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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  September 29, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story: the burmese government has invited the un secretary—general, antonio guterres, to visit myanmar. it comes after mr guterres told the un security council that violence against rohingya muslims has spiralled into the world's fastest growing refugee emergency. china has ordered north korean companies operating in china to shut down by january. it's part of beijing's efforts to enforce un sanctions punishing north korea for its nuclear weapons development. and this video is trending on a huge white diamond found in angola has been displayed in hong kong ahead of its auction in november. 163 carats, it's by far the largest cut diamond of such quality to come up for auction. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk: ryanair has been told to correct its compensation policy for passengers by friday afternoon after thousands of its flights were cancelled. the uk's civil aviation authority
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accused the airline of persistently misleading passengers. now on bbc news all the latest business news live from singapore. could be a dramatic saga over toshiba chip unit finally be over? indian engineers shoot for the men ina race indian engineers shoot for the men in a race to build a new rover. hello and welcome. toshiba has finally signed a deal to sell their memory chip unit to a group led by us investor for close to $18 billion. the deal comes at a crucial time for the company which is trying to keep itself afloat after suffering massive losses. a press
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conference was arranged by then hastily cancelled. translation: we have agreed on our business strategy and direction and there is nothing to worry about. but toshiba might face legal challenges before it is complete. western digital has launched legal action over the deal. first facebook now twitter — it has revealed nearly 2000 ads were placed on the messaging services from a russian media group suspected of trying to interfere with the us presidential election. a senate enquiry into russian meddling is ongoing and i spoke to our correspondent and asked how they reacted 7 correspondent and asked how they
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reacted? the senate intelligence committee investigating issues around russian meddling in last year ‘s us presidential election were thoroughly unimpressed by what twitter said. they were going into details about how its platform was used in two influencing the election is that the senators said it was an inadequate briefing and twitter was not giving them enough information and we saying information already told by facebook. all technology companies have to step up and provide the information they need, according to the commission. these companies would much prefer to keep theseissues companies would much prefer to keep these issues internal stop many people will think we are heading in a direction where more regulations will be put on these companies. china has ordered north korean
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companies to shut down late january. it is part of an effort to apply un sanctions following the six nuclear tests by pyongyang. china is responsible for 90% of economic leveraged. it is to pressure north korea into giving up its nuclear tests. a 2% target is being difficult to meet by chinese banks. japan's economy expanded in the second quarter as consumer and company spending picked up. shares of video streaming firm roku. the
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market has become more competitive since with apple, google and amazon on joining since with apple, google and amazon onjoining in. the maker of angry birds has priced its initial public offering at $1 billion ahead of its market debut. 3.7 billion times, at the games have been downloaded. its aim is to boost growth and take part in gaming industry consolidation. we spoke to one of their chief marketing people. he said it has been a long time in the making. marketing people. he said it has been a long time in the makingm is not like we woke up one day and decided to do this. the 52nd game
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was angry birds so it is important to keep your mind that these journeys take a while most of the time. you do not do a start up company and then do an epo. it is a huge event and huge cause for celebration. sugarbeet farmers in europe are in for a sweet treat tomorrow with straight quarters being lifted. they have been in place to nearly 50 years. that means they will be able to grow as many as they will be able to grow as many as they want and refiners will have more option to sell sugar to the world. what could the move mean for asian sugar producers? we will see a shift in the markets where asian producers can now set by. they will
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seize see the growth of european sugar. obviously, as prices are expected to fall, it will be a tough sell because there position is unfathomable. it is what difficult to produce. what are you anticipating this to be? about 2096. we are still at a relatively low consumption of europe sugar in asia. —— of sugar in asia. in europe it is as much as 30 aid. even if there is as much as 30 aid. even if there is a decrease in prices, there is still strong demand and in the end it will balance out. what about the global
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campaign to fight obesity? even though the rather governmental policies to decrease sugar intake we re policies to decrease sugar intake were coming from a low position in asia. the massive drivers that effect the consumption of sugar inta ke effect the consumption of sugar intake and the rise of income level will change from a rather unprocessed food to processed food and this is one major source of where sugar is. it has been 4080 yea rs where sugar is. it has been 4080 years since the us space programme first planted a flag on the moon. 48. now one of the companies taking pa rt 48. now one of the companies taking part ina 48. now one of the companies taking part in a competition to be the first to put a rover on the moon.
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what is unique about us is we have no background going into this mission. it is good because if we we re mission. it is good because if we were from the industry we would never undertake at challenge these are bigger. the first thing i did after we were dead was to go on to google and find out how you get to the moon. meet the robot that will travel to the moon. the main objective of the robot is
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to explore the lunar surface, take photographs, videos, collect data and send it back home. good luck to them and the race to the moon. some of the markets in asia are open. the nikkei opening slightly weaker due to the stronger yen. inflation numbers of not having much impact. australia are up ever so much impact. australia are up ever so slightly due to the strong copper prices and recovery in gold and lending some support to some material stocks there. that's it for this edition of asia business report. thank you for watching. the top stories this hour:
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the united nations has been accused of a series of failures in the lead—up to the crisis in myanmar. half—a—million rohingya muslims have left the country in the last month. beijing has taken a tough new stance on north korea — its businesses will be kicked out of china by january. a serious case review has concluded that the murder of a teenager by another resident at a care home in bristol was preventable. melissa mathieson was strangled by 19 year—old jason conroy in 2014. michael buchanan reports. she was a lovely girl. she was bubbly, bouncy. she was the type of girl that would hug anybody. always smiling. i miss her. we all miss her. melissa mathieson could be challenging. she had asperger‘s and adhd. but herfamily wanted her to remain at home and objected
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to social services moving her to a care home in bristol. she was vulnerable, they argued. in october 2014, their daughter, their sister, was killed by a fellow resident at the care home. a sexually motivated murder. it's shocking. the amount of mistakes that were made. they all add up to a shocking event. and my daughter's taken the brunt of it all. they were both let down. this is melissa's killer, jason conroy. he, too, had asperger‘s, which contributed to his violent behaviour. when he wasjust 11 he'd been identified as having a fixation with killing a woman in order to have sex with her. but the bristol care home where both he and melissa were living failed to properly assess conroy's risk. when he moved to alexandra house in 2014, they were told he had attempted to kill
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four separate women, including his own mother. a report they were given said, he should be highly supervised at all times with particular attention being paid to the recognised victim profile of young, petite women, who he feels he can easily overpower. however, the home didn't provide the constant supervision is dangerous fantasies demanded. supervision his dangerous fantasies demanded. melissa's death could have been prevented if practitioners, staff, organisations had adhered to the processes that were in place. the care home have today apologised to melissa's family, saying it had failed in their duty to protect her. her father simply hopes the mistakes identified in this report prevent otherfamilies from suffering as he has. i miss melissa. i miss herjust running around. i miss her hugs. i miss everything. james mathieson, the father
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of melissa mathieson, ending that report by michael buchanan. time now for all the sports news in sport today. welcome along to sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. plenty to bring you. here's what's coming up. the good times are over for carlo ancellotti at bayern munich — the head coach sacked by the german club. the pictures which mean cricketer ben stokes won't be considered for international duty. and the upsets continue at the wuhan open — the world number one beaten by the 20—year—old with a growing reputation. the five—time european champions bayern munich were beaten by paris st germain in the champions league on wednesday, and that was to be the last match in charge of the german champions for carlo ancellotti who was sacked
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by the club on thursday. and as our football reporter john bennett explains, their results this season only part of the reason behind his departure.


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