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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 29, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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it was the beginning of a very awkward moment. yet a very slick album at a time when the world and the music scene is changing. it was very much a natural progression from where we had left off, which was in the book here — it stops just after you know bob left the band, bob welsh. so it goes right up to until that moment until what you're mentioning, stylistically, a smooth when something else was happening. that i can't really make any comment about apart from... it felt the way you were going and not contrived, not deliberate. not contrived at all. not what was going to sell. no, we never thought of that ever. how many albums have gone out with fleetwood mac, 20 something is it? i actually don't know. you are the only one who is on every single one. correct and john. there was even a period when there was a fake fleetwood mac, because... me and john. there wasn't a fleetwood mac, because... i don't think they ever made an album. no one was on that one. but, yeah, i suppose it gets at the heart of the identity question — what is the true fleetwood mac and where is the heir to it. but you are very clear peter green was the founder of it.
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are you honestly thinking that you don't know who fleetwood mac is? well i suppose... there is one fleetwood mac that has been with you for a0 years. that is a lot, most bands don't even last two years. but it has been reincarnated quite a few times with quite a few... well, that's the story of fleetwood mac. mick fleetwood lovely to talk to you. you're welcome. that's all we have time for tonight. i'll be back on monday with the very latest from the conservative party conference in manchester, where, amongst other treats, we'll be following a day in the life of one of the darlings of the fringe — jacob rees mogg. meanwhile, at its conference, ukip got a new leader, henry bolton. and it also got a new logo. unfortunately, some people noticed it looked rather like that of the english premier league. i don't know what anyone's talking about. but it made us think it's time to refresh our own look. goodnight. hello and welcome to sportsday,
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with me, hugh ferris. england's cricketers have ended their longest summer by making short work of the west indies in theirfinal one day international. an unbeaten century from jonny bairstow helped them to a comprehensive nine wicket victory in southampton and a 4—0 series win. west indies batted first and scored 288—6 in their 50 overs, with liam plunkett taking two wickets. but it was quickly clear that wasn't enough runs, as an opening stand of 156, including 96 from jason roy, and jonny bairstow‘s second ton of the series. he eventually finished on mi not out and helped england reach their target with 12 overs to spare. joe root rounding off the series and summer with a six. this group of players have now been
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together for a period of this group of players have now been togetherfor a period of time. it ta kes a togetherfor a period of time. it takes a period of time for people to bet into an environment and team and roll and learn a role, to take a step up from county cricket to international cricket, whether that we at twenty20 level or test cricket it does take time and it's a period of time that we do need to learn quickly because we've got a huge series on the horizon and it is something that will be tough, but at the same time we are ready for the challenges ahead. so the win comprehensive and achieved in the context of a week in the spotlight for two of their players. ben stokes and alex hales, who are not being considered for selection by england until further notice after an incident outside a nightclub earlier in the week. joe wilson has more from southampton. shortly before 8pm on a chilly hampshire evening joe root finally ended england's's longest summer of
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cricket on home soil with a 60 win this match. urban case against the west indies never seems to be in doubt. they were in full control and at the close of play the captain we re at the close of play the captain were morgan pointed at their professionalism in dealing with everything that's gone on this week -- eoin everything that's gone on this week —— eoin morgan. 0f everything that's gone on this week —— eoin morgan. of course the stories that have dominated, england we re stories that have dominated, england were able to put on another solid cricketing display. jonny bairstow was crucial in that. another outstanding innings from him. remember at the start of the series he wasn't even guaranteed a place. jason roy equally making the most of alex hales's absence. as the players play here, police in bristol were again renewing their appeal for two witnesses in particular to come forward as a criminal investigation goes on into the events of 2:30am or thereabouts monday evening in bristol. i think everybody out of the ground tonight including england's failures are beginning to think seriously about how england will take on the ashes this winter
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without ben stokes. there was more super league semi final drama tonight, following the golden point drop goal that sent castleford through to the grand final. leeds held off hull fc, beating them 18—16 at headingley to reach old trafford for a west yorkshire derby next weekend. 80 minutes from the grand final and would it be the final 84 danny mcguire and rob burrow, leading and retiring from the game respectfully? hull haven't won at headingley in decades with was little surprise when leeds went into an early lead. two tries, 12— zero in 20 minutes. two tries, i2— zero in 20 minutes. just like their team bus which turned up late, gareth ellis wanted to go out with a bang. now not only backin to go out with a bang. now not only back in the game, they were ahead. hull got closer before they were given a 4—point lead. but leeds
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weren't done. dominant early on and they found that form later. liam sutcliffe scored making its 16 apiece. while there was still time for fingernails apiece. while there was still time forfingernails to be punished, the hosts would hang on. one more game than for maguire and co— as castleford await at old trafford. three games in rugby union's premiership tonight, and newcastle falcons are top of the table after a 29—17 win over london irish. three tries in eight minutes put enough distance between the sides. vereniki goneva scored two of them for the falcons, who have won four out of five games this season sale scored eight tries in their 57—10 win over gloucester. byron mcguigan scoring a hat—trick, but the pick of the tries came in the first minute from denny solomona and saracens picked up a win at worcester. chris wyles scored twice in their 25—3 victory. wales hooker scott baldwin couldn't
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play for 0spreys in their proi4 match against the cheetahs because he'd had his hand bitten by a lion in bloemfontein. he was taken to hospital after the incident at a local game park to receive stitches and his coach steve tandy didn't seem to have very much sympathy, calling it "pretty stupid". baldwin missed 0spreys' fourth defeat in a row. despite leading at half—time, the welsh side were beaten 44—25. torsten vanjaarsveld and wing makazole mapimpi each scored two tries. there were also wins for leinster, glasgow and scarlets. rangers won 4—1 away at hamilton in the evening's scottish premiership match, to move into third in the table. accies took the lead inside the opening minute. but defender declanjohn scored a quickfire double to give the away side the advantage. rangers managed two more goals and had ryanjack sent off, whilst hamilton missed a penalty.
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rangers go above stjohnstone on goal difference. after he was injured in a car crash in amsterdam, manchester city striker sergio aguero insists he's fine and we understand he may only miss two to four weeks. he's tweeted a picture from his home to say he's broken a rib and it hurts. but after seeing club doctors today, aguero, who missed training this morning because of the incident involving a taxi, could be back sooner than expected. his manager pep guardiola held a press conference before having a chance to speak to aguero, who was in the netherlands to watch a concert. 0ur reporter simon stone was there. birmingham has received official backing from the government to be the uk's candidate city for the 2022 commonwealth games. but their bid could face opposition from canada, australia and malaysia. 0ur sports editor dan roan has more. from school sports day to an international showpiece, local children enjoying birmingham's alexander stadium. of the world's best athletes.
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the city's bid to bring the commonwealth games here today receiving government backing. we have never hosted a multi sport eventually before. we have hosted world championships of individual sports, badminton, gymnastics, athletics, you name it. this is our time to show the world we can bring everyone together, it's all part of the biggest story of the revival of the west midlands. the stadium will undergo an upgrade of the bid is successful, with a brand new aquatics centre built and famous landmarks transformed into sports venues. victoria square in the city centre will provide an historic backdrop to the basketball tournaments. bringing the commonwealth games to birmingham will cost an estimated three quarters of the billion pounds. is it all worth it? there's always been a boost to the local economy from hosting an event and you do see a strong legacy both in terms of participation and use of the venues after the event.
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so i think this is a real opportunity for birmingham and the west midlands and for the uk to showcase itself as hosting these major international events across the world. struggling with a bit rubbish collection dispute that continues to hang over the city, birmingham will have to pay for one quarter of the cost of the games itself. this year we have received the largest cut of any local government in terms of spending power, so these are challenging times financially, but we've got the whole region behind our bid and the whole region contributing financially to make sure we deliver the best ever commonwealth games. and for sutton coldfield's number one rhythmic gymnast in britain the training now has additional motivation. i think for every athlete in every sport to have a game that means so much to them personally, coming to their own city, their own home town and country, it will probably be the highlight of my career. the success of glasgow's
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commonwealth games three years ago enhanced britain's status as a leading host of global sports events. birmingham's task will now be to build on that reputation, leave a legacy and justify the cost. that's all from sportsday. good night. the quietest and calmest part of the weekend is probably over the next few hours. it will turn wet and windy as the weekend goes on. gaze out into the atlantic and you will see various weather systems. some re m na nts of see various weather systems. some remnants of the former hurricane coming our way. as the tonight, it is fairly quiet. still a few showers across western parts in particular, but the northwest scotland another
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speu but the northwest scotland another spell of rain moving on. fairly breezy. quite chilly overnight where we are clear. temperatures dipping down into mid single figures. cloud increasing across south—east england later. tomorrow we start with a few showers in the west to begin with. a few outbreaks of rain. some showers further east across england into the afternoon. but for scotland and showers tend to be in the morning. in the afternoon it looks quieter. more in the way of sunshine. largely fine in northern ireland. some in northern england will be dry in the afternoon, with sunny spells, but for the midlands, east anglia, it right and for the midlands, east anglia, it rightand up for the midlands, east anglia, it right and up into the afternoon. an increasing chance of picking up showers. as we go through into sunday morning we have more of the uk, witha sunday morning we have more of the uk, with a freshening wind. milder on sunday night. the rain initially isn't amounting to much but it will be in northern ireland by the end of
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saturday night as we have heavier rain moving in. another cold start to the day, but a blustery start. the wind gets stronger through the day and the heavy rain spreads across scotland and into parts of northern england. the rain is lighterfor much northern england. the rain is lighter for much of england and wales. it won't be raining all the time. the rain is pulling away from scotla nd time. the rain is pulling away from scotland and northern ireland. as it brightens up on sunday there will be a scattering of showers. the wind gets stronger. especially further north. we are close to the low pressure as we start on sunday, with severe gales in northern scotland. we could have up to 70 mph. in northern england there is the risk of disruptive winds. but right across the uk it will be cooler that there will be a fair amount of dry weather. especially northwest scotland. some of them could have longer spells of rain. you get the
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idea. it would be like that at the end of the weekend and certainly not into monday morning. this is bbc world news. i'm kasia madera. our top stories: president trump's health secretary tom price quits in a row over his exorbitant plane travel expenses here we are, his own health secretary is seen swanning around on private planes when the official government business should always be done on commercial planes. campaigners in catalonia take to the streets ahead of the independence referendum that spain warns is illegitimate. the us cuts its embassy staff in cuba by more than half after reports of "sonic attacks" on employees. and manchester city striker sergio aguero confirms he's broken a rib in an amsterdam car accident.
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