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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  October 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:54pm BST

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today at 5pm, the prime minister pledges to fix britain's energy and housing markets but struggles through her speech to the conservative conference. while... while we would never... excuse me. mrs may suffered from a persistent coughing fit as she tried to calm tory nerves. at one stage a senior cabinet minister came to the rescue with a cough sweet. i hope you noticed that, ladies and gentlemen, the chancellor giving something away free! but she also had to deal with a prankster, who handed her a p45. she joked the only person she'd like to see out of a job isjeremy corbyn. she announced a cap on energy prices and a boost on affordable housing and a boost on affordable housing and apologised for the election campaign. i hold my hands up for that. i take responsibility. i led the campaign, and i am sorry. we will have the latest from the
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final day of the conference in manchester and ask what the new policies will mean for voters. the other main stories... president trump will shortly land in las vegas to pay his condolences . a court hears an army sergeant tried to kill his wife by removing pa rt tried to kill his wife by removing part of her paris you —— a parachute. and catalan leaders press ahead with plans for independence at the eu said it is time to talk to find a solution. our main story at 5pm, theresa may got a standing ovation from tory activists after struggling through a speech to the conservative party conference, in which she vowed to "renew the british dream".
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the prime minister suffered coughing fits throughout the speech, repeatedly struggling with her voice. it was not the only difficulty for mrs may, who was interrupted by a well—known prankster who handed her a piece of paper marked p45. the conservative party and police are now reviewing security arrangements after it emerged that he had been accredited to attend the conference. theresa may used her speech to apologise for her party's performance in this year's general election before going on to announce a raft of policy announcements. among them was the promise of a cap on energy bills. she said a draft bill would be passed next week to "end rip—off energy prices once and for all". and hailing plans to "reignite home ownership" in britain, she said the government plans to invest an additional £2 billion in affordable housing. our political correspondent, alex forsyth, reports. some thought she might not make it to this point, after a tough
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election this was a tricky conference. it is a make or break speech? and on the date she had to prove her authority this proved to bea prove her authority this proved to be a pretty speech. the prime minister's address was not a victory cry but a recognition of the challenge the conservatives face and the choices she has made and for the election result, an apology. we did not get the victory we wanted because our national campaign fell short. it was too scripted, to presidential, and it allowed the labour party to paint us as the voice of continuity when the public wa nted voice of continuity when the public wanted to hear a message of change. i hold my hand up for that. i take responsibility. i led the campaign and i am sorry. mrs may defended her pa rty‘s record and i am sorry. mrs may defended her party's record in government and said they must set out ideas for the next generation, suggesting a change in approach to organ donation, a review of mental health policy and
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outlining her personal motivation, said labourdid outlining her personal motivation, said labour did not have a monopoly on compassion. and the agenda i laid out on day one as prime minister still holds. it burns inside mejust the same. because at its core it is about sweeping away in justice, the barriers that mean, for some, the british dream is increasingly out of reach. about saying what matters is not where you are from or who your pa rents not where you are from or who your parents are, the colour of your skin, whether you are a man or a woman, rich or poorfrom skin, whether you are a man or a woman, rich or poor from the inner—city or affluent suburb, how far you go inner—city or affluent suburb, how faryou go in inner—city or affluent suburb, how far you go in life should depend on you and your hard work. applause then an interruption from a prankster who was bundled out of conference. his supposed gag has sparked a security review. back in the hall, the prime minister tried to pick up with a joke of her own.
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the hall, the prime minister tried to pick up with a joke of her ownlj was to pick up with a joke of her own.|j was a bout to talk about somebody i would like to give a peabody five two and that isjeremy corbyn —— p 45. she was plagued by a persistent cough which prompted the chancellor to give her sweet. i hope you noticed that, the chancellor giving away something for free! watch the home secretary urge borisjohnson to its feet, a standing ovation to give her time to recover. while the audience watched her struggle on addressing brexit next.|j audience watched her struggle on addressing brexit next. i believe it is profoundly in all our interests for the negotiations to succeed but i know that some are worried whether we are prepared in the event they do not. it is our responsibility as a government to prepare for every eventuality. and let me reassure eve ryo ne eventuality. and let me reassure everyone in this hall, that is exactly what we are doing. battling problems with her voice, the prime minister made a personal promise to help communities that feel left
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behind. they will be draft legislation to cap energy prices and on housing an extra £2 billion for affordable homes to hub fix what she called a broken market. getting government back into the business of building houses are a new generation of council houses to help fix our broken housing market also so whether you are trying to buy your own home, renting privately and looking for more security or had been waiting for years by council list, help is on the way. despite losing a letter from the slogan, mrs may eventually made it to the end, fittingly with a pledge not to give up fittingly with a pledge not to give up when things get tough and plead to the party to ditch infighting and division and shape up. let us fulfil oui’ division and shape up. let us fulfil our duty to the british people, let us our duty to the british people, let us fulfil our duty to our country, let us fulfil our duty to britain and let us renew the british dream. her cabinet was supportive. what did
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you think of the speech? great speech, incredibly strong and powerful. forward-looking, important new proposals on houses and student debt, what we needed. it did not go how she had hoped. a brave face but her vision for the country again overshadowed by unplanned events. we will look more at the politics and policies in a moment. there were security concerns raised by what the prankster did. i'm joined by our home affairs correspondent, june kelly. greater manchester police have responded. they say the man was arrested to stop him carrying out a breach of the peace, to stop him doing anything else, and he was bundled out of the conference hall. he will not face any sanction, he has been removed from the concert hall and that —— conference hall and that it did. they said he had legitimate accreditation which gave him access to the hall and the
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police say they are reviewing the accreditation process with the conservative party. we know this man is simon brodkin who is a prankster who has form with these sorts of stu nts. who has form with these sorts of stunts. he acts as a comedian under the name lee james. the questions are how he got accreditation. he can apply at a party activist, as a journalist, but he has to give basic information, passport and driving licence number so if he applied in his real name, the question is how he got accreditation. a quick google might have yielded some information about his past. he has either gone in as an activist or a journalist and some b butler said he looks more like a party activist and is in fact too smart to be a journalist! —— some people have said. but basically the questions are how he got past. and the company that runs the
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conference venue, what have they had to say? manchester central, which i’u ns to say? manchester central, which runs the arena, say that their security guards acted quickly and that when they saw what was happening, the whole way they were trained was put into action but some people have raised questions about why it seems to be a few seconds before he was apprehended. we do know that gas has responsibility for security on the perimeter of the arena but it is a company employed by manchester central which is responsible for security in the auditorium so those would be the security guards who would have apprehended the man. thank you. one of the key parts of that speech by the prime minister was a plan for a major programme of council house building. andy moore has been to leeds to meet social housing tenants in one development there. mehdi and his family have been in their new home with the housing association for seven months.
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but they were looking for a roof over their heads for three years. every week we are looking, just maybe one or two houses and lots of people in the queue was in front of us. the council said lots of people are waiting. they have no houses. actually it is nice to be doing some new houses because lots of people out there have no houses to live. many people homeless. in leicestershire, the first two people's houses are ready for the minister for housing, mr harold macmillan. harold macmillan was the last senior tory politician to spearhead a programme of public house—building. his task as housing minister was to deliver hundreds of thousands of new council homes every year. but in the 1980s, many of those same houses were sold off to their tenants under the premiership of mrs thatcher. the stock of public housing has been going down ever since. the housing charity shelter has welcomed today's announcement. we need some serious money behind this.
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we need policy change to support it and we also need theresa may to hold her nerve because not everybody is going to love this. research by shelter shows housing is a major issue for the millions of people who cannot afford to buy their own homes or live in social housing like this. at the last general election there was a big swing to labour among those private tenants who turned out to vote. this is a small development of social housing being built in leeds. theresa may says many more homes like this are needed. we have seen very positive announcements already this week from the chancellor and the prime minister about the help to buy scheme and supporting that further, to help more first—time buyers on to the ladder. but there is a whole load of people as well who will not benefit from that and this today shows there is something for them as well. these will be homes next year for around a dozen families. the pace of construction will need to rise rapidly if mrs may's vision is to become a reality.
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andy moore, bbc news, leeds. theresa may's other big policy announcement was to revive a plan to cap energy prices for an extra 12 million consumers, saving them an average of £100 a year. the full details will be published in a draft parliamentary bill next week. the cap is likely to apply to everyone who is currently on a standard variable tariff. such rates have been criticised as being more expensive than fixed—term contracts. at one stage, shares in centrica, the parent company of british gas, fell by more than 6% on the news. greg jackson is the ceo and founder of energy company octopus energy. good evening, what is your reaction to what the prime minister said?” to what the prime minister said?|j think to what the prime minister said?” think it is great news that she is delivering on the manifesto pledge that three major parties had, to finally do something about grip of energy prices. what difference will
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it make to your company? —— rip—off prices. it is about the two of customers who are paying as much as 12 customers who are paying as much as i2a customers who are paying as much as 12 a yearfor the customers who are paying as much as 12 a year for the energy who could be paying 900 —— £1200. 12 a year for the energy who could be paying 900 -- £1200. you are welcoming it presumably because you think your company will benefit? we started our company because we wa nted started our company because we wanted customers to benefit. the reality is that the big six energy companies still behave like big, inefficient bureaucracy and they pass that inefficient sleep to their customers and the job of people like us, and there are so many suppliers now, is to start proving that you can supply people with energy 200 or £3 cheaper. people are switching already, this is what age uk . -- 200 . —— 200 or . -- 200 or £300 . —— 200 or £300 cheaper. but the kind of progress you want to see is
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already happening. it means that 21 million households have not switched and almost everyone is being ripped off. they will not all switch in one year. and that is one of the worst thing about the market, the way it is constructive means that if you do not switched every year and you all with one of the big six you are almost certainly getting ripped off. the from energy uk is that if you do this now you risk halting the growth of competition that is already in evidence in the market. it might not do you many favours but there is competition between six already. the reality is that companies like ours depend on competition. we have to fight for every customer. the legacy players don't really want competition because they have enormous numbers of customers who are overpaying. if you want to know who really want competition, speak to the challengers. how much confidence do you now have that this will come into being given it was in the manifesto is not in the queen's
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speech? it is always a case of two steps forward and one step back in this market but the good news is we are one step further forward. it gets harder and harder for the are one step further forward. it gets harder and harderfor the big six to defend what one analyst called the indefensible. thank you very much. john redwood is the conservative mp for wokingham and is in our westminster studio for us now. good afternoon, how strong does your leader look this evening to you?” think she gave a very good speech but unfortunately we had the disruption and alter the problem of her voice is not holding up as well as she would have liked but i hope that does not distract from what was a strong message and an important act of leadership, both explaining how they are preparing for no deal which is the best way to get the kind of deal she would like with the eu, and, more importantly, setting
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out a domestic agenda around the british dream, recognising there are a lot of young people who cannot afford to buy a house, a lot of people injobs who afford to buy a house, a lot of people in jobs who are not being paid as much as they would like and who need help with training and promotion so they are better paid. recognising there is a lot more to be done to spread the prosperity more widely around the country and make sure the economic recovery touches more parts of the nation. it was all good material which many of us was all good material which many of us conservatives are pleased about. do you think she looks stronger today than when she arrived in manchester? identikit makes much difference, she is in a settled position with the parliamentary party, not that you would believe that from the media, but i would like to reassure all your view was that my colleagues and i are strongly behind the prime minister. i don't think there is any move to change lead at this juncture. we recognise she earned her right to lead us by winning a very large number of votes with us and for us
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at the general election, far more than her predecessors did, and she's doing an extremely difficultjob. the last thing we want to do at this juncture in the middle of difficult negotiations with the rest of the eu is to go off on three months of self—indulgence trying to choose somebody else. you highlighted some of the policy areas she touched on in the speech and you 2.3“ ~ , ~ of the policy areas she touched on in the speech and you % the -
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