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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 26, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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of otherjobs, from cinema usherette to shoe sales girl, before getting her break as a nightclub singer. the money were good and i'd three children, you know, under school age, and i actually really did it for money, i used to sing at weekends. are you alright? me, yeah, of course i am, i'm just trying to do something with this. it meant she was believable, an authentic character on the cobbles. liz had lived a life before coronation street, you know, singing and obviously having children and being a mother and being a wife, and she'd lived this life and she brought all of that to her character because she was just such a beautiful human being. come on. here, aren't you going to carry her over the threshold. liz dawn created one of the soap's famous female icons, vera duckworth, up there alongside hilda ogden, ena sharpels and bet lynch. hey, you ain't met my husband, have you, jack? as ken barlow, bill roache was her co—star for three decades. i wouldn't call her a strong woman in that sense, but she was a very, strong character and a very loveable character and one of the main —
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what do we call it —the classic characters of coronation street, she was definitely one of those. a legend. a legend, indeed. admiring my stone cladding, are you? well, it's certainly eye—catching. vera's personality is still writ large within the very fabric of the street, the garish blue and yellow cladding at number nine, her addition in 1989, to the horror of the neighbours, but still here as her legacy today. here, come on, say you've never loved anybody else. i've never loved anybody else, shall i go and get your slippers? as jack and vera, liz dawn and bill tarmey were a true double act, it made them a firm favourite with corpy fans, like michael adams, who blogs about the soap. the comedy scenes that she actually did with bill tarmey, who played jack, they were really good. she had good comic timing that
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seemed to bounce off each other. so i always remember her laugh. carry on doing what you're doing, show'em you've got principle. liz dawn's family say they're bereft, her soap colleagues say she'll be forever be a true coronation street legend. now, like i say, i'm going to bingo and then i might go for a drink after. newsnight is coming up on bbc two, here's emily maitlis. from this podium, jeremy corbyn will tell the conference tomorrow that labour is ready for government. is britain ready for corbyn? join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a good night. coming up in ten minutes time the
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papers looks at the headlines followed by today's main headlines at 11 o'clock. then another chance to see newsnight at 1115. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh woozencroft. the main headlines. liverpool are held to a frustrating champions league draw against spartak moscow. england's ben stokes is out of the squad for their fourth odi against west indies, after being arrested. jason kenny has told the bbc that he plans to compete at tokyo to compete at tokyo 2020, having secretly decided to retire, but he has reversed that decision. good evening, it was
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another important night in the champions league with three british clubs in action. after a draw in their opening match, liverpool travelled over 2,000 miles in search of three points against spartak moscow, and despite most of the pressure it wasn't to be again. tim hague watched the frustrating 1—1 draw. win ordie? it win or die? it hasn't got that serious was barred to moscow or liverpool yet clearly but victory in russia would give jurgen liverpool yet clearly but victory in russia would givejurgen klopp‘s side a solid start to the champions league campaign. while they had all the openings, they went behind, this didn't look good for loris karius. yet liverpool held their heads high and soon equalised. i2, sadio mane
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to philippe coutinho as the prized asset proved why once more. and the chances kept coming from liverpool. they should have been ahead but could have been behind here. loris karius positioned perfectly this time. would his side now go on to get the win? daniel sturridge should've done that, missing the most inviting of openings before mohamed salah in the final seconds made sure that his side left shoe with just one point. made sure that his side left shoe withjust one point. as made sure that his side left shoe with just one point. as a smiley start to the night ended in more sobering circumstances for liverpool. tim hague, bbc news. so not the night liverpool wanted, but more positive for the other british sides. to talk though some of the other action from tonight i'm joined by our football reporterjohn bennett. tottenham beat apoel nicosia 3—0 in cyprus and what a night for harry kane. what more can you say about harry kane. incredible goal—scoring statistics, six hat tricks in 2017.
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brilliant performance again. let's look at the goals, a perfect hat—trick, gets underway with a left footed finish. 11 goals in september. he had a left footed finish and no time for right footed shot into the back of the net. kane is sensing that he could get another hat—trick and he needed ahead of the perfect one and editors. into the corner. brilliant. more importantly taught maintain their 100% record in the champions league. the great start to them for the campaign. they've got two wins from two, like real madrid. spurs level on 6 points with real madrid at top of group h. also in group h, gareth bale has been booed recently by real madrid fans but he responded in their match at dortmund. it's hard to believe but he does get criticism in spain. he answered his critics would probably be goal of the night. look about. placed
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volley, the keeper didn't move. his 70th real madrid goal. that made it 1-0 70th real madrid goal. that made it 1—0 and this was the goal that made it 3-1. 1—0 and this was the goal that made it 3—1. borussia dortmund had fought back. with ronaldo they've got a 100% record as well. tottenham against real madrid, they will be great games. a lot to look forward to. manchester city got another clean sheet — 2—0 at home to shaktar donetsk. pep guardiola had said they shouldn't underestimate the ukrainian side, and indeed they played well. it took a long time to break them down, kevin de bruyne got the first goal on the 48th minute. he's a fan favourite. it was his of the season. he made it 1—0. sergio aguero missed a chance to get a penalty although sterling made it 2-0. penalty although sterling made it 2—0. they've scored 2a goals in
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their last six games. you mention that their defences are doing well. only when considered in the last six games. in liverpool's groups of villa have taken control, winning 3-0 villa have taken control, winning 3—0 over maribor. not only got their first win in the same group as manchester city. and a good away win for porto, 3—0. we know how many players monaco have lost. john, thank you forjoining us. so the results in full — sevilla lead liverpool by 2 points in group e after their win over maribor. manchester city are 3 points clear in group f after napoli beat feyenoord 3—1. there was a big evening of efl football tonight.. and cardiff city have replaced leeds at the top of the championship after beating them 3—1 at home. two of cardiff's goals were scored by kenneth zohore. leeds weren't helped when captain liam cooper sent off at the end of the first half. it was a difficult night for leeds united. elsehwhere in the championship, aston villa's improved form continued as they made it three straight wins by thrashing burton 4—0.
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preston are up to fourth in the table after a 2—1 win away to hull city. sunderland are without a win in eight league matches after their 5—2 defeat at ipswich. middlesbrough lost for the first time in eight games, beaten 1—0 at home by norwich. all the football league results are avaliable on the bbc sport website and app. now to cricket. england all—rounder ben stokes won't be available for the fourth one—day match against west indies tomorrow, after he was arrested following an incident in bristol in the early hours of yesterday morning. he missed training today, along with team—mate alex hales, who's also helping police with their enquiries. the ashes squad to tour australia this winter is announced tomorrow. ben and alex won't be available for tomorrow's one—day international against the west indies. ben was arrested early monday morning, september 25 after an incident in bristol. he was held overnight and released under investigation without charge late on monday. he will not
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join the team in london. alex hales, who was with ben stokes on sunday night didn't train this morning but returned voluntarily to bristol today to help police with their inquiries. we can't offer any further details on this at this point but we will provide updates when we have more information to give. how does it affect the players's chances of ashes selection? the selectors have been instructed to select the ashes squad based on form and fitness as they normally would. one of britain's most—successful olympians, jason kenny, has revealed he secretly retired after rio 2016 but has now decided to reverse his decision. the six—time gold medallist said he walked away from track cycling because the sport had taken its toll on him physically and mentally. however, he now says a year off, and becoming a father, has helped him change his mind. i ended up kind of training again just because i enjoy doing it. and
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then i got to the point where we've got a gymnasium at home so laura can train at home because she always intended coming back and still does. and ijust kind of felt, i might try a comeback myself. if laura can come back why can't i? i felt fresh, i did afew back why can't i? i felt fresh, i did a few efforts, not amazing but i felt like i was 18 a game, refreshed. i never thought i would come back. i thought it was an age thing. i think it was because i was a lwa ys thing. i think it was because i was always a bit flattened by training, so always a bit flattened by training, so having that you and itjust kind of breathed new life into me. that's all from sportsday. check out all the stories on the bbc sport website and app. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me arejohn rentoul, political columnist the independent and the public affairs consultant, alex deane. good to see you gentlemen, thank you for coming in. let's start with some of the front pages. the i claimsjeremy corbyn will urge party activists to be on stand—by for a snap general election, in the final day of the labour party conference. it is suggested that he will say that companies that replaces workers with robots will pay more tax. the daily mail suggests that was anti—semitism and the labour conference and the financial times leads with calls from french president emmanuel conference and resident emmanuel
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macron for a stronger, more integrated european union. iain duncan smith is advising theresa may to stop planning to quit the eu without a deal, according to the eu without a deal, according to the daily express. the mirror dedicates its front page to actor liz dawn, know for her portrayal of vera duckworth in coronation street, who has died aged 77. a good front page headline, that! we are going to bring this up for our viewers on the internet. john mcdonnell has apparently been at war — the gaming plans for a run on the pound if labour win the next election. alex, does it make sense for a prospective chancellor to, some would suggest, admit that perhaps business might be scared of what they want to do. in some ways it's highly damaging to the labour brand to suggest they will cause a crisis in the markets. on the other
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hand he might regard it as perversely honest to say we are going to take the pound if we get into government service plan for that! i think its displays remarkable optimism on his part. he genuinely thinks he's going to get into number11. so genuinely thinks he's going to get into number 11. so he's thinking about it. he wouldn't cause the crisis. he is making the point to his activists that there are markets that will cause the crisis. some people want to do us harm. that sort of sounds as if he's getting his excusesin of sounds as if he's getting his excuses in early. not the kind of thing you want to tell swing voters before an election. it is causing and because he's told the conference is going to renationalise rail, water, electricity, everything! that these things that the british public suggested in the last election that they think might be quite good. they haven't the bill yet. one thing that didn't happen in the general election this year is that the
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tories did not take the labour economic programme apart in the way they could've done. they took it for granted that they could laugh it off. it was a big mistake by the tory party. the other thing was, labour didn't tory party. the other thing was, labourdidn‘t win! tory party. the other thing was, labour didn't win! from the coverage of this conference you would think they did! that's 32. the independent. jeremy corbyn calls the common—sense revolution, rationalisation to dominate key speech, this is claimed as the new centre ground. one that many of the papers have on their front pages, tomorrow. extracts from what jeremy corbyn is expected to say in his big speech. i think this is the most interesting thing. he says he will replace the thatcher economic model entirely. i remember ed miliband saying similar things. entirely. i remember ed miliband saying similarthings. if entirely. i remember ed miliband saying similar things. if you ask what that actually means, it means spending much more on public


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