'm really looking forward to the game, i am looking forward to seeing shakhtar donetsk, they are aside i have not seen a lot of the season. i think they have only had one defeat this year but manchester city will take some stopping at the moment. it's always a battle in ukraine, one area of concern for pep guardiola has been the injury to benjamin mendy, for all their money and depth of squad they don't have many left—sided defender, gael clichy and aleksandar kolarov left. yes, sod 's law, the one place, they have cover everywhere on the part except from that area and i'm thinking they will miss him to a certain degree. i don't think they have been tested really to any great level defensively but i am sure they
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will compensate for the loss. the sixth consecutive season manchester city have reached the group stages, they have never won opening two games back—to—back, a record guardiola would love to see put to bed tonight. tottenham hotspur are the other british team in action this evening. they face apoel nicosia in cyprus but will be missing the influential trio of christian eriksen, dele alli and jan vertonghen. european giants real madrid and borussia dortmund make up the rest of group h. but boss mauricio pochettino isn't underestimating tonight's opponents. 0ur supporters, our fans and 0ur supporters, ourfans and asked, we expect to win but we know very well the champions league is so tough and apoel nicosia, i watch them play in the europa league and against real madrid and it's a team we respect with good players. here of course it will be very tough. so here are the evening's fixtures in full, real madrid's trip
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to borussia dortmund is the stand out tie — you can keep up to date with all the action and reaction with 5 live final score — on the red button, bbc sport website & mobile app from right now. some sad football news now — the former chairman of newcastle united, freddy shepherd, has died aged 76. shepherd served as vice—chairman, and later chairman, of the club from 1991 until 2007, which included the period when they finished as premier league runners—up under kevin keegan. he was instrumental in bringing alan shearer to newcastle, for a then world record fee. got on so what hell with them, he is responsible for bringing me back home. he was the one that made it happen, if it wasn't for him i would not have come back to newcastle, i owe him a huge debt. his passion for the football club was his great
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strength. his enthusiasm. his hunger and his desire for the club to do well, he's backing of managers. he a lwa ys well, he's backing of managers. he always seemed to find that extra few pounds to give his managers and that was his great strength. when he was chairman he was desperate for us to do well, it was his life. he loved every single minute of it. there will be a lot of sad people around today. alan shearer talking about freddie shepherd — who died today aged 76. britain's joint most—successful 0lympian — track sprint cyclist jason kenny — has told the bbc that he secretly decided to retire after the rio games because of the toll the sport had taken on him. however he says a year off and becoming a father — has "breathed new life" into him.
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he's now intent on competing at tokyo 2020 and overhauling sir chris hoy by winning a 7th gold medal. i'd had enough aboutjanuary before the olympics. but at that point i'd done all the hard work and was part of the team so i went on to win the world championships and do really well at the games as well. but nothing really changed, so after villain picks i kind of stockton stepped away and did other things. we got married went on honeymoon, it was just normal for we got married went on honeymoon, it wasjust normalfor a bit we got married went on honeymoon, it was just normal for a bit really. i never intended on coming back but i never intended on coming back but i never wanted to announce retirement 01’ never wanted to announce retirement or anything like that because i don't know, it's not the way i am. what have you decided to do?” started doing other things, i started doing other things, i started training because i like keeping fit, we were going to the gym and doing circuits and things like that and i was going swimming and walking the dogs but it turns out i was rubbish at swimming and got bored of it really quickly. i ended up kind of training againjust because i enjoy doing it and i got
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to the point where, we have got a gym set up at home so laura can train at home because she intends to come back and ijust kind of thought well maybe i will try to come back myself. if laura can come back why can't myself. if laura can come back why can't i? i did a few efforts and they were not amazing but the way i felt, i felt like i they were not amazing but the way i felt, ifelt like i was 18 again. i never thought it would come back, i thought it was an age thing. but it was because i was always a bit flattened by training and just having that year out breathed new life into me. schools should ban tackling in rugby for children under the age of 16 — that's according to researchers at newcastle university. they say all schools should ban tackling and scrums to make it saferfor children. last year, four senior doctors ruled out a ban, but this latest research says the risk of head injuries and concussion are not adequately reduced by safety equipment. here's our sports correspondent katie gornall. he took a fearsome thump. it's a fundamental part of the sport
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but does it belong in schools? today there are fresh calls to remove contact from school rugby claiming a ban would reduce injuries such as concussion. we are finding children have anything from a one in 8 to a one in four chance of injury and these injuries can often be very serious, they can be fractures, ligament tears, dislocated shoulders that need operating and of course, concussion. the analysis found rugby had much higher concussion rates in children compared to american football and ice hockey but world rugby has issued a robust response saying the claims from professor pollock are not based on like—for—like injury statistics and her extreme and alarmist conclusions are simply not supported by the data. the risk for preteens is not unacceptably high compared to other sports. opinion on this issue is clearly divided. last year chief medical 0fficers rejected a call for a ban on tackling in youth rugby saying the benefits of playing the sport outweighed the risks of injury.
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there's nothing really scary about it if you do it well. i think there is a lack of understanding around how the game is being coached particularly with changes to tackle laws. here we have seena changes to tackle laws. here we have seen a reduction in tackle related injuries and concussions because we've had a big focus on how it is coached. there's nothing really scary about it if you do it well. i like tackling and getting in all the rucks and scrums. but concerns about player welfare are being raised at all levels of the game — following another injury setback at the weekend, england international billy vunipola said he would take a pay cut to play less rugby. how to tackle the issue on contact and the impact on all players is an ongoing debate for all players. katie gornall, bbc news, manchester. international rugby referee nigel 0wens has called for common sense over the issue — saying it's more beneficial for a child's health than something like computer games. a child is more at risk of sitting
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in front of an xbox or a play station for hours and hours, eating unhealthy food, eating sugary drinks, not in an active environment of sport. the risk to his health is much more than the risk it is to a player, girl or boy, who is playing by player, girl or boy, who is playing rugby within the environment which is looked after and coached properly. all we need to do is make sure we do everything we can to make that risk as minimal as we can and ta ke that risk as minimal as we can and take in tackling out of rugby is not going to do that. taking tactfully out of rugby is going to take away the enjoyment of why people want to play the game and what you will have then, if you have less people wanting to play a sport like rugby they are then going to be doing nothing. are we going to stop


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