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it is not migrants who drive down wages and conditions but the worst bossesin wages and conditions but the worst bosses in collusion with the conservative government. they never miss a chance to attack trade unions and we can people's rights of work. labour will take action to stop employers driving down pay and conditions. not pander to scapegoating or racism. applause this whole issue is too important to be left to the conservatives and their internal battles and their identity crises. labour will hold the government's squabbling ministers to account every step of the way and with our team, keir starmer, emily thornberry and barry gardiner, thank you... all of you, for all you do. cheering and applause
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as you can see, they are literally standing ready to take over when this government fails! laughter when they failed to negotiate enumeration chip with europe that works for all, to help create a europe for the many, for the future. that is our mission. the truth is that under the tories, britain's future is at risk, whatever the outcome of this. our economy no longer delivers secure housing, secure, well—paid jobs and rising
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living standards. there is a new common sense emerging about how the country should be run. that is what we fought for in the election. that is what is needed to replace the broken model forged by margaret thatcher many years ago. and ten yea rs thatcher many years ago. and ten years after the global financial crash, the tories still believe in the same dogmatic mantra, deregulate, privatise, cut taxes for the wealthy, we rights at work, profits for a view, and debt for the many —— fora profits for a view, and debt for the many —— for a few. nothing has changed. applause it is as if we are stuck in a political and economic time warp. the financial times put it last month that our financial system
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still looks a lot like the precrisis one. and this isn't from the financial times, before the bit, the capitalist system still faces a crisis of legitimacy stemming from the crash. now is the time that government took a more active role in restructuring our economy. applause now is the time that corporate boardrooms are held accountable for their actions. now is the time that we develop a new model of economic management to replace the failed dogmas of neoliberalism. that is why. .. that is dogmas of neoliberalism. that is why... that is why labour is looking not just to why... that is why labour is looking notjust to repair the damage done by austerity but to transform aragon me with a new and dynamic role for the public sector, ridiculously where the private sector has so evidently failed. —— particularly
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where the private sector has so evidently failed. take the water industry. of the nine companies in england, six are now owned by private equity or foreign sovereign wealth funds. their profits are handed out in dividends to shareholders, while the infrastructure crumbles. their companies pay little or nothing in packs and executive pay has soared as the service deteriorates. that is why we are committed to taking back oui’ why we are committed to taking back our utilities into public ownership. cheering and applause to put them at the service of our
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people and our economy and stop the public being ripped off. of course, there is much more that needs to be done. our national investment bank and the transformation fund will be harnessed to mobilise public investment to create wealth and good jobs. and when i have met business groups, i have been very frank with them. we will invest in the education and skills of the workforce and we will invest in better infrastructure, from energy to digital, but we are going to ask big business to pay a bit more tax. the tory approach to the economy... applause the tory approach to the economy isn't entrepreneurial, it is extractive. they have not focused on long—term investment and wealth creation. when you look at what they do rather than what they say, it is
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all about driving down wages, services and standards, to make as much money as quickly as possible. with government not as the servant of the people but of global corporations. and there disregard for rampant inequality and hollowing up for rampant inequality and hollowing up of our public services. the disdain for the powerless and the poor have made our society more brutal and less caring. now that degraded regime has a tragic monument — the chilling wreckage of grenfell tower, a horrifying fire in which dozens perished, an entirely avoidable human disaster. applause one which is an indictment, notjust
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of decades of failed housing policies and privatisation, and the yawning inequality in one of the wealthiest borrowers and cities in the world, it is also a damning indictment of a whole outlook which values council tax refunds for the wealthy a bove values council tax refunds for the wealthy above decent provision for all. and which has contempt for working—class communities. before the fire, a tenants' group of grenfell residents had warned, and i quote words that should haunt all politicians: "the grenfell action group firmly believes that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord". grenfell is notjust the result of bad political decisions. it stands for a failed and broken system, which labour must and will replace. the poet ben okri recently wrote in
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his poem, grenfell tower, "those who we re his poem, grenfell tower, "those who were living now are dead. those who we re were living now are dead. those who were breathing are from the earth fled. if you want to see how the poor die, come to see grenfell tower. see the tower and let it world changing dream flower". thank you, ben, for that wonderful poem. we have a duty as a country to learn
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the lessons from this calamity and ensure that a changed world flowers. i hope the public inquiry will assist but a decent home is a right for everyone, whatever their income, whatever their background. and houses should be homes for the many, not speculative investments for a few. ayr look at the conservative housing record and you understand widegren for residents are sceptical about their conservative council and this conservative government. —— why g re nfell tower this conservative government. —— why grenfell tower residents. since 2010, homelessness has doubled. 120,000 children don't have a home to call their own. homeownership has fallen. thousands are living in
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homes that are unfit for human habitation. that is why, along with oui’ habitation. that is why, along with our shadow housing minister, john healey, and i thankjohn for his work, we are launching... a review of social housing policy, its planning, building, regulation and management. we will listen to te na nts management. we will listen to tenants across the country and propose a radical programme of action and bring it back to next yea r‘s action and bring it back to next year's conference. but some things are already very clear. tenants are not being listened to. we will insist that every home is fit for human habitation, a proposal this tory government voted down in parliament. and we will control rents. when the
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younger generation's housing costs are three times more than those of their grandparents. cheering and applause that... is not sustainable. rent controls exist in many cities across the world and i want our cities to have those powers, too, and tenants to have those protections. we also need to tax undeveloped land held by developers. applause and have the power to compulsorily purchase, as ed miliband said, use it or lose it. families need homes. after grenfell,
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we must think again about what are called regeneration schemes. regeneration is a much abused word. too often, what it really means is forced gentrification and social cleansing. applause as private developers... as private developers move in and tenants and leaseholders are moved out. we are very clear, we will stop the cuts to social security but we need to go further, as conference decided yesterday. so when councils come forward with proposals for regeneration, we will put down two marc evers, based on one simple principle. regeneration under a
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labour government will be for the benefit of the local people. —— two marc evers. not private developers 01’ marc evers. not private developers or property speculators. first, people who live on an estate thatis first, people who live on an estate that is redeveloped must get a home on the same site and on the same terms as before. knows social cleansing, no jacking up knows social cleansing, no jacking up of reds, no exorbitant ground rents. and secondly, councils will have to win a ballot of existing te na nts have to win a ballot of existing tenants and leaseholders before any redevelopment can take place. applause real generation, real regeneration, yes, but for the many, not the few. that is not all that has to change
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as parties unite in paying tribute to our public sector workers, the firefighters who ran into grenfell tower to save lives as matt told us at conference yesterday. applause the health service workers caring for the maimed in the manchester terrorist outrage. applause those brave police officers who confronted the attackers at london bridge. applause and pc keith palmer, who many of us knew, who gave his life when a terrorist attack to our democracy. our public servants make a difference every day between a decent and a threadbare society. everyone praises them. applause everyone praises them. applause everyone praises them but it is labour that values them and it is prepared... applause and is prepared to give them the pay
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rise they deserve and protect the services they provide. year after year, the tories have cut budgets and squeezed public sector pay while cutting taxes for the highest earners and biggest corporations. you cannot care for the health of the nation when doctors and nurses are being asked to accept falling living standards year after year. you cannot educate our children properly in ever larger class sizes with more teachers than ever leaving
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the profession. you cannot protect the profession. you cannot protect the public on the cheap. the police and security services must get the resources they need, not 20,000 jobs lost through police cuts. scrapping the public sector pay squeeze isn't an act of charity. it is necessary to keep our public services fully staffed and strong. that is the labour commitment. not everything worthwhile costs money. like many people i've been deeply moved by the daily mirror campaign to change the organ donation law. there are more than 5000 people on organ transplant waiting lists. the shortage of donors means in recent years only 3500 of them get the life—saving
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treatments they need. everybody whose lives could be saved by an organ transplant can get the gift of life, one human being to another. the law has already been changed in wales under the leadership of carwyn jones and the welsh labour government. thank you for that and many more other things. today i make the commitment labour government will do the same for england. applause in the last couple of days, john mcdonnell and rebecca long bailey had set out how we will develop the economic plans in our manifesto to ensure the sustainable growth in jobs reach all parts of our country.
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thank you john and becky for all that you do. and the basis of their work is that no community or region is held back. we will establish regional development banks to invest in industrial strategy for every region. every region of this country and every nation. the challenges of the future go beyond the needs to turn our backs on an economic model that has fell to invest and upgrade oui’ that has fell to invest and upgrade our economy. we need urgently to face the challenge of automating. robotics that could make so much contemporary work redundant. that is a threat in the hands of the greedy but what an opportunity if it's managed in the interests of society as a whole. tom watson spoke extensively about
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this yesterday and he and others in the shadow cabinet are working hard on this. thank you for that. we won't reap the full rewards of these great technological advances if they are monopolised to pile up profits for a few. if they are publicly managed to share the benefits they can be the gateway for the new settle m e nt can be the gateway for the new settlement between work and leisure, a springboard for expanded creativity and culture, the tide of automation in technological change means training and management for the workforce and it must be centre stage in the coming years. so labour will build an education and training system will build an education and training syste m fro m will build an education and training system from the cradle to the grave that empowers people, not one that shackles people with debt. applause that is why we will establish the
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national education service which will include, at its core, free tuition for all college courses, technical and vocational training. applause so that no one is held back by costs and everyone has the chance to learn. that will give millions a fair chance. lifelong learning for all is essential for the economy of the future. the huge shift of employment that would take place under the impact of automation must be planned and managed. it demands the reskilling of millions of people. only labour understands and will deliver that. applause as angela rayner said yesterday,
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thank you angela for all the work you do and the way you present things. applause our national education service will be run on clear principles. universal, free and empowering. that, conference, is essentialto oui’ that, conference, is essentialto our socialism for the 21st century, for the many, not the few. applause during the election, i visited dell inside college in the constituency of laura pitcock, one of dozens of great new mps breathing life and energy into our parliament. that
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couege energy into our parliament. that college offers adult courses in everything from it to beauty therapy, from engineering to childcare. i met construction workers who stand to benefit from labour's hundred 50 billion national transformation fund, building the homes people need and new transport, energy and digital infrastructure oui’ energy and digital infrastructure our country needs. by changing our economy to make it work for the whole country can't take place in isolation. from changing how our country is run. for people to take control of their own lives, our democracy needs to break out from westminster into all parts of our society and economy, where power is unaccountable. all around the world, democracy is facing twin threats. one from the emergence of
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authoritarian nationalism that is intolera nt authoritarian nationalism that is intolerant and belligerent. the second is apparently more benign and actually equally insidious. it is the big decisions which should be left to the elite. political choices can only be marginal and people are consumers first and only citizens a very distant second. democracy has to mean much more than that. it must mean listening to people outside of election time and notjust the rich and powerful who are used to calling the shots, but to those at the sharp end who really know what is going on. give you an example. the greater manchester police others who warned theresa may two years ago that hurts to neighbourhood policing worth risking people's lives and security.
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his concerns were dismissed as crying wolf. like the care workers sacked when they blow the whistle on the abuse of the elderly, or teachers, intimidated when they speak out about the lack of funding in our children's is. all the doctors who are ignored when they warn that the nhs is crumbling before our eyes or blow the whistle on patient safety. we, labour, are fighting for a society not only where awards are more fairly spread but where people are listened to more as well by government, local council and their employers. some of the most shocking cases of people not being listened to must surely be the recent revelations of widespread child sex abuse. young people and most often young, working
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class women, have been subjected to the most apartment abuse. the response lies in making sure that everybody‘s voice must be heard, no matter who they are or what their background. the kind of democracy that we should be... the kind of democracy that we should be aiming for is one where people have a continuing say in how society is run. how the workplace is run. how the local schools and hospitals are run. that means increasing public accountability and democratisation of local services. andrew quinn was talking about that on monday. thank you for the work you do in that. it means democratically accountable public ownership for the national monopolies with new participate three forms of management. as
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rebecca long bailey were setting in her speech yesterday. it means employees given their voice at work with unions able to represent them freely, freed of undemocratic fetters on their to organise. —— right to organise. i promise to you two years ago we would do politics different and i have to say it has not always been easy. there is quite a few who prefer politics the old way. but let me say, we will do politics differently, and the vital word here is, we. notjust leavers saying things are different.
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our devolves the community, not monopolised in westminster and whitehall. let's take it further. make public services accountable to communities, business accountable to the public, and politicians truly accountable to those we serve. applause let the next labour government transformed britain byjenny many putting power into the hands of people. the creative, passionate and committed people of this country. —— genuinely. both at home and abroad what underpins politics is compassion and solidarity with people, including those now recovering from hurricane damage in the caribbean. i sent a message to a
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family in domine last night, 80% of the island is destroyed. they don't know what to do. they need help and support. damage in the caribbean. floods in asia and texas and the horror of the two earthquakes in mexico and the loss of life as a result. our interdependence as a planet could not be more obvious. applause the environmental crisis, in particular, demands a common, global response. applause that is why president trump's threats to withdraw from the paris climate change treaty is so alarming. there is no contradiction between meeting our commitments and
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investing to build a strong economy based on high skilled industries. in fa ct, based on high skilled industries. in fact, the opposite is the case. action on climate change is a powerful spur, to investment in the green industries and jobs of the future, so long as it is managed as pa rt future, so long as it is managed as part of a sustainable transition. we know tragically that terrorism also recognises no boundaries. we have had five shocking examples in britain this year alone, two during the course of the general election, and one in my own constituency. both andy burnham and sadiq khan, the mayors of manchester and london, played a crucial role in bringing people together in the aftermath of those brutal attacks. thank you both for what you did.
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applause what you did in uniting communities. the targeting of our democracy, of teenage girls at a music concert, of people enjoying a night out. worshippers outside a mosque, commuters going to work will stop all these are horrific crimes and we all these are horrific crimes and we all unite in both condemning the perpetrators and in our support for the emergency and security services working to keep us safe. applause all of our communities came together


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