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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 28, 2017 5:45am-6:00am BST

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let's start with some reaction online to this morning's breaking news: playboy founder hugh hefner has died at the age of 91. the hollywood reporter refers to the business mogul and founder of the playboy magazine as a leader of the 60s sexual revolution. i don't think everybody saw it that way. a few feminists might disagree. staying in the states, the announcement of us president trump's long—awaited tax reform is on the front page of the financial times. the plans include lowering the headline corporate tax rate and largely ending taxation of non—us earnings. trump's presence is long—awaited on the hurricane—hit island of puerto rico. he's not due to visit the us territory in the caribbean until next week. the international new york times running a story about the desperation there following hurricane maria. to the uk and labour leader jeremy corbyn is on the front page of most newspapers
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including the independent following his conference speech in brighton. he's putting rent caps at the heart of his bid for number10. one betting firm puts his odds of becoming prime minister within a year to just 5—1. rya nair faces more cancellation woes and possible legal action for "persistently misleading passengers". a second wave of flight cancellations will affect 400,000 people. that's on the front page of the times. and finally the telegraph have a story on apple's iphone facial recognition security technology, which has a one in a million chance of being tricked — u nless you're a child. apparently the faces of those under 13 are too similar to each other to protect phones from intruders. they will so let's begin. with me is james hughes, chief market analyst at gkfx, a brokerage firm.
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do. —— good morning. do. -- good morning. the thing that struck me, how you describe him. a gamut of views and achievements. whatever is said about hugh hefner over the years, there are two major things. at the time that playboy started in the 1950s, this was an absolute revolution of its kind. he has started an absolute revolution in the way people thought, what they did and mainly focused towards men. it was a revolution at the time. secondly, he was an incredibly successful businessmen. if you have seen how far reaching everything that playboy has done and not just playboy but brandon hughes hefner as
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well, from starring in a number of films, television programmes. selling is millions of copies are month at its height. that is no mean feat. it shows you what an incredible businesswoman he was as well. he kind of started or coined even. he talked about the magazine. in the 19505, he started building his own tv show in his home. how many people are doing that in this day and age? also, you know, other things like for example creating a brand, a strong brand. it is associated with him as a person. that again is prolific. nowadays, everything is focused on brands that
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is exactly what hugh hefner has done since the 19505. is exactly what hugh hefner has done since the 1950s. in cultural breakthrough terms, freedom of speech, sexual freedom, at thatcher. many people will agree with that. it isa girlie many people will agree with that. it is a girlie magazine and you have thrown in a bit of high—class literature, a big interview from time to time. it is a cover. the real reason people would buy it was because it had naked ladies on the cover. that is why it was so successful, being one of the first of those type of magazine. it certainly worked out well for hugh hefner. at 91 years old, not a bad innings. this person in office for
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tax reform. markets have been trading in anticipation. we have seen equity markets rally since the 19th of november. all because of this. for a number of 19th of november. all because of this. fora number of time 19th of november. all because of this. for a number of time now, we have seen the markets come off and we wa nt have seen the markets come off and we want to see the market staying going higher because of this plan. the plan is there and very much like any tax cut plan that comes in all tax reform plan, in any country, it is radical what donald trump wants to do. he wants to cut down on the corporation tax and make it easier for us businesses to make money, cut a lot of the red tape that stops the us businesses make money, cut income taxes of it would be the same in any country, where does the money come
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from? where are all these losses that we are from? where are all these losses thatwe are isieg ~ "i ” ' is? ,m'*§§.e§i%§? every in it ofthe in
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