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tv   World News Today  BBC News  October 7, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines... a day of protest around the world, all for different reasons. in russia, arrests as people take to the streets to support opposition leader alex una vallely. we have got no choice. we must be here. we have no choice. we must be here. we have no future with putin. catalonia's quest for independence — thousands demonstrate in madrid. in australia, an attempt to protect the great barrier rally. also, a security alert in central london after a cold “ car alert in central london after a cold —— car collided with pedestrians. police say it was not terror related. hello and welcome. let's begin in
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russia, where police have violently broken up a rally in st petersburg. thousands have been marching in support of the opposition leader, alexei navalny. dozens have been arrested for taking part in the anti—government protests, being held in 80 cities across the country. campaigners are demanding that navarre need be allowed to stand in next yea r‘s navarre need be allowed to stand in next year's presidential election. the rally has coincided with president vladimir putin's 65th birthday. most are not authorised, including one taking place in moscow, from where sarah rainsford reports. these are extraordinary scenes for russia. this crowd is heading down russia's main street to the kremlin, and they are chanting slogans against president putin, calling him a thief and corrupt. they are now heading to the kremlin.
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the riot police are accompanying them but at the moment they are not intervening, they are escorting them down the street. you are not afraid to be here? we have no choice, we must be here. we have no future with putin. the only chance for us in this country, not to live abroad is alexei navalny. the point is to support alexei navalny‘s bid to run for the presidency. he has gathered crowds in support for the bid for the presidency. officially he is not allowed to run because he has a criminal sentence but he says he has huge support and wants to prove that by being allowed to run. they are heading to the underpass and the police have moved in to block the way through to red square and the kremlin and have done the same above ground,
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trying to keep protesters as far away as possible from the seat of power. perhaps the strangest thing about this is it appears to have ended without mass arrests. the riot police normally move in quickly in situations like this but this time the police seem to have stood back and let the protest take place. sarah rainsford reporting from moscow. in madrid, thousands have been taking part in a demonstration supporting national unity. it is almost a week since the controversial referendum in catalonia. officials say 90% of voters voted in favour of independence. the turnout is said to be 43%. the spanish government said it will not allow catalonia to break away. james reynolds reports. demonstrators in spain's capital have chosen to display their colours. thousands of people in madrid came
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out to say that this country should not be broken into pieces, and that catalonia must give up its plans to declare independence. by contrast, these demonstrators in ba rcelona's sa nt jaume square stripped themselves of spanish or even catalan colours. they're from a new campaign group called "shall we talk?" i am here personally because i think that we need a dialogue. politicians haven't been doing theirjob really well. our sole objective is that people, above all politicians, talk to each other. we've seen for too long a confrontation between both sides and we think now the people have to show that we want dialogue. a similar demonstration in favour of dialogue was held here in the southern city of alicante. the middle ground in spain is now trying to make itself heard.
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in australia there have been dozens of rallies against a new coal mine being proposed. the government has approvalfor it being proposed. the government has approval for it to be being proposed. the government has approvalfor it to be built in queensland state. the campaign —— campaigners fear it will cause more damage to the great barrier reef. riley carson reports. on sydney's bondi beach more than a thousand people gathered not to swim but to protest. they spells out the words stop danny, joining more rallies taking place across australia to protest a proposed coal mine. a new study came out today show that now
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almost half of all australians don't wa nt almost half of all australians don't want this mine. i'm passionate about stopping it. our country's future accounts on a greener more renewable future. the indian mining giant wa nts to future. the indian mining giant wants to build the coal mine here in the galilee basin in queensland state, where most of australia's culled industry is already based. their website says the creation of the mine will bring the region thousands of job opportunities the mine will bring the region thousands ofjob opportunities and will generate millions of dollars in revenue and taxes that will go back to the community. but environmental groups and some analysts worry about the contribution to the country's carbon footprint. and that increased shipping traffic will add to the threat already facing the great barrier reef. there is no room whatsoever for barrier reef. there is no room whatsoeverfor any new coal mines around the country. if australia is to do anything near
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its fair share of stabilising the environment. the question is, not for that coal mine open, we have got to get out of existing coal mines if we wa nt to get out of existing coal mines if we want to give the great barrier reef a chance. the project has been given government approval but faced delays over finance issues. ports have been closed and evacuations ordered in the united states as another hurricane is set to hit. the category two hurricane intensifies on its approach. the odour edge hurricane nate has now reached the us gulf coast. warnings are in place for new orleans in the west. to panama city and florida to the east. it has already caused devastation across the central americas, killing at least 25 people and causing heavy rains, landslides and causing heavy rains, landslides and floods. julia mcfarland reports. last—minute scramble is at the supermarket. food
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supplies, fuel, anything that might be needed. new orleans is not taking any chances, as citizens make their final preparations shipping ports have closed, curfews have been set and evacuations ordered for some areas in the state. our greatest threat from this particular storm, because everybody is different, is not necessarily rain but strong winds and storm surge. i am ordering a mandatory evacuation of lake catherine and the baiul areas of the city of new orleans. hurricane nate is the night hurricane to form this busy season. louisiana, mississippi, alabama part of florida have issued hurricane warnings evacuation orders. what do you pray for at a time like this? from god to help's through this. —— us. keep everybody say. although it is less powerful than
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other recent storms across the region, the governor of louisiana warned citizens to take it seriously, that hurricane nate has the potential to do a lot of damage. you can already see the damage in central america. still dealing with the tail end of the storm. at least 25 people have died in costa rica, nicaragua and honduras. in costa rica, 400,000 people were reported to be without running water. the intense rains and winds made short work of homes, trees, even roads. it is expected to make landfall in the us on saturday night. some breaking news for you from saudi arabia, where the interior ministry says a gunman has attacked the royal palace injeddah, killing two guards. the incident took place on saturday morning. it is understood that three other guards we re understood that three other guards were injured when a man drove up to the gates of the building and opened
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fire. the attacker, who has been identified as a 28—year—old saudi national, was himself shot dead. it is not thought that any members of the saudi royal family were is not thought that any members of the saudi royalfamily were injured in the incident. in london, police have arrested a woman after she allegedly tried to climb over the front gates at buckingham palace. the woman, who is believed to be in her 30s but who hasn't been formally identified, was detained at around 5:40pm local time on saturday. a spokesman for the metropolitan police said the incident is not being treated as terror related. also in london, the metropolitan police have confirmed that an incident outside one of the city's most popular museums was not terror related. 11 people were injured when a car drove into pedestrians near the natural history museum. a driver
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was detained and armed police deployed to exhibition road. that ru ns deployed to exhibition road. that runs alongside the buildings —— building's eastern entrance. police say it was a road traffic collision. jane frances kelly reports. a black car close to the natural history museum quickly became the object of attention for police. it was placed behind cordons following an incident in which 11 people were hurt after a car drove onto the pavement. the london ambulance service said they mainly treated head and leg injuries, with nine taken to hospital. none have life—threatening or life—changing injuries. armed officers were quick to swoop on the area shortly after the incident reported at 2:20pm. eyewitnesses say they cleared the area as quickly as possible. we ran with everybody else. everything seemed to calm down. we tried to walk back to the natural history museum. then everything went mental with police cars, and there was lockdown. there was an initial panic as people
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ran around the corner. there was lots of screaming from young children. that first 30 seconds was panicked. very quickly it calmed down. a man detained at the scene is now under arrest and in custody. footage online showed four men pinning an individual to the ground. the met are treating it as a road traffic accident and not a terror related incident. this area of london is home to the victoria and albert and science museums. they attract millions of visitors each year. the prime minister put a message on twitter thanking the emergency services and of the public, and seeing her thoughts were with the injured. i want to go back to hurricane nate. that hurricane is set to pass through gulfport in mississippi. we can speak to rupert lacy. he is the emergency management director for
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harassing county. can you describe what it is like where you are? yes. thank you for having me. what we're starting to see in harrison county as the outer bands of the storm started to make the approach towards the mississippi coast. we have got periods of heavy rain from some of that activity. we are very concerned about the storm surge. we are seeing water is billed in the bays and rivers that lead to the bays and by yous. we have high water values. we are seeing water coming in on the gulf coast beach. our neighbouring cou nty gulf coast beach. our neighbouring county is on the tornado watch. a very dreary day showing us that we
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have a hurricane approaching. it is going to make landfall sometime later tonight, early in the morning. this is a category two storm. give us this is a category two storm. give us mag a this is a category two storm. give us mag a sense this is a category two storm. give us mag a sense of what damage you are expecting? what we are expecting, looking at a storm of this type, a 12 foot storm surge is going to have some effect in some other areas, the low—lying areas. more likely we will have some homes with water damage. it is how much we don't know. we are hoping we don't see a lot of wind damage, but after 2005 and hurricane katrina, are building standards when up. we still have some homes that probably do not reach that type standard. so we know we will have probably a lot of homes with roof issues, depending on the true wind speed. we know we are going to have power outages. the
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biggest thing is that we want every life to be saved and our message to our citizens, our residents and guests, by seven o'clock tonight be hunkered down in a safe location. we will go under a curfew until nine o'clock in the morning and then we can do damage assessment and ensure we get the services back to our citizens. rupert lacy, thank you for being with the bbc. stay with us on bbc world news. still to come... we look at how the friendship between salvador dali and marcel duchamp has made modern art what it is today. the dalai lama, exiled spiritual
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leader of tibet, as won this year's nobel peace prize. two grenades exploded and a group of soldiers ran towards the president firing kalashnikov automatic rifles. after 437 years firing kalashnikov automatic rifles. after 437 yea rs henry firing kalashnikov automatic rifles. after 437 years henry viii's tragic warship emerged. even as divers worked to bring her up, the mary rose went through another heart stopping moment. i want to be the people's governor. i want to represent everybody. i believe in the people of california. this is bbc world news. here are the
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latest headlines. protests have taken place in cities across russia to demand a major opposition leader be allowed to stand in next year's presidential election. tens of thousands of people in spain have taken to the streets to oppose catalonia's bid for independence and promote unity. president trump has said there is only one thing that will work when dealing with north korea. in the past half an hour he took to twitter to say presidents and their administrations have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements made and massive amounts of money paid hasn't worked. agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of us negotiators. sorry, but only one thing will work. laura bicker is in washington. laura, what do you think he means by only one thing will work? well, this
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isa only one thing will work? well, this is a rather cryptic announcement by the us president on twitter and it is open to interpretation. he has said in the past that the us is prepared to do anything possible to protect its self —— itself and its allies. last week he had what seemed to be an open spat with his secretary of state, rex tillerson, when it was suggested there were back channels established between the united states and north korea to try to get the sites to talk. at that time donald trump tweeted that heath told rex tillerson that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man. what north korean experts will say is that this kind of bluster, if it is that on twitter, is incredibly dangerous. because it is open to interpretation in pyongyang. and when it comes to that kind of interpretation, they will take that as an act of war, as they have in the past.
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laura bicker, thank you. let's get all the sport. here isjohn. thank you. france's hopes of qualifying for the world cup remain in the balance. this is despite leading bulgaria in the penultimate match. sweden leave the table. the netherlands on the brink of elimination. sweden thumping luxembourg 8—0. france will move above them if they hold onto —— against bulgaria. the dutch being held against belarus. they must win. it means that either france or mcswegan will qualify automatically. that will be settled in the final round of matches. alex iwobi scored as nigeria beat zambia to become the first african side to seal a place at next year's tournament in russia. and ghana have asked fifa to consider replaying their qualifier
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against uganda. they have launched a protest over the performance of the referee after a 93rd minute goal was co ntroversially referee after a 93rd minute goal was controversially disallowed. there are 18 world cup qualifiers taking place across the globe on saturday. for all of these scores and news, head to the bbc‘s website. lewis hamilton says he's driving better than ever after taking his tent pole position in 16 races ahead of tomorrow's japanese grand prix. the championship leader broker track record several times to take his first pole position at the suzuka circuit. he was three tenths of a second quicker than his team—mate about bottas, penalised for a gearbox change. —— valtteri bottas. simona halep will become world number one when the women's rankings are released on monday, after she beatjelena are released on monday, after she beat jelena ostapenko are released on monday, after she beatjelena ostapenko in the semifinals of the china open. she came through against the latvian
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6-2, 6-4, came through against the latvian 6—2, 6—4, revenge of ostapenko beading or perhaps in the french open final this year. she will become the 25th player since the rankings were devised to take the honour. she had three previous attem pts honour. she had three previous attempts this year at reaching the world number one spot butjust missed out. she is the first from romania. for sure it is the best day in my life. the dream is true. and all the work that i had during these years, everything, every challenge, every desire will stop i am really happy i could do this. it is a magic day for me. and ijust me. and i just want to enjoy me. and ijust want to enjoy it. me. and i just want to enjoy it. she will play caroline garcia in the final. the frenchwoman continued her good run of form of late, beating petra kvitova. garcia yet to drop a set in beijing. she's coming first six wta title which came last month.
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hashim amla and faf du plessis racked up centuries before south africa declared and 573—4 in the second test against bank —— bangladesh in bloemfontein. the tourists took one wicket on day two, that obama. —— that of amla. australia captain steve smith will fly home tomorrow from their tour of india with a shoulder injury. it is not thought to be too serious. cricket australia expect him to be back later this month. it will be a concern ahead of the start of the ashes. and that is all the sport for now. john, thank you. he is one of the biggest names in the history of art. famous for his surrealism and fla m boya nt famous for his surrealism and flamboyant character. now salvador dali's work will feature in an exhibition at the royal academy of a rts exhibition at the royal academy of arts in london. alongside marcel duchamp, the father of conceptual
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art. it reveals an unlikely relationship between the artists. wendy hurrell has had a look. two famous works. the lobster telephone and the bicycle wheel, made by two artists challenging how we see life. salvador dali and marcel duchamp made an odd couple. they were different characters. dali was a surrealist showman running around proclaiming his own genius. marcel duchamp was much more quiet and reserved. but they shared beliefs, artistic values, and had a similar sense of humour. if they did not meet, did not strike up a friendship, if they did not adore playing chess with each other and holidaying, i don't think we would have seen contemporary art as it is today. they bounced off of each other and forged the way forward. and both, of course, went on to produce the 20th century's most important artworks. film reel: the most impressive of all is dali's crucifixion.
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great paintings seen through duchamp's glasses, gives a new perspective on both artists. the scale, the proportions, the perspectives, the division up and down. the rather ambiguous body. and, ifind it completely fascinating. alongside the major works, films and books and letters between the two men and lesser—known paintings. the portraits of their fathers done when they were young men. quite similar in presentation. but very different in character. i mean, dali's portrait of his father has a very forbidding and sceptical expression, largley because his son was expelled from the academy of fine art and he was disappointed. you can ponder these artworks and theirfriendship at the academy of arts in london.
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a reminder of the top story. clashes have broken out in russia's second city, st petersburg, between police and anti—government protestors, where thousands have been marching in support of the opposition leader alexei navalny. campaigners are demanding that never only, a kremlin critic, be allowed to stand in the presidential election next year. the rallies coincide with president vladimir putin's 65th birthday. more on that story on the website. you can always get in touch with me. i'm on twitter. that is it from me and the team. goodbye for now. hello.
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the day was a mixed bag of weather across the british isles. at its best it looked like this. they were not enough scenes like this to rescue the day, which was, for the most part, rescue the day, which was, for the most pa rt, really rescue the day, which was, for the most part, really rather cloudy. some of you saw quite a bit of rain. that rain will peter away overnight. spotty showers follow—on behind in the northern half of britain on what is not a particularly cold night. we have a new weather front close by to the far south—west of england. i am hopeful about sunday, if only because i think more people will get to see a little bit of sunshine eventually. it may not seem that way first up. patches of brightness across scotland, north—west england, into the midlands. northern ireland rather overcast. bits and pieces of rain. the north—easterly breeze dragging cloud and rain towards the north—west of england in towards the north—west of england in towards the north—west of england in towards the north—west of wales. generally speaking, further south and east,
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dry weather to start the day. maybe the odd spot of rain. all the while, this weather front is there a map —— or thereabouts. bits and pieces of rain per good part of the morning. they you see what i mean about the chance of brightness. late on there is no disguising the fact cloud and rain were filling through the top end of northern ireland and also into the western side of scotland. at its best, not a bad feel to the day. 17, i8 at its best, not a bad feel to the day. 17, 18 degrees perhaps. into the evening, the cloud and rain fills in more extensively across northern and western parts of scotland. and of course it is a day for world cup qualifiers. wet fervour have so little when england. slovenia versus scotland, you will not care whether at rangers shines as long as the result is right. come monday, not a great deal of change. perhaps more in the way of dry weather. signs of things to come in this north—western quarter, were
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more meaningful rain associated with the more active weather front will eventually slump its way down and across all parts of the british isles. urged along by a rather noticeable breeze. a stellar rain from many of us. then we move into something a little bit brighter but just feeling perhaps that is the fresher. —— that little bit fresher. the headlines on bbc news: 11 people have been injured in an accident outside london's natural history museum after a car mounted the pavement and struck pedestrians. police say it's not terror—related. a man has been arrested following the accident. the prime minister says her thoughts are with the injured. a woman has been arrested after trying to scale the gates of buckingham palace, she is being held on suspicion of trespass. there are renewed fears for the future of jobs at the bombardier aircraft factory in belfast after the us government announced a further increase in tariffs on planes made by the canadian company.
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in other new, rallies are taking place across spain as tensions continue over catalonia's bid for independence.
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