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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  October 3, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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rangana herath reaches 400 test wickets as sri lanka pull off a thrilling win against pakistan. garbine muguruza is out of the china open after falling ill in her first—round match. hello, and welcome. barcelona defender gerard pique had a hostile reception from some spain supporters as he trained with the national side a day after catalonia's independence referendum. jeering well, you can hear the whistles and jeers there at spain's public training session in madrid ahead of their final world cup qualifiers against albania and israel. the 30—year—old voted in the referendum on sunday and condemned the brutality of police in trying to prevent others from doing so. pique also said on sunday he would stand down from international duty if his presence caused a problem for the team.
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barcelona football club will take part in a strike across catalonia on tuesday in protest at the violence. none of the professional teams or the youth teams will train. the club's president, josep bartemeu, also spoke on monday, and defended the decision to go ahead with sunday's match against las palmas behind closed doors. pep guardiola, their most successful ever coach, hit out at the club for doing so and two board members resigned. translation: i must say that this was one of the most difficult decisions that i have ever had to make as barca president. we very seriously consider the option of postponing the game, but we could not get the professional football league to approve our request.
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having reached that point we decided to play behind closed doors because we believe the image of a football match being played in an empty stadium would have been an act of responsibility and would have been a way of showing how we utterly reject the unacceptable situation going on in catalonia. this was a way to show to the world that it was a very, very tough day for us all. not only for barcelona, but for all the country. there was a thrilling victory for sri lanka against pakistan in their first test in abu dhabi. rangana herath became only the second sri lankan to take 400 wickets, as his six—wicket haul steered his side to a nail biting 2i—run win. austin halewood has all the details. with an overnight lead ofjust 66 sri lanka had it all to do on day five in abu dhabi. already four wickets down they soon lost more. mendez out forjust 18. and it was
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shah who finished off the innings, taking five for 51. sri lanka all out, pakistani team just 136 for victory. the home team got off to the worst possible start. aslam caught from herath in the fourth over. and as the pitch deteriorates the wickets continued falling. both teams made 400 in their first innings. but with pakistan format wickets down with 32 runs, 136 was starting to look like a tall order —— four wickets. and despite resista nce —— four wickets. and despite resistance from the middle order, the last line of defence, soheil was removed with 38 runs behind, and that proved too much as herath spun sri lanka to victory, his sixth wicket of the innings took into 440 is test career. the first left—arm spinner in history to reach the milestone as pakistan lost for the first time in abu dhabi.
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the shortlist is out for the iaaf world athlete of the year and well the male list is noteable for the absence of one man, and that'sjustin gatlin. the current 100m world champion has failed to be nominated — the first time since 2004 that an olympic or world 100m champion hasn't featured. the american has twice served a doping ban and a recent change in the rules means anyone who's ever been sanctioned for a serious doping ban is automatically excluded from the list. if you want to be a top golfer, having tiger as a middle name may well help you get noticed. so when 16—year—old robin tiger williams teed off at the british masters last week, a lot of people were watching. robin tiger was born in south africa and moved to england when he was a youngster. after a big weekend playing against the likes of rory mcilroy, well, monday was a little less glamorous. he spent it with our reporter, james burridge. he makes it look so easy. bouncing a
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ball on a pitching wedge. the very least of robin williams's talents. so, where was i? ch, least of robin williams's talents. so, where was i? oh, yes... this is the story of a 16—year—old making waves on both sides of the atlantic. a plastic club in his hands aged 18 months, he was getting online tutorials before he was ten. are you aware of people kind of painting you as the next tiger and how do you feel? tiger is my middle name and i am proud to have it. but i don't see am proud to have it. but i don't see a lot of similarities between me and tiger, only that we have the same middle name, he has different ethnic background, different parents, so there are a lot of difference. it is just would like to... he is a big role model on the golf course and i
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would like to emulate him. at the age of 12 robin was beginning to emulate his heroes. heading to a golfing academy in florida. he had to learn to do his own washing, his own preparation if he was going to go to the tournaments, he had to do his own schoolwork. he was on his own. i was back in the uk. that was also a big influence on his life. you are happy he is back? yes, very happy. what was it like with your 12—year—old son on the other side of the atlantic? it was not a nice feeling. i was crying every day. from what we can see it was ultimately worth it. look at him 110w. ultimately worth it. look at him now. yes, it was worth it. i couldn't ask for anything more. this weekend was robin's first moment in the spotlight, playing at the british masters long side the likes of rory mcilroy. i have never played in front of such a massive crowd —— alongside. it was a great experience, it really was. especially... even in the practice rounds they were there. the cameras
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around me. i didn't expect that. after hogging headlines and the first few holes mp to break his back to the books for robin. homeschooling keeps him on the straight and narrow into the hops back across the atlantic in his next quest. world number one garbine muguruza retired ill with a virus in the first round of the china open. spain's muguruza suggested in the build—up that she was not fully fit after a leg injury. she lost the first set 6—1 to unseeded barbora strycova of the czech republic. the reigning wimbledon champion called a medical timeout at 2—0 down in the second set and finally called it quits after having her pulse taken on the side of the court. us open winner sloane stephens is also out, losing in the first round in back—to—back tournaments. former world number one caroline wozniacki had —— world number one rafael nadal plays his first round match on tuesday against lucas pouille. he's been reflecting
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on returning to china, where he enjoyed one of his many career highlights. a long time without winning here, but the best memories i have of course having the olympics 2008 here. but yes, always happy to be back here in this country. fans are a lwa ys back here in this country. fans are always very emotional. so i enjoy it. and i am going to try to play my best and let's see if i am able to do it. i hope so. i think i have practised well in the previous days. i have a tough draw, tough beginning of the tournament against lucas pouille. it will be tough. i think i will get the win. major league baseball's post season gets under way on tuesday, with the american league wildcard game between the new york yankees and the minnesota twins. the winner of the single game knockout at yankee stadium will get to face the cleveland indians in the division series starting on thursday. minnesota are coming off a 100—loss
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season in 2016 and the yankees are seeking a 28th world series crown, and perhaps slugger aaronjudge can lead the way. he topped the american league with 52 home runs. that is what it is all about, post—season baseball. regular season now, training is over, this is what it is all about. this is where the numbers hanging out, this is where they made a name for themselves, in they made a name for themselves, in the post—season. so i am excited for this opportunity. you know, what the tea m this opportunity. you know, what the team has done from spring training to now is incredible. it is going to be as fun post—season. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello.
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further strong winds at times this week, even the risk of gales as we maintain a very autumnal flavour to our weather. this low pressure system was the wind—maker on monday. it's still producing some strong winds in the far north of scotland and the northern isles as tuesday begins. elsewhere, high pressure building in, winds easing a bit with high pressure building in. with high pressure, most places are going to be dry starting the day, with plenty of sunshine. here's a look at things, eight o'clock in the morning. a few showers dotted about northern and western scotland, driven along quickly on this quite strong wind. far north of scotland, more epseically into the western isles, there could be some gusts early on of about 50—60 mph. one or two showers in the north—west
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of england, but very few and far between. for most of us, it'll be a dry start to the day. a good deal of sunshine. a breezy start, though, with temperatures a bit lower than this outside of the large towns and city centres. some of us in single figures as the day begins, but there is that sunshine to compensate. some good sunny spells continuing through the day. just some patchy cloud developing. still a few showers running into western parts of scotland, but most places dry. it's a fresh—feeling breeze, mind you. out of some sunshine, in that breeze, there will be a chill around. temperatures for the most part in the mid—to—low teens. but, actually, not too far away from average for this time of year. tuesday evening, tuesday night, we'll see showers in western scotla nd merging to give some longer spells of rain in places. winds starting to pick up once again towards the far north of scotland into orkney, a very windy start to wednesday morning. south of this area of rain, we'll see a lot of clear weather going into wednesday morning. quite chilly again under clear skies. some spots into mid,
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perhaps even low single figures in the countryside. wednesday brings a band of rain across scotland eventually into parts of northern ireland, mainly north—west england as we go through the day. south of that, we'll hold onto some sunny spells. still be quite breezy, won't be much warmer. and as we go into wednesday night, rain gathering for northern ireland, parts of northern england and wales, as this area of low pressure moving across the uk. parts of scotland seeing it, parts of the far north staying dry, but we are concerned about some of the rain and the impact. it could be quite heavy on wednesday night into thursday morning. coastal gales. and then as the system clears away from southern parts on thursday, it stays quite windy. a cool wind. some gales with showers across eastern parts of the uk. or it could be quite windy for a time on friday. but by friday, there's another area of high pressure building across the uk. the winds easing, and most places will end the week fine and dry. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm mike embley.
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our top stories: more weapons are found at the home of the man who carried out america's worst mass shooting of modern times. 59 people were killed, hundreds more injured. the gunman has been named as stephen paddock, who fired on crowds of people from the window of his hotel room, before killing himself. a minute's silence is held at the white house, as president trump urges the country to stand together. last night, a gunman opened fire on a large crowd. it was an act of pure evil. the leader of catalonia says he is not planning a traumatic split with spain, despite the disputed independence referendum.
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