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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 28, 2017 6:50pm-7:00pm BST

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arsenal have hit the post a couple of timesjust arsenal have hit the post a couple of times just before half—time so it could have been worse for bate borisov, but so far comfortable for arsene wenger‘s side. ben stokes and alex hales will not be considered for selection by the ecb, following the arrest of ben stokes ecb, following the arrest of ben sto kes o n ecb, following the arrest of ben stokes on monday in bristol. more on that on the bbc sport website. you can keep up to date with the rugby league world cup and the everton match later on. that is all for now. more on bbc news throughout the evening. some news coming in from the
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midlands. we are hearing about a light aircraft crash. this is in a field. west midlands ambulance service and warwickshire fire and ‘s are also there. apparently two men we re are also there. apparently two men were travelling in the aircraft and they are reported to have suffered serious burns which are potentially life threatening. they have been taken to hospital in birmingham. the air accident investigation branch have been informed. that is a light aircraft crash. it sees case review has found that the murder of a teenage girl by a fellow resident at a care home was
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preve nta ble. fellow resident at a care home was preventable. the victim was struggled —— the victim was strangled. the care home specialised in caring for people with asperger‘s syndrome. this report contains details that some viewers may find upsetting. she was the type of girl that would have anybody. always smiling. —— hug anybody. -- hug anybody. always smiling. in october 2014 a fellow resident at the care home strangled the victim. they were both let down. it is
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shocking the amount of mistakes that we re shocking the amount of mistakes that were made. they all add up to a shocking event and my daughter has taken the brunt of it. it is heartbreaking. she was killed at this care home in bristol. today's case review finds the field to take seriously the perpetrator‘s history. ina seriously the perpetrator‘s history. in a statement the care home said, her death could have been prevented if practitioners, staff, organisations had adhered to the processes that were in place. that did not always happen. there were a
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number of missed opportunities. he has losses daughter and wife in recent yea rs. he has losses daughter and wife in recent years. today's report. she wanted 15 minutes of fame. she got it the wrong way. she got it the wrong way because nobody cared. residents of the indonesian island of bali are nervously waiting to find out whether its most sacred mountain will erupt. tens of thousands of people living near the slops of mount agung volcano have been moved from their homes. ——slopes but the indonesian authorities are keen to reassure holiday—makers
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that the island remains open for business. hywel griffith sent this update from bali. life on the tourist beaches is continuing more or less as normal and that's exactly what the indonesian government is hoping for. it sent out a letter addressed to the people of the world, talking about the fact that bali is still open for business and even if there is an eruption they have contingency plans in place to send aircraft in different directions and have ferries which could take people off the island. some people we've been speaking to at a bar say they wouldn't mind being marooned on bali for an extra couple of days. a different situation however for the 80,000 or more people who have been evacuated from their homes, taken out of the red zone, which surrounds mount agung. many of those coming to the end of the first week as evacuees. some have got a couple of bags full of clothes to keep them going. however, one centre we visited this morning, it became obvious that the women and children were there but some of the men were going back into the risky zone
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to tend to the animals. in some cases, i guess, their main source of income. there's a bit of a tension here in bali over how this is going to play out. the question really everyone wants answered is if and when an eruption will come. there's no answer to that, although the earthquakes continue coming, the seismic activity is still very, very frequent. an eruption could be minutes or hours, days, maybe even months away. here is the weather. today we have been between two weather systems for most of the day, hence the sunshine we have enjoyed. rain overnight with this cloud that moved into the north
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sea, then some good sunny spells. quite increasing in northern ireland and western scotland. you can see this band of rainbow push eastwards later this evening and overnight. ahead of it there is low cloud from the south—west into england and wales. pockets of light green or drizzle. after the rain there will be sunshine and fresh air for northern ireland and western scotland. still some rain at this stage in east edinburgh for example but it should be drying off in glasgow. wettest around greater manchester and the pennines. there may be sunshine after that rain. through the midlands and east anglia it is cloudy and damp. heavier rain here will push out into the north sea. sunshine will come in behind that. most of the showers towards
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the north—west and northern ireland where the winds will be particularly strong. that rain in the south—east does eventually cleared away. a cold start to saturday. it should be a bright enough start to the weekend but some sunshine. signs of rain arriving. things will get more confident it is that we go on because we will draw in the remnants ofa because we will draw in the remnants of a couple of hurricanes, the main driving forces this area of warm here, that means which are as well. heavy rain overnight into the early pa rt heavy rain overnight into the early part of sunday. add to that strong to deal force part of sunday. add to that strong to dealforce when part of sunday. add to that strong to deal force when is, part of sunday. add to that strong to dealforce when is, winds picking up to dealforce when is, winds picking up in the north—west later on. sunshine and showers following that wet and windy weather. going downhill as the weekend progresses with this wet and windy weather moving in, even into the beginning of next week, whilst the rain may have pushed through it will be windy. tallinn six months since brexit,
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talks began in brussels the two sides are finally making some progress. the eu commission says there is a "new dynamic" to the negotiations — but there remain huge divisions over the so—called brexit bill. the commission's chief negotiator will give eu leaders a progress report in three weeks' time, and he warns the timetable might slip. from north korea, to russia, to iran, america faces unprecedented threats. how well is president trump responding to the challenge? we're joined by president obama's national security advisor, tom donilon, to see how he would address these crises. and three months after being shot, congressman steve scalise returns to capitol hill to a warm bipartisan welcome. also on the programme...
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