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allowed to drive cars. the decree from king salman, as part of his saudi vision 2030 reforms, means that from june of next year saudi women can get behind the wheel. and onto europe. reaction from many of the papers to french presidnet emmanuel macron‘s speech yesterday. the independent are asking whether brexit could become a bre—entry after macron suggested britain could rejoin the european union at a later date. now, a story about chinese consumers, and the amount of debt they‘ re racking up, on the front page of the international new york times. concern from ratings agencies like standard and poor that the country has piled up too much debt, too quickly. another business story. dyson is to unleash a "radical" electric car within just three years. the entrepreneur plans to create a carfrom scratch and in doing so hire hundreds of workers in the ukm. —— in the uk. i wonder if they'll
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hoover up the market?! and finally, the 140 character limit that has defined social media platform twitter could soon be no more. the company announced in 280 characters online that it plans to allow a majority of users the chance to tweet double the content. selected accounts will get a chance to test the new limits. that doesn't include any of us at this table. none of us are in the cloud. com stevenson joins us from fidelity international. let's start with the arab news. —— tom. it is astonishing that any country didn't allow anyone to dry, but saudi arabia is revoking that? this is a huge social change. it is part of a bigger social change happening there. would have been appointed to topjobs. women there. would have been appointed to top jobs. women are allowed to there. would have been appointed to topjobs. women are allowed to play sport. they are allowed to enter
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foot ball sport. they are allowed to enter football stadiums, all sorts of things that you would think would be normal. but in saudi arabia, they are not. why are doing is? saudi arabia knows it needs to change. in a world of low oil prices, it has to reform its economy. it has modernise its economy. bringing women in, and making them economically active agents within the economy is on is the essential part of that. it is fantastic. and as you say, it is changing quickly. some have been campaigning since 1990 on this issue, so it could not come soon enough for them, could it? issue, so it could not come soon enoughforthem, could it? it issue, so it could not come soon enough for them, could it? it is interesting, isn't it, how these changes come into effect, and then it is momentum? itjust snowballs, does that? that is it. once you get a chink, it opens up very quickly. but i think this is so interesting because it is a fascinating social story. obviously, it is absurd that they are the one country in the world we re they are the one country in the world were women are kept back in so
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many different ways, but it is a really interesting economic story as well, at the same time. keeping a close eye, that is for sure. they have set some goals that some would say would be unrealistic, like not being reliant on oil within five yea rs. being reliant on oil within five years. that is right. it is cold vision 2030, so it is a 13 year programme. this is going to make no longer dependent on... the black star. —— black stuff. longer dependent on... the black star. -- black stuff. into the emmanuel macron story. this will not go down well with everyone. no point. but they are not many people tell on those terms. clearly, the discussions are going slowly and are not going as well as many people would like. i think france is in an interesting position in the moment.
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the macron government is depending oi'i the macron government is depending on closer integration, and the creation of an integrated political europe, and it had hoped that it would have given support on that front. i think the election in germany, you know, throws a spanner in the works, because clearly angela merkel's freedom tojoin in in the works, because clearly angela merkel's freedom to join in with that intervention is heavily constrained, now. we're talking cities integration, hardly? with a rashed military, shared defence budget... much more integrated. —— with a shared military. you could argue that it is what is essential to make the whole eurozone economy work. if you have a monetary union, you need to have a political union, is well. so this kinds of britain are interesting on that regard. that is what we are seeing lined up is a
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central cool to make core, festivals around that, of which the uk could make a part. but where it sits is another question. the new york times, the international addition, they have looked at chinese consumer debt, which is ballooning. we tell the growth of the middle class in china, this article suggesting that they are bingeing on cheap debt. this is interesting, because he will talk a lot about chinese debt, lord naidoc about it, they are not in have a consumer debt, which is what in the west we tend to talk about, in the west we tend to talk about, in the states or in the uk, our fears about debt are largely by consumers. chinese debt is becoming a new thing. so the issue is how they have managed to make this transition. they need to move to a
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more domestic consumption driven economy, and to do that, they need to take on more debt. when you say that china are savers, certainly the older generation are, partly because of the life that they lived, having to stay, because they did not have the safety net that we are used to in western economies, but the younger generation, the millennials, the more aspirational generation, that are becoming used to an open economy china, this is a cultural change, isn't it? is the huge cultural change. if china is to make this transition to a wealthy economy, it needs to make that transition. it cannot be relied on pouring money into projects, big infrastructure spending, it is to get the consumer spending down. the backers of a rest. of course, the reason is that as for the rest of the world is that it is the world's second biggest economy. it was to
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become unstable, not suggesting that it is, but if the dead all go wrong, the effects would be so widespread, and the regression can be felt in 70 countries around the world. ed wood. absolutely. a debt driven financial crisis would be disasters around the world. time is ticking, and i would like to talk about dyson and twitter. would you make of james dyson going into the car industry? he has been talk about this for 20 years or so. he has been talk about this for 20 years or so. to me, what is interesting is that electric cars we re interesting is that electric cars were completely different as a proposition, compared to an internal combustion engine base car. but they are somewhat civil. not saying that anybody could do. companies that you would not expect to get into the business, such as google, and are doing that. it is a huge threat to
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these divisions through. you are keen to get onto the next one. tom, what are your views on twitter?|j keen to get onto the next one. tom, what are your views on twitter? i am not one of the chosen few. so you're so not one of the chosen few. so you're so the question if this is a pr gaffe by twitter, because if you tell people that you have created a club, and, by the way, you are not a member, then that is, you know... we are feeling a little bit i loved. the whole doubling of the limit. if you speak to people, especially people who come from a greater background, and you see a lot of creativity on twitter, but sometimes creativity on twitter, but sometimes creativity needs limits to flourish. and if it had 280 characters, maybe our lazy or sloppy, you will not be as picky or sharp with what you say. who was it? winston churchill, oscar wilde? somebody. he said they had ——
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sorry because they had written such a long letter, because they did not have the time to write a short one. ie use twitter. my children do not use it at all. it is not a part of their lives. instagram, snapchat blitzes so your kids are busy on all sorts of other social media. and that the bbc is something that only quys that the bbc is something that only guys me that the bbc is something that only guys me use. that the bbc is something that only guys me use. i'll be interested to see a donald trump's account was one of the accounts chosen. we will keep an eye on that. would they give him 280 characters? what would you do with it? tom, thank you forjoining us. with it? tom, thank you forjoining us. have a really good day. if you are in the club, tweet us, so that we know who is in. take care. goodbye. good morning. yet again, if you had some sunshine yesterday you probably had some warmth, and in fact in the london area we saw highs of 22 degrees, with some sunny spells.
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as you can see from this weather watches from twickenham. but things are set to change. this low pressure is moving in, bringing wet and windy weather by the end of the day for many of us. we start off with the west—east divide across the country. a bit of patchy mist and fog slowly lifting away, but the wind will strengthen and cloud and rain gathers. some of it quite heavy in northern ireland by the middle of the afternoon. the best of the weather is likely to stay into the south—east corner and we could have temperatures again into the low 20s. by the end of the afternoon across the south—west of england and parts of wales we'll start to see some rain arriving. east wales, though, you might get a bit of brightness. 17—18 degrees. the heaviest rain into northern ireland where it will feel dismal. not a bad end to the afternoon in much of northern england and eastern scotland. cloud thickening up,
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the winds strengthening across western fringes of scotland. so that weather front sweeps its way eastwards through the evening and overnight and in actual fact it's moving at quite a pace. there will be some rain, some of it heavy, for all of us at some point through the night, clearing away in all but eastern fringes towards dawn. with clearer skies and lighter winds we could see some patchy mist and fog forming. more favoured spots for it to linger perhaps through south—west england and wales first thing. but again the further west on thursday you'll see the best of the sunshine. after a cloudy and damp start there is a slow improvement through eastern fringes, but we might keep a bit of cloud across east anglia and the south—east. the highest values, 14—20 degrees. now, as we move out of thursday and into friday, things are set to change. that's partly because of what's happening across north america, with a cold plunge of air coming out of canada, mixing with very warm, moist air in the caribbean, and that's going to strengthen the jet, which will in turn deflect these areas of low
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pressure across the uk. a spell of wet and windy weather moving into friday is likely, that wull sweep steadily eastwards, behind it a better clearance — brighter weather to come. 14—19 degrees the high. this pattern continues into the weekend. saturday could be a day of sunshine and showers before another significant area of low pressure brings wet and windy weather for sunday. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and louise minchin. making his pitch for prime minister. jeremy corbyn declares labour are on the threshold of power. in his closing speech at the party's conference in brighton later, mr corbyn will warn government ministers to pull themselves together or make way for labour. also this morning: good morning, it's wednesday the 27th of september. also this morning: fears for thousands of jobs in northern ireland as the aerospace firm bombardier loses a major trade dispute in the us.
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a new blood test for heart attacks. doctors say it could free up hospital beds and save the nhs millions of pounds each year.
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