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tv   We Are Generation Z  BBC News  September 29, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm BST

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this is bbc news. supporters of catalonia become independent from spain are holding a final rally in barcelona ahead of a contested referendum planned for sunday. the regional authorities insist the vote will happen but the central government has vowed to block it. us officials say washington is pulling out following mystery attacks on as diplomats. the us is one in american citizens not to travel to the island. president trumper said 10,000 emergency responders have been sent to puerto rico to recover —— help with the recovery effort after hurricane isaac. it says the local government will have to pay a share. a stampede at a railway station has led to the death of 22 people. it happened during rush hour and ona people. it happened during rush hour and on a narrow pedestrian bridge. now, we have a full round—up in a
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moment but first, we are generation z. who are generation z? what do they stand for and are they misunderstood by other generations? we have a news special on bbc news this week allowing 16 to 22—year—olds to discuss how older people view them. some of the highlights of that coming up but first let's meet a few people from generation z. my generation are always on the internet. demanding an answer. are you a boy? are you a girl? i had qualifications but couldn't find a job. things are going badly. i think to be a young person
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in the uk at the moment is to be confused. you have more opportunities than you've ever seen before but you have no idea what to do with them and you have no direction in which to go in. you also are constantly told things are going badly, so you are aware there is a housing crisis, you are aware you're going to be in debt, you are aware of all of this stuff and you have no idea how you are going to find success through that. the biggest issue i'm worried about is facing young people with mental health. all generations used to have these check marks of being successful. i'll do this then i'll get up to uni or get a job. i want this and this and then i'll buy my own house, i'll get married or have kids. there was a really clear plan of what you needed to do to become fulfilled.
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that's gone. please give it up, a massive welcome. i wanted to write a poem about black ghosts, whose stories never make the news. about black boys who are more likely to be sectioned. about black boys who drowned women. one of the reasons i love poetry is because it's been one of the best ways to channel loads of my insecurities. right now i'm working on some poetry and some writing. since i've gone to uni, i've been feeling really inspired. i'm in a new city, and meeting new people, new adventures and new experiences. i've been writing loads and that's a good way of helping me cope with being in a new environment. i wanted to write a poem about the philips and vivienne‘s scared to be black and successful means anxiety was something i knew was there but i was never sure what caused it.
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it's a really weird moment when they give you your uni pass for the first time. i think every fresher at the moment is feeling nervous, feeling anxious. they're excited but ultimately everybody quite scared. i randomly wake—up and summarise that day even though nothing is going wrong. i feel really anxious about going to see my friend who i've seen hundreds of times before. you want to make it into a big deal but what makes it so bad is you are not sure what causes it. now there's people who you are comparing yourselves too. i'm not worried about the person in my class or whether i'm going to beat them. i'm worried about all the people i see online. every time i see new young person become a millionaire and set up their business, i'm feeling like i'm not doing enough. but i guess until that happens you are home to bel—air. social media to me has given me a completely
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different career option. hi, everyone, i'm georgina. i started my own blog which turned into a social media business which turned into an online magazine and now i do all three. told you it gets noisy in this house. have to wait for my mother to go downstairs and my brother to shut up. i was in a car accident around three years ago now. i have been diagnosed with chronic spinal pain. i can't stay out for more than a couple of hours' time. travelling is so painful. it is quite difficult to be a 20—year—old and not being able to do so much. not actually going to get better. this is life now. social media is the only reason why i do still have a social life. it really has 110% and my life
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and made it and made it. my entire life is online, my entire world is online, my career is, my social life is. social media has been completely everything for my life. i thank it for everything. newquay is very seasonal. i've been a lifeguard for four years but that was seasonal. i've been a receptionist but once again seasonal, for a holiday park. one minute they need me, one minute they don't. had all my qualifications
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but couldn't find a job. special k, 25p. i looked this up on amazon last night and it's actually £7. i've got it for £1 50. several products you can eat years past its sell by date. as long as it's sealed, kept dry, is perfectly fine. i've always wanted a career where i can help my local community. it's nice to see families tell their children they can have whatever they want and then they can spend the other money on days out or whatever. is good to know you are helping other people. some people might frown on it but this place is a godsend. she's got a kind heart
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and she looks after the locals in the best way possible. she's keeping them fed. i've had people spit in my face, i've had people throw products at me. i've had people completely disagree with what i'm doing that at the end of the day, i'm helping my community and i've got a lot of support behind me, so it doesn't matter. people think if you are male, you should be one way. if you are female, you should be the other. it's kind of me going no, i'm not either of those. i don't want to be either of those. i'm just going to be here in the middle being me. quite a fashion statement, i think. when you are in cross play, you are someone else. you'll go to a convention.
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they'll be people who don't know you but they know your character. best one ever made was probably handsomejack who i had the wig for. that's my personal favourite, that's my handsome jack wig. we were referring to each other as oui’ character names. they were calling me jack and ijust thought, hold on, i really like that actually. my original name, it never felt like me. it was just sort of something i had butjack is me. when i think of myself as younger, that's the name i'd use, that's the name i respond to more often than not. mum and i headed out later. we're going to see young guns. i'm going to need something to wear that i can move around in but also that's going to look sharp. that's important. one of the really good things about not being restricted about where you shop is you get a good variety when buying stuff. i quite like fun patterned shirts
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as well as shirts with my name on. clothes are sorted. that was easy. now i choose jewellery and make up. probably not going to bother with make—up today. i'm not feeling it but i do love always wearing jewellery. i might have lied about the whole no make—up thing. it's only powder. it's fine. i do often think to myself, oh, if you are enjoying this make up, if you're enjoying dressing a certain way, maybe you're just playing it up. it's kind of really the anxiety. there is no right or wrong way to be non—binary. the whole thing is, it's personal. we're on our way now to go and see young guns. the music prompted me growing up as a young teenager who never felt
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quite like i fitted in. i was definitely a massive emo. they have all these songs about not being quite right, not fitting in, being the odd one out was white important for me. ——quite important. do you remember how he first found out about the whole non—binary thing because i neverfelt the need to come out. it wasn't actually a thing. maybe it was something on facebook. probably a name or something. yeah. you know, whatever. whatever she chooses to be, i have no problem with that. if one day she says she is a boy today, whatever. you're pretty cool. we do cool stuff.
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we do very cool stuff. if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be going out if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be going out to see cool bands. i am in a close—up. i did that. in terms of what we see of non—binary people in the media and such, i've got it easy because i do fit the whole stereotype of being white and skinny and androgynous looking. but really there is no particular way to be non—binary. you don't have to look or behave in a certain way. if you are non—binary, you are. it doesn't matter what your race is, what your body is like. there are cases of people assuming, particularly with me,
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because i look more feminine than anything, oh, girl, she, miss. some of the time that doesn't bother me but sometimes when i'm having a masculine day or a gender day, it reminds me that i am not passing as well as i did and that's not fair. i'm hesitant to say that we shouldn't have gender as a whole because i know for some people is quite important to them and who they are but our expectations and our roles of this is what women do, this is what men do, we can't go outside that is, is incredibly limiting. i've definitely had drunk old man coming up to me on the street while eating a baguette. are you a girl? demanding an answer. hopefully as time passes, people will be more... i don't know whether it is forgiving or accepting.
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they'll understand more and people won't be so funny about it. they'lljust be, ok, that'sjust jack, that's the way they are. my grandad would go out of his way to do anything if you thought he could get a laugh from it. it's like watching the pictures, this. they, as one, my grandparents. it's hard to think of them as a separate parts. this is my front door and will go to my crime nan grandads this is my front door and we'll go to my grandads through their front door. what you got?
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have you got a joke for me? to market, to market market, we'll buy a good shoe. somebody through a tomato or two. the tomato was ripe when it come with this skin. but this one didn't, it came in a tin. you're great. cheers, mate. oh, hello. a bit of cake. are you ready? since my grandad got diagnosed, i wouldn't say my relationship with him has changed in any way. ijust see him as my grandad, how i've always seen him. say hello. hello. i see each and every one of them as role models. they are my family but they'll also my friends. he's your mate.
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we've all stuck together, haven't we? if he wants something doing, i'll go and do it. i'd run a mile for him. singing i would be half the man if i didn't have them. we build the annex on for mum to come and live with this when declan was three. he can't really remember not living altogether, can he? we've got three generations of knowledge. he tells us things that we don't even know. he keeps us up—to—date with the tech. i'm miles behind. day's wasted if he doesn't make someone laugh or smile. that's what i take from that.
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that's my motto for the day. it makes you smile. those are few people from generation z. those are few people from generation 2. here are some more. an audience of 16 to 20—year—olds joined us.|j ama of 16 to 20—year—olds joined us.|j am a musician. social media is integral to my career but some think it isa integral to my career but some think it is a bad thing. i am 16 and i feel like society is making it harder for our generation by a skiing is to follow out a map to our roots. i am constantly told i need to get work experience but no one is willing to give us our first chance. i'm 22 and super optimistic and stop i worked in uni two or three
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differentjobs and took a voluntary yeah out of unpaid work to do placements. as soon as i graduated on friday, i was in myjob on monday. congratulations. what did you study and whatjobs were you doing? how did you find it coping with that? studied fashion design. i did retail, bar work, with that? studied fashion design. i did retail, barwork, anything with that? studied fashion design. i did retail, bar work, anything that would help along with my student loan. bended placements for different companies. a lot of them in the fashion industry are free. it is so competitive and you have to work for free. from is so competitive and you have to work forfree. from matt, i got a job with the only company that paid me. do you feel lucky? no, because i worked hard. we work hard and it is not luck, it is grafting.|j
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worked hard. we work hard and it is not luck, it is grafting. i have just graduated with a history degree. i do see what you say that grafting is important. everyjob i applied for, it means experience. i wa nt applied for, it means experience. i want to work in politics but it is very competitive. it is not a cave everyone to live in london. i'm from newcastle and can't go and live in london for free. for me, it was always i had to go to university to succeed. it was always shoved down my throat. by who? by teachers. what the teachers say, peers think you are not going to university. are you sure? for me, i knew what i wanted to do and especially in the creative industry, it is an industry that you do not need a degree to have. you
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need experience. sometimes you have to do stuff for free and you need that experience to get into it. connections, you need to get yourself about and use the resources that you have which is technology, social media. the creative industry on social media is unbelievable. i'm 21 and i'm a blind beauty blogger. we are 21 and i'm a blind beauty blogger. we a re really 21 and i'm a blind beauty blogger. we are really not lazy. social media isa we are really not lazy. social media is a massive platform to show eve ryo ne is a massive platform to show everyone around the world that you can be disabled, have anything wrong with you and you can do anything you wa nt to with you and you can do anything you want to do to stop it is empowering andi want to do to stop it is empowering and i think the older generation needs to google disability and googled transgender needs to google disability and googled tra nsgender people. needs to google disability and googled transgender people. we are really conquering the world and kicking people's butts because we are amazing. what was it that inspired you? i went blind when i
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was 17 and i am blind now and 21. i felt alone and couldn't do it any more. i thought i can't be the only person feeling like this. i made a youtube channel. lucy edwards. i built a community and i felt like youtube channel. lucy edwards. i built a community and ifelt like i wasn't alone. i have built a platform i am proud of.|j wasn't alone. i have built a platform i am proud of. i created a hash tag called hash tag soggy boobs matter. there are a lot of young women who have saggy boobs and get fun poked out of them. i took a photo of my boobs and i explained the fact that i would go to places like marks and spencer and get a bra fitting. i try them on and it doesn't look like the one on the packet because she has perfect boobs. i have taught myself that we
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have to open up these conversations. social media is the best way to open up social media is the best way to open upa social media is the best way to open up a conversation. anybody can get involved and access it. the idea of young people wasting time and being nosy —— young people wasting time and being _ zy, young people wasting time and being nosy —— lazy, it is ridiculous. we are creating the change we want to see. it is hilarious that older people say we are always on our phones and social media. who do they come to when they need help setting up come to when they need help setting up their phones? you are a gymnast and in the public eye. what is social media like you? really positive but it can have negatives. for our sport, competition where is very revealing. it is all the leotards. i have had things where people see you grow up from when you start competing. you're aged ten
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stop you grow up and change to a woman. you get a couple of comments like she looks a bit overweight and try and put you down a bit. i had one this year after my european championships. first british gymnast to win all—round gold in an international, by the way. someone had put a video of my floor routine online and this woman thought she would make it obvious that she was saying i had put on weight. she doesn't know me, doesn't know the journey i went through from post—olympics to now. in my opinion, she can't really comment. this is a big thing for me. the first time i have admitted it in public. i am bisexual.
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i think it has been really difficult for me to come out of this stage, especially to people at school because there is so much stereotyping. so many presumptions around it and people assuming you area certain around it and people assuming you are a certain way because of how you act and who you are attracted to. in reality, it is not something you can control. they think it is a sin. i am hard wired that way and it is something that i truly believe was the way i was born. i'm sick of people telling me i have to be a different way because that is not how it should be. you are telling us you are bisexual and your family and friends are hearing this for the first time. how do you think they will feel? i'm hoping they'll be ok with it. it's going to be really awkward when i get home. i think
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this is the easiest way to do it. having that conversation face—to—face is really difficult. maybe i have taken the coward ‘s way out, i don't know. hope you enjoyed that. the lives of generation z were a big part of our coverage on radio one this week. you can find more online and searching for news beats. hello. it looks like the early part of october should see high pressure moving in. we ends september with low pressure in charge. this one is running away to the north of scotland. this one is coming in and promises to bring wet and windy weather. a reasonable start to the
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weekend. we will see cloud increasing across england and wales. showers given way to further spells. brighter skies and it should be a dry day across northern ireland. scotla nd dry day across northern ireland. scotland will see some sunshine and showers will stop a fresher feel to the day. we have the wind picking up with this rain and it will push the rain northwards and eastwards. the rain northwards and eastwards. the rain will become light and patchy and we have low cloud. wet weather arrives in northern ireland over the irish sea and it points to a milder night. not a irish sea and it points to a milder night. nota promising irish sea and it points to a milder night. not a promising day. irish sea and it points to a milder night. nota promising day. on sunday we have one area of rain moving eastwards. the next area of rain comes in and the wettest conditions will be over the western hills. things get better in the north—west. a windy day and the winds touching gale force. the rain
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gets swe pt winds touching gale force. the rain gets swept away by the end of the day. the main driver of the weather isa day. the main driver of the weather is a deep low. a windy start. further south, the wind will not be as strong. we have the chance of some rain coming in. maria, not causing much impact. we have low pressure running up towards scandinavia and we have some strong winds around, particularly towards the northern part of the uk. we have a few showers around and up towards scotla nd a few showers around and up towards scotland and the north east. again not choose day, it will not feel very warm out there despite the sunshine. temperatures around 13 celsius. low—pressure eases away.
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this is the high pressure that tries to come in from the south—west. we will see the wind easing. not as wendy on wednesday. for many, a dry day. if we look longer—term and out into the atlantic, this is the jet stream. you can see the undulations we have out into the atlantic. where we have out into the atlantic. where we have out into the atlantic. where we have the peaks and troughs, you will find areas of high—pressure. very outlook, we the jet stream propagating and it will move the areas of high—pressure and low— pressure areas of high—pressure and low—pressure close to the uk. don't ta ke low—pressure close to the uk. don't take those too literally. you will have lower pressure across the northern half of the uk. when the
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winds drop out, it will be quite chilly at night. there is the risk ofa chilly at night. there is the risk of a touch of frost. that was something that was it would be the first rate rise in a decade, aimed at curbing inflation. also tonight... we have a special report on the roll out of universal credit, amid warnings it could leave people in "dire circumstances. " as eu leaders gather for a summit in estonia, the head of the european commission says brexit talks need a miracle to keep them on track. campaigners take to the streets of catalonia, as the spanish region prepares for an independence referendum that madrid
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