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this is bbc news. i'm james menendez. our top stories. tropical storm nate kills at least 20 people across central america. it looks set to strengthen as it heads for the us. five days after the las vegas shooting, the white house, senior republicans, and the national rifle association consider limited changes to us gun laws. wins for germany and england secure qualification to next year's football world cup in russia. and i'm ben bland. it's a $100 billion business relationship. but after 13 summits and more than a decade of talks, can the eu and india finally do a free trade deal? plus, autumn yuan bonanza. six million chinese tourists are on the move for the golden week holiday. we find out how singapore is cashing in. hello, and welcome to bbc news.
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a powerful hurricane is forecast to hit the united states this weekend, it would be the country's third in as many months. storm nate has already killed at least 20 people in costa rica, nicaragua and honduras. the storm is expected to gain force over the next couple of days, hitting mexico and southern parts of the us. luxmy gopal reports. flooding has caused devastation in nicaragua. the storm has killed people and left several missing here and in honduras in costa rica. a state of emergency has been declared in central american nations. thousands of people are slipping in
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shelters, for out of their homes by the flooding. the destructive path is only just begun. forecasters predict it will head north, gaining force to become a categoryi hurricane when it reaches the united states across louisiana and florida. the mayor of new orleans is preparing the city for the worst. given these threats i have declared a state of emergency for the city of new orleans. while still uncertain, the latest forecast shows nate strengthening and producing heavy winds and above—average rainfall in the area late saturday, sunday. models are going to change as this event draws closer. current forecasts indicate three to six inches of rain over the duration of this system, which is going to be 36 to 48 hours, and potential double that. all this after the us is still reeling from two powerful hurricanes in the past couple of months. hurricane harvey tore through texas in august, killing nearly 50 people. last month hurricane irma wreaked destruction across the caribbean and the us with a death toll of at least 41. and much of puerto rico's population
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is still without power and running water following hurricane maria. now, yet again, people in this part of the world are bracing themselves for more destruction. luxmy gopal, bbc news. the powerful american lobby group, the national rifle association, has backed calls to regulate rapid—fire devices for guns. stephen paddock, who killed 58 people in las vegas on sunday, used what's known as a "bump stock" to modify some of his weapons, turning them, in effect, into fully—automatic machine—guns. the white house and senior republicans are also saying they'll support a review. james cook reports from las vegas. the golden glass was shattered by a man intent on mayhem. why, police still don't know, but they say there's evidence stephen paddock had planned to survive the attack, and that he may have had help. we know stephen paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life, much of which will never be fully understood.
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so far, there's been a lot of attention paid to the actions of the man who was in that building and what he did, firing down on this concert below. but what many people who were at that gig have told us is that they think the focus should be on the response and the bravery that was on display there. kristin babik showed immense courage. the 24—year—old kept running from the bullets, even after she had been shot in the back. i felt something hit me really hard and then i felt something splatter on my back, so i thought it was either somebody‘s drink, it kind of felt like a paintball or something like that. it's not fair and it's not right... and now i'll forever have to have a bullet in my back... ..for no reason. so i'm just sorry other people have to deal with similar or worse. the girlfriend of the man who inflicted such suffering says
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he was kind, caring and quiet. marilou danley has now been questioned by the fbi. in a statement, she insisted she had no warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. that horror was intensified by the rapidity of the shooting, made possible by a device called a bump stock, which increases the rate of fire on a gun. this advert for bump stock salutes the founding fathers, who codified the right to bear arms. senior republicans, the white house, even the powerful national rifle association, are now talking about a ban. in a statement tonight, the nra said such devices: but banning this accessory is not gun control, which is anathema to the nra and to the republican party it helps to bankroll. meanwhile, the killing continues. since 59 people died here, at least 87 more americans have been shot dead. that's a las vegas massacre every three days. james cook, bbc news, in las vegas.
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and you can stay up—to—date with all the latest developments by heading to our website. there are pages dedicated to the stories of the survivors and the politics of gun law in the us. just go to or download the bbc news app. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. president trump is again talking of de—certifying the international deal signed by the major world powers with iran, to limit its nuclear activities. he claims tehran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement. but this week, both his defence secretary and america's most senior military officer told a congressional committee iran is compliant, and said the deal is in america's national security interests. at least four toddlers and a teacher have died in brazil after a security guard started a fire
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at a childcare centre. the man threw petrol over the children and himself before starting the fire. the motive is not clear, but local media is reporting that he'd recently been dismissed. fierce storms in north and east germany have killed six people and injured at least ten. powerful winds ripped through the region, uprooting trees and lifting roofs. a number of trains have been cancelled leaving hundreds of passengers stranded in hanover. in the capital, berlin, volunteer fire crews have been called in to help answer emergency calls. and now, all the business news. good morning. good morning. looking at one of those big trading relationships. plenty of them around. this one is a mass of wind. —— massive one. we start in the indian capital, delhi, where prime minister modi is hosting the 14th eu—india summit. european commission president jean—claude juncker and european council chief donald tusk are there to discuss everything from security to migration and climate change.
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but they will also be trying to revive talks on a free trade deal, which started a decade ago but have made little progress. the european union is india's biggest trading partner. the two sides traded over 90 billion dollars' worth of goods last year. including the service sector it's a $100 billion a year relationship. but there are some big issues. india protects its local industries with import taxes or tariffs on foreign goods. the eu would like to those slashed, particularly on cars, as well as wines and spirits. for india, the big priority is visas. it wants immigration rules relaxed, making it easierfor indian professionals to work in europe. but the eu says visas are question for national governments, not something it can regulate. we will get into all of this in
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world business report a little later. we are also in singapore. it's been having a lucrative week as six million chinese tourists head abroad for the annual golden week holiday, with spending money of an estimated $90 billion. south korea is normally a top destination, but this year, beijing has banned package tours there because of tensions on the korean peninsula. seoul's loss is singapore's gain. we will explain that, as i mentioned, in world business report. don't forget, you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter. i'm @benmbland. i will be back with the in about 20 minutes. i will see you later. the multiple oscar—winning hollywood film producer, harvey weinstein, is taking leave of absence and seeking the help of therapists. in response, to allegations he sexually harassed women for decades. the new york times reports he has reached settlements with eight women who've made harassment claims against him. he is 65. 0ur correspondent, peter bowes, is in los angeles. just give us some more details. what
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more do we know about these allegations? well, this is an investigation carried out by the new york times going back three decades. it seems to be in—depth. they have talked to current and past employees. they looked at e—mails, documents, that kind of thing. they painted a picture of a man who seems to bea painted a picture of a man who seems to be a serial abuser of women, inappropriate sexual behaviour. they described some encounters in detail. six women have reached settlements with him over those years, they say. it is really quite a damning indictment of a character who is hugein indictment of a character who is huge in hollywood, a powerfulfigure with some big titles in terms of his production work against his name.
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good will hunting, pulp fiction, shakespeare in love. he is a big figures. what has he said in response to these allegations? quite a lot. he released quite a lengthy statement. i will read the first few sentences, which may be surprising to some. he says i came from an age in the 1960s and 70s when all the rules about behaviour in workplaces we re rules about behaviour in workplaces were different, that was the culture then. i have since learned it is not an excuse in the office, or outside it. he goes on to apologise. he says he appreciates the way he has behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain and he sincerely apologises. he says he is trying to do better but he knows he has a long way to go. he is taking some time off, a leave of absence, from hisjob, to essentially go some time off, a leave of absence, from his job, to essentially go away and get some help and treatment for what he describes as demons he has been dealing with over the years. as you mentioned, he has been a very
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powerfulfigure. i you mentioned, he has been a very powerful figure. i suppose the allegation is he in some way of used that power in order to get his way over women that is the allegations put by the paper. yes. that is precisely it. i suppose the allegation really is that he was playing out that old school casting couch image of hollywood. that is the implication, he was inviting young actresses to be intimate with him in his private rooms, perhaps, the suggestion being, in return for some kind of career boost in their favour. it is interesting, one of the lawyers who has been advising him, she generally represents women in cases like this, but she is certainly speaking up for him. and she says he is an old dinosaur learning new ways. that is an interesting way to put it. hit, i should say, has disputed through another lawyer some of the detail in
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that new york times account. —— he. he is currently pursuing legal action against them. lies from los angeles, peter bowes. —— live. stay with us on bbc news. still to come. priests, pale ale, and a prospering parish. why a church in brussels has launched its own beer. in all russia's turmoil, it has never come to this. president yeltsin said the day would decide the nation's destiny. the nightmare that so many people have feared for so long is playing out its final act here. russians are killing russians in front of a grandstand audience. it was his humility which produced affection from catholics throughout the world. but his departure is a tragedy for the catholic church. israel's right—winger ariel sharon visited the religious compound and that started the trouble. he wants israel alone to have sovereignty over the holy sites, an idea that's unthinkable to palestinians. after 45 years of division,
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germany is one. in berlin, a million germans celebrate the rebirth of europe's biggest and richest nation. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: tropical storm nate has killed at least 20 people in central america and it looks set to strengthen as it heads for the us. the white house has welcomed backing from the powerful lobby group the nra for calls to regulate rapid—fire devices for guns used by the las vegas mass killer, stephen paddock. the fbi is still trying to establish his motive. one of the most senior cardinals in the catholic church, the vatican treasurer george pell, has appeared in court in australia charged with historical
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sexual offences. cardinal pell, who's 76, denies the allegations. full details have not been made public. 0ur correspondent hywel griffith is following events in melbourne. take us through what was this hearing for precisely? it is a committal hearing, another part of what will be a long legal process. you may remember a couple of months ago cardinal pell appeared here first for the first court appearance in front of lots of press and media and there was a similar scrum outside the court today when he arrived. however once he went in it was over in a matter of about 20 minutes. inside the court, they were both supporters and critics of his. they listened intently as the legal argument happened and a lot of the
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lot happened around next, what will happen next is a four—week hearing in which some 50 witnesses may be called in order to test the evidence, recalled their memories over allegations of historical sexual offences that happened decades ago. now, as you said, the exact details of those offences and the numbers of complainant has not yet been made public. at the end of the 20 minutes cardinal pell was escorted back through the throng of press and media and i think that sort of attention will continue again when he returns to court early next year. it will only be then i suppose we find the full details of the allegations? yes. it is likely that at that stage we will learn more about exactly what has been alleged. his barristerfrom the more about exactly what has been alleged. his barrister from the very beginning has made it clear that he plans to state his innocence, to argue against all the charges that
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we heard today, he said some of them themselves would be impossible or some of the offences would be impossible to countenance and is therefore clearly he maintained his innocence however you recite at sta ke innocence however you recite at stake here because cardinal pell is the vatican's treasurer, he is reckoned to be the third most powerful person within the catholic church. and so, it isjust powerful person within the catholic church. and so, it is just his reputation but the reputation of the church which is at stake in the case. hywel griffith joining a flight case. hywel griffith joining a flight from melbourne. they're vitally important working animals for many communities but the number of donkeys around the world is shrinking rapidly because of demand for their skins in china, where they're used for traditional medicine. a british charity the donkey sanctuary is leading an international campaign to halt the trade until it can be properly regulated. africa is being particularly badly hit — donkeys are widely used there — but their price has tripled and criminals have taken across africa, donkeys animals. this
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isa across africa, donkeys animals. this is a common sight around the continent. the future is in jeopardy. carlos makes a living delivering water. earning just five oi’ delivering water. earning just five or $6 on delivering water. earning just five or$6ona delivering water. earning just five or $6 on a good day. now he has to rent a donkey after his was stolen and killed for its skin. and that is more than half of income. he is really u pset more than half of income. he is really upset talking about the animal who looked after and worked with for four years. and animal who looked after and worked with forfour years. and now animal who looked after and worked with for four years. and now it is affecting his family. translation: there is a big difference to me now. i don't have enough money. i haven't paid my rent. i haven't paid school fees. and i have people who depend on me. donkeys are really important pa rt on me. donkeys are really important part of the economy, particularly in poorer neighbourhoods, here filling up poorer neighbourhoods, here filling up as water trucks were there is no main supply, supplying concrete for building works and even sometimes acting as removal vans. the price of the donkey has doubled in two years. because they are in demand. this is
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one of kenya's three donkey abattoirs. brought in from across the country, they are sold by life weight. chinese buyers monitor the process. that is where the skins are headed. once they are salted and dried. donkey meat is also popular in china, said that is exported also. so many people are benefiting from the donkey now, we are happy with the chinese country because before, there was nothing coming out of the donkey. this is the finished product. halfords and medicine containing gelatin made from world donkey skins. china is running out of donkeys so the players are looking elsewhere. across africa, donkeys are being rounded up and sold. this is botswana, they are being killed here on a huge scale. and this is ghana. governments are
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starting to ban the trade because of its impact on poor communities. the donkey sanctuary in the uk has been leading the international campaign to have the train stopped. this is the biggest crisis donkeys have ever faced. we are talking about millions of animals and we are talking about suffering on a scale we have never witnessed before. and with dodgy prices now so high, carlos cannot afford another. people across kenya and the continent are losing their animals and their livelihoods. germany and england are the latest european teams to qualify for next year's world cup finals in russia. the germans beat northern ireland 3—1 in belfast to maintain their record of never losing a world cup qualifier away from home. this latest win made it nine wins out of nine in group c as the reigning world champions qualified with a game to spare. the inflation macro as we take stock
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ofa the inflation macro as we take stock of a qualifying campaign as a whole so far, i have to say that as far as i'm concerned, everything is positive on all accounts. in september of last year we looked at our september of last year we looked at u , september of last year we looked at our group, assess our opponents, and told ourselves that we wanted to dominate a qualifying group and not to have to make any compromises. and if possible, not drop any points either. so today, after winning this game and having qualified against northern ireland by beating them on the road to us, i think we have every reason to be satisfied with our performance. england left it late to secure their place in the finals. a last—minute goal from captain harry kane gave them a win against slovenia. scotland are up to second after beating slovakia i—0 in glasgow, and that keeps alive their hopes of qualifying through the play—offs, but harry kane's 11th goal for england maintained their unbeaten qualifying campaign. it was an amazing performance but
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the most important thing was getting the most important thing was getting the win and qualifying for the world cup and we have done that so we should be proud as a team as a nation, we should all be enjoying the night and here, it is an amazing feeling and any time you score, no matter in the last minute, as you said, the central team to the world cup. it is no easy thing getting the world cup, some big countries around the world are struggling, i'm delighted, the team are delighted, to lead the team out and to have the playing what they did and the strikers, you dream of the kind of moments, scoring in the last minute so for that to happen is incredible. rafael nadal has made it through to the quarter finals of the china open in beijing. he made quick work of 22—year—old russian karen khachanov in their second—round match. with the details and a round—up of the day's other results, here's austin halewood. world number one and playing like it. rafael nadal stormed into an early lead against russian karen khachanov taking the first set. the
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spaniard hasn't won the title in beijing for 12 years but playing like this, clinical at both the baseline and the net, you would be brave to bet against him. nadal through to the quarter—finals. next up through to the quarter—finals. next upfor through to the quarter—finals. next up for the world number one isjohn is not, the big american showed off both his power and his touch against argentina's leonardo mayer. john is not the first set 6—0 and despite more resistance in the second, he finished a top 6—3. —— finished that off. the main attraction in the women's draw on thursday was a battle between two former world number ones, tetra kvitova and caroline wozniacki and it was kvitova who had the better of the first set, the checker taking at 6-1. -- the first set, the checker taking at 6—i. —— the czechoslovakian. the second, more of a contest but the
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same result. tetra kvitova into the quarters. it was a day to forget for her compatriot karolina pliskova though, thrashed in straight sets by on seeded romanian sorana cirstea, the world number four going on seeded romanian sorana cirstea, the world numberfour going home. a church in the belgian capital brussels facing closure because of its dwindling congregation has brewed up a solution to the problem by launching a new beer. 50,000 bottles of the ecclesiastical tipple will be sold to raise money for the church. richard forrest reports. a point being poured by someone you would normally associate with communion wine. a blessing and the ring have come together in the creation of this new beer by a roman catholic church in belgium. the ale, named ste kat, has been launched by saint catherine ‘s church in brussels to fund its building renovations. and to connect with the local community. translation: for me
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the idea came about with what has been happening in the district of saint catherine. since there were these bonds of friendship was a bit like ina these bonds of friendship was a bit like in a village we had this idea of doing a project, something for the community which would also allow us the community which would also allow us to strengthen the links between the church and the restaurant owners. to create the drink, he teamed up with the local brewery the brussels the project. as with traditional abb is, it has more than the traditional belgian style that is 7% alcohol it is less potent, but this doesn't seem deter these drinkers. the initial run will see 50,000 bottles brutt. if there is an appetite for it, the church will continue serving its new ale alongside serving its flock. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter. i'm @jamesmenendez. but with the headlines at the moment. then it is world business report. it is so quiet, windless and a clear
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night, actually start on the way first thing on friday but good news, is looking sunny. we in a window of fine weather between weather systems and to consider cloud in the atla ntic and to consider cloud in the atlantic is heading in our direction and it will be in place across the uk and during the weekend but not in the short term, the high—pressure risley is going to build across the uk. very calm weather out there right now but it will be chilly, particularly across northern parts of the uk. towns and city will be 6— ten or ii of the uk. towns and city will be 6— ten or 11 degrees and rural part of northern england and scotland could be down to minus one. this is what looks like an atm. —— at atm. a few showers perhaps that across northern ireland, england and wales the weather is looking fine. in the
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north of the country or south, it is sunny all around. temperatures around 6— nine celsius. 10 degrees around 6— nine celsius. 10 degrees around the coast. light winds. beautiful start to friday. not much change on the way through the morning or the afternoon but the idea is the cloud will be increasing in northern ireland and western parts of scotland so some wide green getting into the hebrides there by the middle of the afternoon and maybe some spots of rain later in the day in belfast but don't expect the day in belfast but don't expect the rain to arrive in glasgow and all the evening, possibly even the late evening. england and wales, a dry friday night. saturday, the weather front will be pushing through the very different story on the way for most of us. after a sunny friday, saturday is looking overcast. outbreaks of rain. the best way to describe it is a changeable day. not a wet day, there will be some sunshine around, particularly in the east of the pennines and the sun will flow
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through the clouds in the south but be prepared for some spots of rain from time to time. sunday, looking better, not completely clear day, some wide green around but generally speaking i think dry most of the time. 17 in london. this is the summaries for the weekend. bye—bye. this is bbc news. i'm james menendez. our top stories: tropical storm nate kills at least 20 people across central america. it looks set to strengthen as it heads for the us. five days after the las vegas shooting, the white house, senior republicans, and the national rifle association consider limited changes to us gun laws. wins for germany and england secure qualification to next year's football world cup in russia. harvey weinstein has admitted he
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caused pain following claims
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