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hello, jessica. hello, jessica. hello, good afternoon. lewis hamilton will start on parole after sebastien vettel suffered engine trouble. this is the sound of sebastien vettel's champion hopes slipping away. his ferrari's engine had already been changed before qualifying but the secondary problems couldn't be fixed to allow him to set a time. after singapore, he faces a battle to score points in malaysia, starting from the back of the great. that put pressure on the other ferrari driver, kimi raikkonen, to get ahead of lewis hamilton. despite mercedes struggling in practice, hamilton pulled out all the stops when it
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mattered. his first run in the final shoot out is enough to secure pole but only because raikkonen missed out by 400th of a second. hamilton will not get an easy ride with the ferrari alongside him, but provided his steers clear of trouble, he should keep his advantage in the title fight. still 0—0 with sunderland. pep guardiola's said will be without sergio aguero, who broke a rib in a car accident in amsterdam yesterday. i would like to play with sergio but we can't. we do the same we would have done with him. we will overcome the situation. there are five games
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in the scottish premiership. celtic host hibernian. aberdeen are at home to stjohnstone. in the women's superleague, man city have just kicked off against arsenal, still goalless. chelsea travel to sunderland and bristol city host yeovil town. finally, sunderland and bristol city host yeoviltown. finally, ospreys hooker scott baldwin should have been playing in his side's to 14 match against the cheaters yesterday but he was wounded by a lion. on a trip to south africa, he was wounded at a game park and needed a couple of stitches. according to his coach, he should the average couple of weeks, who, afterwards, called him rather stupid. he has had plenty of warning, pretty stupid, pretty lucky, nothing to do with where we
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were. we have been told how far back. i don't know what programmes he's been watching, you can park a lion and a head as if it's bickerton. it's probably one of the silliest things i've ever been involved in. if you'd seen the footage, all i can is ouch. that's all the sport. next, camera click. -- click. this week, explosions, big caps and good on the loose. the beautiful welsh countryside.
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home to families, lakes, the odd feral goat and... electric mountain. hidden inside this mountain is a pumped storage power station and it is basically a monster battery. it stores energy by pumping water from this late to a lake at the top of the mountain and then let it float back downhill, releasing that energy at times of peak demand. when you put the kettle on during breaks in championship matches of that topical football,, this bad boy springs into action, delivering power to homes in under 12 seconds. it is an
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incredible view. it is one of the fastest responding power stations on the planet and will have a nosy inside the glittering programme. the norfolk offered a semi—renewable energy solution at the time the natural resources are being used up. as solar, wind and tyner power are advanced, we're craving a method of using the generated in 24/7 despite the weather, or time—of—day. and this is where it is coming. this is not just a this is where it is coming. this is notjust a typical battery. admittedly, when i say but hey, you probably think of the ones in these, rechargeable lithium batteries. and we really can't live without these. lithium batteries have truly revolutionised electronics, the power of the mobile miracles that we use every day. they have a high density, meaning they can store a lot of electricity relative to their
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small size, so we can easily carry them around and recharge them hundreds of times. inside cells, are layers of sheets, stacked together, a positive cathode, negative anode, with a separated between, filled with a separated between, filled with a separated between, filled with a liquid electrolyte. when a sale is discharged, the movement of ions from one site to the other is the flow of electrons, which generate currents to power devices. during charging, this process is reversed. whoever came up with this must of been a real genius. my name isjohn and must of been a real genius. my name is john and when must of been a real genius. my name isjohn and when i was at must of been a real genius. my name is john and when i was at oxford, must of been a real genius. my name isjohn and when i was at oxford, we developed the cathode is that enabled the lithium iron battery that you use in your cell phones and laptop computers. i didn't really think about whether the battery we we re think about whether the battery we were developing would be a world famous invention and i have been
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very pleased to see how it has been developed in the hands of the engineers. it has stood the test of time, with electric vehicles today relying on thousands of lithium ion cells for their battery pack modules. the dependence of modern society on fossil fuel energy is non—sustainable. and so, one of the things we need to do is find storage of electric power generated by alternative resources and also storage batteries that can power an electric vehicle in a competitive price performance. it certainly sounds like doctor good enough's invention has proved good enough for 37 years but lithium iron is not without its problems and that the people to look for alternative battery technology. and this summer, the uk government pledged a quarter of £1 billion into the research and develop wind of that vtec. at the
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forefront of this research is warwick manufacturing group, at the university of warwick. lithium iron batteries to have potential hazards and if you mistreat some of the higher energy chemistries, you will see a battery fire, potentially a ra ptu re, see a battery fire, potentially a rapture, and so on, so there are iron phosphate chemistries, which is a safe option for use in public, you can choose as a manufacturer whether safety is your brain call a performance is. if you look at the periodic table, or the transition metals on there, generally somewhere in the world there is a scientist trying to make a party out of one of those, so calcium, aluminium, sa lfo rd , those, so calcium, aluminium, salford, sodium iron batteries, a whole range of different chemistries being worked on. so, although we are working on lithium iron at the moment are persevering with it, there will probably be more develop wind in the future in which we move
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into different types of chemistries. as the uk's and battery r&d centre, w nanograms works at the intersection between scientific research and industry, with the likes of miss anne jaguar land rover " likes of miss anne jaguar land rover," reuters. using module we have developed and represent the 70% improvement on the tesla battery module. that improvement has come about, not through changes in the chemistry but through changes in the way the module has been constructed, so way the module has been constructed, so putting the cell tighter together, whilst maintaining safety, improved cooling systems, etc. at the moment, the cost and range of new tvs and in charge about available to us is an issue. manufacturers like this and even offer a replacement diesel or petrol car customers who need to drive longer distances as part of their scheme. as well as making batteries, w nanograms is also looking at how
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oui’ w nanograms is also looking at how our charging behaviour can affect battery life with surprising results. it has made a smart algorithm that shows the degradation ofa car algorithm that shows the degradation of a car battery can be reduced by up of a car battery can be reduced by up to 10% every year, if energy is transferred back to the grid. synonymous with evs is tesla, in the world's biggest battery factory. due to hit peak reduction in 2020, the kicker factory ends to produce enough that it power half a million new electric cars every year. tesla boss elon musk‘s ambitions go further than revolutionising our cars, though. he wants to rewire our homes too. enter the power wall. this £6,000 home battery stores energy gathered from solar panels during the day and when the sun goes down, sustainably powers your pad. it straightforward. not accommodated. laughter from tesla to ik, who seems
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to bea laughter from tesla to ik, who seems to be a growing trend in companies creating a home battery to harness solar power, so how exactly does this work? tech enthusiast terence has had solar panels for several years, more recently connecting them to a home battery, meaning he can use the power he generates and send excess back to the grid. the battery charges up1.4 back to the grid. the battery charges up 1.4 kilowatt hours, which it then uses throughout the day, some things about 50% on energy bills. is also using it to of electric vehicle and thanks to the way tariffs work in the uk, he is being paid for the power he generates even when he uses it. but of course, it is early days for the technology. one of the things we will see every time is these batteries could become cheaper, smaller, higher capacity, at the moment, this strategy is to kilowatt—hours, which moment, this strategy is to kilowatt— hours, which is moment, this strategy is to kilowatt—hours, which is great but
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not quite enough for everything we wa nt not quite enough for everything we want to do with it. terence is actually taking part in a community trial in the rose hill area of oxford, as the initial costs of the installation of solar power and a battery would be £5,000, here, the cost of batteries is subsidised and a network is being created, meaning power can be economic we shared between homes, school and community centre taking part. my house generates more power than i can use, so generates more power than i can use, so why not store it? why not sell it back to the grid? why not give it to my neighbours, when we have solar panels? in this area, where many are living in fuel poverty, the community element of the project seems to be appreciated too and here at the school, they also treating it asa at the school, they also treating it as a learning experience. here in this year six classroom, you can see me solar panels out of the window
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and here is the battery harnessing the power. this power is being used for the lighting in this room but the whole setup also teaches the kids how this works. swedish giant ikea are now selling home battery is too, using the same premise of harnessing solar power and that providing electricity consumable by the homeowner. claiming the average uk home could cut up to £550 a year from their electricity bills. meanwhile, british company power bolt are working on getting electric vehicle that a second life. at home batteries. after 8—10 years of road use, a battery may have started to deteriorate, but seems to still be used in the home, where demand is a less strenuous, giving an extra decade of use. after being taken
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from vehicles, they have checked electronically, graded, reformatted and stacked together to create energy storage systems for the home. of course, is that the costs come down and capability increases, the appeal should too. so, whether this idea goes mainstream, most likely depends on whether the sun shines over those figures. welcome to the week in tech, maintaining that eating, a busy week that a mobile battery pack exploded on the london underground, the station had to be evacuated. and mark zuckerberg rejected claims by president donald trump that facebook is biased and anti—trap. bill gates admitted he has ditched his microsoft phone for an android and the united nations has declared robots destabilise the world has opened a centre in the
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hague to monitor developments of intelligence. the skies are about to get busier, as autonomous passenger drones moved a step closer to reality. in dubai, a test flight took place of a proposed autonomous flying taxi. designed by a german company, a complete power this drone, the passenger select a destination via touch—screen. meanwhile, a company called passenger drone has taken control of 16 electric motors. amazon has announced a host of very hard this week, including new versions of this digital assistant, echo. it week, including new versions of this digitalassistant, echo. it reaches the screen and can work as a nurse of the camera. it can act as a smart home hub, connecting to other devices. and finally, james dyson, of colourful expensive vacuum fame, has planned to launch an electric car here's hoping it does not suck. back at the mountain, i am heading
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deeper underground. the water comes from the lake, about 600 metres above, down the spine, hitting the south and then stops. this is the biggest tap you will ever see and there are actually six of them in a run down there, this yellow arm swings up, the valve opens and we get maximum water flow through the turbine in about six seconds. when all six are open, that 90,000 gallons per second. as it says here,
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1.5 million cups of tea! i am not sure if that is earl grey or english brea kfast, sure if that is earl grey or english breakfast, mind... we have flow! and there it is, turbine number two spinning at 500 rpm and when all six are spinning, it produces enough electricity to power the whole of wales for 5.5 hours. it runs at 75% efficiency because pubs comes to uphill at night using cheap electricity it buys from the national grid and charges a premium for the energy generates during the day. if we were to have completely away from fossil fuel power stations, with this sort of power stations, with this sort of power station be able to run? if we need to pump out what robbie hill, we have to buy at somewhere, whether thatis have to buy at somewhere, whether that is a thermal power station,
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windmills, gas power station. michael dugher maybe. i i have a lot more of these? the greatest challenge is to find a suitable place. you have to have them in a specific area, it has to have two la kes, specific area, it has to have two lakes, reasonably close together, with vertical separation, they are not the kind of things you can easily build on the back of a wagon and wheel in somewhere. lakes need to exist or are you would need to create them, so that comes at a cost. i think there are a limited amount of opportunities for locations. do you never get lonely down here? sometimes! was this powering our homes, catwalk and some top tips to help our offence. for a lot of us, we feel that we cannot live without our smartphones, so when the battery dies and we don't have access to power, it can be a massive inconvenience. there are a
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number of easy things you can do to help save your battery, demure brightness, turn off wi—fi, gps, and a background apps and utilities that there are a number of apps out there that are actually claiming to save your battery. tony o'shea work? these are three of the most popular android apps, they have 5—star reviews, suggesting people think they work. we thought they made a good testing ground. they claim to doa number of good testing ground. they claim to do a number of things, from dimming brightness to hibernating or optimising brightness to hibernating or pps brightness to hibernating or optimising apps or reducing data being used. to start off, the team he took a brand spanking new samsung galaxy he took a brand spanking new samsung galany three and hot—wired.“ he took a brand spanking new samsung galaxy] three and hot-wired. if we turn the phone on, from idle, we can see the power to the phone increases and then if we do something power hungry like taking a photo with the flash on, the power spikes massively. then they tested the
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phone baseline. with no battery apps installed. every ten minute period, and then need to same with the installed and in—built battery. all we can actually sees the power save rs we can actually sees the power savers do seem to work, they make a small difference, but the doctor and eu battery saver, about two or three hours, by the looks of things. and then green if i actually makes a difference of about four hours. only is this one doing better than the others? we think it is because of the way the artworks. the first to offer an option to optimise our performance. we suspect what people do is lowering frequencies of apps contacting mobile data, making them run contacting mobile data, making them ru n western contacting mobile data, making them run western background. whereas the other offers a hibernation. the most interesting feature is the one comes on the phone from the battery. this
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is all conducted on wi—fi. what needs to happen now is a bigger test, of hours at a time and using apps that streamed videos, play games 01’ use apps that streamed videos, play games or use gps. the team you haven't yet determined whether the apps do everything they say do but you can do many of the features yourself if you're organised enough for most of us want to use hassle free so the apps help with underlying management but there are other things you should do if you wa nt other things you should do if you want your battery to have a long life. if you go to bed and charge it up life. if you go to bed and charge it upfora life. if you go to bed and charge it up for a couple of hours, that time, at under % charged, overnight, will significantly accelerate the degradation of the battery. i might even better for your phone life is to keep the child between 20 and 80% at all times. so, remember, that is 20 to 80. thank you but would it not be nice to get to that 80% much faster? 0a very different battery technology, there can be charged
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really quickly. these things can deliver a lot of power very quickly. they would be much more useful in something that needs to do a lot all at once. something like this. instead of the electrochemical charging in normal batteries, this charges by electrostatic means and is called a super capacitor. no chemical reaction which can charge very quickly. this drill battery, for example, goes from zero to full and 12 seconds. you can zap and again. sounds like a pretty good name for a company, if you ask me. —— zap and go. name for a company, if you ask me. -- zap and go. it attracts energy quickly. the downside of super capacitors is they cannot store as much as lithium iron, so you wouldn't want one in a phone. they
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are best suited for things they need quick charging and pick, short bursts of power, like tools and toys, like the scooter. the lead acid batteries in a normal electronic scooter, lycos, will give you half an hour's right time that they will take six hours to charge. in here, we have a battery that is an easy six minutes of right time but only takes six minutes to charge and the next generation will give you 12 minutes. it would still take six minutes to charge. with the kind of right time, it is unlikely your electric car will run purely on this technology. ultimately, we are aiming forthe technology. ultimately, we are aiming for the automotive sector, possibly as a hybrid accommodation with lithium. so, we do the fat charge but and the lithium does the long—distance bit. it will take charge of the roadside and transpire from the zap and go sells to the lithium, harvested quickly on its journey. to that end, zap and go is
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working on a way to power the report points like those at heathrow. u nfortu nately, however, points like those at heathrow. unfortunately, however, my sixth in the right time up, so for the moment, i will have to leave zap and go and zip off by car. by kevin texas, the father of the lithium ion battery, doctor good enough, is showing no signs of slowing down. he's working on a new battery with a surprising the top. someone brought mea surprising the top. someone brought me a glass, which is a remarkable material, i think we have, with a cell which would really do the trick. together with his colleague, he claims the new nonflammable battery will last longer and recharge quicker. it is very competitive and dynamic competitor. so, iam competitive and dynamic competitor. so, i am hoping that the new class
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they have done will enable us to go from a liquid electrolyte to a solid electrolyte, which would make things safe as well as cheap. lengthening the life span of batteries is obviously one of the of research research was worldwide, which can be why a team at bristol university say they designed a new type of glass. they have created a man—made diamond that replaced inside a radioactive field generates a small amount of current. while the radiation gives off is less than a banana, there are no moving parts involved, no emissions generated and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation. as well as making use of nuclear waste, their invention could theoretically power devices in places that people cannot go. but whilst this could be years away, something hoping to charge onto shelves sooner if this battery. the battery has a different
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architecture to the standard lithium iron battery, it has a 3—d spongelike material, which is coated ina spongelike material, which is coated in a cathode slurry. it is nontoxic, explosionproof and promises to store more power. my ultimate dream was to make an outstanding battery that ideally would let device designers be more ambitious, in terms of new kinds of devices but also ideally to solve problems in terms of renewable energy, being able to store intermittent types of energy, like solar and wind. there are other concept healthier such as microbial fuel cells that use anything from saliva to your to try to mark dry electricity production. at the end of the day, the batteries we are so passionate about using still rely on for the raw materials taken from mother nature at work and not enough are considered valuable enough to be recycled. which is why this company is working to extend the life of car
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batteries and figure out a system to give them a happy retirement. before then, i guess the best we can do is try and make sure the fuel we use does not have a lasting impact on oui’ does not have a lasting impact on our environment. that is it from the power station in north wales. what a privilege to visit such an unusual place. don't forget, we are on facebook and twitter. feel free to get in touch any time, if you have enough that the! see you! —— if you have enough battery! see you! hello there. we have unsettled and autumnal weather on the cards. a contrasting
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picture across the country. rain across parts of wales and south—east england. scattered showers across scotland. rain in strengthening wind in the south pushes further east. further north, clear skies and then more rain and windy conditions moving into the north—west of the uk. most of us, pretty mild and fresh across north—east scotland. through the day, this band of rain will push its way steadily eastwards. strengthening southerly winds are likely to stay dry for a good part of the day. patchy rain later and a return to sunshine and showers for the north—west. i am a 15— goodbye. —— highs of 15—18. goodbye. on the eve of the conservative party
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conference, theresa may is facing renewed pressure over the government's approach to brexit. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, has intervened again on the issue, calling for a strict time limit on any transition period. meanwhile a pro—brexit campaign group has published a letter
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